Erotic Teaser for A Lady's Worth - The First Four Chapters of the Completed Book


Words that Burn

Lorene’s Perspective

He was watching her again. His look was that of a wolf eyeing up a lamb.

Slowly through my lashes I let myself glance his way. Imposing wasn’t enough of a word to describe the big American.

He wasn’t the tallest man in the room. He wasn’t even the biggest, but without a doubt he was the strongest.

Physically for sure, because I had seen his hands, hands that had known hard labor, but in general he seemed to exude an aura of power. Like a storm barely managed, but able to break forth with devastation at a moment’s notice.

What on earth was a man like him doing in a high society party such as this one? He was out of place entirely within this gilded world of finery and fickleness.

The look in his eyes when not watching me was one of wildness to be free of the place. He didn’t strike me as a man who conformed to others wishes and yet he was here and over all the women in the room it was me that he watched.

His stare had a curious effect, it made me feel very much alive. In a way it must be what prey animals felt when they knew that a predator was near.

It was said that of my day I was one of the most beautiful women there was and truly I had no end of admirers and subsequent marriage proposals because of it, but for the most part I ignored them all. This man’s infatuation with me was different however.

Instead of a plea in his eyes to be near me they instead said that they owned me and I felt the intensity of his stare keenly as if he peeled me layer by layer out of my clothing.

I fully met his gaze and stared boldly into his eyes from across the room. For a moment it seemed as if we were the only two people in the room.

My eyes blurred as I forced myself not to blink. I was not going to be the first one to look away.

His possessive demeanor over me was annoying and I wanted to show him that I…. that I was not daunted by him. Was that really the truth, though?

I blinked and quickly looked away. Turning I moved with a swish of my skirts away from the scene of my defeat.

My breath unsteady I made my way through the pressed throng offering out fake smiles and greetings in turn, as after all I was the hostess of my father’s party. Finding a pathway of escape I ducked outdoors and made my way out onto a veranda.

The party raged on inside gaily, but I stood in the cool night air breathing hard as if I had just finished running a race. The rapidity of my breaths only underschooled the amount of cleavage I was showing.

I had a lot to show and almost half of it was on display with the promise of more should a strap of my gown give way. Ultralow necklines were the fashion of the moment in Paris, but I very much wished that I had not bowed to fashion’s dictates, at least for this evening.

I’d seen it in his eyes. I’d seen the reality that this man would approach and when he did his fingers would delve into my bodice and lift my breasts free as he gazed at them wolfishly, fully intent to taste them with his mouth.

Lust was nothing new on the part of men for me to encounter, but he was different. It was like the look in his eyes signaled an event that had already happened.

Biting at my full lower lip I fought the urge to try to pull my dress up higher even as a dampness spread into my undergarments in a clear sign that I as a woman had recognized the reality of a man worth mating. My nipples throbbed duly even as my breasts swelled against what little material still clothed them.

Closing my eyes, I tried to force the impact that the Hunter’s gaze had wrecked upon me, away. Instead in the next moment my eyes flew open as I stopped breathing altogether.

He was here. He’d followed me.

Taking a quick gasp of air I forced myself to turn around slowly.

There he was closer than he had been all night.

“Can I help you?” I whispered.

He said nothing, but then he came closer. Breathing heavier I fought to not show the reality of that very thing as he came near.

Closer and closer he came. My neck craned backward as he came close enough to almost touch.

His eyes were green and gold, the epitome of a shifting matrix of an enigmatic hazelness that were a match for my own hazel colored eyes.

I watched his eyes leave my face to trace down over my shoulders, until he was looking down upon my breasts. His hands started to rise and flinching, I moved back quickly as my hands came up to hover protectively over my breasts.

His hands never stopped, but rose up to work at freeing the tie about his thick muscular neck. His heart was beating fast too, but his deeply spoken words only reflected a calm surety of control as he said, “I do not grope women.”

Still breathing heavy I swallowed and slowly let my hands fall down to clasp together at my waist. There was nothing to be trusted about this man and yet I believed him in what he had said.

I sensed a truthfulness of character about him that frankly made my knees wobble even more than they already were. In general, I was a complete mess inside and I could only hope that it was not as visible on the outside as I felt it to be inside.

The man’s gaze drifted away for a moment and he shook his head. A wry expression came over his hard proportioned masculine face and the vestige of a smile beckoned at his full lips as he said, “I did not expect you.”

“Expect me?”

His probing gaze came back to mine and simply he said, “You’re beautiful.”

“Many women here tonight are beautiful.” I whispered back in reply.

His head shook no with a definitive movement that said I was wrong. Was I?

I glanced toward the glittering world of a social meeting of dignitaries of state and captains of industry. For the most part many of the women swirling by were attractive, if not outright beautiful.

My gaze went back to the stranger as if in denial of his statement. It almost felt like I was challenging him to do so.

He smiled charmingly then and asked softly, “Didn’t your mother ever tell you that beauty, true beauty, is within?”

My face flushed even hotter at the unexpected compliment. I didn’t know what to say.

Then slowly finding words I said, “I think that is a compliment. Am I correct in assuming that, sir?”

“Of the highest order.” He replied with deeply.

Meeting his gaze and feeling curious, I asked, “What exactly is it you see about them that makes you sign them off?”

“They’re fake. All of them. To a one they are all obsessed with an imaginary setting that doesn’t exist in the real world. The world out there. You on the other hand strike me as one that could handle life with all its ups and downs, even if the wealth of your birth was taken away. The reality that you are so lusciously proportioned in addition to the strength I see in you only makes you all the more tantalizing.”

“You are very forward with your speech, Sir.”

“That I am. I believe in speaking the truth. I tell you honestly of my desire for you. I have no wish to be joined to something fake, a being not fully alive or even being capable of partaking in the life that I live. You on the other hand, well - being inside of you would only be like adding something incredibly precious to my life.”

I slapped him. He saw it coming and did nothing to stop it.

The palm of my hand connected solidly with his broad jawed face with enough force to make my hand go instantly numb. The nerve of the man to speak as if he were already my lover!

The imprint of my hand had no sooner come to life on his deeply tanned cheek, when my own head was snapped sharply to the side. Gasping, I reached up to feel at the burning side of my face.

He’d slapped me!

Tears of pain and outrage spilled from my eyes, but both vanished as I laid my accusing stare upon him. Instantly I stepped back as I saw the evidence of a spirit that was truly savage.

His calm words were at contrast to the fire I saw in his eyes, “I am not your slave to either hit or command. You would do well to remember that my lady.”

