Agent in Training

Book 1 of The Agents Series

A Tale of Christian Erotic Fiction

Aedan Sayla

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I Corinthians 9:19 – 23

19 - Although I am a free man and not anyone’s slave, I have made myself a slave to everyone, in order to win more people.

20 - To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win Jews; to those under the law, like one under the law — though I myself am not under the law — to win those under the law.

21 - To those who are without that law, like one without the law — not being without God’s law but within Christ’s law — to win those without the law.

22 - To the weak I became weak, in order to win the weak. I have become all things to all people, so that I may by every possible means save some.

23 - Now I do all this because of the Gospel, so I may become a partner in its benefits.

― Source: Holman Bible Translation






Amber Fire. 9

Passport Photo. 21

Hold Me. 31

Happiness. 43

Moonlight Show.. 50

Ecstasy of Belonging. 56

Stepping Up. 65

Respect 77

A Golden Moment 94

Justice. 105





Amber Fire

It was cold. It was always cold in Russia.

Working to keep my breathing easy after having starved my lungs by running I approached the back entrance to the underworld brothel. It wasn’t the average brothel that Russia was home to many of.

No, this was the choice of high ranking officials, diplomats, and heck probably even kings and presidents. The service entrance access door clanged shut behind me and I was challenged aggressively instantly.

Facing down two raised pistols pointed at my head I responded to the challenge in my best Russian as gutturally natured as I had been challenged, “I am security detail for chairman Sergei Lavrov. The building must be secured. Has anyone else come through here?”

Both men hesitated and glanced at each other and that was all I needed. I underhanded both knives I had been holding poised up the back of my wrists.

Both men gasped sharply and fell to their knees choking on their own blood as they clutched at the knives buried in their throats. Unmercifully I stepped forward and yanked both knives free in passing even as the men fell over onto their faces.

I hesitated only long enough to stoop down and wipe the blades off. Going down the darkened corridor before me, I spun around the corner at the end of it and encountered a third guard.

Looking up he had only time for a widening of the eyes before my fist crushed his Adam’s apple. Choking and turning purple he fell over out of his chair.

Striding forward down the hall I acknowledged that the intel had been good, but now was the point where all bets were off. I paused for a moment with my hand on the door at the end of the hall.

Slowly I released my breath and squaring my broad shoulders encased in a finely tailored dress jacket that spelled out high-priced bodyguard I pushed down on the handle and entered into a realm seldom enjoyed by many other than perhaps the old sheiks of Arabian times gone by.

Coldly I moved forward seeking to fill the role of looking like just another aloof bodyguard on the prowl to protect his master, only I didn’t have a master. All I had was a fellow gathering of agents united under a common cause. Seek out evil and destroy it wherever you found it.

The more successful I became though I wondered at the cost we were enacting to ourselves in the undertaking. No matter, we were all expendable anyway.

It was innocence and those who still had it that bore protecting. Innocence in the form of people such as Francesca Vertoli, the daughter of a good man, a man who wouldn’t sell his daughter to a procurer of other men’s fantasies.

He was now dead. He had been my friend and Francesca had been like a little sister to me.

She was only 15. Why was it that those who were beautiful both within and without always fell prey to those who knew only darkness?

It should not be that way and this time darkness had chosen poorly. With disdain I passed by a US diplomat I recognized who was in the process of being sucked off by a naked girl probably not much older than Francesca.

How many state secrets had been sucked away in this place I idly wondered? It didn’t matter really.

Diplomacy and the borders of nations were all a shell game anyway. At the top they were all in bed with each other and chose to feed on their own countrymen as much as those of any other nation.

A fellow security guard hard-pressed to withhold himself from taking part in the hedonistic goings-on of this place noticed me and came to attention. I smiled briefly and gave him a head nod as if to say we were of the same kindred and tortured by the same fact of being hired lackeys for wealthy men who had the privilege of besotting themselves however they pleased with women of beauty that could have graced the cover of any magazine.

In fact the women of this place were better looking for the most part. That said, their beauty halted at their eyes.

Their eyes said what they were, whores. Either by choice or by force they all now served the will of their overlord and for all intents and purposes had given up on a life of any other kind.

Leaning in close to the bodyguard who no doubt expected me to say something salacious about the goings on around us all I said instead in Russian was, “Goodbye”.

The small dagger shielded by our bodies plunged deeply and I twisted it at just the right spot even as my other hand tapped a pressure point on the man’s neck that froze him in place even as he died. Taking a grasp of him I eased him down into a chair where he woodenly gazed out at the gilded birdcage of a room filled with canaries that took no notice of the worm that had died in their midst.

Leaving him I made for the main stairway and started up it completely unchallenged by anyone. I had one goal, reach the uppermost floor.

From there I would have to play it by ear as all I knew was that girls of innocence and beauty such as Francesca were reserved for only the most elite of the elite. The flipside of that was that such men or women for that matter were absolute devils incarnate.

Few girls survived their first time in their hands. It was regarded as a blood sacrifice of sorts.

Sometimes I wondered as to how dark my soul had become, but it only took entering a place such as this to realize that no matter how dark I had become there was something always worse. Something I would never become like.

The day I did I would kill myself. It was as simple and as complex as that.

I did dark things in order to protect good people and in return I knew that didn’t make me a good person, but if more good people survived then perhaps I had at least done a good thing. Maybe, anyway, the lines were murky whichever way you looked at them.

Pausing at the last stairway to the top floor I stopped as sudden laughter behind a closed-door drew my attention. It was the laughter of men, which might explain why I hadn’t encountered any guards in my ascent through three floors of the mansion.

The urge was in me to complete my mission and climb the stairs before me, but an even more powerful urge struck me with the need to investigate the laughter behind the closed door. To do so made no sense to me and yet my body was turning to the door.

No, Francesca was above me. I needed to go up!

I took a step and it felt like I had lifted an anvil in order to move my foot. What was going on?

Then in the quiet of my soul spoke the voice that was the only thing that kept my sanity in check, “Go to the door. Do what needs done. The Father has brought judgment upon this place.”

My insides rippled with the awareness of the Most High God’s Holy Spirit and softly I whispered, “Judgment?”

“Yes, He sent you.”

What kind of ministering angel could I be that the Most High would use one as bloodstained as I? I questioned in the spirit the voice that spoke ever fearing of being deceived by a devil in disguise, but the response I received was true to the test of 1st John Chapter 4.

Sweat pouring off of me all of a sudden as I felt a heavenly purposed pressure settle down upon my shoulders, I approached the door with the feeling that the unknown outcome from what occurred within the room would forever be impactful in my life. Turning the handle I quickly opened the door and stepped inside.

Eight pairs of eyes followed by a ninth pair swiveled around to take me in suspiciously. They to a man were all hired guns for the brothel.

Surely God had just delivered me to the wolves or was it the other way around in that he had brought the wolves to me. Bypassing the stairs of suspicion I took in the tenth occupant of the room.

It was a woman, but it wasn’t Francesca. Forcing myself to sound affable I said, “It seems I have not found the bathroom. My apologies for interrupting. Excuse me, but what is it you do? I thought the girls off-limits to working bastards such as us?”

The men in the room laughed, but the girl who was tied standing spread-eagled between two poles lifted her head. I tried not to show it, but her eyes, they truly shocked me to the core of my soul.

