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A Lady’s Submission / Frank Carlyle – Second Edition.



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Table of Contents

A Father’s Legacy

Uncertain Path

Passion’s Mercy

Deeper than Before

Out of Breath


Enemy of Old

Second Chances

Surrendered Fears

Entirely His




“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.”


Song of Solomon 1:2 KJV



Chapter One

A Father’s Legacy

Ireland 1687


The wind whipped viciously back and forth across the land ever strengthened by the rising tempest of the ocean and beat against the rocks of the foundation of the last of the Sea People’s fortresses. A fortress that now lay shattered even as fires consumed the rest of what had once been a proud people’s heritage.

They had been a free people until this day that had seen them brought low by the greater empire of the day. England would have no other power present within her borders to claim the authority that she viewed solely as her own.

She’d come to this last holdout among the rocks along the far seacoast of Ireland to destroy the pride of a people that surrendered to no one. A people who refused to be slaves.

A people who would serve the God of their forefathers and not accept the meddling or oversight of anyone else in matters of either the heart or soul. Their pride had taken them far in the ages of antiquities past, but it had also been there undoing.

Too little and too late, they had learned the art of humility. Now they were few left to carry on the names and legacies of those who had once ruled over nations and governed the trade of the entire world over 2000 years before.

The People from the Sea, for that was what they were called by the inhabitants of the land they had come to live in along this remote island off the coast of Ireland, now numbered only six and one was dying.




I held father up as more bloody bubbles came up to froth about his mouth and get stuck in his beard. It was a struggle for me to listen to every labored breath, as much as it was for him to keep breathing.

I thought him beyond speech as he lay staring up into my eyes with all the love of a father that I had yearned to watch grow old and enjoy playing with the offspring of my loins. It would not happen now though, and the moment was pressed so the much more full of bitterness because of it that I despaired of the depression of it ever managing to be lifted from off my life.

His voice rough and slurred with the effort of speaking, even as his lungs lay half full of blood jarred me, “You must be strong son! We yet have a destiny as a people, and it falls to you to see that it’s accomplished. You are the oldest, you know what must be done! Go from this place of solitude and storms. It was never our home and yet it has been a good resting place for us, but no longer. You must…… go…… go back. You know of what I speak of.”

I did, but as if I didn’t he went on to say, “Ar’mora. It was our home. We lost it, when we lost our souls to darkness and how we have paid dearly for that! Never again! You must keep your faith son or all is lost and Ar’mora will never be reclaimed. It is only by faith in the Creator that you will manage to succeed where our fathers of old failed. You must promise me, son!”

“I promise father!” I said passionately, even as I lacked the faith to know how I could manage to promise that, when I myself was angry with the God in heaven that could allow this day of horrors to unfold as it had, and yet I gave my word and I would do my best to honor it.

My father must’ve seen that as he lay gasping for continued life, for I saw the intense passion of his gaze upon me relax and with that I saw a measure of peace come over him.

“Look to your brothers and sister now. Lay me to rest with your mother on the hill over where she liked best to watch the sun rise.”

I nodded, clutching tightly to his hand, as tears fell from off my face to splat onto the torn and bloody remnants of armor still hanging in place across my father’s ruptured chest. His eyes had wandered from me, but then they swung back to me and with earnestness he said, “This has been a good land to us and even as my flesh and that of my fathers before me lay buried in it see that you take a bride of the people of this land. They are a fierce and noble people and such a woman’s blood will only go to strengthen our own. Subdue her in gentleness, possess her in kindness, and love her beyond limitations and it will go well with you. May you sire many children with her and let them all be blessed even as I pray that she will be a fitting match for the passion that burns within you. Promise me that you will do this!”

“I promise father.”

“That is good, as I have taught you to be a man of your word. Now not much time before I go. You know where the gold is kept. They did not find it. Almost, but your uncles killed them all before they died of their own injuries. In truth, I die with pride in knowing how many of the enemy that you my young son have in truth killed for yourself! You are a man of war, but in truth my blessing for you is that when your last day comes that it will be a day of peace and not of loss such as this day has held for all those I love most. Now let my children come to me. I wish to pray over them one last time.”

I looked up past the tears in my gaze over to where Sean stood with bloody sword hanging down. Tears fell from off my brother’s face in a steady dribble that reflected the cold rain that had already begun to fall and hiss loudly as it splatted into the flames consuming what had once been our home.

I gestured and he nodded silently before turning to a stone wall beside him and engaging a series of stones that pivoted inward until with a rolling click an entire doorway of stone came out of the wall and pivoted off to the one side. Out came my other two brothers and my sister.

Till now only had they been able to hear the horror of the destruction of our home, but now their young faces saw the proof of it in a way that they would never be able to forget. Stumbling in our direction I watched my third oldest brother, Torin, fall to his knees beside my father even as Sean my brother of less than a year in distance knelt down beside me.

I glanced to the blood running down Sean’s arm to wet the sword that he still had not let go of. My gaze lifted worriedly to his, but he shook his head as if to say he was fine, but truly I despaired of anything being what one could call fine ever again in life.

Father spoke to Torin, who was awash with tears that rocked his body with the emotion he felt at beholding his home destroyed and his father dying, “Son. Son. You are the esteem of my wisdom and more, even as Mahlon is my strength and Sean my reserved fury for injusticeness. You must use the sound mind and hearty spirit that the Creator has given you in order to win the day. You are not a warrior best, as in the flesh, as you are one in the spirit. You must guard your spirit and let the Creator make of you whatever He would. Help your brother Mahlon bring our people’s name back to life and then claim your prize for doing so. There is work to be done in the land to which you and your brothers and sister are returning to that I am convinced that only you can do. Stay true to your faith above all else.”

“I will father! I promise!”

“I know you will son. I see everything clearly right now. Never before has the future been so open to me as it is now. Don’t hesitate to claim your prize son when it is given. Press your seed in deep and let it claim new lands through the yoking of a heritage as old as ours with our own.”

“Father?” Torin asked in puzzlement at what his father had just said.

“You will understand when the time comes Torin.” Father coughed, then and let go of my hand. I thought he would die then, but with desperate strength beyond what surely could be the strength of a normal man he reached back to grip Sean’s hand, which still held the sword he had fought the enemy with valiantly for as long as I had this day.

My brother's other hand closed over the top of my father’s equally bloody hand and gripped hard. The two stared hard at each other and then unbelievably my father smiled. His voice even more strained than before he said, “To my son, of few words and many hidden strengths I say this. Things will get better and you will have peace and comfort will be yours, but help your brother Mahlon first before you claim your own destiny.”

Sean shook his head affirmatively in a nonverbal gesture that was characteristic of him. Father let go of his hand to bring his gaze to his two youngest children. Francesca was but 12 years old and Tyree a boy of 10.

Together they knelt upon the bloodstained cobblestones of our former home. Now motherless and soon to be fatherless, they wept together as they held on to each other. My father wept openly at the sight of their loss and emotionally said, “Come my loves!”

They came forward crawling over him sobbing. The blood that was everywhere didn’t seem to matter as with strength I could only imagine at my father raised up to kiss each one of them on the forehead.

Looking into their eyes, he said, “Mind your older brothers and know the truth that one day the home you’ve lost today will be restored in a new land. A land new for you, but a land that was ours of old. There you both will grow and be nourished and your offspring will never know such a day of loss as you now go through. There will be hard and desperate times in your journeys to reach fulfillment, but happiness awaits for you both if you only choose to overcome and not let the desperation of a single moment in time overwhelm you. Tyree you will know the jungle’s fury and yet you will overcome it to make it your wife and the seed of your offspring will journey through it without fear. Francesca, my love, my words for you are hard. The man who plants his seed deep into your womb is the man you will call husband. There will be no ceremony for you, and it will be hard, but I am not sorry that you are to be the wife of a warrior. Submit to him in everything, even your heart and you will in the end have all that your mother and I have prayed so earnestly for you to have. These are my blessings to you my children. I…… cannot go…… any further with you…… but my prayers are for you always. Remember how your mother and I raised you and be different than the world around you and make your way through it with confidence, as your belief in the Creator is the source of the strength by which you will all overcome. I love you, but now I must go.”

Father’s eyes closed and the intense struggle to breathe stopped. Tenderly I lowered father down to the ground as all of us continued to cry out our grief for what had been taken from us this day.

Responsibility like never before settled down upon me and caused me to rise and walk away from the blood soaked ground of my father’s last moments. I had to be strong now!

Weakness could not - would not be tolerated!

For the sake of my promise to my father, I whispered, “Creator help me for I am without the strength to do what has been required of me this day.”

Strength mixed with peace eased into my soul so much so that I felt my breath taken away and I seized a hold of the comforting indwelling of my Creators Spirit, as if it was a lifeline meant just for me to pull me out of a deep well which I had been struggling to keep my head above water.

I’d closed my eyes, but now I opened them to stare out across the moors that stretched beyond the shattered walls of the last surviving castle of the People from the Sea. My fist tightened in the sudden fury that I felt as I looked out over the rows and rows of the dead bodies of our enemies that had fallen prey to our arrows and swords.

My children would not be refugees left defenseless in a foreign land! No, I would fulfill my father’s words and claim back the land of our ancient heritage and if England for any of the powers that be sought to come and overtake us again, they would be sorely mistaken if they thought it would be an easy thing to do. Truly their mistake this day had been retreating without ensuring that every surviving member of the Clan of Arn had been slain.

Even though what they had done this day was unconscionable my war was not with them. No, I was at war with anything that stood in the way of securing the future of the clan that had now fallen to me to lead.

Sean’s voice broke into my thoughts, “What now brother?”

I glanced to the side to see him as resolute as I was in concern to the future. Even now as the tears dried from off our faces we stared into each other’s eyes gaining strength from each other. We were not alone for Torin had also made his way over to where we stood.

His gaze reflected the resolution of our two spirits. Our father had not allowed him to take part in the fight today, but it hadn’t been for lack of begging on his part.

That said, I knew if father had not done so Torin even now would be dead along with all our uncles and cousins and kinfolk that lay strewn about the ramparts of the castle with their bodies broken and their eyes sightless to ever see the sun rise again upon these lonely moors.

“Mahlon what is it that is to be done first?” Torin asked with a readiness to accept whatever responsibility I gave to his 16 years of life consciousness to accomplish.

A few things were clear to me, but many were not. I spoke out of what I did know, “For the five of us to return to Ar’mora now would be unwise, as it is likely very dangerous. No, Sean and I will go back first. We will take only a little of the gold for our needs. You will take the majority of it and go somewhere that the name of Arn is not well known.”

“America. It is a new land. I will not be discovered easily there.” Torin offered matter-of-factly, as his quality mind started to work on the problem that I had given him.

“Good!” I nodded affirmatively before adding, “You will take Francesca and Tyree with you and……”

But before I was done speaking Torin was shaking his head no. In interjection he said, “I should take Francesca only. Tyree should be with you. He is young, but the heart of a warrior is in him.”

Then, before I could object Sean said, “I believe he is right. Let Tyree come with us. I will make it my job to look out for him, until he is better able to do it for himself.”

“And who will look out for you Sean?” I asked, as I viewed over what my brothers proposed as an uncertain thing.

Sean shrugged, “Why who else but you big brother. Hasn’t that always been the way?”

It had been and nodding I said to Torin, “It will be as you have said. Truly, you have more wisdom than I do. Now I want you to use the money for your education and advancement as well as for you and Francesca’s needs. See that she is raised a lady even as our mother was.”

Torin nodded, but then asked, “When do we come to Ar’mora?”

“Later, when it has been subdued and I think it’s stable enough. I think I will find the treasure needed there among the ruins by which to restore it, but I may need to send to you for funds from time to time.”

Torin nodded and said, “I will see to the investment of some of the money to ensure that it increases, so that there will be money for your needs should you have need of it.”

“Good.” I said, feeling at peace as to what would occur next. Turning back to the body of our father, I said, “Let us bury the dead and be together as a family for one more night before we separate and go our different ways tomorrow.”

As one we three brothers headed back to her little brother and sister. As a young man of nineteen, I felt ill-equipped for the road ahead, but my father had been right.

My sword had slain as many of the enemy as any of my uncles or kinsman had done. I was a man fit for war and it was to a war for regained unity of family that I would apply all my strength to the accomplishing of. The future of that reality would start tomorrow.

Chapter Two

Uncertain Path

New Orleans, Ten Years Later


Anna McLean hurried along the shadowed boardwalk. This was without fail the moment that she dreaded most within a month’s time.

As always this time of the month she used the bulk of the salary that she acquired in the care and teaching of a young lady of high society to be spent in the payment of a debt to a member of the worst of what society had to offer. Such were the lingering effects of her dead husband’s weaknesses in how they continued to poison her future.

A debt no matter how ill-gotly gained was still a debt and she would see to it being paid off in full so that once and for all she would be free of the past that had robbed her of the future she had dreamed away the days of her childhood in earnest expectation of.

To make a long story short, she had simply married the wrong man. She’d known it almost instantly, but she’d stayed as it was only right in her eyes to do so.

Eric had been a gambler. She hadn’t known it when she’d married him, but it had become quite apparent afterwards.

The debts had mounted up increasingly, until he feared for his life from those he had bonded himself to as a debt slave. When she had married him she had truly loved him, but her early life with him only bore testament to the fact that she’d never really known him.

Still, she had tried to love him and care for his needs, but that had all changed the day that she’d come home to see him fidgeting about nervously. She’d asked him what was going on and that was when he had laid out a plan before her that would get them out of debt.

All the plan required was for her to go over the course of five nights to his debtholders and allow herself to be used sexually by them. As if that hadn’t been enough, she was also supposed to act like she liked it.

That had been the last straw and without a word she had left the house never to return. The following week she received word that Eric had killed himself and try as she might and God forgive her for being so, she just couldn’t even bring herself to overly care about his passage from the land of the living, other than the fact that she was sure that heaven hadn’t been his ultimate destination. For that she did mourn, but for the man he had been she cared not a thing.

Gathering a deep breath, she eased her way into the office of the town’s mayor. He had been the chief financier of her husband’s carefree life in the saloons and no doubt elsewhere.

She made payment to him each month without fail and without fail his eyes rose to undress her in such a lustful fashion that caused her to ache against having to restrain herself from the urge to club the man half out of his senses and hope that something potentially good might be discovered. That was nothing but a wild fantasy, though she feared.

“Good morning, dear Widow McLean. Don’t you just look as luscious as ever!” He remarked salaciously.

Without saying a word of welcome she went up to his desk and dropped the money onto it before then turning to leave. He rarely let her escape so easily though.

Calling out pompously he said, “Stop!”

She stopped, only too prepared to move on if needed.

“Now turn around.”

Grudgingly, she did so.

The mayor’s eyes raking down her form he said, “Take off your dress. Do it now, since I’ve played this game for far too long!”

Anna blinked in startlemeant. He had never been so bold in his lust for her before. The act of such bold presumption on his part though had her spitting out, “I most certainly will do no such thing! Good day Sir!!!”

“Oh yes, you will! You will, if you don’t want the news of what a loose woman you’ve been getting about all over town, if you know what I mean.”

Feeling the fury that bespoke of the curly flame red tresses of her hair, she spit out with the savagery of an enraged cat, “I have been loose with no man as you and everybody else well knows!”

“I know, but what is the word of a governess against the word of influential men? Now take that dress off and let me look at you!”

Anna started backing towards the door. Anger filled the mayor’s eyes as he roared out, “Don’t think that I won’t do as I’ve promised! I will and what’s more I’m not above hiring someone to seize you when you’re out and about town and bring you here for me and all the other men your husband owed in order for us to have our way with you and collect payment! What do you think of that?”

Anna opened the door and said, “You want to know what I think! I think that if you were even half a man at all that you’d restrain me yourself in order to collect payment! But as it is you’re nothing but an overweight conniving coward without the human decency that God graced most of mankind with! You Sir, are a monster and I hope you get everything you deserve for seeking to take advantage of a helpless widow!”

With that said she slammed the door shut and ran as fast as her long skirt would allow. She didn’t stop running until she was relatively close to the home she governessed in.

A very real fear began to eat at her. Despite the mayor being a coward she did not doubt that there had been an intent in his voice to see her done for in society and without a good standing of name she was hopeless of ever securing a new governess position.

As it was she should be out of a job now, as her charge hadn’t needed her for a long time now, but her brother had kept her on as a sort of supervisory companion, but how much longer would that go on? Not for very long was the answer to her way of reasoning.

Whispering a prayer for strength she made her way up the walkway of the modest home and stepped within it. Peace enveloped her as she always felt safe here in this home.

The knowledge that this security was soon to be taken from her brought tears streaking down her face.

“What’s wrong Anna?”

Anna opened her eyes and quickly wiped at the tears on her cheeks as her charge, who was only six years her junior came to her with open arms. Holding her arms up to ward off Francesca she asked quickly instead, “I need to speak with your brother. Is he home?”

“Yes, Torin’s in the study, but what’s wrong Anna?”

Anna smiled wanly and eased past Francesca and said, “Nothing for you to worry about.”

“Why aren’t you talking about it to me?” Francesca asked indignantly.

Anna left her comment of, ‘Because you’re sadly unprepared to deal with the world as it is in its fallen, corrupt state.’ to herself and moved on out of the entryway and into the house in the direction of the study.

The study door was closed and rapping softly she waited for an answer.

“Yes?” Came a masculine voice from within.