Fear bade me to run, but pride made me say, “Only a coward would hit a woman!”

“Oh really and what would a real man do?”

I stumbled at a lack for a handy response.

He waved his hand to the garish party beyond the shadowed veranda, “Behold your cowards. I am not one of them. I am a man and truly I hold nothing against you, for surely the truth must be that you’ve never seen a real man before and thus I know that you do not know how to act correctly around one. I tell you truly that if you are to be my woman you will know submission of spirit, mind and body. I like your spirit, but you need to know your place when it comes to being with me.”

“Know my place! You’re one to speak! Who are you anyway? Do you know who I am?”

“It matters not.” He said with a shrug.

“There you are wrong, Sir! In fact, it matters a great deal. You are nothing to me and I wouldn’t have you if you were the last man on earth! Good night, Sir and please do not ever invite yourself into my presence again as you sir are no gentlemen!”

Tipping a hand to his eyebrow, he dryly responded back with, “Indeed I am not, nor shall I ever be. A gentleman wouldn’t know what to do with you. He’d slobber by permission on only select parts of you deemed permissible to be touched, even as he’d jerk off inside of you in seconds, as you no doubt lay prone and unfulfilled upon the bed waiting for him to fall asleep. No my lady you were crafted and made for so much more. I’d ride you both deeply hard and softly coaxing even as I’d take you in a hundred ways and leave every inch of your skin feeling adored. From your hot mouth, to your pressed together breasts, to your tight sheath, and even tighter ass my cock would travel with abandon even as I would make you scream with pleasure and beg me for more. A body such as yours was built to be possessed by a man, who will fill your belly with life, and create a legacy for generations to come.”

In absolute shock, I stared at the man before me. Never had I heard such words and never did I want to again.

I couldn’t leave the fight though, and sullenly, sounding brattish even to my own ears, I said, “And you think you’re the man to do all those things to me?”

“If I were I can promise you I’d lay the palm of my hand hard to your bare backside to cure you of the disrespectful way of talking to me that you are right now.”

Stepping backward I gained distance from him and quickly circled away to join the relative safety of numbers within the grand room of the estate. He did nothing to stop me, nor did he utter a word as I fled from the scene of easily my greatest embarrassing moment in life.

My ears were still burning with the sound of his words, the things he would do to me if he could. How did God even permit such a man like him to live?

Surely he needed to be removed somehow from society and locked away somewhere. As it was I still felt my heart quaking in fear of him.

I hoped and prayed to God that I would never see the man again in my life.


Adam’s Perspective

I watched her go in full appreciation of all that she was. Indeed, as she strode off in heated passion it was but a resounding expression of the huge impact she had made upon me.

Her name was Lady Lorene Ellsworth and I had told her the truth of what I would do if she were mine. The problem though was that the likelihood of that ever occurring was decidedly slim.

The affluent society of money and royalty on this side of the pond was at odds against a free man of non-royal birth getting what he wanted. And I truly did want her.

I adjusted the raging hard on within my pants as best as I could, but it was a discomfortable feeling at best, because with passion I ached to be buried within the plush wet depths of a woman who would never give me the time of day again to even speak with her.

It was just as well that she had gone. I did not care for the way that her presence seemed to overwhelm my senses and make me care about nothing else but being with her.



An Unseen Darkness

Five Months Later

Lorene’s Perspective

All of society was abuzz with it. War was about to break forth in the colonies.

I listened, but in no way did the talk of war interest me. Indeed, it only went to prove a point that Americans as a whole were a lawless breed and needed to be taught a lesson.

The sad thing though was what the actions of a few lawless ones would do to wreck the lives of so many others.

Even as I was disinterested in the news coming in from across the pond my father was not.

He and I had never been close, not even remotely. He had no influence in my life whatsoever and aside from organizing his many social events for him I had as little to do with him as possible.

In fact, I had often wondered how I had even come from the loins of such a man. In many ways I really didn’t even bear a resemblance to him or any of his ancestors for that matter.

They were as white as could be, but I was not so pale. I had color.

A color of vibrancy that I had always attributed to my French mother, but that said I was even a bit darker than she had been. It didn’t matter, whether my mother had indeed had an affair as was rumored or not things would go on as they had and I would continue to be one of the most highly sought out ladies of all English society and if it was simply because of my admittedly somewhat exotic appearances then so be it.

While I had many suitors the ones I wanted were shut off from me by their royal minded mothers who did take affront at my likely tainted background of ancestry. Those suitors left to me to pick from where the poor ones that simply wanted my father’s wealth and a good-looking wife to lay with to boot.

I had no use for them. There were a few other rich suitors, but I wanted nothing to do with them for other reasons.

I ambled into the study in search of a book and to my surprise, I found my father sitting in a chair. His face was so ashen for a moment that I thought him dead, but then he moved.

When he did the paper in his lap fell to the floor. I glanced at it and read the big bold lettering – ‘War in the American colonies!’.

So it had finally happened. I glanced to father and dry mouthed sounding he said, “I need you to cancel all the parties. Immediately!”

In shock, I stared at him. I had worked very hard to make the plans for the upcoming balls a reality and his words were a complete shock to me.

“Why Papa?”

He tried to speak and then finally stuttered out, “Because we have no money. Gone! All gone now! Wretched colonists!”

He moved unsteadily and hurried over to a row of glass jars filled with alcohol and began sloppily filling himself a glass. My eyes widened as I took in how much alcohol he was already under the influence of.

He wouldn’t be conscious soon if he kept drinking at the rate he was. Going to him I pulled the glass of alcohol down from his lips.

It was a bit of a struggle, but I won because I was actually the stronger of the two of us.

Bleary-eyed, he met my angry gaze and I asked him point-blank, “Why do we not have any money Papa?”

“Because I invested it all in the colonies like an idiot! That’s why! I was assured a great return on my investment and it was beginning to show, but I’ve had to take out loans in the present in order to get by with. So not only are we out of money, but we are very deeply in debt as well. I don’t even rightly own this house anymore!”

I stared at him in shock and let him continue with his drink even as my whole way of life was now completely shattered apart by his actions. Dear God, what was I going to do?

Slamming the glass down my father slurred drunkenly, “You’re going to need to marry and quickly if the house is to be saved.”

Tears coming to my eyes, I glanced at him in a way already hating him, even as I had never liked him, “How many do you think want me now that there’s no fortune to go along with me?”