Amber pools of intensity bore into me as if all the windows of my soul were open to her gaze. She was tied up, but nothing about this woman said she was defeated. In fact everything, but her eyes reflected the stoicness some Russians were famous for.

Her eyes told me volumes about her in a way that words never would have. Her eyes told me that she didn’t belong here and never would.

“This whore has angered a customer. She’s out of the lineup. Gave him a black eye and kicked him in the nuts. Bad for business so they give her to us. Come, join us.” Said the only man standing other than me, who was also standing closest to the woman who he now turned back to.

He took a deep drawl on a cigarette. I watched as the end of the cigarette burned cherry red.

He grasped a hold of the girl’s upswept hair and held her head steady as taking the cigarette with his other hand he started to bring it up toward one of her eyes. He was going to burn out one of her exquisite amber colored eyes that seemed to glow with a fire all of their own.

The girl didn’t look at her torturer or even the approaching cigarette, but instead her gaze remained fixed on me. She was naked except for a bra that didn’t conceal much and a g-string that concealed even less.

In a word she was beautiful and would have been a fantasy for any man regardless of culture. Her breasts were markedly larger than one would expect for a woman of slimmer build.

Slim or not her hips still arched out from her waist beckoningly in a clear statement of fertility. In a way she was both classically beautiful and yet earthly feminine in form, but in this room of stripped out souls and morality devoided individuals the only act of enjoyment they could procure with a living vision of beauty such as her was to cause obscene pain. Not even sex remained as a pleasure these men could appreciate.

The cigarette, but inches from her eye I called out, “Tell me what was it he do that she not like?”

The man with the cigarette turned his head to me and snickering as he spoke, he said, “She not want him to ram his shaft up her ass. He had a small dick anyway.”

The man turned his head to the girl once more and said in a vicious tone, “Always in trouble our girl Sonia is. You should’ve let him have what he wanted. Always please the customers!”

The cigarette drew closer.

I stepped forward through the seated men, who looked like they were on the point of orgasm at the sight of someone about to experience extreme pain, and calling out affably I said, “Comrade you’re doing it all wrong.”

The approach of the cigarette stopped.

I held out my hand for the cigarette and plastering a smile on my face I said, “It’s not her eye that needs branded my friend. It’s her ass hole.”

Nothing happened for a moment and then all nine men burst out laughing. The one holding the cigarette, handed it to me, “There, now show us how it’s done Comrade.”

He then proceeded to sit down and taking the cigarette I puffed on it till it was cherry red again and all the while that striking amber gaze never stopped its stare upon me. I found it hard to meet her eyes, but I did, only to feel once more that this girl saw everything.

Her gaze had no fear of me in it. How did she know?

I stepped beneath her bound arm and was behind her. Squatting down I drug her G string down so my access to her ass was unhindered.

Gazing at her rear that was right before me I had to admit that it was as perfect as the rest of her. What man in his right mind would ever harm one flawless inch of such beauty?

In a way that was just it, they were no longer men, but monsters and being such they deserved to be dealt with as such. As I began to straighten up I let the cigarette fall as if clumsily from my grasp.

It fell to land with a shower of ash upon the floor. The men gave a collective moan of anti-climax and the one who had given me the cigarette started to rise up, “You fumble fingered son of……”

A staccato beat of highly compressed air tic-tacked for several seconds in the smoky room as the silenced pistol I held in each hand dealt out judgment with each blast. Men fell and soon the room was silent except for the heavy breathing of the girl in front of me.

I pulled the pistols back from where I’d shot with them to either side of her silken skinned torso. Holstering them, I pulled a knife free.

Kneeling down I cut the ropes off of her trim ankles and then raising up I freed her arms. Standing so close to her I could not help but notice how good she smelled.

How was that possible in a place like this? It wasn’t an artificial perfume I smelled, it was her.

I stepped away from her and half naked as she was, she turned to me as she rubbed at her wrists. Gesturing with the knife I said in Russian, “Scream and I will kill you.”

“I know.” She said in heavily accented English.

I blinked in surprise. My Russian was pretty good, as was my acting ability, what had given me away?

She seemed to read my mind, “He say you would come.”

“Who said?”

“God.” She said pointing upward.

I’d heard enough, things were getting too deep. My hand was on the doorknob when she spoke, “You are too late.”

I stopped. My hand gripped down on the doorknob to the point of perhaps reshaping it.

A precious memory of someone I had cared for broke inside my heart, even as her next words confirmed my failure to fulfill my dying friend’s request, “They killed her yesterday.”

Shaking I let my forehead rest against the door. Why?

Why had God not given me more time?

Why did such things even happen?

Shaking my head, I reminded myself that it was a cursed world. It had consumed Francesca yesterday and had been about to do the same to this girl today.

Glancing back, I took in the sight of her as she stood hugging her arms around her chest. Her amber eyes were troubled and then I witnessed a big tear slide down her cheek.

The witness of seeing her tear made me realize that I had tears coming down my cheeks. Aggressively I wiped at them and Sonia did the same to hers.

We continued to stare at each other for a long moment. It was wrong to leave her here.

I’d already taken far too long as it was. It was doubtful that even I would get out of this place alive.

“Do you want to leave this place Sonia?”

She nodded her head and said, “Yes!” with a passion that could be felt.

Nodding, I said, “Okay, but we don’t have much of a chance.”

“Any chance is better than no chance.”

She was right about that. I liked her voice.

Heck, I liked everything I saw about her. The girl had real courage.

“It’s cold outside, you need to get dressed.”

“I will go with you only if you ask me to.”

“What?” I exclaimed.

“I do not want your blood on my head if you die trying to save me from this place.”

Maybe that made sense, but not really, “Okay, whatever floats your boat. I want you to come with me, there, is that good enough? Now get dressed.”

She did then and I was treated to the sight of her backside once more as she rifled through a drawer pulling out clothes. Feeling disturbed I looked away.

What had I just agreed to? I didn’t know for sure, but silently I wished that the stiff erection tenting the front of my pants would just go away.

She’d gotten under my skin somehow and that was hard to do. It was those eyes and well…… everything else too.

“I’m ready.”

I looked back at her, indeed she was. I saw her pick up one of the pistols lying on the ground and shove it into her belt.

“You know how to use that thing?”

“No, but I will learn.”

Nodding my head I said, “Okay then, follow me, but don’t shoot unless I do first.”

She nodded and before I knew it, she was right on my tail and that aroma of hers drifted around me like a fog of ambrosia more powerful than any sensual concoction of herbs. It was going to be a miracle if we got out of the city, let alone Russia, but right now I’d settle for just having my erection to go away. It wasn’t happening though.

Alarms rang out and I said, “Run!”

Moments later bullets started flying and I returned fire with some of mine. Tossing a grenade out behind me, I then grabbed a startled Sonia and sent us crashing through a thick paned window.

We fell and I arranged for her to land on top of me. Thankfully, there was a foot of snow to buffer the landing, but it was still a rough one.

Gasping, she scrambled up off of me and wheezing I started to try to get up only to be pulled up by her forcefully. The girl was strong.

Taking her hand I gripped it hard and started to run. She ran hard right beside me and when her lungs faltered, I drug her along anyway, until my own lungs made me have to stop.

Sirens were now blazing throughout the city, but we were several blocks away, with no signs of pursuit. A miracle it seemed.