Opening the door partway Anna asked her employer, “Can I talk with you about something?”

“Why certainly Anna! Come in. Come in.” He said encouragingly.

Anna stepped into the room and approached to sit down on the chair before the desk. Torin sat back down as a look of concern marred across his handsome features.

As handsome and upright as a man as he was, she had never imagined herself with him in any romantic fashion and he the same towards her. It was as if they both knew that they just weren’t right for each other. Besides that, she was two years older than him, not that it was something that should overly matter.

“What’s wrong Anna?” He pressed leadingly.

She looked away and then back to his honest and caring gaze. Of a truth he was a great friend to her and the thought of losing both him and Francesca hurt her deeply. So deeply that she was unable to stop the tears that began to streak down her face.

Brushing at them, she whispered out, “I’m sorry. I……”

“Anna what’s wrong? Please tell me, if not as your employer, then as the friend to you that I am!”

Anna nodded, and looking up into his kind gaze, she resolutely said, “I will. I…… I just don’t want you to think the less of me.”

“Never!” He affirmed.

Anna gathered herself and said, “Well, I had better start from the beginning. It began………”

An hour went by in which through the course of she told him everything from her marriage to this morning’s encounter. The story came to an end and she waited to hear what he had to say.

She’d read many emotions across his face, chiefly of which had been anger, but not anger directed at her, at least she hoped not.

“I have to leave town. Can I please ask of your generosity once more for a small loan to see me on my feet elsewhere, as well, as a reference from you?”

Torin looked up from something lying on his desk to her to state plainly, “Anna I’m paying your debts off. I wish you’d come to me sooner about this.”

“No, no, that’s not right and besides it doesn’t matter even if you do that! Debt paid or not the mayor has it out for me. I need to leave!”

Torin didn’t deny the logic of what she’d said, but again glanced down to a sheet of paper on his desk. Again, his eyes rose to hers and she wasn’t quite ready for his question to her, “Anna where do you see it all ending?”

“I…. what do you mean? I don’t understand your question.”

“You are without a doubt an extremely beautiful woman Anna. Where do you think you’re going to go that there aren’t going to be unscrupulous men demanding the use of your body from you? If you leave town I can’t protect you. Where does the road end?” Torin finished with gently.

More tears tracked down her face as she honestly admitted, “I don’t know. God will help me, this I do know.”

“Yes, I believe He has. Tell me Anna where were you born? Here in America or in Ireland?”

“In Ireland, but I was a baby when my folks made the journey across as indentured servants.”

“Whereabouts in Ireland did your folks come from?” Torin asked, looking once more to the paper before him.

She told him and a look of satisfaction spread across his face of which she wasn’t entirely sure she trusted.

“Tell me Anna what do you know of me and Francesca?”

Anna looked down and remaining silent.

“Oh come on I know what a blabbermouth my sister can be. Has she told you of my family and how we left Ireland and all that?”

Anna dutifully nodded.

“Has she told you of Ar’mora?”

“A little. I don’t think she knew any more than what she told me of it, only that her brothers are there working to make a start for you and her to one day return to.”

“They are indeed. In fact, I have a letter before me from my oldest brother, Mahlon. It’s not the first correspondence I’ve had with him over the last 10 years, but definitely the oddest request by him to date for sure. You see, my brother is requesting that I find him a wife and that I marry her in proxy for him as he has already done so on his end. Here’s his signature on the article about marriage.” Torin said, holding up another sheet of paper.

Feeling stunned Anna asked in a hushed tone, “He trusts you that much?”

“Apparently. My father made a very specific request of my brother Mahlon in terms of the wife he was to have. You my dear fit the bill perfectly and then add quite a good bit more I might add. In this letter he also mentions that any debts of his intended be paid off and that she be given an allowance of money to pay for a new wardrobe and whatever else she may have need of. Anna I think this has your name spelled on the dotted line in invisible ink. Shall I make it official?” Torin asked at the last as he held the marriage document up into view again.

Anna swallowed somewhat convulsively. Oh God, she didn’t know what to do!

One thing was clear to her. The road she was on now didn’t end well. Whereas the road into marriage with Torin’s older brother was a complete mystery as to whether it would end well or not, but at least it had the potential for something better than what she was faced with.

On the other hand, perhaps it would turn out far worse. It was rather hard to say being a complete gamble no matter which way she went.

She looked from the letter to Torin and asked, “Can you tell me what kind of man your brother is?”

“I can try, but I haven’t seen him in 10 years. That said some things just don’t change. He is a forceful man, but not one without kindness. He is a skilled warrior and every bit a man of war. His letters over the years have revealed to me the success that he has had in reclaiming Ar’mora back from the jungle. He has rebuilt some of the primary structures and crops are now once more growing in the fields. He’s held out and survived attacks from roving headhunters and provided a place of sanctuary for the native people of the area. My brother is an honorable man. He is also, however a hard man. Be in no doubt that if you agree to become his wife, I do not believe he would ever allow you to escape.”

“Nor should he, if I have sworn myself to him.” Anna sub-commented, as the possibilities of having a husband completely opposite from her first began to work on her in terms of taking away some of her fears of the unknown.

“Anna do you want to have children?”

“More than anything.” She whispered passionately.

“Well, if you decide to go this route I think I can guarantee you just that.”

“What do you mean?” She asked uncertainly.

“What I mean is that my brother is an honorable man. Among the men of my clan the act of becoming one flesh with a woman is a statement of the marriage covenant with that woman. My brother has been held to the oath of selecting a wife from the Isles of Ireland from where you came from. I put it to you plainly that he is a virgin to this day and yet he is a man of intense passion. Are you fully prepared to be with a man who may bed you repeatedly for days on end and many times a day in every fashion imaginable? Much more so than the current society around us would deem how shall we say ‘proper’. I know I speak bluntly as to this, but I fear I must make this plain to you.”

Anna’s face completely flushed red as Torin’s words became very real to her. Looking down though she said resolutely, “I find much to admire in such a man. My own husband was not such a man. I think he was intimidated of me or my beauty. I’m not sure which. I…… I have a yearning to be the source of one man’s intimate possession. The frequency and depth of passion you speak of in concern to your brother is not something I don’t think that I couldn’t handle. I think I could make your brother a good wife, perhaps better than another woman could because I’ve experienced a relationship with a weak man and I want nothing more to do with that. It stands to reason, then that I should willingly submit myself to the passions of a strong man then in order to find what I need in order to be fulfilled in life.”

“And what is that Anna? What do you need?”

“Security. The knowledge that I mean something priceless to the man I belong to and that I’ll never be cast aside or traded away like a broodmare.”

“Well, in this I can definitely say that with my brother you have found that man.”

“Then, if you’re willing to allow me, I’ll sign that paper.” Anna said resolutely.

Torin stood up and extended the marriage covenant across to her with the pen and before she could think anymore as to the lunacy of what she was doing she signed her name on the dotted line. Effectively she had just signed her life away to a man that she’d never met.

A man by all accounts who would be upon her like a rutting stallion from the get-go. Just the imagery that such a scene evoked caused her womb to clench tightly, as if in anticipation of the thrusting strokes of an impassioned man, who was a warrior of the flesh, where her first husband had never even come close.

Would he just hold her down and take his pleasure of her or would he kiss her and think of her pleasure as well? Maybe he’d do both. Somehow the thought of that didn’t bother her at all.


Blushing profusely Anna looked up. Not seeming to notice her state of embarrassment Torin said, “I’ll see to arranging your voyage for you and all the procurement of clothing and all. I think, however, it would be best though, if you stayed in the house until I’ve had sufficient time to deal with the mayor.”

“Oh, no! You don’t have to do that! I don’t care if he tarnishes my name now or not.”

“Oh, but you see Anna I care. Your family now and an insult to you is one to me and besides that any man who would threaten what he has to your person needs to be dealt with and dealt with swiftly before he finds another victim.”

Anna remained silent, then as she witnessed an inner steel of the character of the man who had employed her for many years now that she hadn’t seen quite so well portrayed as it was being done so now. Was she getting the first glimpse as to what the man she had with one stroke of the pen bound herself to would be like?

If so then she had to admit that she liked what she saw. Anna stood up and left the study closing the doors quietly behind her.

With a sigh of exasperation, she beheld Francesca standing not very far off with her arms folded and a catty expression upon her face. The girl had been ease dropping again.

Coming closer Francesca enfolded her in a hug as she said, “Welcome to the family big sister.”

Anna hugged her back having to admit to some small degree in the pleasure of once again belonging somewhere.




Torin remained sitting at his desk as he worried over what could be a grave sticking point to the whole operation. Glancing back down to his brother’s letter he reread the one line he hadn’t divulged to Anna.

“And see that she is a virgin.”

Torin looked upward, as he sat back in his chair and said, “God forgive me for my lie of omission and please help her when he finds out that she’s not a virgin.”

Prayer was all he could do now, but he wasn’t overly bothered, as he knew somehow that Anna was the only woman fit to be his brother’s mate. Things might be rocky at the get-go, but there was no way that Mahlon would be able to resist the tempting fantasy of fire red curls and curvy proportions such as Anna boasted.

No, the dress and everything else would come off at his brother’s ripping grip and she would be well and truly yoked with a man who without fail would fill her full of his seed time and time again.

Torin well knew the pent-up desire his brother must feel, as he himself was under the same urge every day of his life, but the order to plunge his own shaft deeply into a particular woman of the future and fill her with his possession of her had not yet come. When that day would be he did not know, but just the same he knew that it was worth waiting for.

Chapter Three

Passion’s Mercy

“Do you think Torin has found a wife for you so soon brother that you so earnestly wait in expectation of this day’s supplies to arrive?”

The sound of Tyree’s teasing voice had somewhat startled me, but doing my best to not let on to the fact of that I turned slightly to regard him and say dismissively, “It’s possible.”

I looked away again down river and he chuckled and moved on and inwardly I allowed myself to relax again. Truly, I hoped she would be here soon, if not today then soon thereafter.

I felt like I was going insane with the urge I had to be with a woman. Resisting the native girls of the area over the past few months had been one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do.

It had been different for my first 9 ½ years here. In those years my days had been filled with singleness of purpose. I had thought of and allowed myself to think of nothing but the work of restoring my ancient ancestral home back to prominence and six months ago I had finally achieved that to a large degree and my days since then had been filled with more idleness than I’d experienced in a decade.

The natural desire I’d always had, but that I’d repressed with never-ending work had resurfaced with a vengeance. I needed a woman and I needed her now!

I’d have taken one of the native girls to be my wife, if I hadn’t been bound by my father’s words to do otherwise. Oh, I hoped my brother had been successful!

Trying to take my mind off the supply boat that hadn’t arrived yet I glanced over the land and all that my brothers and I had accomplished within a decade. This land of Ar‘mora was a land of great wealth and hidden treachery.

My people had forever been a people of the sea trading with many nations, but one day they had discovered a mighty river that was as wide as a sea. They had sailed up it for many days as my people by birth were ever curious to discover something new.

The great river had branched apart eventually and they had journeyed up the one branch until they had reached this spot in the beginning highlands of a distant majestic mountain range. Here the jungle hadn’t been quite so impenetrable and they had founded a settlement.

A settlement that had grown into a city.  Other settlements had grown up further inland from the initial colonisation of my ancestors. I had yet to restore them, but in time it was my intention to do so.

My biggest limiting factor right now was people. There were few left of my kindred in the world with many of them having become assimilated into the cultures of their host nations.

Even so I had put the word out and left advertisements in a language, yet unknown to any not of my family and it had born results. Over the past two years people had been arriving.

They varied in appearance from black to white, and every shade in between, but they were bound together by a commonality of ancient lore, language, and a desire to be a free people once again with a land of their own. Over 200 families now took up residence within the revitalized city of Arn.

Walls had been fixed and houses restored and all vestiges of the jungle that had overridden the place had been pushed back to where even now great verdant looking pastures were as far as the eye could see. Over 5000 native people had come in from the surrounding forest to take part in the restoration of the city and its surroundings.

I had coerced none of them to do so, but they had helped of their own free will and because of that we lived as one with them and treated them as equals. In truth, many if not all of them were a part of our ancient bloodline as much as I was.

You could see it here and there in the facial structure or a divergent eye color or lighter color of hair. No doubt when Ar’mora had fallen some of the survivors had made it into the homes of these natives and so even here they were again today helping to rebuild something fine and at the same time start something that was new.

I thanked the Creator for all my many great successes in achieving what had been done here in the past 10 years. Successes aside, we weren’t without enemies here.

The jungle seethed against us and was a force to be reckoned with and then there were the twisted souls of humanity, it contained that thought there was nothing better in life to do than cut someone’s head off and shrink it to serve as a good luck charm. They also thought it nothing to dine out on their headless victims.

As menacing a threat as the headhunters were, they were not my chiefest concern. The only major European country to make inroads into this huge new land of rivers and hidden wealth were the Portuguese.

They did not want us here and they had made that very clear. Up until now I had managed to keep the peace through diplomacy and greasing the pockets of the leaders in the local area, but conflict at some point was inevitable as they lusted for all the wealth of this new land and wished to share it with no one.

This land, however was not a new land, but rather one of ancient significance with a series of historical events uniquely its own. The Portuguese were outsiders, but my people were not and so we would stay even if it meant war.

To that end, I had rebuilt the fortifications of this once great city on the river and I kept a standing force of a 1000 native warriors along with some of the immigrants on standby at all times. In case of war every man and woman was prepared to take part in the joint survival of the colony.

This was our last chance to make it as a civilization and we knew it. A civilization does not run on will alone though.

There was a sorely needed religious component in which I was sadly lacking in terms of being a leader in. I had conveyed as much to my brother Torin.

We needed him here and it was time for the family to be together again, especially before relations with the Portuguese really got ticked off. They could effectively bottle us off from the rest of the world if they wished to. If that happened, I didn’t overly mind, but before it did, I wanted to have my family about me, as well as a wife.

One of my native warriors made a silent gesture and I broke out of my thinking trance to gaze down the river. The supply ship was indeed on its way.

I glanced to the warrior again. Ofunai was one of my closest friends and he had eyes as that of an eagles.

He as many of the native warriors found some of their basis of respect for me out of the fact that I as a the man was not as the Portuguese were in that I restrained myself from taking advantage of their daughters and wives and using them as little else but whores. My restraint was greatly respected and to some degree they were eager for a mate for me to appear, as well, as I hadn’t been all that easy to live with for the past six months.

I glanced between Ofunai and the boat repeatedly all the while trying to bite my tongue to keep from asking the question that I desperately wanted to.

Finally, in broken English, Ofunai said, “There is a woman. One woman.”

“Just one?” I queried for that was troubling to me.

“What color is her hair? Is it blonde?” I asked, wondering if who he saw might be Francesca.

Ofunai shook his head definitively and said, “No. It’s red. Red like fire.”

At his words I felt a punch of desire hit me down low. A redhead. I liked the thought of that a lot.

I’d always liked red hair on a woman. What was the rest of her like?

In nervous anticipation of all that was about to come in just a few short moments I stayed where I was under sheer force of will. Even though she at least was here I was troubled over the fact that my brother and sister didn’t appear to be.

I had hoped to be at a state of being completely at ease as I began the process of enjoying my marriage, but it seemed that ongoing tension of a sort was going to be the law of the day. Not sexual tension, however.

No, tonight my shaft would be sweetly buried within the warm confines of my newly arrived wife. Perhaps another man could force himself to hold off and be a gentleman of some sort, but I could not.

I needed a release of something far better than my own hand to bring myself to wait any longer than I already had. Already my shaft was thick and hard and bunching against my pants in anticipation of that very release to be had over and over with a woman from this day forward.

The boat eased into the dock and whereas the contents would normally have been immediately offloaded, instead no one moved as the woman with flaming red hair approached across the gangway to where I stood. She was everything a man could ask for!

In fact, she was so much more than I had even hoped for, that I doubted if I wasn’t dreaming this up somehow. The dress she wore, although being a fully puffed out skirt was still formfitting for the most part and it revealed enough of her form to inflame me with desire.

She wasn’t tall, but neither was she overly short. Her eyes were chest high in comparison to me and I quite liked that.

She walked with a grace and confidence in every step forward toward me and my eyes glued themselves to the way her wide hips rolled seductively. She wasn’t a skinny petite girl at all. No, she had the rich, full curves of a fully mature woman and to behold the fullness of her chest encased beneath the layers of her dress and undergarments was to ache to rip the intervening cloth aside so that I could fill my hands full with the warm weight of her breasts.

What would her nipples look like? Would they be large or small?

I didn’t really care, I just wanted to see them, but judging from everything else about her I knew that they would be perfect.

Her waist was sharply indented and her hourglass proportions had my appreciation in far more than just the physical. She’d bear my children easily and it was a clear sign that she not only had the strength to bear them, but she also had the strength to push back against my thrusts into her.

There was simply no way of expressing how pleased I was with my brother in terms of his selection of a mate for me. My eyes rose at the last to her face that was ringed round about by fiery red curls that demanded to be wrapped around my fingers even as her thick mane of hair was a fantasy in and of itself.

I had to fight against the urge of what it would be like to grip a hold of her thick tresses and use it as leverage to hold her in place in those times that I chose to mount her as a stallion would. Standing in full arousal as I already was I felt the preliminary dribbles of lubrication spill out of my cock just at the contemplation of what it would be like to gaze upon this woman’s perfect bottom and sloped down back, as she held herself poised in submission to my desire to mount her as a stallion would a mare.