“What about Lord Cavanaugh? He wants you, he’s told me so himself and he’s one of the wealthiest men in all of England.”

“He is also disgusting, vile and among other sordid things entirely gay in terms of his desire within the human species. He only wants me to act as a cover for him.”

Drunkenly my father slurred, “So? What on earth do you think I used your mother for you dumb chit. Lord Cavanaugh and I go to the same club. I thought you knew.”

Perhaps I had, but I just hadn’t ever wanted to accept the bitter truth. Now I did.

Hot tears, coursing down my cheeks, I said, “So it’s true. You are not my father are you?”

“Goodness no! A blind man could see that! Why your mother had to go out and find herself a half Negro stable hand to copulate with is another. Complete worthless woman she was, being even a bit of a mix herself. I always worried you wouldn’t be presentable in society, but as it is I’ve just gotten by and you have been useful to me. Now you’re going to save me. I will call on Lord Cavanaugh at once and tell him that you’ve accepted his suit of marriage.”

Gritting my teeth I spit out, “To hell with you and Lord Cavanaugh! I will do nothing of the sort! I’d rather kill myself then be joined to that piece of rotting trash and as for doing anything for you well you said it yourself - you’re not my father so why should I do anything for you!”

I went to leave, but he grabbed at my arm desperately. He was angry at me now and in full vitriolic mood he shook a finger in my face and said, “You will do as I say or else it will go much harder for you!”

I ripped my arm free and in the process he fell to the floor. Standing over him I said with a fierceness that I had never seen in him, “No, I will not! I’d rather serve as a maid or an assistant in a town shop and earn my keep than be shacked up with any of the abominations you would choose for me in order to preserve an estate and a worthless name already without honor and one that isn’t even rightly my own! I am leaving you!”

I stormed from the room. He may be without money, but I had been wise enough to save away some and there were things I could sell like my mother’s jewels.

Going swiftly to my room, I began to pack away those items along with a few changes of very modest clothing, clothing that would reflect my new role in life as someone who had to work for a living.

I didn’t mind that. Indeed, I liked to work.

My maid came in and briefly, I shared the gist of what was happening with her and in tears we embraced. Breaking apart, she quickly helped me finish packing.

She rushed from the room with the two cases we had packed together. I chased her down and added one last item, my mother’s Bible.

She then quickly went on her way. Gathering myself, I then went to say goodbye to the one thing I regretted leaving the most, a portrait of my mother.

Kneeling down on the carpet I let myself cry again. So many things weren’t fair right now, but putting all of that aside, I reflected on how hard her life must’ve been.

She had worked so hard to shield me and keep me safe that she had neglected herself and her own needs. I had never quite understood why things had been as they had been until now.

One thing that I did know was that I was not going to end up like her, even if it meant being a slave to earn my own bread for the rest of my life.

I put a hand on a nearby piece of furniture in order to rise up, but a larger hand fell over top of mine, even as another pair wrenched me up to my feet. Gasping, I made to fight, but a blow to the side of my face had my perspective of the world going abruptly dizzy and out of focus.

As if I was somewhere else but still present in some sense, I felt my arms wrenched behind my back and tied off. Blinking, I tried to focus as to what was going on.

There were two men, each one of them now holding me by the arm. One pulled back on my hair sharply and with a gasp of pain my head went backward.

My eyes clearing I saw my father approaching. He was angry, almost frothing at the mouth, “So like your mother you are! May she forever roast in hell! Hell on earth is where I’m now sending you to, you ungrateful little guttersnipe! If you won’t do right by me then by goodness I’ll claim some of my coin back out of your pretty hide in the only way left to me. Take her away!”

A deep sense of fear took hold of me then as I was forcefully led by two strangers out of my own home and thrown into a carriage without windows. What had he done?

Over the next three days I learned the full reality of that question as I waited in a cell deep below the streets of the city awaiting the date of a private auction. My father meant to sell me as a slave.

There was no way to express the bitterness within my soul for what had become my soon to be reality. I spent the first two of the days in the cell crying out in anger and demanding to be let go, only for every protest to fall on deaf uncaring ears. The third day I gave up.

For the first time I accepted the reality that no one was coming to help me. The only chance I had was if God did a miracle on my behalf and abasing myself of all pride I began to pray for that very thing to occur.



Adam’s Perspective

“There’s a woman outside Sir. She’s very insistent that she knows you’re here. I have no clue who she is Sir.”

Looking up at Bart I speculated for a moment as to what to do. How did she know of my whereabouts?

With a warrant out for my arrest and apprehension it wasn’t a comforting thing to know that my location in the city wasn’t as secure as I had thought it was.

Finally coming to a decision, I said “Let her in.”

“Are you sure Sir?” Bart asked doubtfully, to which I gave him a glance that had him quickly packing in the opposite direction.

I remained seated at the desk, maintaining my pose of calmness even as I half waited for the sound of shouts to ring out. If they did the sword across my lap and hidden by the desk would be drawn out and men would die.

I would not go quietly into the night and neither would I serve out the rest of my days in an English hellhole or one of their godforsaken penal colonies. The door of the seller room opened and a middle-aged woman with a persona of timidness about her cautiously stepped into the room.

Upon sight of her I instantly relaxed. This was no spy or pawn of the authorities come to rat me out.

I set my sword on the desk and going forward I gently pulled the shaking woman forward and had her sit down in a chair. Stepping back, I sat down on the front corner of the desk and keeping my tone conversational I asked, “How can I be of service to you Madam. I have to confess to being alarmed that someone knows of my whereabouts in the city.”

“Oh master don’t be alarmed as to that! My Timmy, he crews for you and well don’t be harsh with him, but he told me that if ever I was in trouble to be coming here for sanctuary. Seeing that you’re a wanted man I had hoped that I’d find you here. No one else knows of this location I swear it on my belief in Jesus!”

“You shouldn’t swear on His Name.” I said gently.

“Oh, I know I shouldn’t! God forgive me, but I…. I need……” The woman dissolved into tears.

I waited patiently for her to continue. Finally she glanced up at me, “Something horrible has happened!”

I nodded in an effort to encourage her to go on.

“I’ve served for a number of years to a very fine lady. A very fine lady indeed and well, you know her too.”

My eyebrows rose, “I do?”

“Yes, I believe it was several months back at a party hosted by Lord Ellsworth that you attended.”

Abruptly I stood up and the woman flinched backward from me visibly.

Gaining control and forcing myself to sit back down on the edge of the desk, I made myself calmly ask the woman, “Are you referring to Lady Lorene Ellsworth, the Lord’s daughter?”