Breathing heavy I said, “Now we act natural. Walk slow. Try to blend in.”

She nodded, still panting and then I saw her smile. It was breathtaking.

I turned away and started to walk and moments later her arm looped around mine and for all the world we looked to be a couple. As for myself, I worked hard on the fact that she was well and truly entrenched under my armor and within the protective veil of those I would do anything to protect.

It was hard not to look at her. She simply wouldn’t stop smiling.

Thankfully, she was quiet, though. She shattered the peace, then, “What is your name big American?”

I debated not answering for a second, but then relinquished, “Rorian Marlowe.”

“Rorian Marlowe, I thank you.”

I nodded, but the way her arm hugged mine and her demeanor towards me was an echo to the fact that her emotions ran far deeper than any words she could express in the moment. Saying something like, ‘You’re welcome.’ didn’t seem to cut it so I said nothing at all.





Passport Photo

The elevator dinged and I stepped out. My shadow followed.

She wasn’t smiling anymore. She was nervous, but not of me.

I spoke, “Why are you afraid?”

“This is a rich place, filled with rich people. Rich people always want what does not belong to them.”

She had a point to a degree, but not really, as poor people had the same degree of covetousness, it just so happened that rich people had a way of getting their way more often. From her perspective, though I understood how she thought as she did.

Reaching my room I entered it. I’d come up the back way from the hotel lobby.

We’d been seen by no one. We would have a night’s rest and peace and face the hell of getting out of Moscow in the morning.

She closed the door of my room, but stayed near it. By necessity of habit, I made a thorough search of the place and did a scan for digital bugs as well as checking my own for alerts.

We were the only ones to have come in and knowing that helped me to relax even more. I picked up the phone and glancing at Sonia I asked, “When was the last time you ate?”

She blinked and then said, “Yesterday. I’m not sure when actually.”

I could understand that given what she’d been through in the past 48 hours. The hotel service came on the line and I ordered a lot of things I normally wouldn’t have.

Not because I didn’t like them, but because I tended to not want to splurge on myself, but when it came to her things were different. Right now she could use spoiling.

I ended the call with the hotel service and punched in a new number. It was late, but in a city like Moscow there were always those people you could call to do an odd job at whatever time of the day or night it was.

I beckoned with a finger and Sonia came over to me. She looked lost and the perception occurred to me that she had been raised in the country and that cities were an alien environment to her.

This may be in fact the first hotel room that she’d ever been in. Her amber eyes found mine and I asked her, “Do you know what your clothes sizes are?”

She blinked, but then nodded. The phone stopped ringing and speaking into it, I said, “Tanya, it’s Rorian.”

“Aye dear boy, what brings you to mother Russia?”

“How do you know I’m in Russia?”

“Ahh it is simple, you call out of the blue even as sirens blare in the background saying someone, most likely an American, has kicked over the hornet’s nest. I can put two and two together, you know. I may be getting older, but I’m not dead yet.”

Stifling a smile I said, “Well, I need you to be your usual discrete self. I need some clothes.”

“But of course! I will have a selection for you by morning.”

“No, Tanya. They’re not for me.”

There was silence on the other end of the line, then Tanya spoke dramatically, “So it was you! I hope you know what you’re doing this time my friend.”

By way of answering I said, “Here she is.”

I handed the phone to Sonia and listened as Tanya questioned her as to her sizing details. Eavesdropping in on the conversation I appreciated the fact that I had been right.

The girl did have big breasts for her slim size. They were natural too. I was sure of it.

Sonia handed the phone back to me. Tanya’s voice was wry sounding as she said, “I will get it put together for you. Enjoy your evening big American.”

“Good night Tanya.” I said and hung up the phone.

Sonia immediately reached out to grasp my arm with strong articulated fingers that had seen their share of hard work in their lifetime, “You trust her?”

“Only to a degree. In general, from this point onward I am the only one you can trust.”

“I know.”

Meeting her gaze, I said, “Then you should know you’re safe with me and that I won’t hurt you, but the catch 22 is that you’re not safe, because you are with me. Make sense?”

She nodded.

“You can have the bedroom, I’ll take the couch. Go ahead and take a shower if you want. The food should be here by then.”

She nodded again and I sensed something emotional swirling in her as she looked away. I reached a finger out and touched the skin of her chin.

Boy was that a mistake! Following through though I turned her head until her gaze met mine and lifting an eyebrow I asked the question silently of what was wrong.

Her eyes of amber were in turmoil and tears were threatening as she spoke, “I have no money to pay for this!”

“Have I asked for anything?”

“No, but I am not the girl you came to save!”

“That may be, but you’re the girl God put in my path to save and I’m content with that. How about you?”

She nodded her head vigorously.

“Go get a shower Sonia. It will warm you up and help you to calm down.”

She nodded with tears spilling down her cheeks and hurried away. She stopped when she reached the bedroom doorway, “Thank you again!” and then she was gone.

I turned away and put a hand to my head. What on earth was I going to do with her?

In a way I already knew the answer to that. I was going to keep her.

I would at least give her a choice though. That much I would do.

I’d never met anyone who affected me like she did. It was dangerous, even crazy, perhaps, but the stark reality of it was that for several months now, maybe even years I had been mentally losing it.

I for lack of a better way of putting it needed someone. Someone who knew what I was.

What I was capable of. Someone who knowing that still wouldn’t look away.

In a way she’d enslaved me with that first glance in the mansion tonight. She’d seen inside my soul and said, “Save me. Protect me. Anything, just help me.”

I’d answered the call. I’d like to think I’d have done what I did for anyone, but I wasn’t sure of myself anymore.

Things had gotten dark in my life. I killed more people than I gave help to.

I wanted that to change, but I was what I was. And the man that I was I needed to keep doing the things that I did and in a way she was living proof of that.

Closing my eyes, I whispered, “Is it wrong to keep her? Is it wrong to seek to brighten my own soul, with the zest for life that I see on fire within her soul? I’ll do whatever you tell me to God. Anything, even let her go.”

There was a knock at the door and I went to it. It was the food.

I let the servers in and closed the door after them. My hands still on the door the voice of my Creator spoke within my soul, “Who told you to go through the door?”

“You did.” I whispered in reply.

“You see the world for only its darkness. You should have a son. Then you will understand what it is like, when one day you face the loss of him to a world that hates Me and yet one I formed out of nothing.”

What was God saying?

Brokenly I whispered, “I don’t want a son!”


“Because I never would want him to become like me.”

“Each must choose their own path, nevertheless I tell you that you will have a son and she is his mother. Treat her as such and with time you will learn what you do not see in the here and now.”

“What am I not seeing?”

“That those who put their trust in Me are kept from destruction.”

Bitterly and yet in a way ashamed of myself, I blurted out, “And what of Francesca and her father, my friend! How have You kept them from destruction?”

“Bitterness does not become you son. It blinds you from seeing the reality of an answer you already know. Do not be afraid, for I have given you something sweet.”


I jerked away from the door and combed my sweaty hair back. I glanced swiftly to Sonia.

Helpless not to do so I took in the vision of her dressed in a white bathrobe and trying to sound normal I said, “Yes?”

“Are you okay?”

Honesty beckoned, and with her I found myself wanting to be real so I replied with, “Not really. The food is here. Eat all you want. I’m going to get a shower.”