This was my woman and I let the confidence of that show forth clearly as she came to a stop before me. Her pink lips were parted, as if she was slightly out of breath and again all I could imagine in the moment was what it would be like to slide my thick shaft to the hilt down her honeyed throat.

Her mouth was small, but perfect for her face. It would be a stretch for her to accept all of me, but it would happen. Every last inch of her I would claim and truly she would be mine in every way possible.

My eyes focused on her bright blue gaze that reflected intelligence and I knew an entirely new wonder to behold beyond just the physical perfection of her form. Her eyes told me that she was smart and had a ready source of intelligence, even as they were utterly beguiling.

Somehow the knowledge of that made everything about her just seem like all the more. Trying my hardest I tamped down my burgeoning desire for her in order to be at least partially cordial. That said my voice was somewhat husky as I said, “Welcome to Ar’mora. May I have the pleasure of knowing my wife’s name?”

Her eyes flickered appreciably over me as she made a slight curtsey and said, “Anna. I’m very grateful to be here Mahlon. Thank you for providing the resources and the home that you have to me. I have to say I wasn’t expecting anything so grand as this when I agreed to come here as your wife.”

Her voice was sweet, but contained a strong underpinning of character and like everything else about her I liked it. Smiling, I turned to view the city taking shape on the green plain behind us that I had reclaimed from the jungle and asked speculatively, “No, what were you expecting?”

“Not this…… I…… I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s beautiful!”

Something pulsed brightly within me at the knowledge of an outsider’s praise of my home that I had worked so hard to restore and with pleasure I said, “Well, I am deeply grateful to say that I am pleased to make you the queen of my home. May I?” I said, offering her my arm and demurely she slipped her arm through mine and we started out walking towards the city.

She had a sweet musky scent about her that threatened to drive me mad! I had to get her behind closed doors before I made a fool of myself in public!

I was so close to pulling her around and pressing my face into the slight exposed outline of the valley between her breasts. She smelled so good it was hard to even think let alone make small talk.

She was saying something and I fought hard to concentrate on her words, “Your brother gave me a letter to give to you. He said he hopes to be here by this time next month, but that Francesca has chosen to travel to France to spend time with her mother’s family that still lives there.”

My passion to have this woman dimmed for a moment as the enormity of Francesca’s unwise decision reverberated off my senses. The woman beside me seemed to sense my displeasure and quickly said, “She’s young and I fear that she doesn’t make the decisions that she should, but I want you to know that both your brother and I prayed about it and we felt that we were to let her go to France. You see I’ve been her teacher and caretaker for the last seven years. Your brother is seeing her safely to France or else he would of been able to accompany me here.”

I nodded, doing my best to tamp down my displeasure as to the actions of my sister. We had made it to the walls of the palace compound and even now we traveled along the cobblestoned street to the living quarters that I had opulently built for myself and for my brothers and sister.

“So, you are a woman of faith, I take it?” I queried softly with interest.

“Yes, I am. Are you?”

“A woman of faith, no, decidedly not.” I quickly returned.

She laughed and I was instantly taken in by the sound of its music. Everything about her was amazing. I wanted it all!

I wanted everything and not just her body. And immediately along that avenue of thought I immediately began to think of a way that I could provoke her to laugh again.

I was on the verge of trying to do so, when I took in the level of surprise on her face as she was presented with the open courtyard of my home. I had spared no effort in ensuring that the reclamation of the palace living quarters be completed in the full grandeur of the past.

I could well imagine how breathtaking it must be to her for it was beautiful to me as well. Softly I asked, “Would you like to see inside?”

“Yes!” She breathed out in a mixture of awe and pleasure that warmed every last part of me. The longing to please this woman occurred to me as strong as the urge to make love to her did.

We’d made our way past the opening courtyard with its many fountains and gripping the palace’s main door, I pushed it open and ushered her inside with a hand to the small of her back into the massive foyer that awaited us beyond. She stepped forward past me in what seemed like breathless wonder and I found myself rather content to just stand still and smile with the satisfaction of seeing her wonder at her new home.

All the work I had gone through to restore this place was now worth it in a way that was simply priceless. She finally turned back to me and said, “I feel like a princess!”

Smiling possessively I said, “And that is just what you are, until I make you my Queen.”

Her eyes sparkled brilliantly and her gaze slid down me speculatively for a moment before she rose it back up to my face and said, “I am more than ready to be the source of your every desire Mahlon. Your brother told me what manner of man you are and I see now that he in no way lied to me. I will do my utmost best to please you. I…… I know that you want me. It’s very clear and I just want you to know that I don’t expect you to spend any time in trying to romance me or getting to know me. I am fully willing to submit to your taking of your pleasure of me here and now if you so desire.”

I stared at her utterly stunned. The truth of everything she’d just said was there to be seen in her honest gaze and the knowledge of just how priceless she was had me singing my brother praises all over again.

I stepped up to her and nervously, she wetted her pert, pretty pink lips with her tongue. She was simply too much to be resisted!

Bending my head I kissed her passionately and to my surprise, she kissed me back just as passionately. Too passionately for a virgin.

An alarm went off in my head and pulling back I gazed into her face that reflected nothing but passion for me to instead ask, “You have kissed a man before?”

She blinked and then in a concerned voice said, “Yes. Why does that matter?”

“You’ve been with a man intimately?”

“I was married. Oh no! You mean I was supposed to be a virgin?” She cried out softly in alarm.

“That was what I specified to my brother.” I said, as a dark, angry passion to wring my brother’s neck rose up within me.

Her hand rose to her mouth as she whispered out, “I’m sorry! I didn’t know!”

Despite everything I believed her. Gesturing angrily I pointed to the grand staircase beyond and said, “My chambers are up those stairs and to the left. Go and wait there while I go and think about what is to be done.”






Anna saw all her hopes of a new and exciting grand life passing away before her eyes. Here at the last was a man of honor and of a strengthful character so raw as to almost be caveman like.

From the very first moment she had watched how this man’s eyes had licked up the outline of her form showcased in the more provocative than typical dress that she had worn just for this occasion. It had been terrifying and yet exhilarating to behold the depth of his sexual hunger for her.

That said, he was also more than just the heavy bulge of a workingman’s shaft waiting to be buried deeply in the folds of a woman’s center. He’d made her laugh. He’d made her feel instantly safe, if not safe in terms of his strong desire for her, but even in that she doubted him to be a man that would cause deliberate pain.

He was more than just the flesh. He was so much more than she had ever dreamed possible and if she didn’t do something right now then he would most likely be gone from her life and she’d be back on the street from where she’d come from with nothing to look forward to but disappointment.

What could she do to make him stay and be satisfied with her as she was? Perhaps she wasn’t a virgin, but what did that really matter?

She knew what she wanted and it was him! Silently she screamed, “God help me!”

“Challenge him.” Came the response into her soul.

In desperation, she exclaimed back in silence, “Why?”

“Because you’re already his within his heart and that means he must bring you into submission to his will.”

Anna blinked repeatedly, as she watched the man she wanted more than any other grow closer to the mansion’s door. To challenge such a man was to risk being raped. But if he was truly the man at heart that she read him to be would he really be capable of raping her mercilessly.

There was no other way to the conclusion of that answer, but to find out for herself. With her heart caught in a mixture of horror and anticipation she called out just as he opened the door, “Is the problem you find with me my lack of virginity or the fact that you don’t see yourself as man enough to make my body uniquely your own from this day forward?”

He stopped walking and almost instantly Anna regretted every word she’d just spoken that had been intended to humiliate him into coming after her. He turned and the proof was in his eyes as to just how well she had succeeded.

Without a doubt, she read the clear signs of a male now bent on fully doing a clear sexual taking of an unruly female. She’d succeeded, but that didn’t abate her fear as to what she’d done.

She’d been going to play along, but now she feared that the act of playing along would bear a much closer resemblance to just mere survival. Without hesitation, she turned tail and ran up the steps behind her as fast as she could.

She dared not to look back, but when she reached the top she tore off to the left as he had already told her so conveniently which direction to go. She could feel him behind her and reaching the last doorway in the hallway, she ducked into it and did her best to spin and lock the door, as if that would keep such a man out. It was her only option though to avoid something terrible and so she tried.

She had the door only half closed, when a force from beyond the door sent her flying backwards to slide along the polished marble floor. Scrambling up to her feet, she watched, even as she panted for breath, as he coldly slammed the door shut behind him and then locked it.

The sound of the lock engaging had her moving backwards. Soon, however she found no place left to retreat to as her back came up against a massive wooden beam of a bed post that was part of a bed that only a king would sleep in.

Still out of breath, she watched him come closer and closer. He reached one hand up and gripping the collar of his shirt he tore downward and buttons went flying everywhere.

The shirt fell from off the corded sinews of a man with a very impressive physique honed strong by hard labor. He was a man that had worked long and hard under both the sun and by moonlight in order to build a home and she had made him very angry.

With bated breath she watched him lean over to pull one boot off and then the other. Without a doubt her plan had worked, only now she wished…… she wished…… his hands were at his belt and with the clasp undone his pants fell to the floor.

Her hand went to her mouth as her shocked eyes took in the sight of his powerfully thick shaft. He was without a doubt the most fit man she’d ever seen in her life!

Eric hadn’t had hardly a muscle to his name and in terms of a manhood he’d been a bit undersized she’d thought. Now she knew she’d been right to think so. This man had inches of length to him that Eric had never possessed and yet what was most daunting of all perhaps was how rigidly thick his manhood was.

The image of such a shaft ripping its way up through her flesh with all the savage force this man could muster only to have it slammed back in again and again had a cry of real fear escaping past her lips. She turned to run only to smack her forehead into the same bedpost she had just been pressing herself back against.

In a daze, she tried to gather herself to move around it, only to be arrested in place by two hands that slipped down to grip both the back of her dress and the chemise that she wore beneath it to either side of the fasteners. It was too late. There would be no escape.

Anna closed her eyes in expectation of what would happen next. Her whole body was jerked savagely hard as the two iron fingered hands tore open the back of her dress and chemise down to her bare skin.

She was spun away from the bedpost and it was all she could manage to do to stay on her feet. Both of her hands rose to hold up the front of her dress that threatened to fall to the floor as she awkwardly stepped on it in her haste to be away from the man who now terrified her.

Her hair was in her eyes, but she managed to toss it free enough to view him standing there beside the bed. She felt herself begin to shake at the reality of everything that was about to occur.

A tear coursed down her cheek and with a quiver to her lips, she begged softly as she met his cold, but passionate gaze, “Please don’t rape me with that! I’m sorry for my words. I…… I’ve only ever been with my husband and he was a weak man in both character and in the flesh.”

Looking down to the aggressive warrior’s member that stood out impressively rigid before her as it oozed a steady dribble of anticipatory lubrication she was forced to admit, “I swear you must be twice the size that he was!”

He said nothing, but maybe some of the wrath in his eyes for her dimmed. In desperation to seize on the moment that she was being afforded she went on to beg softly, “I’ll be your woman. I’ll do anything you want and I’ll do my best to care for your needs and bare your children, but please show me that you’re more of a man of character than my first husband was!”




I felt most of my wrath drain from me as I beheld the very real fear of the woman before me. Her plea was an honest one as was my decision. Regardless of her past history I wanted her and I would have her too.

“Anna……” I paused a long moment before saying, “don’t purposefully egg me on like that again. I have a terrible temper and I…… I’m sorry for scaring you as I have.”

Leaving one hand to do the work of holding up her dress she reached her one bare arm up to brush back the unruly tresses of her hair to clear her face so she could see me better. Softly she said, “I’m sorry. I’ll try not to do it again, but neither do I want to live in fear of you, if in case I should say something in the future that doesn’t meet with your approval.”

She’d said what she had out loud in an uncertain manner as if she had expected to be yelled at, but my response was quite the opposite. I nodded my head in agreement and said, “That’s fine. I don’t expect for you to always agree with me on everything.”

I watched a good deal of the shivering apprehension disappear from her shoulders, which made me glad and yet I was supremely frustrated. I looked away and then back to her as my erection now ached more than ever to fill this woman to the full.

“Everything just said aside, you are my wife and I intend to take you and yes it will be forceful. I……”

“I understand.” She whispered, as she cut into my speaking only to continue with, “I just didn’t want our first time together to be one of anger on your part. I…… I’m yours.”

Her sudden submission to me was as heady on my senses as if I’d drunken too much wine. The image of her standing bare shouldered before me just out of reach was too much. I needed to see all of her.

Looking her directly in the eye I said, “Let go of your dress.”

She blinked hesitatingly and then I watched her hand move away. With a slide of fabric her torn dress and chemise fell off of her and she was left naked from the waist up. I sucked in my breath at the sight of her full breasts capped off with fully erect jeweled little strawberries.

Her torso arched down into a trim waist that framed the supple skin of a concave naval that begged to be kissed and have my tongue plunged into. With a groan, I made a motion with my hand and said, “Come here.”

Dutifully she stepped out of the pile of her dress and chemise and came towards me kicking off her shoes as she did so. I liked that. It showed me a willingness to please.

A lacy pair of pantaloons rode low on her hips and encased her legs down to below the knees. I wanted them off too, but there was time.

She’d come close and eyes only for the fullness of her chest that now belonged solely to me, I reached out both of my hands and filled them to capacity with each of her unbelievably soft warm breasts. I couldn’t help it, I groaned, at the sheer pleasure of feeling Anna’s breasts.

Something made me look up. Anna was watching me.

All the fear my anger had evoked in her was gone and in its place was a shy smile. I couldn’t help but admit what I did in the moment, “You are so beautiful it hurts!”

She said nothing in reply, but her smile deepened ever so slightly and then to my surprise, she whispered, “I like the feel of your hands. Their warm and powerful. I….. I like them on me.”

My gaze rose from the honey kissed mounds that my large hands were rhythmically squeezing with delight to her blue eyes. Again, there was that breath of honesty in her gaze and I loved her for it.

In sudden inspiration I flicked my thumbs up to rub possessively back and forth across the turgidly erect strawberry hued nipples gracing the perfection of feminine flesh, which I now held as if I’d found great treasure. At the actions of my thumbs I watched her eyes spark even as she jumped slightly.

Her hands half rose, but stopped to then fall back to her waist. I watched her bite her full lower lip, until she was forced to stop as her lips opened to allow her to pant slightly as I played with her nipples and massaged the fullness of her soft breasts.

I was discovering something about myself. Long had I yearned for the sensation of plunging my staff into my wife, but tormenting one’s wife evoked a pleasure all of its own. The knowledge that this woman was mine to do this with every day if I so desired was overpowering.

With reluctance I let my hands fall from the lovingly done torment to her breasts that I had been engaged in. I lifted one hand up her back to gather together a thick bunch of her red fantasy colored hair into my hand’s firm grip of it.

Her downcast eyes rose to mine curiously before falling downward again. In nothing was she resisting me in. I liked that, but I also liked the fact that she had the strength of character to attempt to resist me, which only made the possession of her all the more sweeter.

My free hand gripped around my achingly erect staff and I urged her forward slightly. Now that she was closer I manipulated by erection to push into her naval before I dragged the head of my penis to leave a trail of my preemptive fluid to glisten across the soft, but toned contours of her belly.

I let go of my manhood and used my hand to pull her to me until she stood pressed fully up against me even as I used by grip on her hair to pull her head back to stare into my own gaze. What I saw in her eyes was a smoky passion of intense want that I intended to fulfill.

“Do you want children, Anna?”

“Yes!” She breathed out with passion.

“Good, because I’m going to do my best to get you filled full of my child.”

Again, I watched her eyes sparkle and I didn’t miss the way she collapsed partially against me. Leaning my head down I kissed her with all the passionate need I had for this woman.

I needed more!

I had all day to make her mine, but I felt such an ache to myself that I was partially fearful of causing myself injury. There was one last thing though that I couldn’t refrain myself from doing.

Pulling my head away from her eager lips I whispered into her ear, “Get onto your knees and lick my manhood off.”

She jumped at my words spoken into her ear and then with a quiver I felt coursing throughout her body she kneeled down before me. I never let go of her hair, but I held it to the side, as I watched attentively, as she leaned her head forward until her lips touched my shaft.

The sight of a woman kneeling at my feet licking at my shaft after all these years of yearning for this day almost made me spew all my seed across her face. I pulled back slightly as I didn’t want to cum now. No, I wanted to be deep inside of her when I came.

I pulled slightly on her hair and she got my drift and once more stood up. Her lips were wet and her eyes were wide open as if eager for what would come next. That was good.

Smiling tightly, as I viewed her swollen ruby tipped breasts with desire I said, “Turn around Anna.”

She blinked, but obediently did as I asked.

“Bend over and take your pantaloons off as you do so.” I commanded.

I heard a slight gasp escape her lips, but again, she submitted to my voice’s command and was obedient to my will as she’d said that she would be. Her fingers came to the silk cloth of her pantaloons and she bent over before me pulling them down as she did so.

I almost came again at the sight of her perfect bottom being revealed to me. It was perfect and my hands reached out to grip the halves of her bottom with the same reverence I had felt for her breasts.

Gripping the halves of her bottom, I split them apart to view the shadowy cleft of her rear. The sight of her tiny pink little rosette of an anus took my breath away even as I was filled with desire to touch it.