“Yes, I am. You see I was there. I was there on the veranda when you um…. approached my lady.”

I looked down. Well, this was embarrassing.

Looking up I asked, “Why are you here?”

“Lord Ellsworth because of the war in the colonies breaking out, well he’s lost everything overnight. He demanded that my Mistress marry at once in order to secure the finances to stay afloat and she denied him.”

“She would.” I mused out loud.

“Aye, that she did, but neither of us saw what Lord Ellsworth was capable of. He’s not even her father when it comes down to it, which explains so much to me. I mean, how could such a man as he father the likes of her, a lady in every way.”

Insistently I pressed, “What has he done?”

“He sold her! Or I should say he put her up for sale.”

I was on my feet again, “What?!” I exclaimed in disbelief, but the woman nodded her head again as she was once again all tears.

Coming out of her chair she fell to her knees and grabbing at one of my hands, she blubbered out, “Please do something Sir! You’re the only hope that she has. She’s a good lady, Sir! I swear it to you! She’s been nothing but kindness to me and all the staff. I…. she does not deserve the likes of what’s about to befall her. My Timmy, he says you’re a good man and I beg you Sir! I… I saw the regard you have for my lady and for her to be your woman I think is the best of all outcomes right now.”

Pulling the older woman up, gently I helped her sit back down in her chair.

“The sale?” I pressed.

“Tonight, she’s going in the first lot to be sold tonight. That’s all I could find out Sir.”

I nodded and she volunteered, “I have her bags in the cart outside. She was in the process of fleeing when they caught her.”

Bart the silent spectator to all of this caught my eye and shook his head vehemently, “You know you can’t Adam! The boat will stay no longer than the first hour of the morning by your own orders! Sir, you have to be on it! You’ve got no time to be rescuing damsels in distress Sir. I know you’ve got a great bleeding heart in your chest, but this is no time to be letting it think for you.”

“Each of us in life can only be what it is that we are and if I being who I was created to be miss the boat come morning, then so be it. Have the ladies luggage stowed away in the rowboat.”


“Now Bart!”

Bart quickly left the room to do as ordered.

Going behind the desk, I pulled open a drawer, “You’re without a job now. Here, take this and thank you for your courage to come seek me out and do your lady a final service.”

Going to her I pressed a heavy bag of coins into her hand. Instead of taking the coins she took my hand again.

Looking up at me imploringly she pressed, “You’ll take good care of her in America won’t you?”

“Yes, you have my word.”

She nodded with the appearance of one whose had a prayer answered and then took the bag of coins. I saw her up and to the door.

She hesitated upon going through it. Looking back, she said with a flush to her face, “My lady truly is a good one as I perceive you to be yourself, Sir, but I know she can be a bit of a…. full of her own notions to say the least at times. You may well have to do with your hand upon her bare bottom even as you threatened to do on the veranda.”

Amused, I said, “I’m sure that I will likely have to at some point, but if it’s out of concern for her you speak, I assure you that I’m not one into causing pain for the sake of any personal pleasure derived from it.”

“Oh no Sir, I can see that! I’m just warning you, Sir, that’s all.”

“I appreciate the advice.”

“One last thing, as I well know your interest in my lady, is to say that I know for a fact that she is as virgin as they come despite whatever forward demeanor she may present herself to you in. There’s been no man to lay claim to her and well, I thought you’d like to know that.”

“Thank you and do not worry about your son. He’s already in America and I have him working in a part of the business that shouldn’t see him put into much dangerous action in regards to the current struggle for independence.”

Leaning up, she gave me a kiss on the cheek as with more tears she said, “Bless you Sir! I know I’ve done the right thing.” Then she hurried off.

When she was gone from sight, I went about getting ready. Through all my actions there reverberated one single emotion above all the rest and it was anger.

A society such as this needed to be burnt to the ashes from the top down. As it was I quietly prayed that I’d be successful in keeping one more moth away from the flames of its rapacious greediness for innocence.



Lorene’s Perspective

With a shiver of apprehensive dread I stumbled barefoot out onto the upraised stage. They’d stripped my dirty gown from me, along with my shoes until all I stood in was my chemise shift, with my hands bound before me by a rope that looked like it had seen much similar use.

The crowd gathered in this darkly illuminated dungeon of a place erupted with cheers as I was led out onto the brightly illuminated stage. The rope tied off to my wrists was wrapped securely about a pole mid-stage.

“All right, what a fine offering we have to be standing in the presence of here tonight lads. Would the interested buyers be presenting themselves to the ringmaster if you please. And gents, it’s a rich man’s game so no low bids as she is rumored to be unspoiled. Bidding is to start at 1000 pounds, so if you don’t have the coin, then you don’t have the right to play, but fortunately for all of us poor blokes we still get to watch and see.”

Forcing myself out of the deep shame I felt of being exposed to so many I brought my head up and looked about the place. What I saw only sickened me more.

Even in the dim light given off by the few lanterns illuminating the place I could see a Who’s Who collection of all of London’s high society gathered here tonight.

Men whose daughters, I had called among my friends.

Sons of highborn families who had pleaded for my hand in marriage.

All of them were about me in a display of the reality of a darkness inbred into my society that I had heard whispered about, but would never have believed in myself in that it could be as corrupted to the regard that my eyes were now telling me that it was.

My gaze turned to the ten men pressed together in a line that now stood on the platform with me. I knew all of them.

All of them had sought to claim my hand in marriage. I had rejected them all as foppish boys, but now I saw them as they truly were.

They were nothing but deviant desired demons in disguise. Speaking clearly I said, “May God curse you all for what you do in this place.”

My words carried and in the silence afterward raucous laughter erupted as if every demon in hell had spoken up together.

The first in line, one Lord Dirk of Kimberly, came sauntering forward. I did not know what to expect from this inspection of merchandise to be purchased, but I wasn’t submitting to it willingly.

His eyes fully focused on my breasts I let him come in just close enough. I kicked forward and my toes sank deeply into his groin.

He fell abruptly crying out in soprano and commenced writhing about on the floor. In truth, I think I had felt something explode under the impact of my foot and from the level of his ringing agony it must be so.

I felt no remorse as several ring hands came forward to drag the young squalling Lord away. The remaining nine Lords suddenly looked very indecisive in terms of wanting to approach me.

The ringmaster looked absolutely apoplectic. Apparently what I had done was bad for business.