I passed by her and forced myself not to linger. Her eyes watched me, but she said nothing.

Did she know that she’d been given away to a stranger? I did my best to force her out of my mind and move on with the business of getting clean, on the outside anyway.




Feeling better, at least calmer, I stepped back into the main room. The first thing I noticed was that the food was untouched. The second was the sight of Sonia curled up on the sofa with a Bible in her hand.

She glanced up at me and I asked, “Isn’t the food to your liking?”

She closed the Bible and got up. Softly she said, “Where I come from we wait for others in order to share our meal together.”

She took a plate and put rather generous portions of everything upon it. I assumed it was for her so I started to reach for the empty plate when I found her holding the filled plate out to me.

I took it from her. “Thank you. Really sweet of you, but you didn’t have to.”

She shrugged and I watched those full breasts bump against the front of the robe that she wore.

She spoke as she filled her own plate with smaller portions, “It is just how I am.”

“Sweet.” I said in reflection as I remembered what had been said about this woman to me.

She glanced at me with that disarming smile I would never have believed that she possessed after seeing the stoicness of her face reserved for a room full of monsters. Softly she said as if in reply to my statement, “Yes.”

Gathering herself, she whispered, “Thank you for giving me back that part of myself.”

I glanced down at the plate of food that now lay all but forgotten in my lap and said, “Thank God, not me.”

“I have.” She said.

I expected her to sit back down on the sofa then, but she didn’t. Instead, she came and sat down on the floor in front of my chair.

Her side rested in against my leg. Swallowing I gazed at the crown of her head and the wealth of rich brunette hair that sprung from it.

I couldn’t help myself. Reaching out I let my hand rest briefly on her hair to see if it really was as soft as it looked.

It was. I took my hand away.

She glanced up at me and I said, “You don’t need to sit on the floor.”

Giving me a deep look of purposeful intent, she said, “I know.”

“Then why don’t you sit on the sofa?”

“Because I like it here better.” She went back to eating and driven by the need to do something other than to reach out my hand and touch her hair again I ate to.

She served herself desert and when I was ready she put her food aside and served me mine before going back to hers. I admired the gusto that she had eaten with but found myself lacking in terms of the same ambition.

She remained seated until I was finished and then standing up, she said, “I’m going to bed.”

I nodded and watched her go. Once she was gone from view I snapped myself out of the trance that she had put me in.

I had work to do. I needed to make a passport.

Going to the door of the bedroom I knocked. It opened.

Her eyes were welcome pools of invitation as they gazed up into mine. I looked away and managed to get out, “I… I need a photo, of your face.”

I held up a camera and dutifully she came out of the bedroom and posed up against a wall and I took the shot that I needed.

“Do you need anything else, Rorian?”

“No, I…… have a good night’s sleep.”

“I will.” She said smiling and closed the door of the bedroom once more.

Going to my laptop I began the process of falsifying an alias. Typing my fingers filled in her new name…. Sonia Marlowe.






Hold Me

Startled, I jolted awake. Instinctively, my hand was reaching for a weapon of some kind, but I stopped as I took in the sight of Sonia standing nearby.

Blinking, I straightened up in the chair. Glancing at a clock I saw that it was nearly 2 AM. Rubbing at my eyes, I then focused them on her.

She was holding the passport I had made for her. She looked troubled and on the verge of tears once again.

Was it the last name?

“Sonia I……” She glanced at me and said with heartfelt emotion, “This is good! Very good! You do good work. I…. I never be able to repay you for this! I love my country, but I want out of Russia and you now make it possible.”

She nodded, as if talking to herself and set the passport book down. She folded her arms around herself and remained standing there solitarily staring at the far wall of the room.

Her body jerked on a sob.


She glanced at me as big tears started to fall, whispering she said, “I know I ask for a lot, but could you…” Her lips closed emotionally and then she looked away as if embarrassed to say more.

“Could I what?” I asked gently.

She glanced back to me and on an open sob said, “Hold me?”

My arms opened and she was climbing onto my lap in the next second. Her weight on me and proximity was nice, but her crying was not.

Each bitter pain driven sob hurt my soul to hear. I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything. I just held her and rocked back and forth gently in the chair.

Time went by and her sobs settled down. Her head was pressed against my chest as she huddled in against me as if she was a child and not the full-grown woman that she was.

Her voice thick with emotion she spoke, “Do you think of me as a whore?”

“No, I do not.” I said with conviction.

She sobbed harder then and pressed her face in against me, even as her hand glancingly touched at my throat before darting away.

Whispering, she spoke, “I fight so hard still I go nowhere, just used. I die, if not for my God. He tell me to hold on. I did so just for Him. I not really know why. I just remember as girl that He is real and I believed, and in my worst moment He sent me a good man.”

Still holding her I looked away to the far side of the room. It was hard to speak, but needful just the same, so I said, “Sonia, I’m not a good man.”

“Say what you like, I know different story.”

I wanted to convince her of the truth, but at the same time I wanted to believe she could be right. Her head lifted away and with those gorgeous eyes she inspected me as if aware of my internal struggle.

She asked me then something that actually angered me, “You hurt little kids? Boys? Girls?”

“No!!!” I exclaimed.

“You rape woman or man?”

I about dumped her out of my lap onto the floor. Tight-lipped I said, “I don’t do men and I’ve taken no woman against her will.”

Gazing deeply into my eyes, she took one finger and pressed it against my chest over my heart and said, “See, you prove point. You good man.”

I started to speak, but her hand covered my mouth. “Passport says I am your wife. True?”

Her hand moved away.

Unsure of myself, I said, “Just to get out of Russia. After we’re free and clear, I’ll give you different papers. Set you up with a place, a job, and some money.”

Gazing deeply into my eyes, she said, shaking her head, “What if I don’t want? What if I want to stay…… with you?”

Gathering in a shaky breath I said, “At some point you likely will die if you stay with me. I do not live an easy life. I….”

She cut me off with a shrug and a smile, “So. Who wants easy life?”

“Most people actually.”

“I not most people.”

“No, you definitely are not.” I confirmed.

“So, if I choose to stay…… I be your wife?”


“You want me as wife?”


“I yours. I serve you. I take care of you. I do whatever you want. One request though. Please…” Her emotions had risen again.

Feeling sharply driven by emotion myself, I asked, “Pease what?”

“Please do not ever sell me. I not bare that again!”

Oh God, what had this girl been through? Emotionally angry at the reality of this girl’s past, I said, “I would never do that!”

She smiled and pushing her hand over the top of her own heart, she said, “I know. It makes me happy.”

I stared at her at a complete loss as to what to do. The woman completely undid every layer of protection I had erected to shield my inner core.

I looked away only to look back as her fingers stroked across my cheek. She was going to kiss me.

I put my hand between us and said, “No, you need to think this through. You’re emotional and you’re still dealing with the aftereffects of a traumatic situation. You need rest.”

I stood up and carried her into the bedroom and all the while she did nothing but smile at me. I laid her down on the bed and stepped away.

Still smiling, she said, “Good night Rorian. Thank you for holding me.”

I nodded and backed away, all the while knowing that if I wanted to I could stay and pull the fluffy white robe open and satiate myself with the body I had already mostly seen, but now was ever so much more desirable as I took into account the thriving intellect and sweet persona this woman was made of on the inside.

I closed the door of the bedroom and leaned back against it. Why was I resisting?

