Warning: This Website features Erotic Fiction that takes place between a man and one or more women. If this offends you then please go away. Also if your underage then please go and enjoy the other aspects of life and save discovering about sex for when your older and hopefully more mature and can make the right decisions. If your old enough to be here then please consider all of the following before reading any of the stories posted to this site.

Things you will never read in any stories posted to this website are as follows:

- Homosexual acts between two men and yes this includes ménage situations of one woman and two men. Why? Because God said it's an abomination and I agree with everything He says. Leviticus 18:22

- Lesbian sex. The exception to this is if a man is present. There is nothing Biblically wrong with a man having more than one wife at a time and this is why I believe the Bible never specifically states lesbianism as being sinful. However I believe the case can be made against it, because women were not made for each other. God made woman for the man. What the man allows women to do with each other when with him is up to him, but the focus needs to always be on the man, hence lesbian acts in exclusion of a man will never be found in any fiction found on this site.

- Creepy and Disturbing Sexual Fetishes. Enough Said.

- Daddy / Daughter Relationships or incest of any kind. I'm going to make a statement - anyone turned on by these activities is someone in need of intense spiritual help and deliverance. You don't have to like the truth, but there it is.

- Obsessive Spanking Fantasies. Nothing wrong with laying a hand once and a while to a beautiful female backside, but good grief people out there who want to go all postal and destroy repeatedly what God made beautiful just to get off in a weirdly sick pain/pleasure fashion, what are you thinking? You won't read that lifestyle here. You should take care of your woman and not abuse her. The caveat to this is, yes, sometimes women act remarkably like children and if the situation warrants  it and you have the authority to do it then, yes, a painful spanking may occur, but it better not be out of enjoyment by you to see another suffer pain. My two cents on the subject, but to each their own.

- BDSM Stories. I am neither a sadist or a masochist. I don't know why anyone in their right mind would be. Neither do I understand the desire to break peoples spirit and turn them into split personality door mats. Certainly not what I want in a woman. Men were created to be Dominantly Masculine and women were made to be Submissively Feminine. This is the only power balance ratio you will find in the stories on this site.


- Men getting spanked, whipped, emasculated, made fun of, disrespected and sad that I have to mention this - pegged by a woman. I do not believe in gender role switching and I most definitely do not agree with anything in the current transgender phenomena. What you do is your choice and what is written about on this site is my choice.     

- Adulterous stories of any kind. No cheating wives here or wife swapping for that matter. Men with multiple wives are entirely welcome, but it has to be their wife and only their wives that any sexual interaction is made with. Polygyny is approved of Biblically. Polyandry most definitely is not. Look it up if you don't believe me.

- Non-committed easy hookup one night stands. You won't read those sad soul stealing affairs here.

- Stories that feature foul language, drug use and excessive drunkenness.

- Story plotlines that feature having sex with aliens, human hybrids, animals, fallen angels, demonic spirited shape shifters and you name whatever else abomination that has been dreamed up in a private or government funded lab somewhere.

Well that's it folks for the majority of what you won't read on this site. Sadly I would estimate that 95-99% of all modern erotica has one if not a plethora of all of the above mentioned story restricted items. It's realities like this that are the reason why an opposing viewpoint of back to earth original basics of God ordained and blessed sexual activities is so crucially needed. People have truly lost their way sexually speaking and for those of us who haven't it's time to shine out brightly into a very dark place. No one has to like what I say, but like I said before, it's the truth.

Now ,if your still with me, we will list out some of the items that you can expect to see portrayed in stories on this website.

- Entirely wholesome sexual interaction between men and women the way God meant for it to be.


- Stories that showcase men confidant in their masculinity and the women who come to see it as an honor to willfully submit to them and love them with all their heart, even as they are loved and cherished in return by the man as something extremely fine and worth any sacrifice.

- Highly explicit stories that go into all that can be done Biblically speaking between consenting adults of the opposite sex.

- Stories that don't feature sinful acts as part of the main erotic storyline. Life happens and many of us are victims of sinful inspired acts, but we don't need to replicate them over into our own lives, even as we should all be focused on the Author of all Life and the salvation gained through belief in Jesus Christ that washes us all clean of the sins that have come only to easily to light by the actions of our own thoughts and deeds. We're all sinners, but salvation and a way out of hell is available and if you take that straight and narrow road you will find new life and an abundance of joy that the world has never known and can not give.

- Stories that illustrate life long relationships are the way to go. The best relationship being the one you have with your Creator and then working down from there to your mate and children.

- Stories with an engaging and intelligent plot line that tell a narrative that contains so much more than just the sexy parts everyone wants to read first. A good story is one best developed over time, even as the best orgasmic experiences are not events to be rushed through, but thoroughly enjoyed.

- Stories meant to not only improve your love life or alleviate your loneness in the absence of one, but also your life outside the pages as well.

- Stories that showcase the unique value that both men and women bring to a relationship and how the act of procreation, the seeding into life of the next generation, is still the predominant purpose and design behind all sexual interaction between men and women and why bringing new lives into existence is worth everything in terms of protecting the cycle of life. If men cease to be as God appointed for them to be sexually and women cease to be submitted to a man sexually then there will be no future for mankind. It's that simple and yet eminently complex in terms of the fallout being witnessed everywhere in modern society where having a baby and creating a strong family unit is the last thing on everyone's minds. Mark my words - one day the governments of the world will pay a premium to healthy opposite sex individuals to be in relationships with  each other and make babies. It won't work though.

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