He came up on me suddenly and I was too late to dodge his backhanded strike. I would’ve fallen, but his rough hands held me upright even as from the force of his blow both of my full breasts had popped free of the containment of my chemise.

I tried to cover myself, but found my hands jerked brutally against my stomach even as I was tied off to the pole more securely. In a matter of moments I literally couldn’t move.

Crying I watched as both tears and blood from my split lip fell to land down upon my bare chest. It was really impossible to accept what was happening.

Surely this was all just a nightmare.

The nightmare that I was living in suddenly got very loud. Men were screaming and there was explosive sounding noise.


Looking about I beheld the place wreathed in flames. Who had started the blaze?

Shaking my head in order to stop it from spinning I tried to focus and see what was causing the chaos all about me. Flames licked hungrily about the place at all four corners.

Truly the place was about to become an inferno. Already there were figures encased in flames stumbling about crying out for help to others who in turn were madly looking about for any hole to escape down like rats anxious to avoid a trap cleverly set for them.

Rats were exactly what they were too!

I spit out blood and focused on the man approaching before me. The only young Lord, yet to flee for his life.

He was staring at my bare chest with a rapidity that seemed to suggest he’d never seen a female breast before.

Didn’t he hear all the mayhem going on in the place?

Didn’t he care about his own life?

Getting closer I saw him sickly reach out his skinny little chicken hands to touch me and I shuddered in the expected revulsion of what his touch upon me would feel like. This time the ability to kick him was taken from me by the ropes binding my legs to the pole behind me.

Even if I had been free enough to kick I doubted that I would’ve connected with much. Drool seeped out of the side of his mouth and desperately I struggled against my bindings as I groaned out, “Dear God please don’t let this happen!”

He was close now. A man’s hand appeared to grip down on the boy’s head and then another in the next instant, and with a swift jerk the young Lord’s head was staring to the side even as the snap of his neck sounded out loud against the backdrop of utter mayhem taking place all around.

His body was tossed to the side and I found myself staring into the eyes of the man from the ball. The man who had haunted many a dream with his presence.

Gasping for air I breathed in hard as I took in the sight of him with what felt like relief. Relief?

Why relief?

I didn’t know, but I was simply glad to see him. He didn’t belong here.

The only reason he was here was because of me, intrinsically I knew that. I could prove my thoughts, just the same I knew what I did.

He was God’s miracle for me to escape this place. The reality of that was a bit of a hard thing to swallow, but I accepted it.

I watched his hands rise. I didn’t flinch, though as I felt the fullness of both of my breasts lifted.

The palms of his hands were warm and rough in a way that made my knees shake. God so help me this man’s touch did not feel wrong at all.

In fact, it felt like the fullness of my breasts had been crafted to be a palm full for this man’s large hands. At some point my eyes had closed, but now they opened as I felt him with gentleness ease first one breast and then the other back into my chemise.

He brought the fallen straps of my chemise back up onto my shoulders. Reaching with a thumb, he wiped away the blood splattered upon the upper slope of one of my breasts away.

Gazing into his eyes, the eyes I remembered so well from that night, along with everything else he’d said and made me feel I whispered, “Thank you.”

His head inclined forward and in slow-motion regard, I watched the dissent of his face as he lowered it to kiss me. The contact of his lips on mine hurt, but somehow it didn’t matter.

I felt the raw maleness of the man before me through his lips on me and with a shudder I hopelessly surrendered to it. My mouth opened and the hot taste of his tongue filled my mouth and in that very moment I accepted the fact that this man owned me.

His kiss upon me didn’t last long, but it didn’t have to as the message had been swiftly perceived.

He pulled back and for the first time he spoke, “Want to get out of here?”

“Please!” I whispered with urgency and in seconds I was cut free from all my bindings.

He didn’t lead me about then. No, he dipped down and in the next moment I felt his shoulder at my waist and then he was folding me over it.

With a gasp I found myself draped over his broad shoulder, even as my face pressed against his back, with my long undone hair dancing about his thighs. There was no easy way to grow accustomed to the feel of one of his large hands splayed across the back of my bare thighs as he held me securely in place.

He began to run and I gripped onto his waist upside down as my breasts threatened to break free of containment all over again.

The noise and havoc going on everywhere about me didn’t seem to register. All I felt was him.

His hand.

The power of his muscle corded back.

The long strides of his legs carrying me away from danger.

The smell. The smell of him, especially seemed to enslave me.

I was out of my mind clearly and helplessly I stayed there as my future even now was being written by a different hand.


Adam’s Perspective

The dark tunnel gave way to lantern streetlights and breathing heavy from exertion I stepped out into the cool night air. With relief I saw that the carriage was still there.

Looking about I saw no one. Moving to the carriage I opened the door.

Setting her bare feet onto the floor I helped her stand up and gain her balance. She quickly sat down and I could well imagine why with all the blood rushing from her head.

What a glorious head of hair it was too. I’d never seen her hair free before and I liked it.

Taking my cloak off I leaned into the carriage enough to wrap it around her. She caught a hold of it and pulled it about her tightly.

She wouldn’t look at me and worriedly I gazed at her, but I had no time. I forced myself to close the door.

Jumping into the driver’s seat I set the carriage horses to running. Like a bat out of hell I steered the horses around hairpin corners and down long alley streets.

I didn’t care who I disturbed in the late-night that had fallen upon the city. I had one chance and it was quickly fading away, with every passing second of time.

The docks appeared up ahead and I brought the excited horses to a stop with a liberal use of the carriage’s brake bar. Jumping down I opened the carriage door and looked inside.

Her intense hazel eyes that had more mysterious fire to them than a tiger’s eye jewel settled on mine and honestly, I said, “You’re either with me or you’re not. I have to leave the country and I may already be too late to make it to my boat, but that’s a chance that I have to take. I….”

Without even half the explanation out that I’d been ready to give as to why she should come with me, I was treated instead to her soft exclamation of, “I’ll go with you.”

A suppressed flame lit up warmly inside of me and catching my breath I fought against my own jubilation to say, “You know what that will mean, right?”

“Yes.” She whispered back.

“Say it then. I want to hear it from your lips.”

She looked away and then back to me with new tears in her eyes. Her lips opened and emotionally she said, “It means that I consent to be your woman. There I said it okay!”

There was still a war to be won with this woman, but I had what I needed for the moment. I pulled her out of the carriage and holding her in my arms before me, I focused hard on simply not focusing on her.

It was hard. The sweet weight of her in my arms was intoxicating.