God had already told me she would bear my child. With surety I knew that would happen.

So why not go back in and take her?

I rubbed a hand across my face and mopped the sweat away. Because it wouldn’t be right. Not tonight.

She needed time. She may not think so, but she did and I would give her that time.

I would give her time to be free. How many days that would be I did not hazard to guess. I hoped it wasn’t many and yet I hoped my resolve lasted for more than just one.

I looked upward, “Am I doing the right thing?”

No answer. The only answer from that I could discern was apparently I wasn’t doing the wrong thing at least. If I was I had no doubt that God would have set me straight.

The girl had faith and a soul still tender enough to love. God surely loved her more than me.

Within my soul, then I felt my Creator say, “I love you the same.”




The Next Day

Tanya had outdone herself. I had picked up the clothes at a secure drop point early this morning, swept them for the digital version of bugs and made it back to the hotel unfollowed all before Sonia had woken up. Now she was wearing just one of several outfits.

She looked back and forth from herself to her image in the bathroom mirror. Glancing at me for like the 20th time she asked, “You like?”

What was there not to like about this woman?

“Very nice. Tanya is getting extra. Ready to go?”


We left and I carried both suitcases even though Sonia tried to fight me for the one that was hers.

“Nope, allow me to be a gentleman and carried the lady’s bag.”

She stopped fighting me after that and quite docilely followed along happy as could be it seemed with the world. I wouldn’t be happy until I had her outside of Russia and had my shaft buried to the hilt in her warm silken depths.

I had not slept the rest of the night at all. At one point I had almost gone to her, but my resolve had held.

Right now it was a near thing. The clothes were nice and she made them beautiful, but all I wanted was for her to be without anything on.

Seemingly overnight after being in her proximity for but not even a full day yet she had turned me into a caveman. Odd as it sounded I very much wanted to put my child within her.

It was a complete reversal for a man who’d never wanted to have kids before. In truth, I’d always wanted them, but I could never face the fear of how I might endanger them.

What had changed? Nothing really, except God had said that was going to be the way of it and I believed Him now more so than ever.




Stepping aboard the private jet I set the suitcases down. Nervously Sonia eased by me and stood in a spot that I knew she considered to be out of the way, but she actually had just gotten in the way.

I went to brush by her. Her hand touched my arm and I stopped.

Hesitantly, she said, “This rich man’s plane. I…… is yours?”

“Well, I’m not poor, but no the plane is not mine. I decided last night on a different tactic. Instead of risking a border crossing and so on I called in a favor a man owed me in order to bypass all the dangers and get you out of Russia safely and quickly. Admittedly the man’s character is in question and I wouldn’t at all put it past him to be the kind of man to frequent such a place as you were kept in, but when it comes to his word I’ve found him to be trustworthy.”

“And if he’s not?” She queried.

“Then I’ll kill him and once more he knows that.”

I eased on by her and went forward to speak with the captain. Before long the plane was taxiing towards the runway.

I went back to the cabin musing on the fact of how one never quite knew what one would do. Never would I have dreamed of myself cashing in a favor owed to me by a Russian crime syndicate boss.

The man was wicked no doubt about it, but for all that he did have something of a code of honor and once upon a time I had done something for him that he’d taken very personally. Last night when I had called him and bluntly told him the situation and what I wanted he had just laughed and laughed.

“That was you! Oh my dear Rorian what I wouldn’t give to have you on my payroll! Consider it done. My plane will be ready and it will take you wherever you wish.”

“I appreciate this Dmitri.”

“It is nothing! It pleases me to know that it is to be a Russian flower to grace your heart. She’ll be good for you. Better than some American woman. They know nothing of men like you and me. Yes, do not worry, I will handle everything.”

“One more thing Dmitri. I don’t want some kind of vendetta following after Sonia for the rest of her life. If there’s a price to be paid for the lost henchmen along with a grievance of some kind I’ll pay it in order for her to be free of the past. If you could see to arranging that I would appreciate it as a personal favor that I would owe you in return.”

“Nonsense! I will deal with it Rorian. Consider it a wedding gift. Sonia is yours and there will be no doubt about it and anyone who says otherwise will answer to me.”

“I appreciate that Dmitri. I still owe you one though.”

“No, my mysterious American friend, we are even. Allow me to be generous this time. Tomorrow we may be looking each other over a gun barrel.”

“So long Dmitri.” And that had been that.

Sonia was free and clear and soon we would be in Spain. It wouldn’t be soon enough though.

Sonia was reading something printed on a fine letterhead. I recognized Dmitri’s handwriting.

Uh oh.

I waited for disaster to unfold.

She glanced up from where she was sitting in an expensive leather seat and asked, “Just who are you?”

“Something of a man of mystery. Why, what did Dmitri say about me?”

Silently she handed me the envelope. There was something besides just the letter in the envelope.

It was a bill of sale written three years ago for one Sonia Tarenkov aged 17 years old. The seller was listed as Kanislav Tarenkov.

I glanced at Sonia.

“My uncle.” She whispered, as she went and read my mind again.

Taking out the letter I silently read Dmitri’s note, “Dear Sonia, fate has picked you a wild one. Russia is full of many sad stories and yours is just one of many. I hope those hard days are over for you. While life will never be safe with a man such as yours, I know you will be happy just the same and that is good. You are free to come and go as you wish in Russia, but honeymoons are best taken somewhere warm. Sincerely, Dmitri Pavalov.”

The sly old dog, maybe I had underestimated him. Maybe not.

One thing was for sure the man loved his granddaughter. Bullets had been flying and I had purposely stepped into the path of one shot off by one of his own henchmen that would’ve killed his granddaughter caught in a crossfire and strange dude that Dmitri was he had called the fighting off on the spot.

He’d walked up and shot his own man responsible for the ill aimed bullet in the head. Then he had called an ambulance for me and walked away from $100 million in drug money that I had been in the process of liberating for a more noble cause.

Russia, love or hate the place it certainly had an intrigue to it, but not half as much as some of the people in it. I handed the note back to Sonia, but I kept the bill of sale, which I then tore up before her eyes only to let the pieces fall to the floor.

Tears streaked out of her eyes and I asked, “What’s wrong?”

Giving me a watery smile she said, “Nothing. I’m just so happy. God, He is good.”

Looking at her I simply didn’t trust myself to speak. She was so sweet.

She had no right to be after what she’d gone through for three years and who knew what before that. Before I could turn to go she slipped off her chair onto her knees before me and started to undo my pants.

“What are you doing?” I asked startled.

She glanced up with passion turning her amber eyes aglow, “You have a need. I am your wife.”

That was really all that needed to be said. I’d already been erect, but now things got a lot harder.

Fittingly though, just in time to spoil the moment I heard the captain cough somewhere behind me, “Uh Rorian, we’re ready for takeoff.”

Before I could say anything Sonia glanced around the side of my leg and said, “Thank you. Rorian is busy. I will relay the message. Please be free to take off though.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

The door closed behind me. When Dmitri heard about this he was going to die of laughter.

“So what?”

I glanced down into the most beautiful pair of eyes God had ever created and asked distractedly, “What?” Even as I felt the cool grasp of her hand settle in around the base of my shaft.

“So what if they think whatever they do. Don’t let it bother you.”

“You don’t understand how something like this will travel.”