On inspiration I let go of one half of her bottom and slid one finger down from the top of her sexy cleft until it grazed over top of her bottom entrance. She’d been breathing heavily up until now, but at the contact of my finger upon her most vulnerable spot she jerked, which had been all that I’d really wanted to see.

She yet had one virginity for me to claim, but that would be for another day. However, just knowing what I did now helped to restore the coveted desire I’d always had of having a virgin one day to be my wife.

Reaching around I gripped her hair again to pull her upright. I pressed close to her and wrapped my arm around her so that her heavy breasts now lay supported on my arm even as my erection pressed into her lower back with authority.

She was breathing heavy as she stood within my grip and exposing a section of her neck I lowered my mouth to kiss the sweet flesh I found before turning my kiss into a bite. A breathy moan of want skipped out of her lips. I smiled with the sheer pleasure of the moment and turned my bite back into a kiss.

My knee pressed against the apex of her thighs from behind and I discovered something. She was soaking wet!

I pulled back from her neck even as she continued to moan and press slightly back against me. I turned her around and as if too ashamed to say it loudly I heard her mumble something out.

I tipped her chin back and said, “What did you say?”

Her eyes blazed out at me through the curly ringlets of her hair scattered across her face and with passion she said, “I want you!”

“I know, but first I have something more I want to discover about a female.”

My hands gripped around her waist and I lifted her onto the bed. Her eyes reflected startlemeant and then hesitation as I grasped her trim delightfully carved ankles and split her legs wide apart.

“What are……..ohhhhh!” She moaned out as with relish I speared my tongue into the heart of what made her a woman. She gasped and repeatedly bucked beneath the pressure of my tongue upon her sensitive flesh.

I drank up her wetness as well as the heady aroma of her feminine musk. Pulling back, I stared down at my first intimate view of a woman. It was a beautiful sight, even as she was so utterly beautiful.

Glancing up I saw that her eyes were heavy lidded with the passion I had invoked and by no means was I done with her, but I had to have relief. I gripped her by the waist and eased her forward farther onto the bed before climbing up myself.

Her eyes widened, but it was clear that she wanted me. I knew just how I wanted my first encasement in her flesh to be too.

Deftly I flipped her over and with a sharp pat to one half of her bottom that made her gasp, I said, “Get onto your knees Anna.”

Her breathing picked up, but obediently she submissively obeyed my command. She knew it was coming, but instead of trying to draw away from me and my penetration of her, she instead rolled her hips back towards me even as her back dipped down towards the bed.

Her head lay on the comforter out to the one side and each of her hands lay gripped like talons into the comforter to either side of her head. Her positioning before me was perfection itself, but something made me ask as I made my way between her parted legs and positioned my shaft to nuzzle into the soaked flesh of her womanhood, “Have you ever had it done in this position before?”

“No.” She whispered out.

Exhilaration swept through me and in triumph I said, “Good!” Then, unable to resist myself, I slid the entire length of my aching shaft all the way home into the deliciously wet tightness of Anna’s sheath in one powerful slide forward of my hips.

Anna gasped sharply and her body had started to pull forward, even as she choked on her breath as if my staff was coming up the back of her throat, but I was prepared for her movements. One of my hands anchored her hips where they were while my other hand knotted a tight grip in her hair that had enough force to pull her head up off the bed.

All this occurred while I experienced the most delicious feeling of wet gripping tightness about my member as had never before occurred to me in life. Her hips shuddered against the bondage I enforced upon her.

I had warned her that I would be forceful and yet I wasn’t without mercy. I bit my lip hard as I waited for her body to stop shaking and thus signal to me that it had expanded enough to better except the size of my member.

Her hips stopped shaking and I heard her cough. I let go of her hair and her head fell forward for a moment. Then it lifted as she glanced back over one bare shoulder at me.

Even as I felt her inner walls squeeze reflexively around me, I heard her say in a breathy whisper, “You’re huge!”

“Yes, Beautiful, I am and now I’m going to fill you with my seed.”

Her head turned forward and I watched her grip down on the bed’s coverlet even as I felt her hips brace against me. I hadn’t expected to hear anything else from her, but with the sound of her voice muffled I heard her say, even as she tentatively pressed her bottom back against my groin, “I’m yours. Take me husband.”

With a groan of sheer pleasure I pulled back my hips until my shaft was almost completely withdrawn and then in a moment of fulfilled glory I watched as I shoved the whole thick length of it home again and again, until my seed began to spurt in the most powerful orgasm of my life.

Forceful pump of seed after seed echoed throughout me as I sought to force my way forward even more into her than I already was. Dimly then I heard her screaming beyond my own shouts of pleasure and the entire length of Anna’s glorious love canal contracted tightly around me.

In the moment of passion as I gripped a hold of her hips tightly I opened my eyes to witness her pushing back against me with all her strength even as she gripped the bed hard as her body was rocked with an orgasm as powerful and as magnificent as my own. I closed my eyes in relish of both her screams and the pulsing extra tightness of her sheath that was like a glove about me.

Even after all of my seed had been spilled into her depths I remained where I was in the enjoyment of the moment. This moment had definitely been worth the wait.

She was so worth waiting for. I lovingly rubbed my hands down her sweaty back, until once again, I framed her bottom with them.

With extreme reluctance I pulled back my still semi hard shaft from within her. It was with frank enjoyment that I took in her physical attributes of being a female that had just been well and truly mated.

The milky residue of my seed oozed slightly out of her sheath in the absence of my shaft stretching her open. I’d filled her with my seed in as animalistic of a fashion as I could’ve done and now in the aftermath of my passion all I wanted to do was be as gentle with the source of my greatest enjoyment so far in life as I could be.

I brought her gently over onto her side. She still seemed to be in a daze of sorts.

Lying down beside her I brought her back against me. With relish I pressed my face into her hair as I felt her body continue to shake slightly from remembered orgasm.

It was the tropics, but with so much energy just having been spent she might get cold. I sat up to get a blanket from the foot of the bed.

I flipped it over both of us and lay back down. She stirred suddenly and to my surprise, she turned over to face me.

She wouldn’t look at me in the face, but instead kept her head low as she brought it to rest on my chest even as her toned upper thigh slid over top of mine. I swallowed as I felt the nipples of her breasts nuzzle into my side and chest.

Just the sweet weight of her one breast upon my chest was a living temptation. Incredibly, I felt my staff come back to life and rise upright with earnestness of desire.

I shook my head, though. It was going to have to wait in order to experience the joy of being in this woman again.

She was already asleep. Tenderly I reached out a finger to clear her forehead of stray hairs only to have them curl about my finger temptingly.

My staff was hard, but I wasn’t going to wake her up. No, I was going to enjoy every moment of having a woman willingly pressed up next to me.

I brought my arm about her and pulled the blanket up with my other hand until it lay about her shoulders. Her sleep seemed restfully peaceful, but for me it was a torment as with each deep breath her nipples seemed to drill into me.

No matter. I’d take this torture any day of the week if it meant being near her.

I shook my head in consternation of thought. Right now I could care less that she hadn’t been a virgin.

I was just grateful to have such a woman and in a quiet prayer I thanked God for her. I closed my eyes then and surprisingly, I drifted off to sleep myself

Chapter Four

Deeper than Before



The unfamiliar sounds of a jungle coming alive at night had Anna rearing upright on the bed in sudden startlemeant. Gasping, she glanced down to her bare breasts and with a reflexive motion started to raise the blanket to cover them.

“Don’t.” Came a soft command from beside her on the bed.

Her hands stopped and with a fuzzy awakening of consciousness, she turned her head in the gathering darkness of the room to view the confident male that lay beside her on the bed. Anna then felt her face blush hot as she remembered everything that had occurred earlier.

She’d never orgasmed like that in her life before. Neither had she ever felt so intimately and thoroughly possessed by a man before.

He’d mounted her just as she’d imagined he might, when she’d sat in his brother’s study. The life she’d once lived seemed so far left behind now.

He’d taken her roughly and she’d liked it. Her reactions to him almost scared her, if it wasn’t for the fact that she wanted to make this her home even as he undoubtedly was her man.

His voice sounding husky he asked within the gloom of the room, “What are you thinking?”

What was she thinking? She wasn’t really sure.

Was this really going to be her life from now on? Was this leader of a people really her husband?

How had it all happened? Hours had passed by and yet even now she felt her womb awash with this strong man’s seed.

Without a doubt, she knew this man would succeed in making her pregnant. Not only had her God given her security unlike any other as to belong to such a man, who she knew would die before he let another man touch her, but He was also granting her coveted wish of having children of her own.

Feeling the need to say something in reply to him she said, “Thank you.”


“What?” She asked in soft reply.

“My name is Mahlon.” Came his deep reply.

Smiling shyly she said, “Thank you Mahlon.”

“For what?”

She didn’t know how to express the enormity of everything in regards to the way that her life had seemingly changed for the better overnight. That said she tried, “I’m very grateful to be yours. I…… thank you for keeping me even though I’m not the ideal of what you wanted.”

“You’re far more than I expected let alone, much less deserve.” Came his steady reply from the shadows.

His words with an air of humbleness tinged with sincerity unlocked a part of her heart. He thought she was more than he deserved?

She didn’t want to tell him otherwise, but he was very wrong. Truly, this all was a fairy tale somehow.

A fairy tale that she wanted to continue to be a part of. Turning in the bed, she leaned down over his face and for a moment paused before shyly asking, “May I…….”

“May you what?” He responded with husky voiced.

She couldn’t see his eyes in the darkness of the room, but his mouth’s outline was clear enough to her and not wasting another moment she ducked her head down and kissed him. It was a long passionate kiss. A kiss that had both of their mouths opening upon each other as their tongues entwined in a timeless dance of lovers.

Breathing heavily from the kiss, she pulled back only to ask passionately, “Make love to you?”

His answering chuckle sounded tight as he then said, “I’m sure not going to stop you!”

Her hand coasted over the muscled plain of his chest and she felt firsthand the restraint this man was putting forth in order to remain still. Another facet of this man’s character became real to her in that moment.

As tough and domineeringly passionate as he was, he was also sweet. He’d let her sleep and now he was letting her play.

She didn’t intend to disappoint him. He was her man now and she wanted him to be pleased with her even as she was pleased to be where she was at in life.

Her hand drifted down past his stomach, until it wrapped caressingly about the thick, filled length of his burgeoning manhood. He was huge and yet she’d taken all of him in the most forceful manner that she’d ever experienced.

It had felt like he’d been coming out of her throat at times and yet the solid feel of his rod surging into her depths had unleashed her in a way like never before. As impressively sized as he was she intended to appreciate him to the full even as she knew she’d be taken to the full each and every time.

Shifting slightly lower down in the bed, she bent over in the darkness and accepted the salty head of her husband’s cock into her mouth. She’d never done this for her first husband, but she’d do it every day for this man if he asked it of her.

Pursing her lips around the thick shaft she sucked. The sound of a groan issuing forth from his lips caused a quiver of answering desire to sweep down throughout her body to resonate sharply like an echo in the apex of her thighs.

With one hand she gripped the base of the shaft that she couldn’t hope to fit entirely into her mouth as with her other hand, she reached down to gently cup her husband’s large balls and squeeze softly. She couldn’t help but be a bit overwhelmed by what a stud he was!

An ache blossomed to life within her core to once again experience the feeling of being stretched out to the max and then some. She pulled her mouth up off of him in a sucking release and looked upward towards his face in the gloom.

Did she dare? Her voice sounding husky to her own ears, she asked, “Mahlon?”

“Yes?” Came his passioned tight lipped response.

“I want to ride you.”

No sooner had she spoken than she felt his hands reach for her in the darkness and finding her he then pulled her astride of him. Giggling softly at his huff of impatience she paused before rising up on her knees slightly and scooting the last little bit forward.

This position she had done before, but as her hand gripped around Mahlon’s shaft, she acknowledged that this time would be vastly different than anytime before. Fitting the head of his shaft to her entrance, she lowered herself and with a moan that was part of pleasure and in part discomfort she accepted the head of his cock into her.

She was still sore from the roughness of his possession of her from earlier. That was something she was just going to have to get used to though. He was big and she might always be sore after having been with him.

Breathing heavily, she stayed poised up on her knees in full realization that she only had half his shaft within her. Half his shaft yet remained to be taken and not only that, but it was the thickest part of him.

With a moan of despair, she surrendered to the inevitable and forcefully impaled herself to the hilt upon his shaft. There was pain in the action of doing so, but oh the pleasure of his thick length throbbing within the depths of her very core.

As if helpless to resist, she felt herself orgasm on the spot. Crying out she fell forward onto her hands to either side of his face as he began to surge upward powerfully with his hips as he stroked forcefully into the very heart of her orgasm.

She felt herself fall apart into bright shining pieces as he relentlessly drove his shaft up into her in a steady pace even as her body responded by grinding down upon him. There were no words to express the screams of delight coming from off her lips as one orgasm became another and then another.

Each one more intense than the last. It had never been like this before!

The pleasure was endless and it was so intense as to become increasingly painful. Gripping a hold of his face in the darkness, she screamed, “Take me!” Even as her sheath convulsed again all along the length of him.

His hands seized a hold of her and she felt herself rolled to her back even as he remained buried to the core of her being or at least that was what she had thought. He pulled back to sit on his heels between her legs and almost slide free of her body.

She heard herself moan anxiously to feel him again within her. She didn’t feel like she was in her right mind anymore at all. Her body had been taken over by passion.

Dimly she registered him grasp her ankles and then there was the sensation of her calves being pressed against his shoulders. What was he doing? She needed him!

It all changed in a heartbeat then. He bent down over her and suddenly her feet were to either side of her head and as if in slow motion she felt the full thick length of her husband surge deeper into her than he had ever been before.

She screamed and then exploded apart at the seams as she felt his seed spray the inside of her womb with hotness. Thinking even rational thought became impossible then as she felt herself drift into unconsciousness on wave after wave of pleasure.

It had never been like this before.




I let her legs slide from off my shoulders and coast down my sides to once more lay on the bed, but I remained buried within her. Staring into her face in the darkness I said, “You are amazing!”

I knew she hadn’t heard me, but I had to say it just the same. Reluctantly, I pulled free of her and covered us again.

Pulling her to me, I hugged her fiercely for a long moment. Utterly spent of desire and emotion I let myself fall asleep again with her securely clutched in my arms.



Chapter Five

Out of Breath



Lazily Anna blinked and lifted her head up off the pillow. Bright morning sunlight gleamed all around her.

It came in through the many windows of the room along with the scented perfumes of a thousand entwining flowers. Truly, this place was a paradise!

She looked behind her quickly, but the bed was empty. Where had he gone?

In surprise, she reflected on the fact of how bereft she felt at not knowing where her man was. In reality he was to her still mostly a stranger, but well, not really. Not after yesterday. She felt herself blush again.

A breeze flickered through the room and she heard the ruffle of a paper nearby. Leaning forward, she grabbed it up and read it, as a part of her relished seeing her man’s handwriting for the first time. It was quite good.

“Good morning Anna. I…… last night was better than I ever expected my first time with a woman could be. I am beyond pleased to call you my wife and I look forward to the years ahead of us with earnest desire. I had to attend to something in regards to my brother, Torin, in terms of his delay in coming, but I hope to be back by 10 o’clock. I’d love to talk with you and learn more about you and well undress you all over again. I really can’t believe that with everything that did happen yesterday that I didn’t get the opportunity of tasting even one of your luscious breasts. I will do so on my return and more. I’m so glad you’re here Anna. It’s more than just the physical delight, I find in you that makes me say that. Simply sleeping last night with you was an experience. You make me feel far less alone than I ever have in my adult life. I…… I should stop making a fool of myself I suppose. I took the liberty of drawing you a bath. I hope it’s still warm for you, but it is the tropics and so nothing ever really gets all that cold. See you soon.”

Anna looked up from the letter. She stared into space for a solid moment before breaking into an emotional outburst of tears as she folded her hands together and said, “Oh God, thank you so much! It…… I, oh gosh, it’s almost 10 o’clock!” She exclaimed, as her teary eyes found a clock in the room.

She bounded up off the bed and took a big step towards an adjoining room which she saw the corner of a porcelain tub sticking out of. That stride forward told her something.

She’d never been this sore in her feminine parts in all her life. Literally, she was married to a virtual stallion of a man.

Forcing herself to walk, she brought one hand up to her mouth as she said, “Oh dear!” As the sensation of her husband’s excessive amount of seed trickling down the inside of her one thigh became a reality to her.

Married life with this man was going to prove interesting, but she didn’t care. Far from feeling disgusted by the outpouring of his seed she instead almost felt like it was a badge of honor somehow.

The water was still warm and with relish she sank into it. There was no time to take it easy though. She wanted to be ready for him when he returned.




I made my way through the bedroom carrying the large tray in one hand poised overhead as I held a pitcher of juice in the other. I heard a rustling stir from the direction of the bathroom, as I made my way past it, but I didn’t stop to look.

My eyes took in the sheet tossed bed and ripped apart dress and undergarments by the bed. It was a beautiful sight and with a smile I continued on through a pair of glass doors that I had opened earlier.

I set the tray down on a stone table as well as the pitcher. From there I went to the railing to gaze down upon the hustle and bustle of an empire on the rise.

It was a good sight to behold. A miracle really.

I had much to be grateful for. Much!

I heard a stir on the patio behind me and turning I beheld the glory of my wife fresh from her bath. Her hair was still wet and was an outright mass of curls and all it did was to make her even fresher in appearance than she already was.