She wasn’t a little skinny slip of a girl. No, she was an honest to goodness full figured beauty of what a woman should be.

In a word she was my Eve and she’d just said as much. A resistant Eve to be sure, but my woman just the same.

The knowledge and the responsibility of that drove me to perhaps greater lengths to survive, if all I’d had to look out for was just myself. Dumping her none too gently into a moored off rowboat I untied it from the pier and climbed in after her.

As she righted herself in the stern of the boat I found the oars and pushed off from the dock gangway. Gaining my bearings I began to row.

I rowed like I never had before in my life. She was literally thrown back by the force of the boat moving and in silence, she watched me with widely open eyes as I did my best to save both of us.

Away from the lantern light of the dock area it became too dark to see her, but I could smell her. Her scent was a heady liquid aroma that I ached to daily consume as much as I ached to ease my desire within the tightest corridors of her body.

She was mine!

The strength of my passion drove me to exert myself harder and with a growl I sent the rowboat fairly skipping across the waves. An hour passed by and awash with sweat, I stopped rowing as I peered about.

We were now in the open ocean at the bay’s mouth. Was I too late?

“Aye, if ever it was a man to make a boat fly twould be you captain laddie. The boys and I were placing bets on who would be reaching the shores of the New World first.”

With relief I set the oars down in the boat and leaned out over the side to claim the rope that had splashed down in the water. Tying it off the boat was then quickly hauled into the side of the darkened ship.

Turning I reached for Lorene, but she was already there. Grabbing a secure hold of her I helped her get started up the side of the merchant ship.

“Aye lads the captain be knowing a true treasure of cargo when he sees one that is to be sure.”

“O’Flaherty if you don’t shut your gob up, then I will for you.”

“Aye aye Captain.” But there was humor to be felt in both of our voices even if it couldn’t be seen in the dark of the night.

“Shall we be off for home, then Captain?”

“Yes, we stop for no one or any hail to heave to. Got it?”

“Aye, that I do, Captain. I do. Unfriendly waters we be in.”

My hand closed over Lorene’s shoulder in the darkness and I directed her forward. I knew my way about this ship well.

They called me, Captain, but truly I hadn’t been a captain of this ship in close to seven years. O’Flaherty had run it in my stead and now I trusted him to pull us clear of a land suddenly opposed to everything American.

A cabin door was up ahead and I reached past Lorene to open it. She stepped into the room and I closed the door.

I heard her gasp slightly as I brushed past her. She was scared of me now just like she had been that night at the party.

To be truthful, I didn’t blame her. My passion for her was extreme.

I’d desired many a woman, but there was just something about her that said there would never be any limit to the number of times that I wished to ram my cock into her as deeply as it would go.

I was known by many to be a hard man and also a passionate one, but I knew the value of mercy. The girl was scared. It was true that I wanted her and right now more than ever, but she’d been through hell.


Silence beckoned my query.

“Honey about five feet to your right is a chair. How about you sit down in it.”

“You can see me in here?” Her voice had a definitive quiver to it.

“No, but I can smell you.”

“Do I stink?” She exclaimed.

A soft burst of laughter made its way out of me before I could shut it off.

“Goodness no. No, you smell like a woman. Not like just any woman, though. No, you have the essence of a woman that was born to be mated.”

I could’ve hit myself. So much for not scaring the girl.

I heard her feet move and then the creak of the chair as she sat down. Then I heard her begin to cry.

Going forward in the dark I reached out a hand and felt at her porcelain smooth cheek. It was wet with tears.

“Are you that scared of me Honey?”

“Yes.” She said with an honesty that I liked.

I realized something then. This was a strong woman.

Being obsessively gentle right now and putting off the inevitable would do me no good. It was important that she learn who was her master quickly before she got her feet beneath her and decided to fight against what she had herself agreed to becoming and that was to be my woman.

Steeling myself against any raised attempt to resist me as well as the sound of her tears I went about the task that would end with her being impaled by me and wholly unable to say that she wasn’t my woman. I didn’t feel proud of myself for what I was about to do and behave like, but I resolved just the same to see things through.

I wasn’t a monster by nature, but from her perspective, I could well imagine that I would soon seem like one.





Still a Brat

Lorene’s Perspective

A shiver coursed down my back as I heard something fall. Another something fell hard to the floor.

Boots? Yes, it had been his boots.

I heard a metallic thunk. His belt on his pants?

This man may well have saved me from a fate worse than hell, but at heart he was every bit the predator that I had first thought him to be. I heard whispers of movement all about the room.

I heard the strike of a match and then there was the increasing glow of light from behind me. The intense feeling of being on the verge of going over a cliff that I could never come back from came down to settle upon me hard.

I knew nothing about this man and yet soon I could well be bearing his child, even as I was made to live in a foreign place that I’d never been to before. Could I bargain with him?

Bargain with what? I sensed that money was no big point of influence in this man’s life, even if I’d had any.

No, he had what he wanted and that was me. The last man on earth that I had wanted to have possession of me now had me completely at his mercy.

How twisted of a story my life had become. Didn’t I deserve to be loved and courted for who I was?

I did, but while that may be the case it made no difference now because I could feel it in his actions.

He had a heart, this I knew, but in some way he’d closed it off and all I felt at work behind my back was a male. A very dominant male.

A male that meant to have me submitted to him. It didn’t seem right, but I knew there wasn’t anything I could do or say to stop him.

I was powerless and I quietly made the choice not to fight him. A light came closer and then it passed over my shoulder.

I stared at the candle placed down onto the table before me. Its warm glow beckoned to my eyes even as I felt his warm hands pull his cloak out away from me.

The lips that had smashed down upon mine on the stage, settled hotly against my neck. I tried not to cry out, but I did and as my hands rose they were chained in place by the grasp of his about my wrists.

His strength was beyond any I had ever witnessed. The passion alone with which he had rowed the boat out from shore was incalculable.

I couldn’t break free. He knew it and I knew it.

He crossed my arms and pressed them to my chest. With a growl in my ear he said, “Leave them there.”

I obeyed. With a shiver, I felt his fingers slip under the straps of my chemise.

His hands lifted and I was soon up on my feet before the table. He kicked the chair aside and at the same moment he swept my straps down.

It was too much movement to resist and as before my breasts cascaded free. With a gasp I pressed my still crossed arms against them.

I felt his fingers untie the laces at my back and then I felt his fingers dig into the material then and with a jerk all the stays loosened and as he let go it fluttered down to lay at my bare feet. I was completely naked to him and with a shudder, I stood still as I felt his gaze with the heat of flame to it as it moved over all that he had revealed.