She smiled and I felt myself get harder. She whispered, even as she nuzzled her smooth cheek into the wet head of my shaft, “Who knows, maybe they envy you.”

Before I could think of a comeback to that her lips parted and she was kissing the most masculine part of me like she loved it and the strangest thing of all was that I believed that she did. I was a good read of people and you couldn’t fake the emotion with which she was openly expressing.

Her mouth beckoned and then slid over me. I groaned at the warm wet feel of her mouth loving the way her teeth gently scraped back and forth on my shaft.

My hands clenched into fists at my sides only to release as I felt her hands grasp them. Opening my eyes, I looked down as she brought my knuckles up to rub against her cheeks before she framed my fingers around the back of her head.

Her eyes were on mine and they spelled out an open invitation to me. She wanted me to take her mouth, however hard I wanted to.

I didn’t want to hurt her. Slowly she shook her head as if in admonishment of me and then blinking those amazing eyes of hers at me once more it was as if she compelled me to do what I wanted to do.

Closing my eyes, I gripped her head and shoved the length of my shaft through her open lips and into the tightness of her throat beyond. I did so again and again until I exploded with an orgasm such as I’d never had in my life.

I actually felt unsteady on my feet for a moment, but her hands were there on the back of my thighs as a steadying force. My eyes opened only to see her rising up off the floor.

Her face near to mine and with her eyes more radiant than ever she whispered, “You are a beautiful stud, my husband. I want you. Do you want me?”

“You have to ask?”

She laughed softly, but then grew serious faced, “No, it’s just that I worry that….that you not be happy with me, because of…… the so many…… that have had me.”

She was crying again and looking at me with her heart in her eyes, she whispered, “I wish you had been first and last.”

Framing my hands around her face I said, “I’m grateful for now and Sonia…… I’m the last man who will ever have you. Got that?”

“Yes, my husband.” And then her lips were on mine and I tasted the very essence of how grateful she was to be right here in my arms.

Never would I have expected this kind of emotion to be directed toward someone like me, but she was so different. She was absolutely perfect and I told her so with my kiss that I pressed back onto her lips.

The plane started moving faster and gracefully I maneuvered us down to the floor. She laughed and good-naturedly I said, “Shut up.” Before continuing to kiss her with a force more passionate than I had ever had with any woman, because in a way it seemed this woman already knew me better than anyone ever had before and the miracle of it all was that she seemed to like me even still.



“Take me!” She begged, but I shook my head no.

“Why?” She groaned out.

“Because our first time together is not going to be on the floor of Dmitri’s plane.”

Her eyes mournful she remained quiet as I kissed her again. Then I got up off the floor only to realize that we were flying.

Fastening my pants together, I then helped her up off the floor. I surprised her then by sitting down in her seat and pulling her to sit down on me with her back to my front.

Her legs splayed apart to either side of mine and I felt her shiver as I spoke against the sensitive spot behind her ear, “Just because I’m not going to take you now doesn’t mean I’m not going to torment you for the duration of the flight.”

She gasped as I kissed behind her ear and then bit gently into the side of her neck. She was shaking slightly as I maintained my grip with my mouth on her even as I worked my hand up under the front of her skirt.

I rubbed my fingers across her panties where she was already soaking wet and she came apart at the seams. She held nothing back as she groaned and shuddered through her orgasm poised on my lap in complete submission to my every touch.

I’d barely touched her and this had been the result. What would be like when I put my mouth on her?

“Undue your blouse.” I whispered after she’d calmed down a little.

Fingers shaking, she began to do so.

Looking over her shoulder I said, “You have absolutely beautiful breasts, Honey.”

Her chest seemed to swell out even more at my words and then she groaned gutturally as my fingers slipped beneath the band of her soaked panties and rubbed directly upon her pleasure center. She bucked on my lap and gasped and I knew I was giving her too much direct stimulation, but a part of me didn’t care.

I wanted to see this girl screaming with pleasure. Any other woman would have probably jumped off my lap, but she stayed and let me play with her as I wanted to and finally she did scream.

Trying to cut the scream off, she rammed her fist against her mouth, but it was still the sweetest sound I’d ever heard.

“You are so sweet.” I whispered, as her whole body shook from the shattering release she had just experienced. Her legs still remained splayed apart in open invitation of whatever I wanted.

Her utter submission to my desires was like the sweetest of foods that I couldn’t get enough of.

“Stand up and take your panties off.”

Shakily, she got up with my assistance. Pulling her skirt up, she did as I asked and as she stepped out of them, she held them up and I took them from her.

Hand shaking she brushed at her hair even as I brought her panties to my face and smelled in the spicy sweet aroma that was all her. I patted the table in front of me and she got the message.

Almost shyly she stepped in front of me and set her gorgeous rear down on the small table before me. The smell and the look of her was simply too much.

Shaking my head I said, “Stand up.”

She did so.

“Lift your skirt up and turn.”

Fingers obeying even as her amber eyes reflected molten desire for me she brought her skirt up and turned around. Her bottom was breathtaking and leaning forward I kissed each half of perfection before turning her again and pressing against the delta of her womanhood for her to sit and as she did I pressed up higher until she lay backward over the table.

Her head and upper back falling over the small table I witnessed for the first time the glory of her womanhood splayed out before me. Caressing her silken thighs, I firmly held them apart even as if by instinct her calves hooked over my shoulders.

I leaned forward and kissed her and immediately she moaned. I licked the length of her wetly engorged labia and she cried out.

I suckled directly upon her clitoral bud and she came screaming.

It seemed all I had to do to pleasure this woman was to touch her. What would it be like to be inside her?

Her hands fought a war of wanting to pull my head away only to fall back down as she let me have my way with her. I let off on my suckle, but capturing both her hands, I held them by the wrist with just one of mine and pressed them against the warm pool of her belly even as her head still hung free towards the floor.

I began with my tongue to explore the new territory of her that was now entirely mine. My tongue touched everything.

I explored the creases of her thighs. I kissed the narrow patch of skin between her vagina and her asshole and then I licked wetly into the hot heat put off by her completely engorged vaginal lips, which were soaked wet with moisture from her desire of wanting me to be in her.

I penetrated her with my tongue and tasted her deeply all the while her body shuddered and spasmed as I did whatever I wanted to do with the most sensitive parts of her. A finger poised at her entrance I played with her clitoral bud again.

As she moaned I let my finger slide deep and crying out she came bucking against my face again. I could hear her crying from the force of pleasure she was experiencing, but she never told me to stop.

As I felt how incredibly tight she was about my finger, lost in orgasm as she was, I lost my resolve to wait even as I about came in my pants. Withdrawing my soaked finger I fumbled at the side of the seat that I was sitting on until finding the automatic button lever I depressed the recline function even as I continued to lick and suck at her.

Her voice was unintelligible as moan after moan bubbled from her lips even as her body seemed locked in a constant orgasm. I lifted my head from her and taking her hands that were now straining to be free I pulled her up.

She came upright and collapsed in against me weakly, still groaning from an orgasm that had never stopped. I tipped her chin up and the sensually clouded haze of her amber eyes blinked as they met mine.

“I wanted to wait and be romantic, but I can’t.”

Straightening up a little she kissed me wetly even as her hands undid my pants. Her fingers fumbled, but succeeded at last in their objective.