She was encased in a bathrobe and I well knew she wore nothing else as I hadn’t had any of her luggage brought up yet. Why do that when with the propensity of the desire I had for her right now I was liable to just tear them all off her anyway.

Her eyes kept drifting from me to the food and quickly I said, “Eat my love!”

She gave a quick smile of appreciation to me and hurried to the table and sat down. She wasted no time either in terms of reacquainting herself with food.

I found it simply a delight to watch her. If she only knew what I intended to do once she’d gotten some breakfast in her.

From time to time she glanced to me curiously, until finally she asked, “Aren’t you going to eat?”

“No, not yet. Eat your fill and then I will.”

Her eyebrows rose slightly, but after a moment she went back to eating. Finally done, she looked around the patio.

She looked one way and then the other. This was a private balcony and despite the sounds of work in the distance to give evidence to the existence of others we were entirely alone in this idyllic setting.

She turned her chair slightly away from the table to better face me and there she sat as an open invitation for me. One of her toned white thighs split through the opening of her robe in a clear temptation of me.

Her eyes were downcast, but it was clear that she was intent on seducing me. Well, she’d succeeded.

I approached slowly to stand before her. She looked up and the ready intent in her eyes to please me was there. Reaching down I took her hands and pulled her to her feet.

Demurely she stood before me as my hands undid the sash at her waist and pulled her robe to the side until it fell to heap about her feet upon the warm tiles of the patio. There she stood unashamedly naked as I did what I’d said I’d do.

I bent down and with hunger my lips fastened onto one of her turgid nipples. Letting my teeth lightly graze it I heard her sharp intake of breath even as I relished how sensitive she was.

I let her nipple fall out of my mouth and I graced the other twin to the first with the same treatment only this time I let her feel the sucking pressure of my lips a bit more. She came partly up onto her tiptoes and with a smile I let her nipple pull free of my mouth.

Straightening I stared at her as my hands coaxed exploratively across her flesh. She was mine to do with however I wanted and the message was clear that she was willing to be mine.

I loved that, even as I acknowledged that I loved her. I kissed her and she kissed me back.

I let the kiss drag on even as I felt her hands raise to frame my face. My hands settled upon her wide hips as I accepted her kisses of appreciation.

Pulling back from the kiss with her lips swollen she asked wonderingly, “How do you want me?”

I had to fight to maintain control as this woman’s acceptance of me and my strong desires was overpowering. Glancing from the ready submission in her eyes to the table I said, “Put the tray and the pitcher on that little table over there.” I said pointing to a nearby small end table.

Her eyebrows rose speculatively, but her inquisitive smile didn’t go away. I watched her turn and pick up the tray and put it where I had directed.

She moved without shame to do as I had ordered. Finished, she turned back to me and came close.

Reaching into a back pocket I pulled out a soft coil of rope and holding it up before her I asked softly, as I watched her eyes grow large, “Do you trust me not to hurt you?”

Her eyes left the rope to come to mine and with her heart in her eyes, she whispered, “Yes.”

Reaching down I brought both of her hands to my lips and kissed the backs of her knuckles before saying, “Thank you for giving me your trust. I shall treasure it always.”

That said, I proceeded to bind her wrists together securely, but not tightly. I felt a shiver course through her and she wouldn’t meet my gaze now.

Her hands bound I led her by the rope into the bedroom. Obediently her bare feet padded across the tiles behind me.

Securing a plush throw from off the bed, I led her back out onto the patio. I flung the throw across the stone table that she’d eaten her breakfast upon and now with eyes wide open again, she watched as I turned to pick her up and lay her upon the table with her head near the one end and her feet just hanging off the other end.

Her expressive blue eyes were an open question to me as I took the rope binding her wrists together up over her head and fastened it to the patio railing beyond her head a short distance of a few feet away. I tied the rope off securely.

Anna’s arms were extended to either side of her head comfortably and I checked to make sure that the rope still wasn’t too tight, it wasn’t. I met her questioning gaze and smiled even as the sun’s morning glow shone down to illuminate every beautifully sculpted graceful curve of her.

I stepped to the side and picked up the breakfast tray and set it down on the table to the one side of her. Picking up a juicy handful of berries I held my fist aloft over her stomach and breast area. Meeting her gaze, I said, “It’s time I had my breakfast. Don’t you think?”

I squeezed the berries and juice dribbled from my fist to paint down over her breasts, stomach, and her thighs beyond. She gasped in exclamation and I chuckled before leaning over the table to clean my mess up with my tongue and where needed to with my teeth.

She soon lay moaning beneath me and jerking against her restraint as I licked one of her breast’s clean. This was fun! I could tell that I was driving her crazy and that was a joy all of itself.

“Oh Mahlon! Oh!!! I…… I….I….ahhh.……Ohhh!”

On she went and went as I placed my breakfast upon her as if she was my breakfast plate. Taking a large fruit I reached down and dipped it between her thighs and swirled it in the copious wetness I found there.

She moaned and tried to press against my hand, but I removed the fruit and ate it noisily before her. Opening her eyes, she stared at me with a glazed passion of focus and said, “This is torture! Please, I need you!”

Leaning down I said, “But I haven’t had a drink yet.”

“What?” She asked in a befuddled tone and smiling I kissed her. Her torments had just only begun.

Going to her feet I pulled her across the table until the rope binding her wrists was held taunt and then I leaned forward over the table to get my drink. My hands lifted her legs from behind the knees and lifting I pushed them up and apart until the source of her wetness lay fully exposed before me.

Her legs shivered in my grasp as I bent my head and began to lick up her wetness. She cried out and her hips bucked in an effort to escape, but I held her fast as I explored everything that lay before me to the fullest.

My mouth found the nodule just above her sheath that I’d had men tell me of and my tongue began to lick it in broad even strokes that had her moaning gutturally, until she came hard. Idly, I wondered if those down below could hear us, but I really didn’t care.

This moment was excitement itself and I didn’t stop what I was doing until with a voice that begged she exclaimed, “Oh honey, it hurts now! Ahhhh!”

I stopped. I’d never had a more fulfilling breakfast in my life.

Rising up away from the table I stripped off my clothes. Now naked I walked around the table until I was at her head again.

She was still breathing hard and the look of smoldering passion in her eyes was completion itself. In my conquest of my woman, though I had the intent of experiencing everything I had ever heard about that could be done between a man and a woman.

Reaching my hand down I caressed her throat. I wasn’t sure if it would work as I was quite large, but I wanted to at least try.

I leaned down to untie her hands and then I kissed her upside down even as my hands imprisoned hers to the table. I ended the kiss and looking into her eyes, I said, “Honey, I’m going to stretch your throat out now with my cock.”

Her eyes blinked and I watched her breathing hitch. Her apprehension was completely understandable and with gentleness I said, “If I feel you gag I’ll pull back I promise and wait a moment before I press forward again. Once I’m in your throat though you’re going to need to breathe through your nose and time your breaths for when I withdraw my shaft partly. Honey, this is going to happen. Your beautiful mouth is going to pass over every last inch of me and when I’m ready I’m going to pull my cock back, until the head only, is in your mouth and you’re going to suck out all of my seed and swallow it.”

My instructions to her given I then pulled on her until her head and neck were clear of the table.


“Yes?” I replied with confidently, as I supportively cradled her head in my hands.

“I don’t think I……”

I put a finger over her lips and said, “I want you to try. Can you do that for me?”

“Yes.” She whispered and I let her head fall downward slightly even as her hands rose up off the table to grasp the back of my thighs and pull me in towards her.

I watched her lips part around the head of my cock, even as I held her head in place with one hand and massaged her throat soothingly with the other. With her head positioned like this her mouth and virgin throat were a straight open passageway before me.

Her tongue curled out of the way and tentatively I pushed my cock deeper into the warm honeyed interior of her mouth. Her mouth full of me, I listened to her breathe heavily through her nose for a moment.

I was poised at the back of her mouth and tentatively I pushed forward. Her virgin throat rebelled and I pulled back only to then insistently push forward again after a moment.

Again her throat constricted and again I retreated. The enormity of what I was finally getting to do in life and not just relegate to the realm of unfulfilled fantasies caused a fine sweat to break out upon me.

Insistently I continued to coax my way forward again and again, until her throat only tightened, but held back from a full shutdown and I took that for the opening it was and slid all the way through her mouth and down her throat.

I stayed in the virgin territory that I had just claimed for only a moment before pulling back so she could have a breath. Her breathing was labored as it was and it was all I could do to maintain the control of making sure that I didn’t make this harder on her than I already was by insisting on doing this in the first place.

I slid forward again upon the exhale of her breath and although her throat tightly resisted for a moment it gave way to the passage of my cock, of which the visible evidence of was clear to me, as I gazed down upon her throat that now lay full of me.

It was a glorious sight to behold how her stretched lips formed a tight constrictive ring around the base of my shaft, even as I felt the weight of my balls rest upon her nose and had the full knowledge that with each breath in she was smelling the full male musk of my essence of being a male who was now taking full possession of yet one more part of her glorious body.

The urge to cum was overwhelming. Not yet though.

Not wanting to strain her any more than I already had I pulled back until only the head of my cock remained within her mouth and for a few long moments I listened to her breath heavily through her nose to catch up on air she had missed during my possession of her throat. I was so very proud of what she had done.

Throughout the event even though I knew she’d suffered through some discomfort she hadn’t in any way made it clear that she wanted me to stop. Instead the nails of her fingers were dug into the back of my thighs and with the head of my cock held tightly by her lips I felt myself begin to orgasm powerfully within her mouth even as her tongue licked the tip of my shaft.

My natural inclination was to press deep in order to deliver my seed, but not in this way. I held still as she began to forcefully suck upon the head of my shaft as hot stream after stream of my seed pulsed into her mouth.

My seed was almost completely spent within her mouth when I felt and then heard her begin to choke. Pulling back out of her mouth quickly I helped her to roll over onto her stomach.

I rightly expected to see her spew her mouth full of my semen upon the ground, but it didn’t happen. Her body heaved for a moment and then incredibly I saw the evidence of her swallow.

Her mouth opened and she sucked in deep gulps of air. Despite my deep pleasure in everything that I had just accomplished I felt somewhat guilty for the discomfort that I had just caused her throughout the process of claiming her throat as yet one more playing field for my cock.

“Anna I……” I began to say, as I started to apologize, as I looked down upon the back of her head.

Her hand quickly came out and squeezed the back of my thigh in a gesture that stopped my words. Still breathing heavy she turned her head to the side enough to look up at me and speaking in that honest fashion of hers she said, “Don’t apologize. I’m yours. I can take it. I’m glad you are who you are, so don’t apologize. I…… I’m yours. Really yours to do with as you please. I don’t know how else to say it.”

Her words acted upon me as the strongest of tonics and I heard her exclaim, “Oh wow!”

My staff began to grow in size right before her face again. Reaching down I pulled her over onto her back and kissed her passionately for a long moment.

The taste of my own seed upon her lips was heady. Pulling back, I scooped her up off the table and into my arms and made for the bedroom.

Her arm road along the top of my shoulders to where her hand rhythmically squeezed the back of my neck. The smile she wore was of a woman who had everything in life she wanted and the knowledge that I was in large part the answer to that smile tied my heart up in knots.

Ducking her head in close to my ear she whispered just as I reached the bed, “Take me hard!”

I groaned and she chuckled richly. I tossed her on the bed and for a moment stared at her as she lay an open invitation before me.

“Anna I…… you’re amazing!”

“Well Honey that makes two of us.” She said back throatily in response.

I climbed up onto the bed and found my way deeply into the sheer comfort and artistry of pleasure that her body afforded me. With every stroke into her I thanked God for giving me a woman who could handle all of me.

Not just in the physical, but far beyond in matters of the emotional as well.

Chapter Six


Three Weeks Later




Anna hummed a melody as she made her way through the housing of the natives. At first Mahlon had been reluctant to let her come here, but with her insistence he had relented. Now she was doing what she liked best, teaching.

She’d just come from a class of mostly 4 to 12-year-olds and as always she felt completed in some way at having managed to impart wisdom to others. It wasn’t just a one-way exchange either. She was learning too.

These people had much to teach her and in a way they were her people now. Here in this restarting of an ancient kingdom everyone stood on equal footing.

Some of the newcomers to the colony had objected at first, but Mahlon would have none of it and no one went against him. Whether it was because of fear or respect or a combination of both she had yet to see anyone outright challenge her husband, which in her opinion was a wise choice on their part.

The only one that showed a willingness to differ in opinion with Mahlon was his brother Sean. That said, Sean went along for the most part in terms of everything his brother said, but he had an air about him that said he reserved the right to do otherwise if he so wished to.

Logic wasn’t always Sean’s strong point and yet he didn’t act out in ignorance, although to some it might appear as such. Indeed, Sean was a hard one to read, like Mahlon he was dangerous, perhaps even more so.

Mahlon had some social skills, but Sean did not or at least he chose not to use them. In fact, he barely ever talked.

She could count on one hand the number of times he’d said anything to her since she had arrived. That was a far cry in comparison to their little brother Tyree. Tyree was a charmer and he made her laugh all the time.

A lot of her time not spent teaching the children of the natives and newcomers was spent in tutoring him. He was very bright, but his older brothers had decidedly neglected any education aspects for their young brother with their intent of rebuilding an empire pressing heavily upon the consumption of their time over the last 10 years.

It was understandable and yet it was good now that the oversight on their part was being corrected. A brilliant mind was a shameful thing to waste and Tyree was brilliant.

She felt completely at ease with him in a way that she didn’t around Sean and already Tyree had begun to confide in her, as if she was a second mother and in a way she had accepted that role as the young man was geared more emotionally than his big brothers and had lacked any one of confidence to be able to speak into his life and meets his needs of emotional interchange.

Glancing up, she saw him walking her way. A native girl walked past him and with a shake of her head Anna watched him turn to gaze after the girl.

The girl fully knew that she’d captured his gaze too. In fact the girl’s intersecting course seemed a little too planned out and the degree of hip movement causing her round butt to sway back and forth enticingly was anything but normal.

Coming to a stop beside the entranced young man Anna cleared her throat and said, “In the Bible it says that to even look upon a woman who is not your wife and imagine yourself having sex with her is to sin. Tell me Tyree do you have plans of marrying that girl?”

Tyree had jumped slightly at her voice, but as usual, he recovered quickly and with a cheeky grin at her he said, “Maybe. Don’t know yet.”

Anna rolled her eyes and then with a critical look after the girl she said, “I’m not your guardian angel, Tyree, but if I could offer a word of wisdom it would be to not follow your eyes so much all the time and pay a little more attention to the details that lust has a way of glossing over.”

“Such as?” He asked, in a somewhat offended sounding tone.

Anna wasn’t put off by his sudden prickly demeanor in the slightest. This was a teachable moment and she intended to take full advantage of it.

“Did, in your perusal of her, you notice that she has some stretch marks gained by having been pregnant at least once?”

“Um, yeah I guess.”

“Is it not tradition for all the native women to be doing their family's laundry around this time in the morning?”

“Um, yeah. I think so at least. What are you getting at?” He asked, suddenly uncertain looking in terms of his prickly male stance of opposition to her.

“So if she’s not washing clothes with the other respectable women, as would seem logical given that she has at least one child then what is she doing here in the city compound? The answer to that Tyree is that she’s hunting and you with your brother’s position of prominence here would be a very fine catch for her. But she’s got to eat in the meantime and so that’s why she disappeared from view with the newcomer over by the gate about a minute ago.”

Tyree turned around to look and indeed the guard stationed at the gate of the compound was missing from his post.

Anna gently interposed, “Look to the left behind the hay wagon.”

Tyree followed her instructions and beheld the woman, dimly on her knees before the man. It was obvious what was going on and turning back to Anna he gave her a sheepish look and shrugged his broad shoulders as if he didn’t know what to say.

In a gentle tone Anna said, “That’s how she chooses to feed herself. In short, there’s a jungle full of food right at her fingertips, but she doesn’t want to work for it like the other respectable native women do. She’ll suck him off now in exchange for a coin and lay with somebody else tonight for two coins. You come from a family of men with honor Tyree. Just because a girl makes it clear she’d have you does not make it a good idea to do so. You need to wait for the right one. I didn’t do that with my first marriage. I married based on what I thought of my husband instead of having ever taken the time to study exactly who and what kind of man my first husband was. If I had I’d have never married him. Be careful of how much you commit yourself to an enticing backside, when the owner of it has nothing but a calculated plan of deception in mind for you.”

Tyree nodded, and looking away, he said, “Thanks. I…… it’s just so hard to wait. I just…… I just……”

“Want to shove your shaft into the first girl that bends over for you?” Anna completed for him with a sardonic smile.

Tyree’s face flushed red, but then he nodded and said, “Yeah, that about sums it up.”

Wiping at his sweaty forehead in frustration he said, “I don’t know how Mahlon did it all those years. I’m about to go insane myself. I’m just not the man he is I guess.”