His hands settled about my waist and I gasped. I had started to lower my hands to grasp his, when his voice warned, “I wouldn’t.”

Wisely, I didn’t. The front of my bare thighs pressed against the table, then as I felt him kiss the small of my back wetly.

I shivered and suddenly all of me was shaking as his big hands slid down from my waist to richly fill themselves with my wide hips even as the tracing action of his tongue bathed the small of my back with both fire and the touch of his possession.

His words were full of passion as he sighed deeply, “I thought your breasts the most beautiful that I had ever seen, but your ass darling is as gorgeous to me as they are.”

His words affected me strangely.

He was a monster.

He was also the man that had saved me.

I closed my eyes in shame, then as I felt his hands fill themselves with the cheeks of my bottom. I remembered only too keenly the threat of his words that night at the party, when he’d told me all the places his cock would go.

Like a nightmare from the party remembered I felt his fingers split apart the cheeks of my bottom and I knew exactly what he was staring at. What he would do to me there simply wasn’t done to women in polite society.

There was simply nothing polite about this man, though, even as I knew he could care less about what society might think.

His voice sounding pressured he said, “Move the candle out of the way and lay forward onto the table.”

I wanted to disobey. I wanted to scream at him and tell him he was a monster.

Instead with a sob I reached down and pushed the candle off to the right. His big hands slid off of my bottom and onto my thighs as I obeyed and laid down face first onto the table.

His large hands slipped between my thighs and began to pull outward. My bare feet standing on the decking of the ship slid farther apart as he widened the distance between my legs.

What was he doing?

He kissed me then and in shock I felt exactly what he was doing. I started to rise up, but his voice so near to the openly wet feminine part of my anatomy said, “Don’t make me tie you down to the table because I will if I have to.”

My arms relaxed and once more the tightly budded tips of my breasts pressed against the table’s surface. Breathing heavy I felt his breath on me and then it was his lips and then…. oh…… then it was his tongue.

One of his hands rested over the rounded swell of one of my hips even as the palm of the other came up between my legs until with pressure it settled on the forward part of my sheath area. Abruptly gasping in shock at the pleasure of his hand’s feel upon me, I came up on tiptoe.

My reaction to his touch was followed by his chuckle that I literally felt inside of me as his tongue pierced between the lips of my womanhood. The sensations that he was provoking were beyond anything I had ever felt.

Why had no one ever told me about this? Did other women feel this pleasure?

His palm moved then rhythmically, as he altered the pressure of it upon me and helplessly I heard myself groaning, even as his tongue along with his literal breath for air against me blew apart everything I knew of the world of pleasure. What was happening?

Reaching forward I gripped the edge of the table hard as my insides suddenly constricted. In shock my eyes opened fully as pleasure like no other peeled throughout the whole of me.

Gasping, I cried out even as I gripped down on the table as his hot tongue gored wetly into my sheath from behind. Breathing hard I felt the tide of pleasure ebb and then through his consistent actions he began to make it rise within me all over again.

“No!” I begged softly, but it did me no good. He wasn’t listening and then I was beyond thinking as he effortlessly dominated me with pleasure like I had never even dreamed possible.

His tongue finally left me as did the pressure of his hand, but it did no good. I writhed against the surface of the table in want for what I did not know.

I felt him rise up behind me and then one of his hands grasped together a bunch of my hair and with that in hand he pulled back on it and I found myself standing. Breathing heavy I felt myself pressed up against a male for the first time in my life.

The aspect of his anatomy that made him male was only too discernible as it was pressed hotly into my back. He felt huge. I’d known that he would be.

His voice that spoke against my ear sounded like a man barely restrained, “Still think I’m a monster?”

“Yes.” I whispered back deeply afraid.

“Well, I’m not!”

“Prove it!” I challenged.

He growled and then he let go of me completely. I stood there bare of his touch.

Somehow I felt more naked without it. Slowly I turned.

My eyes took him in. He was beautiful.

In him I recognized all the traits of a male that the men of high society lacked. The only muscles they had to their name were those they used to eat with an open a Sunday paper with.

This man was as virally masculine in proportion as Adam must’ve been and staring at the shaft of his desire for me, I admitted to myself that I knew exactly what I wanted in the part of me that ached deeply between my legs in desperate want for something to fill it.

I wanted it in me. In a way everything I had noticed about him was born to life in his shaft.

His shaft was quite literally him and he wanted me with a vengeance.

He was breathing heavy and my eyes went to him as he spoke. “A monster would never have given you a taste of what pleasure is about before taking his own. He would of just taken you.”

I stared into his eyes timidly cowed by his evident passion for me.

He repeated, “I am not a monster!”

I nodded.

His hand came up and wiped at the sweat across his face. The level of restraint by him to claim what he easily could do by force was incredible.

In a way it touched my heart in that moment like nothing else could have.

“Why don’t you though. I mean, why don’t you take me?”

He looked away, “You are so incredibly beautiful. I…. I would not do a great job right now. You’re a virgin. One moment after entering you I’d likely be spewing everywhere and ramming away as I did and there you would be screaming in agony. I’d never get that moment back. I’d be something that I’m not by nature.”

He looked back at me and I saw the truth of the struggle within this man as his spirit warred against the desires of his flesh. In very much an enlightenment of sudden awareness I realized two things.

This was a very good man and I was very fortunate to belong to him. The second was that…… the second thing was hard to admit to.

I respected him. I respected him enough to submit to him.

My eyes lowered to his cock. It still strained to dominate me and I knew that it would.

I swept my hair back over an ear subconsciously. I was completely unsure of myself and what I was about to do.

I spoke, “That night at the party when you named the ways your cock would have me did you mean it?”

“You know I did and I will.”

I nodded and softly said with a glance at his eyes, “Well, why don’t you start with my mouth first.”

I watched the fire within his gaze double.

Speaking gutturally he said, “I think that would be a good idea. Come here.”

I did. I stepped up to him and then as his hands settled on my shoulders and pressed I went to my knees before him on the floor.

I was doing the right thing. I knew I was, but it was hard to hold onto that belief right now.

One of his hands knotted into my hair tightly. It hurt, but I accepted the fact that life with a man of this level of passion would hurt at times.

With his other hand he grasped his shaft and a thrill swept over me as I watched him bring it to my lips. The wet head of his cock pressed against my still swollen lips and in submission to this man I parted them over the head of his shaft.