She was still shaking, completely overcome and in the moment I did what I wanted to. Standing up I stepped to the side and pushed her forward toward the reclined seat.

Stepping behind her I lifted her at the waist and brought her forward just enough for her knees to catch the edge of my reclined chair. I pushed on her back and she fell forward onto her hands even as I moved forward to stand between her calves.

My shaft was raging to be inside, to be where my finger had been, but she was positioned too high. In frustration I felt anger surge as in the moment the basic need I had to penetrate was being denied.

She did then what females have been able to do ever since the days of old at creation’s first breathe. She flexibly shifted her knees wider apart and her back arched down and suddenly she was perfectly positioned before me ripe for the taking.

Slipping her skirt up I claimed a harsh grasp upon her wide hips with my hands, even as in my passion driven state I took in the exotic look of a woman well pleasured, who turning her head looked back at me in a way that said she thought I was the most amazing stud in the world and that she couldn’t wait to have me buried inside of her to the hilt.

It wasn’t an act on her part, it was real, and nuzzling my shaft into the engorged folds of her entrance I let myself go and drove all the way home into my wife. She was mine and forcibly I laid claim to her as every blessedly tight inch of her canal gave way to my shaft in a repeated fashion that was both brutal and beautiful.

My grip on her hips kept her from getting away, but far from that was the reality of each time I made my way into her, she was giving all she had to push back and meet my invasion with open submissiveness that begged for me to take everything and go as deep as I desired. The moment was far from romantic. It was elemental and raw and yet perfect.

My seed erupted from me almost savagely and straining I worked my way into her as deeply as possible and breathing like a stallion I held still locked in muscular tension as I spilled everything of me into the deepest reaches of her. The pleasure I was experiencing was indescribable.

This woman was perfection both physically and elementally. I couldn’t believe that she was mine, but she was.

I could take her every day like this if I wanted. How…. why had God blessed me so?

Groaning, I bucked my shaft into her realizing with pleasure the orgasmic squeeze of her gripped tight about the entirety of me in yet another full orgasm on her part. She’d come at the same time that I had and not being able to stop myself, I began easing my still hard shaft back-and-forth into her for the sheer glory of the pleasure of feeling how good she felt.

Slowly better senses returned to me, but that said I couldn’t bring myself to pull free of her. I never wanted this moment to end, but eventually it had to.

Sighing, I pulled free of her already wishing to be back where I had been. I helped bring her up to her feet.

She could barely stand. Feeling bad I kissed the hair covering her one ear and said, “That was hard. I’m sor….”

Her still shaking fingers covered over my lips and pulling her head back, she gazed up at me. I saw the truth written within her eyes that she had just experienced as much nirvana as I had.

Whispering, she said as tears fell, “Never….. never before like this! Thank you, all my heart. I’m yours and just now I feel you give all of you to me. Very beautiful! Please never change. I want all you have! I will give you all that I am always, promise.”

What did you say to such honest sincerity of heart? I kissed her and took her with me as I lay down upon the reclined chair.

I brought her to lay over top of me and together we just lay there kissing with a sincerity that I realized almost by surprise was love. There was the physical yes, but right now was love of a different kind.

She loved me and I loved her. Apart we were two darkened and somewhat shattered people, but together I was discovering something new, happiness.

I’d never had it and with relish I held on to her even as I got to experience more and more of it as each air mile went by taking us to our destination.





Moonlight Show

The night was warm. There was no need for covers within the villa.

Moonlight unhindered by the overhead skylight radiated down and illuminated the bed. I’d gotten only maybe an hour or two of sleep.

It was simply just hard to sleep when suddenly life had gotten so full. We’d arrived in Spain yesterday. We hadn’t left the villa since then.

Sonia was enthralled with both the villa, but most surprising of all, me. She asked me question after question and I held nothing back from her. She was my wife.

I hoped to not scare her off, but she had a right to know everything. I explained how I was part of a loosely affiliated group of individual agents as diverse as there are different cultures in the world.

From all walks of life and practice we had come from. We specialized in different things and yet our purpose was the same. Defend the defenseless and oppose the wicked.

We worked in pairs or by ourselves for the most part with complete autonomy to act as we saw fit, but we had a code. A code of respect for each other and there were times we as individuals had to heed the advice of others.

In some ways the Agency was an accountability group. There were also those times when more than one or two individuals gathered together, sometimes everyone.

To my knowledge, the latter had only happened twice. Once during the Cold War and once in 987 BC. It was a very old group.

Loosely structured as it was, it was by invitation only and, to my surprise, Sonia had asked me if she could join. I had told her that I would have to ask, although it was in my power to grant her wish.

Still out of respect, I felt I needed a grant of approval of sorts from those within the Agency I respected the most. None of the danger that I described to Sonia seemed not to have made a dent and instead all she was interested in was to know more and she did so question after question.

I’d never had anyone so interested in me in all my life. I glanced over to her beside me and groaned.

I felt my shaft harden yet again. I simply couldn’t get enough of her.

Half on her side facing me one beautifully full breast lay openly displayed by moonlight, as if the height of divinely created artistry on backlit display. Her nipple was pertly at attention and not being able to help myself, I eased down on the bed and wetly took it into my mouth.

She stirred and not even looking at her face I felt the aura of her smile in the darkness. She was like the one thing in the world, I don’t think it was ever possible to get enough of, but I intended to try.

She groaned deeply and arched her back. She did nothing to free her captured nipple from my lips, but instead I felt her hand curl around the thickness of my shaft.

She seemed to purr with pleasure in the dark and noisily I let her nipple escape. Still purring, she moved then and I watched as her silken thigh slipped over top of me and then all of her was above me and she was lowering herself even as the hardest part of me slid deeply into the wet sheath that I had plundered unmercifully in the past two days and yet always seemed to have more to give to me.

We both groaned as she came to be seated with finality upon the full length and breadth of me within her. Groaning out my name she arched her back and her full breasts lifted even as she tossed her head back and began to grind her pelvis down onto me.

Her slim hands slid up her moon highlighted torso only to cup each of her full breasts. Groaning, I watched as her hands held, lifted, pressed together, the most beautiful pair of silken breasts I’d ever seen.

She was putting on a show for me and I loved it!

Her head came up and she looked down at me smiling. She let one hand slide free from a breast and placed it on the bed beside my head. Now leaning over me and blocking out the moon I saw the dim outline of her hand lifting her other breast to me as if it were an offering.

I took it and I felt her smile as my teeth grazed over her nipple. Taking both my hands, I took possession over both of her breasts and pressed my face against them.

There was no comfort on earth that could compare with the warmth and tender feel of what I held, felt, suckled, and kissed. She proudly remained arched over me letting me do all or anything I wanted with her.

I could tell that she no longer regarded her body as hers. She’d given it to me and my pleasure was her desire, only it was she who was moaning.

She moved up and down upon me faster and then cried out and because I loved to see her experience passion I nipped at her one nipple gently. Her cry of beginning orgasm exploded into an outpouring exclamation of passion, even as I felt the length of her sheath convulse about me tightly.

The strength of her orgasm threatened to milk the seed right out of me as if it had been designed to do just that, but I held on to my seed and her nipple. Crying out in utter completion she started to slump down on to me and I kissed her nipple goodbye.

She may be done in with passion, but I was not. I rolled and took her with me.

Luckily I stayed inside and with her face now bathed in moonlight I watched her say, “You're amazing!”