Anna laid her hand on Tyree’s arm and squeezed, “Don’t say that. He had a prophecy to fulfill and his road is not necessarily your road. The girl that’s right for you could show up tomorrow or maybe a year from now. The important thing to do is to leave it with God and wait for her. I sincerely hope for your sake that it will be soon, but regardless of whether it is or not be your own man in the meantime. Your brother isn’t what he is because he was gifted with any ability greater than those you possess. He simply has chosen to be who he is and it shows. In the same way it’s for you to choose to be who you are, which is very different than who Mahlon is and that’s fine. Or I should say it's fine as long as you remain honorable. I really pray that you choose that route. Sean hasn’t done that and well the differences between your older brothers are quite apparent. Choose honor and wait for the girl who is not going to shack herself up with anyone else after you make her yours for the first time.”

Anna patted Tyree on the shoulder then and moved on. Tyree called out in a joking manner, “Mind if I check you out?”

“Don’t you dare, because that would be an abomination and besides, I already have a man in my life. See the difference?”

“I see. Eyes straight ahead Sir!”

Anna shook her head at Tyree’s jest and rounding a corner quite surprisingly bumped into her husband. Tyree was moving off in the other direction and after gazing after him for a moment her husband’s gaze came down to rest upon hers as he said, “Thank you Anna. I’ve never had the time or words to talk to him like he’s needed and…… thank you!”

With a smile Anna said, “My pleasure Darling. Can I help you with something?”

Mahlon grinned and said, “Always!”




Smiling Anna took my hand and led me further into the sheltering concealment of a nearby grape arbor. Pressing me up against a beam she then knelt down on the ground before me and proceeded to unbuckle my belt.

Freeing my rod of passion meant just for her, she coasted one hand up and down it lovingly, while she massaged my heavy balls with the other. Looking up, she asked with a lift of an eyebrow, “Do you want it to be short and sweet or something more?”

Staring down into my temptresses eyes, I said, “More.”

She smiled and with her lips brushing against the head of my shaft, she said, “Your wish is my command Darling.”

Her little pink tongue came out to trace down my shaft, even as her hand squeezed my balls. I closed my eyes and let my fingers play with her hair, as she worked on my desire for her with her lips and tongue and even her teeth.

She was amazing and she’d made my life a dream come true these past three weeks. Here I was within my own palace compound grounds being pleasured as only my little brother could dream of right now.

For his sake and for the fine young man that Anna was even now helping him to become I hoped time would be short, until he found a woman of his own that would be like mine. Truly Anna was more precious than rubies and I wouldn’t trade her way for the world.

Opening my eyes, I looked down only to see her looking up at me with her mouth full of me, even as her hand stroked the base of my shaft, in a motion that would bring me to orgasm very soon. I didn’t have to warn her of it as ever since I had dined out on her in our second day together, she had almost made it a daily occurrence to taste and swallow some of my seed.

She couldn’t get enough of me or I her for that matter. Feeling a familiar emotion in regards to her I spoke it out loud as she raked her teeth gently down my shaft, “I love you!”

It wasn’t the first time I’d said it, and yet each time I said it I had meant it. Surprisingly, she brought her mouth free of me and stood up to kiss me with the same guileless passion she always did.

Pulling back from the kiss, she breathed out and said, “I find that I think I’d really rather have you buried deeper in me right now than anything else.”

That said, she turned and walked forward several steps to then bend over at the waist and place her hands on a low stone wall. She spread her feet apart in an inviting stance of a mare needing to receive the shaft of her stud.

Stepping forward I pulled up the back of her long dress and let it pile forward over her back. I inched her chemise up past her butt until she was bare to me. Dipping a finger to her sheath I thrust it inside and she moaned and pushed back against me.

I swirled my finger in her juices and pulled it free only to suck my finger clean of the essence of her. Her taste was unique like musky fruit and it was a flavor I never got tired of.

Kneeling down onto the ground behind her as she stood standing bent over before me I admired her. Caressingly I rubbed my thumbs through the sexy creases where her buttocks met her thighs. And Then I traced the path of my thumbs with my tongue.

Anna shivered, but held steady and then with a bit of savagery I bit part of a cheek of the perfect plum shaped rear before me. She shivered again and moaned.

Gripping her cheeks, I opened and closed them. Meanwhile, I dipped my head to the side and licked at her wet sheath spread open before me and she groaned and pressed back against my tongue.

Pulling back my face wet with her excitement I stared for a moment at the one enticement of her body that I had withheld myself from. The tiny crinkled rosette of her rear hole stared at me straight in the face.

Soon. But not today.

Unable to resist, however I leaned forward and gave her rear entrance a wet kiss as I held her cheeks spread wide. She shivered involuntarily and I smiled.

Standing up I directed my shaft into her sheath and penetrated her all the way to the hilt on one long thrust forward. Her legs trembling, I took my pleasure of her in a smooth, fluid action of deep, even strokes until at the end I pounded myself into her.

Seed spent and yet deep within her still I pulled her upright while still partially engaged in her. Turning her head to me I kissed her deeply for a long moment.

Pulling free of her I gave her bottom a playful smack that made her exclaim, “Ouch!”

“What was that for?” She asked, pretending to be miffed

“For distracting me again. I have to go, but I’ll see you later.” I said, moving past her, as her dress slipped back down over her bottom.

“Is that a promise?” She called out from behind me and I said, “You know it is!”

She laughed and I went about the rest of my day with a smile on my face.



Chapter Seven

Enemy of Old

A Week Later


I looked up from the stone wall I had been re-stacking. I loved rocks and even more so the crafting of them into either art or functional use.

It was an escape in a way from the heavier thoughts of essentially ruling a kingdom. I had never intended on being a king of this place, but to move forward and get stuff done leadership had been called for and so here I was.

When everything was going right, I was rarely consulted, but when things went wrong I was the one they came to. Now was such a time as I watched Ofunai and three of the colonists close in on me. From the universal worry etched across all their faces I immediately surmised that the issue they were bringing to me wasn’t related to any ethnic relational conflict between the differing people groups that made up our community.

That pretty much left one thing, the increasing hostility of the Portuguese towards us being here. Peter spoke for the group, “Well, they’ve done it. They’ve halted the supply ship. A native runner just brought word.”

I nodded, “Well we’ve known for some time that was likely going to happen.”

Peter shook his head, “That’s not all though. Apparently there were three ships worth of our kin who were bound for here and mistakenly let out the word as to who they were. The Portuguese heard it and have imprisoned the lot of them. The native runner says there to all be sold as slaves within the week.”

My jaw clamped tight for a moment at the brazen lack of respect and human indecency on their part to do such a thing to women and children. Whether I liked it or not, war had just been declared.

Glancing to Ofunai I asked, “This runner is he known for being trustworthy?”

“He is.” Ofunai affirmed.

I nodded and paused for a moment. There really was nothing else to do but fight then. If it was a fight they wanted, then I’d much rather have it take place on their land as opposed to ours.

I didn’t care at all for the thought of having to rebuild this wall again or of losing our crops to invaders.

“Prepare the canoes and martial out over half of our force. We go by boat for one day and then we cut across the land at the Ria Varga. From there we take out all four of their inland trading posts. Then we proceed overland and surround the colony where they're holding our people and they’ll give them back.

“How are you going to convince them to give them back? They far outnumber any force we can muster Mahlon. Besides, wouldn’t they just hold on to the prisoners as ransom?”

“No, you see, because we’re not going to steal any of their stuff at their trading locations. If they don’t release our kin to us, however their trading posts will go up in smoke with all their goods. The loss to them financially will be catastrophic. Money is all these people want, and so that is what we must bargain with. They’ll never have enough of it and so we need to threaten them with taking away some of what they already have in order to get back something truly priceless in return.”

Peter and the rest nodded their heads and started to head off without any further question as to my plans for pressing the war to the enemy.

I called out, “Ofunai, I want you to stay here and help Tyree manage the city should there be an attack on us here.”

“Not likely. My scouts report no troop movement.”

I nodded but said, “Just the same I’d prefer it for you to be here just in case.”

Ofunai nodded without a further word and even though I could tell he didn’t like it, he nevertheless went along with my plan.









Anna watched her husband steadily fade from view down the river. It felt like he was taking her heart with him.

She didn’t feel at all that what he was doing was wise and yet he was a man of action. He had to do something in the face of such a provocation, but to her that was just the problem.

She understood his reasoning, but she also saw where there was room for deception. Here at Arn her husband’s position was entirely defensible and yet at the outset of this war with a great colonial power he was going on the offensive.

She didn’t like what she sensed. It didn’t fit with how the situation should go somehow.

Now, as she watched him depart, she wondered if she had been wise to remain quiet about her objections to the course of action that he had set himself upon. Feeling over her womb, she felt at where she knew a new life had already begun to form.

Would her baby still have a father within a day or two days’ time? Closing her eyes as Mahlon and the other canoes were no longer visible she began to pray in earnest for the protection of her husband and for the men with him.

Then quietly the voice of her Maker spoke into her spirit, “You are right my daughter to be concerned.”

Anna’s eyes flared open at the words spoken into her mind. Silently she questioned the spiritual voice that had spoken into her mind, “Do you confess that Jesus the Messiah has come in the flesh?”

“Yes, I do.”

Anna’s eyes opened again at the spiritual confirmation she had just received. Feeling tears gather at the corners of her eyes, she whispered, “Why did you not alert Mahlon to this trap?”

“He did not seek My counsel as you have done so. You are wise to do as you have.”

Her lips quivering, she begged out softly, “Oh please bring him back! I…… Oh please!!!” She said at the last with a fervency of passion that she had never used to intercede on behalf of her first husband.

“Pray for him. Pray that he will seek My counsel and not trust in the strength of a man’s insight. For what is a man’s strength or his wisdom for that matter? He is here today and gone tomorrow.”

Nodding her head at the glimmer of hope that was being offered to her, she breathed out, “Thank you!”

Hope or not she felt despair blossom at the reality of how strong-willed her husband was. Would he see reason before it was too late?

She could but hope and pray that he would!

She felt a presence at her side and opening her eyes she took in Tyree and Ofunai. Both wore looks of sympathy and were no doubt about to express sympathy and encouragement to her that everything would be okay, but she was not having any of that!

Shocking both men immeasurably she stepped forward to grip them both authoritively. Tyree by his shirt front and Ofunai by a tribal necklace he always wore. “Alright now, I want you two to get this, so listen well! God has revealed to me that this first strike action on my husband’s part is not a wise one. The surprise attack which my husband thinks to make upon the enemy will instead likely happen here!”

“My scouts report…….”

“I don’t care what your scouts have to report! What are they to the Almighty God in heaven! Now this is going to be the way of it! You are going to keep the fighting men that are left in readiness to defend the settlement from attack. All the women and children of the natives and colonists must be relocated within the compound walls now! We will proceed with as much of a normal activity as possible as to lay to rest any suspicions by an enemy of our readiness for an attack. The gate will remain open, but have men concealed close by in order to close it at a moment’s notice should the need arise. Ofunai I want you to pick out four of your warriors who have never been scouts before and send them out. Tell them that they are by no means to have any contact with your other scouts. Now go and do all that I say if you want even one man, woman, or child to survive!”

With her final quite uncharacteristic demand made she let go of the two stunned men and started for the palace within the confines of the compound’s walls. Hesitatingly Tyree called out, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to pray that my husband sees the common sense of all the things I held back from saying to him as to my reservations in regards to his course of action and hope that before it’s too late that he gives up before he throws his life and all of the lives of the others away.”

Anna moved on and Tyree and Ofunai were left alone to stare after the fiery dynamo outfitted in linen skirts that had just bathed them with intense heat to the point of being scorched. Finally, they glanced at each other.

Ofunai was the first to break the ice, “Mahlon left you in charge.”

Tyree shook his head as resolution not usually found in one of his age affirmed his voice to say, “No, we do what she says. Everything she said!”

“You really think her God talks to her like that?” Ofunai asked with genuine curiosity.

Tyree looked after Anna and thought for a moment of all that he knew of the character of his brother’s wife before saying, “Without a doubt He must have, because Anna is not one to lie and she’s too careful of an individual by nature to be one who is easily deceived. No, we do as she says.”

Ofunai nodded and then sub-commented, “My gods never speak to me so. Maybe I need her God instead.”

Tyree glanced at him and said, “I highly recommend it! I had my doubts, but not now. Anna’s helped me to see more than I used two of the spiritual realm just by being who she is. Come on, let’s get to work getting everybody moved into the compound.” Both men headed off quickly, then to the accomplishment of a lady’s command.




The jungle moved. A body of warriors glided through the shadowed understory of the jungle in virtual silence.

They were skilled in all the ways of the hunter. They had to be as they were hunters of the most dangerous animal of all, man.

In their wake they left the freshly cleaned off bones of three men behind to whiten and molder into powder on the forest floor. They had eaten well, but they were still hungry.

Not only were they hungry for more man food and for women to rape, but they were also hungry for the weapons and trade items that had been promised to them if they should overwhelm and destroy the encampment of Ar’mora. Such a task was all the more appetizing to them as their kind hated the Ar’morians.

Even to this day tales were told of how the Ar’morians of old had pushed their kind to the brink of extinction and that the only way the headhunters had survived was to flee to the darkest parts of the jungle.

Now they were back and they had no desire to flee once more to the darkest parts of the jungle where no sunlight broke through to light the jungle floor and where the flesh of men was scarce. No, they would destroy this incursion of outsiders once and for all and profit from doing so.

Their numbers had never been so great and once the other native holdouts to their way of life were destroyed or enslaved they would rule the jungle uncontested. Their roving band was but one of many, which were all, even now, converging upon the city of Arn.

The scouts of the city had been bought off handsomely by the Portuguese for their duplicity in the deception that had lured the main body of fighting men away from the largely impregnable compound city walls of Arn’s inner city palace complex. The bought scouts would never collect on their promised payouts, however, because as a way of tying up loose ends the Portuguese had been very specific in outlining that they enjoy the scouts as a sort of pre-invasion snack.

They had done so with relish, but now as always they hungered insanely for more as the regular flesh of animals was nothing to them as they preferred the taste of their own kind far more. Soon they would feast, but first they had to wait until all the tribes were gathered. They continued to glide onward an entirely lethal force adeptly skilled at preying upon their own kind.

After their passage a native warrior stood up from a hidden alcove beside an old fallen over tree. His eyes wide and his actions fearful since he’d had to listen to the act of men of his own village being eaten alive, he began to head back towards Arn on as much of a non-intersecting course with the group of headhunters as he could. He was not as skilled in the subtleties and need for stealth to be a scout as the others had been or else he would of wisely remained hidden for a little while longer.

As it was he let out a terror pitched scream of fright as a barbed headhunter arrow pierced his shoulder and sent him stumbling to the ground. He had no chance to even rise before the hunters of men were upon him.

His shrieks of warning and anguish alerted no one at Arn as to the eminent threat that was gathering in great number in order to do great evil.

Chapter Eight

Second Chances

We’d beached the canoes, six hours ago and ever since we had been headed inland towards the trading posts. We were as silent as a party of several thousand warriors could be, which wasn’t all that quiet.

The noise of our passage through the jungle was annoying me in a way that was beyond the normal. What surprise could we hope to bring to the enemy with this amount of racket?

It seemed as if every warrior of the natives had suddenly lost all the forest craft that they had been born and raised into. What’s more, they all seemed to be aware of it.

They glanced among themselves as if they thought themselves apart from their natural selves. To say the mood about us as a fighting body of men was less than to be desired was to put it mildly.

Angrily I continued to move forward stubborn to complete the task at hand. My foot fell and snapped a twig loudly. That was it!

I stopped and angrily motioned everybody else to do the same. Something was not right!

It was as if some invisible force was working against me. Suddenly it came to memory the way my wife had been silent on the whole premise of my plan, which wasn’t like her to be when I outlined a plan of something.

She hadn’t approved of my plan. I’d known that, even though she hadn’t said anything.

I reached a hand up to wipe at my forehead and the sudden cold sweat that I found there. My wife was a very prudent woman, while I could sometimes be prone to acts of rashness.

Was this such a moment?

In the silence brought about by my gesture to halt I ruminated on the facts as they were. With a little more insightful logic applied it became apparent that of all things the Portuguese would expect of me to do it was to do something forceful, as I was doing right now, instead of remaining in my position of strength at Arn.

Arn was anything but strong right now, as it was defended by only a quarter of the number of warriors needed to do it adequately.

“What have I done!” I exclaimed inwardly to myself completely aghast at my own blindness.

Abruptly I turned around and strode back the way we had come my actions causing warriors to have to jump out of the way quickly in order to not be bowled over.

“Mahlon?” Sean cried out uncertainly.

In a voice that everyone could hear I said, “We’re going back! Now!!!”

As one the warriors turned and with eagerness made back the way we had just come. The level of silence that greeted my ears at our passage through the jungle only echoed to the fact of how we had been miraculously diverted from disaster of the worst kind. The warriors once more moved with the silence of their natural born instincts.

Somebody had been praying and I was pretty sure I knew who it was. “Thank you God for my wife! Without her I…. thank you so much!”






Anna knew the exact moment the attack was imminent. She’d been listening to the sound of a loon calling out. The loon’s voice had stopped mid-note and in that instant, somehow instinctively knowing the cause of it she had turned to scream at Tyree standing near the gate, “Close the gate!!!”

He jumped looking startled at her shout, but in the next instant barbed arrows and poison tipped javelins were raining down everywhere within the compound. Men, women, and even children alike screamed out in both terror and pain.

Scores of the villagers and some of the colonists dropped to the ground transfixed by the aerial assault that had occurred almost without warning. Native warriors that had been in concealment on the compound walls straightened up throwing off blankets and sheltering debris to bring their own bows and arrows to bear upon the suddenly visible enemy.