I’d smelled the musky scent of him before, but now I had the taste of him in my mouth. It was every bit as intoxicating as his smell.

I gave in to the reality all over again that this man owned me and despite my plans to the contrary, God had seemingly made me just right for him. As his cock penetrated deeper into my mouth, I accepted the awareness that my lips were a perfect fit and then it was my throat receiving him.

I fought hard against gagging and failed. He helped me though, by withdrawing slightly, but then he was there again, insistently pushing at the back of my mouth.

Time went by and as it did his cock went repeatedly deeper into my throat as he brought even my gag reflex into submission to him. It was simply impossible to breathe at times and then he would pull back and give me a breath.

I heard him groan repeatedly even as I felt the tremor of the pleasure he felt radiate out through his whole body. Suddenly he withdrew the mighty length of his cock until only the head was in past my lips and I sucked in air around it not knowing what was coming.

My hands left my thighs and came up to grip on the back of his thighs. In a way my hands reveled at the feel of the rigid muscles they found there.

There was nothing weak about this man. Indeed, his spirit was even stronger than the flesh I held on to.

His hips rammed forward and my throat made way for the entirety of a man, even as I trusted him to let me have a breath before I died of lack of air. I felt the coursing of his seed through his shaft and then hotness of it going down my throat, even as my face was pressed deeply into the musky black curls of his groin hair.

With a shout of release, he pulled his shaft back out of my throat and I gasped and choked. I needed air, but instead I got a continuing jet of his seed. I did my best to swallow and breathe at the same time, as the hand bound in my hair held my head prisoner to this man’s possession of it.

Finally, no more seed came to bath the insides of my cheeks or be expressed out upon my tongue. He groaned deeply and with a tug on my hair pulled my spent mouth off of him.

With his hand he pressed the side of my face against his one thigh. I coughed slightly.

I felt strange. The taste of him was in me and I…… I liked it.

In fact, I wouldn’t mind if he did it again, which is when I realized how wet I was between my legs. Pleasing him had brought me pleasure.

I glanced up and then he was pulling me up to my feet. Together we stood making intense eye contact with each other.


Adam’s Perspective

I could not believe what had just happened. What she had just given me.

Her gaze on me wasn’t so fearful as it was simply curious now.

She spoke, “What is your name?”


She smiled and whispered, “Seriously?”

“Seriously.” I said before leaning down and kissing the lips that had just given me so much pleasure.

My hands found her narrow waist and pulled her into me. Shyly she came and I felt the full press of her gorgeous breasts press into my muscled chest.

The hard furled nipples of her breasts were a thing begging for the need to be played with as they drug through my chest hair, but insistently I groaned with a deeper need as my shaft that had really not ever gotten soft got aggressively hard again as it pressed into her soft belly.

Guiding her as I kissed her I eventually toppled her gently back onto the well illuminated bed in the room. With surprise her eyes opened, but I was already there on the bed with her and between her thighs.

Once more I kissed her and received the joy of feeling her kiss me in return. I rubbed my shaft up against what made her a woman and groaned with the need to be within her hot depths.

I took her hands and imprisoned her wrists to either side of her head. Kissing down her face I licked beneath her jaw and she groaned even as my shaft began to make entry into the sopping wet heart of her femininity.

Savagely I bit down where her neck joined her shoulder and she flinched, but then screamed as with a concerted invasion I forced the entirety of my shaft all the way up into her at once. She tried to fight then, but I had her completely incapacitated and in frustrated anger she lay open and bare to my repeated invasion of her wet tightness that I had just shattered open for the first time.

Groaning against her neck I rode myself in an out of her cherishing the giving tightness of her body. I knew she was angry, but I didn’t care.

She lay beneath me sullenly and finally I too had enough of it. Resting deep within her for a moment I lifted my head.

Her gaze came to mine and insolently she said, “Please be done with it. I want to go to sleep.”

I pulled completely out of her. What a little brat she was!

In seeking to be nice to her and control myself I had done the opposite of any good for myself. Her sullen gaze blinked and then fell altogether apart, because she saw firsthand how incredibly angry she had made me.

The girl simply didn’t know what was good for her, but I did. Pointing a finger at her I said, “You’ve brought about what’s going to happen upon yourself and thus have no one to blame for it but yourself.”

She didn’t like the sound of that and immediately began trying to scuttle away from me. I didn’t let her though.

Grabbing an ankle I pulled her back and before she could hit at me, I flipped her to her front. She tried to rise, but I took her hands out from beneath her and wrenched them none too gently to be behind her back where I quickly tied them off with a sash.

She gasped and cried out, “Please, I….”

“Too late my lady. You’re about to get what you no doubt have never gotten in your life, but are sorely in need of.”


I shifted till I was seated on the side of the bed and manhandling her I soon had her face down and bent over one knee. She now knew what was about to happen and vixen that she was, she tried to bite my leg.

My hand fell down hard. The slapped contact of my hand against one half of her beautifully full bottom had her teeth releasing from my leg with a cry that was more shocked than pained coming out of her lips.

I didn’t stop. My hand fell again and this time it fell hard on the other side.

Again she cried out and redoubled her efforts to be free, but she wasn’t going anywhere. The soft light brown skin of her upturned bottom soon became a dark red.

In truth, I hated what I was doing. It was against my nature to hurt a woman, but I recognized the dire need for discipline in this moment if any meaningful relationship was to be achieved with this girl.

Savagely I continued on, even as she was now an open bawl of tears as she hung helplessly over my knee. Slowing my pace I said with deep clarity, even as I drove home my words with the imprint of my hand upon her bottom, “I am your man. You will respect me as such. I alone control what is to be done between the two of us and so help me from now on you better act the part of being my dutiful wife with a manner about you that befits a woman willing to be a pleasing an active part of my life instead of being a spoiled, brattish, and obstinate little wildcat doesn’t know a good thing when she sees it!”

I was done. Completely sickened with myself for the bruises I saw already forming on an area of her glorious body that I only wanted to lavish pleasure on I got up even as I dumped her unceremoniously back into the bed, untying her wrists in the process.

Despite everything my shaft was raging, but I could not stand the broken sound of her crying one second more. Truly the emotions of this night had gone too far and all I wanted right now was to be distant from them.

Throwing clothes on and stuffing my erection into them, when it should’ve spent an evening buried in her wet tightness I stomped out of the cabin and slammed the door closed. I would be the laughing stock of the whole boat and as well as that may be, no man had better do it to my face.

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