Some of the brightly painted enemy fell in their headlong rush through the settlement towards the compound walls, but not nearly as many as would be desired. Anna dodged out of the way of another downward arcing javelin and dove across the ground to come up beside a little girl that she taught in one of her classes.

The girl was screaming, as she stared at the sight of her mother lying still upon the ground, staring sightlessly up at the sky, as her hands gripped around the poisoned javelin lodged in her stomach that had ended her life almost instantly. Anna wrapped an arm around the girl and drug her into the sheltering overhang of a wagon’s wooden bed, as more and more projectiles rained down within the compound.

Holding the girl to her Anna looked toward the gate and gasped at the sight of it still wide open! Headhunters were everywhere beyond the gates and many of the native warriors tasked with closing the gate were either dead or in the process of dying.

“Oh God!” Anna cried out hysterically, as all looked to be soon lost.

Three wildly screaming headhunters suddenly dropped and then two more fell as Tyree swung his sword in a backhanded swish, as he ran in a bulrush toward one of the partially closed doors, which was in the process of being flung wide open. He hit it hard and sent three more headhunters on the outside reeling backwards.

As he crammed the one side of the gate closed his back was exposed to headhunters already spilled over into the compound. Anna was about to cry out to him in warning when Ofunai dodged forward and swung away with two obsidian stone chipped axes into the backs of the headhunters in the process of turning back to the gates in order to halt Tyree from closing them.

Tyree got a hold of the second gate and heaved against it with his one arm and side even as with his other hand, he hacked away viciously at the headhunters trying to barge through the narrowing gap. The headhunters were pushing against the gates again and it was all Tyree and several other surviving native warriors could do to hold them half closed.

Ofunai with a wild scream as ferocious as any headhunter dodged forward to leap through the gap between the gates with both axes swinging. The outside pressure against the gate immediately lessened as Ofunai made a gory impact upon the enemy gathered there.

The one gate slammed closed and the warriors who’d done it immediately reached for the crosspiece bar. Tyree’s side of the gate was about to close when he ducked through to the other side and was gone from view for a moment.

During the whole ordeal Anna had ceased to breathe at some point as she watched on in horrored fascination. Breath came back to her starved lungs though, as Tyree reappeared suddenly, as he muscled and out of control and very bloody Ofunai back through the gap in the gate.

Once clear of the gate the other warriors slammed it closed and the crosspiece bar was slammed down into place. The gate was now secure, but was the compound?

People were dead or wounded almost everywhere one looked, half of them being the warriors along the wall top. Those remaining alive, held their places, though as there was no retreat from this fight. It was a fight to the death to keep their children from being eaten and their women from being ravaged all in order to bring forth another generation of corrupted seed that would be trained to prey upon the likeness of its own self.

Tyree and the warriors by the gate were now filtering along the wall tops trying to hold the enemy of all civilized mankind out by any means possible. Twisted together hemp ropes with knots for climbing were being tossed over the wall top everywhere, even as their wooden anchors found purchase along the edges of the wall or on the rampart walkways.

The anchors bit in as the ropes grew taut as headhunters began to climb up the compound walls. It was plain to see that the compound could not hope to hold out against such an assault that was being made upon it with so few left to defend it.

Picking the girl up Anna ran with her towards the palace. Along the way she called out to other children and women to follow her. Some did while others just continued to scream and stare in shock at all of what was transpiring.

Anna ran on with those who would follow to the palace. There were a few sealed off rooms without window access that perhaps some of the women and children could survive in providing that the headhunters didn’t manage to break the doors down. It was all she could think to do to save some, but seemingly any positive outcome would be so minute as to be pointless.

Anna came to a halt before reaching the palace doors at the sight of headhunters already dropping down off the compound walls to either side of the palace and heading for her from the direction that she had been running towards. Crying with abandon because of the loss of simply everything Anna dropped to her knees and screamed, “God please help us!”

The surrounding jungle shook as if in answer to her plea and for a moment her heart stopped at the sound of a roar she couldn’t place within the framework of events currently happening. Then fuzzily it occurred to her that it was the sound of conch shell horns that she heard.

The main fighting force of men had returned! As if in answer to that arrows suddenly appeared transfixing the bodies of the headhunters on the walls and the sounds of a hard-pressed battle could be heard from just beyond the walls of the compound.

The headhunters that had been in route for her looked undecided as to what to do, but they didn’t have long to think about it as Tyree, Ofunai and several others rushed past to cut them down where they stood with superior passion of the moment giving them the edge.

Headhunters vanished from among the land of the living everywhere one looked as native warriors used their ropes to climb up and repossess the interior of the compound. The gates opened towards the far end of the compound and Anna feeling very much in a daze started to walk towards her husband, whom she saw in the distance, as he stood at least a foot taller than most of the native warriors.

She passed by the bodies of the fallen both friend and enemy alike in order to get to the love of her life, who she’d feared that she’d never see again. In her pursuit to do that she missed the vengeful actions of a wounded headhunter intent on evening the score some before being put to death as he knew he would be in short order.

From his prone position on the ground he raised his blowpipe already loaded with a poisoned dart, and with a vengeful puff of air he let it fly. The dart flew true, but instead of connecting and piercing Anna’s skin, it lodged into the fast-moving blur of Ofunai, who had seen the fallen killer’s movements and even now stepped into the path of the dart that would have stolen the life of his master’s wife.

In the next several seconds of time two things occurred. Tyree hacked the headhunters own head off with one swipe of his sword, as Anna caught Ofunai with one arm, while letting go of the young girl with the other as gracefully as she could.

Anna and Ofunai both fell to the ground. With a cry Anna leaned over Ofunai. With his eyes already looking dazed from the effects of the poison Ofunai mumbled out as he gripped Anna’s hand tightly, “Thank you for saving my people! I would have liked to learn of your God more.” That said, his eyes faded of all life.

Anna burst out in tears, as she knelt over the warrior who’d saved her life at the expense of his own, even as the warriors this man had trained and led gathered about in a silent mass gathering of heartfelt grief over the loss of a truly great man.




I stepped past the bodies of the fallen and those gathered around to stand beside my emotionally overcome wife as she wept over the body of one of the few true friends I’d ever had in life. I looked from Ofunai and the silent throng of warriors to the loss that could be seen everywhere one looked within the compound.

How could we have won the fight and yet lost everything it seemed? What peace was there for a victory with no resolution of anything remotely similar to joy?

This was not right and I would not let this moment pass only to leave us as those too old to bear seeing another day of life go by. My faith was stirred within me as I felt an answering willingness of God to effect change and I knew no better place to start than the broken scene of grief that was pouring out before me.

Stretching out my hand towards Ofunai I prayed aloud, “God, I pray right now for Your divine intervention in this life who with his last breath expressed the desire to truly know You and Your Son Jesus. I ask that You give him the chance to do that right now, even as I ask that You would give all of us a second chance to rebuild this kingdom not on a strength based on the thickness of its walls, but rather on a strength that is sourced and based entirely within You as the Divine Creator of everything. Even so, I pray that nothing the jungle around throws at us or all the powers of imperialistic European countries combined will not have the strength to overcome what I pray You establish right now. Ofunai, I ask right now in the name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for you to rise to take your place, as a leader once more, among your people in order to effect the change that is needed in the hearts and minds of all those gathered and those yet to come in search of a refuge to be found in this kingdom set apart from the darkness that is without.”

Ofunai’s eyes opened slowly and feeling with a hand he reached down to his side and pulled free the poison dart. Holding it in his blood stained fingers he looked to Anna and said, “Your God is good!”

“Oh yes, He is, Ofunai! Anna exclaimed, as she leaned forward to hug him tightly to her.

I nodded emotionally and looked about with a completely different mindset. Hope had been interjected into this day. Not by my will, but because God had willed it to be so.

With His help I was going to rebuild on the momentum that He offered in this moment of deliverance from death and spiritual decay. My actions would not be in pursuit of riches or the fame of family pride.

No, I wanted something much more. I wanted to help build and maintain all the days of my life a kingdom of righteousness.

Yes, from now on, that would be my goal and constant prayer. It wasn’t about the survival of my family anymore, so much so that it was about the survival of those who believed in the only thing worth believing in.

A hand slipped into mine and I looked down into the eyes of my wife. Her eyes red from crying and her dress both torn and bloody did nothing to detract from the vision of beauty she was to me both within and without.

Smiling, she said, “Your faith has grown, my husband.”

“Yes it has, and a lot of the reason for that is because of you. Thank you for praying for me Anna! Whatever would I ever do without you?”

I hugged her to me then and she hugged me back with a fierceness equal to my own. Rebuilding the shattered lives of some of my people would be hard, but it could be done now thanks to God.

How things might have gone differently this day if God had not been involved in the selection process of a mate for me as He had so obviously been. God was so good!



Chapter Nine

Surrendered Fears

One Week Later


I lay in bed feeling replete from a night spent making love to my wife. That said, my staff now rose proudly in the morning sunlight spilling into the room.

While it was normal for me to wake up so I never fought overly hard against the urge to bury it in the moist and warm interior of my wife’s sheath. She didn’t overly care for it, but there was little else I liked better than to wake her up by solidly sliding my entire staff into her.

She’d gasp and writhe and even whine about the discomfort of my actions, but within moments she would be moaning and begging for more. That said, I resisted against the urge to do that this morning as she was just sleeping so peacefully beside me that I couldn’t bring myself to disturb her.

I let my mind wander to other things as the sun’s light strengthened outside. It was quite odd the way things worked out sometimes.

For the moment my interactions with the Portuguese were once again less hostile, if even partly agreeable. Reason for that being the quite unexpected reaction of the native peoples of the entire region, for when they had found out that the Portuguese had consorted with their hated enemies to bring about the deaths of some of their own people unprecedented action had been taken.

The involvement of the Portuguese with the headhunters had not gone over well at all. To a tribe the entire region of this river network had ceased trading with the Portuguese overnight as sort of an unofficial boycott.

It hadn’t taken the Portuguese long to make amends in order to get their trade back. My supply boat was once more allowed passage up the river.

The hostages they had been purported to be entirely fictitious, but a truly ironic twist of fate four days ago three vessels of long-lost kin members had arrived and were even now being incorporated into our bustling little community. Ar’mora’s safety had never been as secure as it was now.

The Portuguese were unlikely to make any moves anytime soon, as they now knew the stakes of doing so and our other menacing threat, the headhunters, had been virtually wiped out, which was another feather in the cap in terms of the natives of the surrounding land’s positive opinion of us.

Things were going well. Very well.

On the heels of that very thought I felt my wife curl her fingers around the base of my shaft and caressingly coast them up and down it lovingly. My hips lifted off the bed to the pleasure her hand provided and I watched her smile.

Her thumb massaged the head of my cock teasingly. She was in a playful mood and so was I.

Playful mood or not there was something I wanted. Something I had yet to claim and yet ached to do so.

I’d long since forgotten my need for Anna to be a virgin and my displeasure with her for finding out that she wasn’t, but that still did not detract from the fact that she had one place that I had never been yet. That no one had been there, only made it all the more desirable.

I’d ached from the very first moment that I’d seen her tight rear hole to claim it by placing my shaft to it and penetrating her bottom until my balls slapped against her sheath. The activity I wanted to engage in with her was looked down upon by some, but I found no moral objection to the concept of what I wished to do with my wife.

Her body was mine and I wanted to explore and possess all of it and very soon I intended to do just that. That said, however, her last virginity wasn’t something to just be taken though.

No, I had to work for it and now was as good a time as any to start. I rose up to my knees on the bed and looked down upon her.

Smiling coyly she gazed at the pre-come drizzling from the tip of my shaft and said, “I know that look.”

I lifted an eyebrow and asked, “Oh, what?”

“You’re planning on doing something to me. Something out of the ordinary and you’re trying to be careful, when by nature you typically aren’t in terms of expressing whatever it is you want.”

“How very astute of you.” I said, as I sat back to sit on my heels. Her woman’s intuition was going into overtime this morning.

She sat up supporting herself with one hand and I took the moment to enjoy the way her full breasts hung free before me and the way the long curly ringlets of her red hair dangled about her nipples.

“What is it that you would like Honey?” She asked curiously.

My erection swelled larger as I imagined what the intimate tightness of her rear would be like to thrust back and forth into. Her eyes widened and she glanced from my erection to me with all the submissive genuineness she had about her and said, “I’ll do it. Anything you want!”

“Anything I want.” I asked softly.

“I promise!” She affirmed passionately.

Nodding my head, I then slipped off the bed. Taking her hand, I pulled her off to stand beside me.

I kissed her sweetly for a long moment and then I led her over to a floor length mirror. I liked to make love to her in front of the mirror, especially entering her from behind, as I got to see the emotions and passions of her face in being taken in such a way.

The imagery of one day starting out in her sheath only to pull out and penetrate the tightness of her bottom had my shaft swelling even more. That would be a good day.







Anna shivered with anticipation as she stood before the mirror fully revealed to her husband. The feel of the strength of his erection pressing into the small of her back had her aching to feel him inside of her.

Any moment she expected for him to bend her over to do just that and she was more than ready for that. To her surprise though he placed a hand at her waist and turned her body so that her front pressed up against his.

She looked up with curiosity at him only to see him gazing intently into the mirror behind her. His big hands on her waist shifted and with a pleasurable feeling she felt him slide each hand down to grip a cheek of her full bottom and stretch them apart.

What he was doing felt good. She knew he had a thing for her bottom. She didn’t know why, but she was glad just the same that it pleased him.

She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against his chest content to let him play with her bottom. His grip on one full cheek released, but his other hand’s grip upon her remained.

The fingers of his free hand coasted back and forth through the cleft of her bottom and shivering from the unfamiliar, but exciting feeling of it she pressed a little closer to Mahlon. The coaxing caress of his fingertips stopped and all of a sudden she felt one of his big fingers, rub dominantly over her anus in a way that suggested a lot more was to come.

Looking up at him with alarm, as his finger continued to rub upon her now tightly clamped rear entrance, she watched him say, as he continued to gaze at the view the mirror offered him, “I want to take you here. I want to watch my cock penetrate you until my entire shaft is rooted fast in your bottom. Then I want to slide in and out of your tight rear, until I spill all my seed deep into your virgin bottom.”

Anna gasped in shock and something a little close to horror at the realization of everything he was saying. She pulled away to be free and surprisingly, he let her go.

She backed away several feet, staring at him with a mixture of alarm and genuine puzzlement. Finally finding her voice she whispered out, “But that’s a sin!”

He lifted an eyebrow and queried, “Is it? Prove it.” He challenged.

“The Bible is very specific about it! I believe it’s in Leviticus 18:22 that it says, ‘You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination.’”

Mahlon smiled and tilted his head to the side slightly and gently said, “Exactly, Honey. Listen to what you just said.”

Anna blinked and asked, “What?”

Still being quite unlike himself when it came to his usual demeanor, when there was something he really wanted, Mahlon went on to say, “Does a man have a vagina?”

“No!” Anna said, feeling her face blush even redder than it already was. Did he think she was that simpleminded?

Still of the patient bearing of before he then replied to her, “Since a man doesn’t have a vagina and the verse is clearly suggesting that the aspect of sin only becomes involved when the man gives up the same use of a woman’s body as is possible of being accomplished between two men that clearly then tells me that there’s nothing wrong with me exploring you, a female, in such a fashion. Yes, it is forbidden for two men to do what is lawful only between a man and his wife to do with each other. That is not in question. Your bottom, however just like every other glorious inch of you was crafted for me to take pleasure in as your husband. I have gloried in all that you have to offer and now I want to possess you in the most intimate way that a man can possess his woman. Anna the time has come for you to trust me with everything. I want your bottom. I crave to experience the feeling of my cock gliding up your rear to the hilt. That said, this is not something I’m going to force upon you. If I was to take what I wanted in this regard, I could really end up hurting you and I am not going to risk doing that. It’s your choice and you don’t have to make your decision now. Take all the time you want.” Mahlon finished with generously.

Anna stared at her husband in severe angst as to what to do. She’d already promised him that she would do anything he wanted and yet what he wanted was sinful and yet he’d just clearly defined Scripture in a common sense way that said that what he wanted to do was clearly not a sin, when practiced between a man and his wife.

As his wife she owed it to him to submit to his desires, but……. Her eyes fell to fasten upon the turgid thick length of her husband’s cock. How could she possibly accept all of that up her rear?

Her mind went to the first time that he had first made her his. His cock had seemed so huge and completely unmanageable and yet she’d taken every last inch of him and she’d done so ever since.

Would having him up her bottom be any different?

All the times she had felt her husband’s kisses and quick darting touch and then moving away caress of her bottom entrance now made sense. This was something that he really wanted and yet he’d given her the final say in the matter.

He was putting her first and actually denying himself when it came to the pursuit of pleasure with her. That spoke of his love for her and just as that was so how could she not show her complete love and acceptance of him in return if she chose to deny him in this?

She didn’t like the answer to that. Closing her eyes, she silently prayed, “Oh God, I need your help! Please put this desire of my husband within my heart and give my body the ability to please him in this way. I willingly submit to my husband’s desire as I am his.”

Anna with her eyes still closed, stepped forward to stand against her husband. She couldn’t help but shiver as she reached for her husband’s hands and then led them around her to place them upon her rear.

She hadn’t felt so vulnerable within her husband’s presence since their first time together as she had been poised on her knees to accept his huge cock into her body for the first time. A quiver went through her body as his fingers once more molded to the contours of the cheeks of her bottom.

As apprehensive as she was though she also felt excitement. At the very least, she felt pleasure in the fact that she had yet one virgin aspect of her body to give her husband who already possessed her heart.

Looking up, she met his passionate gaze and said, “I’m yours. Please be gentle.”

Instead of a passionate kiss, then his kiss was one of unparalleled sweetness. Pulling back from the kiss, he said, “I will. Do you trust me?”

She nodded her head instantly. She did trust this man and being reminded of that in the moment helped some.

The feel of his wet shaft against her belly though had her whispering in sudden question, “Do you really think you can get it all in?”

Smiling, he said reassuringly, “Yes Honey, but we’ll start out small at first.”

Anna let out a relieved breath and Mahlon exclaimed in surprise, “You didn’t think I was just going to shove it up there did you?”

“I…… ummm.”

“Honey, you know me better than that.”

“Do I? Remember our first time together, dear?” Anna queried challengingly.

“You do have a point there, but this will be different. I promise.”

Anna nodded trustingly and let her head fall forward to rest against the curly hairs of his chest as his hands continued to stroke and caress her bottom as she stood pressed up against him.

“Go to the tub and pour yourself a bath Honey.” Mahlon commanded.

Anna nodded and went to do so as his hands released their grip on her bottom.




I watched her walk away from me. In a way I don’t think I’d ever respected or admired her as a person more than I did now.

She was willingly submitting to my will in this despite all her reservations. My eyes fell to her bottom, which I loved. Soon it would be mine, even as her heart already was.

I gave her some time to get started with her bath before I entered the bathroom. The sight of her submerged in the warm water of her bath as the sudsy ripples of its surface swayed concealingly about her nipples was a turn on all by itself.

Smiling, I approached and knelt down beside the tub. I set the jar of oil I had brought with me down and her eyes danced away from it nervously.

Smiling, I reached forward to start playing with her. My hand dipped beneath the water to twerk at her nipples caressingly and all her other erogenous zones, until my hand settled on her pleasure bud to the forward side of her sheath.

She moaned beneath my touch and shifted about in the warm water even as I playfully kissed her about the face, neck and shoulders. I had a goal in mind and I reached it as she came hard and cried out with the passion of her orgasm.

I didn’t stop my manipulations though of her pleasure center and soon she was crying out again as my continued ministrations brought on another orgasm. I stopped my actions and kissing her in the sensitive spot behind her ear I said, “Get onto your knees and move forward to rest against the edge of the tub.”

In a bit of a daze, she moved to do so and before long I was presented with the sight of her beautiful rear held clear of the water.

“Your bottom is so utterly gorgeous to me! I could stare at it for hours!” I said with feeling, as I gazed upon its warm rounded contours of sweetness.

She turned her head to glance back at me and smiled shyly for a moment at my praise of her. I straightened up on my knees on the outside of the tub and with one hand massaging upon the beautiful indent of the small of her back, I began with my right hand to play with the tightly crinkled entrance of her bottom.

My actions were playful and gentle upon her rear entrance, until I decided I wanted to do a little more. Washing the cleft of her rear off with a little soapy water, I stood up and bent over the tub.

I pulled her bottom cheeks apart and kissed her wetly in the exact spot that I ached to ram my shaft all the way home into. She gasped and gripped the lip of the tub harder at the contact of my lips upon her tightly furled rosette and then again as I brought my tongue out to swap and press against it.

She shook at the pressure and feel of my caressing tongue and I listened to her heavy breathing with pleasure. She moaned.

Smiling, I continued a while longer before I pulled my face clear of her sweet cleft. I knelt back down beside the tub.

She turned her head to look at me. Sweat was beaded across her forehead and all along her back. Struggling to speak, she finally managed to say, “That felt nice.”

I smiled and nodded before saying, “The goal of my possession of you in this way isn’t just for my own pleasure. I want you to enjoy it too.”

She nodded and said, “I know.”

We maintained eye contact for a moment until I broke it to look away and dip my finger into the warm oil sitting beside me. Meeting her gaze again, I said, “When I push with my finger you need to do your best to relax and push out against my penetrating touch. Understand?”

She nodded and put her head forward again. I drizzled the warm oil up and down her bottom cleft generously and worked at rubbing it in.

Then I massaged her entire rear with the oil and in the process I completely finished with relaxing her for what was to come. If any of my actions had become clear it was that I intended for her to feel no pain.

My finger returned fully dripping with oil to press upon her virgin rosette with gentle firmness. I massaged her back again with one hand and with pleasure I felt her work with me and push out against the pressure of my finger seeking to be granted access into her virgin rear.

Quite unexpectedly on her part my finger slid all the way in. She gasped and I whispered to her coaxingly as she lost control for a moment and clamped down hard on my finger.

I kept my finger still, until she managed to once again relax and accept the pressure and presence of my finger, within her. I then allowed my finger to start feeling about the silken interior walls of the clenched firmness of my new domain.

I pulled my finger out and reapplied oil and once more insistently began to press it into her virgin bottom. Breathing heavy and not sounding at all as if she was in pain of any kind I felt Anna relax and accept my whole finger once again.

She didn’t clamp down this time and I began to easily work my finger back and forth within her. Oh, how I wanted her tight rear to be gripped around my shaft, but not yet!

That said I needed relief! Keeping my finger buried deeply I stood up and stepped into the bath water behind her.

My finger stayed where it was as I knelt behind Anna. I found her sheath soaking wet and with a guttural grunt, I soaked my shaft in her dew by plunging into the full depth of her wetness. I closed my eyes with relief, even as I heard Anna exclaim loudly, “Ohhh!”

Her cry wasn’t one of pain, but rather one of surprised pleasure. I opened my eyes to look down at my finger buried to the hilt in her bottom with my shaft positioned below it doing the same to her wet sheath. It was a beautiful sight and I relished the sight of it almost as much as the experience of feeling it.

I began to move forcefully, then with my cock within her and more gently with moving my finger in and out of her bottom and she continued to react with surprise. It wasn’t long before I came and when I did, so did she and I’d never heard her scream so loudly before.

Her bottom clenched so hard on my finger in a swarm of rhythmic contractions that I doubted I could’ve pulled it out if I’d wanted to. The knowledge that it would soon be my cock experiencing such a fantasy of tightness made my orgasm all the greater.

Her orgasm was a long one and when it finally came to its completion I reluctantly pulled my finger free of her rear and brought her backwards with me as I sat down into the tub of warm water with her still impaled on my shaft that hadn’t gotten all that soft yet. She breathed heavily and lay against me as if spent of all energy.

I filled my hands with her bountiful breasts and massaged them loving the sweet hefty feel of them cradled in the palms of my hands. She almost looked as if on the verge of orgasm again and whispering against her ear I said, “Tomorrow I’ll work two fingers into you and I’ll make you orgasm again just like you did a little bit ago. The next night I’ll work your virgin bottom until you can accept the tips of three of my fingers. When you can do that I’ll know you’re ready for my shaft. The following morning I’ll take your last virginity and deposit my seed deep. Sound like a plan?”

“Yes.” She whispered.

Opening her eyes, she gazed up into mine and said, “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I want you. I want you to put your shaft into my rear all the way. I never expected any kind of touch back there to feel so good.”

I smiled and kissed her, “Well, you’re just going to have to be patient honey and suffer through a few more days of playful torment.”

She smiled softly and said, “I love you.” She then pressed her face against my neck and rested in the afterglow of our emotional and physical connection with each other.

I held her to me with my arms as I let my cheek rest against her wet hair, “And I love you Darling.”

Together we both drifted off to sleep in the tub of soapy water.


Chapter Ten

Entirely His

Three Days Later




Anna gazed dreamily into the morning sun rays. Today was the day. The day she lost her last virginity and far from being frightened of what would occur she was excited to experience it. Almost so much so that she thought about awakening her lover who slept on in his position behind her.

She closed her eyes as she remembered last night. She’d never have believed it possible, but after hours of foreplay and first one finger and then two fingers, she’d managed to accept the tips of three of his fingers. It hadn’t hurt at all either.

It was a truly unique experience to say the least. Her lover’s touch inside her bottom was very different and yet not bad at all. She liked the pressure feeling of having something there as well as the submissive aspect of having to relax and welcome him into her body.

She was ready. Ready for his cock.

Biting her lip to fight back at how carnal she felt she began slowly gyrating her bottom back against his sleeping manhood. It wasn’t asleep for long and neither was he.

With a moan of expectation she pressed her breast forward into his big handed grip of it even as she continued to grind her bottom against his shaft. She’d never felt so wanton before.

In fact, she wanted nothing more right now other than to feel his huge shaft penetrating into her virgin rear. God had surely done a work in her, for she’d been at the opposite extreme of wanting to experience what she now was biting her lip in the eager expectation of.




Oh, I would never get enough of this amazing woman! She shifted her bottom around and around against me until with a shift of her hips, she managed to capture my shaft in the cleft of her bottom.

She began sliding the cleft of her bottom the length of my shaft in a back and forth motion and in erotic frustration I tried to pull away from her, as I had a plan as to how I wanted to go about doing this and she was destroying my resolve to do so. She didn’t let me escape, however.

Instead, she grasped my arm with a hand and looking back at me she said matter-of-factly, “I want you in my bottom. I don’t want your finger or anything else right now. I want you to make my rear yours and I want you to do it now!”

Her forceful words made my mind up completely as to following her course of action as opposed to the one that I had planned out previously. I nodded my head in acceptance of her abrupt way of bringing about the loss of her last virginity.

Her eyes bright she asked, “How do you want to take me Sugar? On my knees?”

“No.” I said.

I could instantly tell that my answer surprised her. I had been told by men that my favorite position was not the best way to start such an act with a virgin and despite my desire to do it my way I at least in this regard wished for my wife’s enjoyment of the act above all else.

That was something new that she had evoked in me. Putting others before myself hadn’t been my strong suit before, but more and more she was showing me by her own actions of a better way to be as a person.

In a way it was just one more thing to love about her. I turned over and slid over to my side of the bed and got the oil jar that was there.

Rising up to my knees, I turned to her only to see her lying there with a clear look of anticipation of what was to come, as she gazed at me seductively daring me to continue with the conquest of her last virginity. I could ask for nothing more in a wife than her!

Grabbing a firm pillow I placed it in the center of the bed and said, “Put your bottom on this Darling.”

Her breath, picked up and quickly she did as I asked. On my knees I made my way to kneel between her parted legs.

Gazing down into her eyes, I said, “Thank you for being willing to share your body with me in this way. I appreciate and thank you for the gift of having your rear as a second home for my cock to enjoy.”

She suddenly looked as if on the verge of tears, but her eyes brightened and huskily she replied with, “It is my pleasure to submit to you in everything. I love you Mahlon and I really hope that you enjoy the most intimate part of me that I now can’t wait for you to claim. You don’t have to be gentle.”

I shook my head no and said, “But I will be.”

Still smiling, she said, “I know.”

Reaching down beside me, I brought one foot up and kissed it and then the other. Bending her legs at the knee I pressed them up towards her head and softly commanded her to, “Hold your legs.”

Her hands came to the back of her knees as I saw desire suppress her former emotion. She really wanted me to take her. She was my living, breathing fantasy come to life.

Opening the jar I bathed my cock with oil and then against her stated wish I pressed an oily finger to her entrance and made my entrance into her willing rear with ease. I kept doing so until her rear passage was slippery with an excessive amount of oil.

Setting the oil aside, I moved closer to position the head of my cock at the entrance of her bottom, which was propped up by the pillow to be at just the right angle for me. Leaning forward, the pressure of my shoulders replaced the need for her to hold onto her legs and so her hands left them to then close around my forearms, as I began to steadily press my cock into her virgin bottom.

She closed her eyes and I watched on with love as she concentrated hard on opening up to my invasion of her most vulnerable place. She was completely at my mercy to hurt and yet it was not in my heart to ever do such a thing to my woman.

The feeling of piercing through her tightness was indescribable as bit by bit the head of my cock slid deeper until it slid past the tight double muscular rings of her entrance. I stopped and fought against the urge to go deep all at once into this new pleasure playground for my cock and my cock alone.

Sweating profusely now I asked huskily, “Are you okay?”

She opened her eyes and nodded and then smiling, she whispered, “It doesn’t hurt.”

“Good, but I have a long way to go.”

Still smiling, she said, “Good!”

I took that as my cue to proceed and slowly I began pressing further and further into virgin territory. She was breathing heavy, but clearly not in pain or I would have stopped.

She was working hard to accept me and yet now it was inevitable as so much of me was already in. In the moment I ached for the visual of watching my cock slide into her, but it was better for her this first time to be in this position.

I kissed her and her hands framed my face as she kissed me back. I couldn’t resist the urge any longer and I added enough force to my progressive slide into her tight bottom to bury what remained of my shaft to the hilt within her.

Our lips broke contact as she exclaimed, “Ohhh!”

She breathed heavy even as I felt her bottom flex tightly around me. It was a delight to feel and a torture to hold myself back from thrusting.

Her fingernails dug into my back and with her breathing rough she said, “Take me!”

Slowly I pulled almost all the way out of her and I delighted at the sound of her moan of pleasure at me doing so and then I slid all the way back in and her eyes closed as she tossed her head back and forth on the bed.

Brokenly she whispered, “I never imagined something like this could ever feel this good!”

All the while as she talked her bottom was a tight, constricting sleeve around my manhood such as I had never experienced. Sweat was dripping off of me from the amount of restraint I was under, but I still managed to chuckle at seeing her own delight in my possession of her last virginity.

Her eyes opened and she moaned again as I eased all the way back in once more. Her face reflected a playful sensualness that I adored as she then intentionally clenched her bottom around my cock forcing me to let off a guttural moan of my own. Oh, how close I was to spilling my seed!


My eyes opened to focus on her and smiling lovingly she said, “You can thrust more if you want to, as it’s now obvious to me that even my bottom was created to give you pleasure. I’m yours Darling. Take me like I know you want to.”

Her words and attitude seemed to release me and I pulled myself completely free of her tight gorgeous rounded bottom. Without direction she instinctively knew what I wanted and within moments she was on her knees with her face pressed to the bed even as she pressed back against my cock.

I spread her cheeks apart with my hands and positioning myself, I then began to press the head of my passion heavy cock back into her beautiful bottom to the tune of her groaning with pleasure as I did so. The view of my cock entering her tightest and most protected spot all the way to the hilt was sublime.

Letting go of the cheeks of her bottom I reached forward over her to grip a hold of her shoulders for leverage even as I began to stroke my oily shaft in and almost back out of her no longer virgin rear with a passion of movement that I had been denying myself up till now.

Her voice was a nonstop moan of delight that pitched high and then low as I repeatedly plunged my shaft into her rear. Supporting myself with one hand, I reached as best as I could beneath her with my other hand and fingered her even as I felt myself on the verge of cumming.

Her bottom squeezed my shaft as she rode with the pleasure of me taking her. Hungry for more she pressed back into my possession of her until on an endless spurt of orgasm I spilled my seed into her sweet bottom.

She was moaning and groaning to the extreme now and continuing to manipulate her sheath bud, I felt her go over the edge and fall headlong into orgasm. Silently I rejoiced in the joy of the moment.

I literally had everything. I had a wife who loved me and literally gave me everything of herself. I had a home and an unparalleled future stretching out before me.

My lips moved in a silent, “Thank you!” To my God, as my ears continued to take in the passioned cries of my woman’s pleasure, even as I basked in the afterglow of my claiming of her beautiful bottom that was still rhythmically clenching about my now softening cock.

Her one-of-a-kind orgasm was finally spent after another few long moments of intenseness. I pulled my softening shaft free of her and watched for a moment as her stretched rear canal elastically diminished in size, until finally it winked closed, even as a sexy dribble of my seed seeped through the crinkled entrance of her bottom.

I wiped away the evidence of me having just claimed her bottom with a rag along with wiping down my shaft and then I collapsed down onto the bed beside her, feeling utterly exhausted and yet replete in a way that I never had been before. She crawled over to lay her sweaty head on my chest as she continued to breathe heavily herself.

Finally, she said, “That was amazing! I’ve never had an orgasm like that!”

I said nothing, but I smiled, as I let my arm come around her. I let my hand possessively splay across her bottom with pleasure.

Her bottom was mine as was she and it was an utter delight to be me.

She lifted her head to then prop it up off my chest with one hand in order to look at me. She had a curious look to her face as she with a mysterious air about her said, “I’m glad that you’ve found a way to fulfill your needs of erotic release for those weeks when my sheath won’t be available to you.”

“What?” I asked, confused before continuing with, “What weeks are you speaking of?”

“Oh, you know the six or so weeks that it will take for my vagina to heal and recover after I deliver our child, which should happen in about 7 to 8 months from now.”

I sat bolt upright in the bed with excitement and exclaimed, “You’re serious!”

Grinning, she said, “Yes, Honey. We’re going to have a baby!”

Now I really did have everything. To one and all I announced, “Praise God!”

“Yes, praise Him indeed!” Anna said with equal fervor to my own announcement before pulling me back down to lay beside her on the bed.

We stared into each other’s eyes and it wasn’t long before we were kissing and then doing more after that. She’d been made for me and I could ask for no more.

Together we would embrace the future that God was giving us and be happy in it.


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