Smiling, I kissed her and then my hands were hiking her knees upward. As her knees came up her eyes opened and she sighed happily as my hands slid up her calves to her ankles now held high in the air. Looking into her eyes, I saw the reality that she knew how hard I was about to take her.

She didn’t draw back from the fire of my desire to have her again and again. With her I simply craved to be deep.

I worried about hurting her with my passion, but I…. I simply needed to be deep…… in her. Still, I hesitated.

“Baby?” She said richly in her Russian accent that I absolutely adored.

I glanced to her face and waited even as I took in the playfulness of her gaze that said anything I wanted was her desire to give. Her lips parted and she said, “Let go.”

I glanced to my hands holding her ankles, only to see that her own hands had lifted to stroke the backs of my knuckles. I didn’t want to let go.

I liked the dominance of having her ankles in my grasp, but there was something in the wild glow of her eyes that said to listen. Regretfully, I let go and her smile deepened.

Who was in control now? I really didn’t care at the moment as long as she kept looking at me like she was doing.

Her own hands circled her ankles and then with a nod of her head she indicated a pillow beside her on the bed.

“Come out please.” She coaxed lovingly.

Again, I listened and slid my shaft free of her. Sitting back on my ankles before her I swallowed as I watched her shimmy down on the bed toward me to get the space that she needed.

Her hands pulled at her ankles and before my eyes, I watched her ankles go to either side of her head until her feet literally touched the headboard flat-footed. I couldn’t fathom such flexibility and I marveled at her ability to breathe.

Her pelvis and lower back had arched up off the bed and numbly my hand brought the pillow to rest under her in order to give support to her spine. She was still smiling and softly she coaxed, “Hands here.” She said, indicating the back of her ankles.

Swallowing I moved forward and came up higher over her and let my hands reclaim their former domination. Her hands fell away to lay outstretched on the bed in complete surrender.

I looked into her eyes and watched as she said, “Do it. All the way. Don’t stop.”


“No hold back anything, okay?”

“Okay.” My shaft pressed down into her and I let myself go deeper, deeper than I’d ever been in a woman. Deeper than I had even imagined possible.

I was the same length, but her entire system was shortened and opened in a way not before felt. It was indescribable and I plunged in and out of her depths until I came and when I came I knew that I’d made her pregnant.

Breathing heavy I let her ankles go even as I remained rooted deeply into her depths. Her legs came up to spill over the top of my shoulders, but I remained where I was.

I met her eyes and saw the reality that she knew what had happened to. Groaning, I confessed for perhaps the first time out loud, “Sonia, I love you!”

Tears squeezed from her eyes and her lips came to mine. After the kiss all she could say over and over was, “Me too!”




Ecstasy of Belonging

Sonia wandered along the beach. The breeze was warm, so very warm.

It was hard to imagine the feeling of such warmth. Two weeks ago she’d been locked away in a Moscow brothel that she hadn’t been allowed to leave since the day she had arrived in chains.

That place…… she thought it had taken everything, now, though…… now was good. Now was indescribably good.

She let unspoken tears of gratitude fall. It felt good to cry.

For the first time in her life, it felt good to cry. Coming to a stop Sonia sank to her knees in the warm sand and gazing heavenward, she sang a song of praise to God in her native Russian language.

She’d never let go of her faith, not even in the midst of hell, but He was the one who’d given her the strength to see this day come to pass. Feeling overcome she fell forward in the sand and it was like her skin absorbed the heat from the sun-kissed sand as if her insides were a cold place in need of the fire of rejuvenation.

That was just what her God was doing for her too. He was giving her back everything. No, He’d given her more than she’d ever had.

Life had always been hard and only her mother had wanted her it seemed, but now she had a man. A hard man, but a good man.

He had a heart to care, despite everything that must of happened to him, he still had a heart for her that he shared openly with her. All this week and last week such smiles he’d given her.

It was as if he’d never done it before in terms of the way his face creased with the effort to show that he was happy. Each smile was priceless because it told her she had value far and above her body. She had his heart.

No man had ever been like him. She’d been taken many times, only some had ever tried to please her. He alone had pleased her the most.

Her God was making everything new. Her hands swept down and formed over her still flat stomach.

Even new life was coming to be inside of her. Not only was she a wife, but soon she would be a mother.

Whether it was a son or daughter she would gladly die to protect them from what had been done to her. Rorian was the same.

In public he would not let her get out of his sight. Always he watched over her like she was the most precious gem in the world.

Smiling Sonia laid over in the warm sand relishing everything that was coming to be in her life. Rorian had been gone for two days, but tonight she would be back in his arms and she could not wait, because it felt like he had taken her heart with him when he had left.

In his arms had become her favorite place to be. Getting up, she wiped at her face, but only succeeded in getting sand stuck to her cheeks.

Laughing, she got up off the sand and with eagerness headed for the villa located on a nearby bluff overlooking the sea. It was a beautiful place and the gleaming ring on her finger said that it belonged to her. As nice as it was though it would never be home unless Rorian was with her in it.

Gaining the plateau above the beach she saw a car approaching in the distance. It was his.

Smiling, she stopped to wait. The car came to a stop and he was out in the next moment.

He stayed by the car, but everything about him screamed intense want. He needed her.

Smiling shyly she approached to stand within the bears reach. Not hesitating she moved forward and kissed him.

His hands claimed her hips with a decisive hint as to the pressure she could sense that was vibrating like an earthquake just beneath the level of his skin. Breaking the kiss off, she took in his hot gaze upon her bikini-clad chest and said, “Welcome home, Honey.”

His eyes had guiltily started to lift but fell back down as with one hand she pulled the strings free behind her back and let bikini fall. Smiling richly she took in with delight how she had pleased him and going farther her fingers began to undo his shirt until it was completely open.

He had remained still all this time, now his breath exhaled as she leaned in close and kissed his neck wetly allowing her nipples to brush into his chest hair when she did so. The pulse beneath her lips thundered and with each beat, she fell further in love.

His restraint was unnecessary and yet it spelled out his love for her. No man had ever restrained himself when it came to her, but he did.

Strange was life, for he was the only man she did not ever want to be restrained with her. Kissing her way down his chest until her knees found the travertine pavers of the front walkway she undid his belt.

Glancing up she took in the heat of his gaze and softly whispering she said, “I missed you. Did you miss me?”

In exclamation then he burst out with, “You’ve enslaved me! I can’t do anything but think of you!”

Laughing in delight, she made him groan, then by taking his raging member into her mouth even as she was still laughing. He was literally about to explode.

He had spoken the truth. Thoughts of her had driven him to be in pain.

Her hand gently cupped his swollen balls that burned hotly with the repressed desire they had suffered with because of his thoughts for her. She kept the head of his shaft encircled by her lips as she turned her head and glanced up at him with one eye.

He was unique this man. He did not want to come because he had done nothing for her yet. What a gift he was.

Gaining his full attention she let her lips slide free of him, but she held his shaft in place with her hand as she whispered, “You are home. Relax. Let go. Please me later. Okay?”

Grudgingly, he nodded as if she’d asked a hard thing. She took the head of his shaft back into captivity and with her head still turned with her lips stretched full of him she gave him a suggestive wink even as she stroked the skin behind his swollen balls with a thumb firmly.

It was too much to resist and he went past his ability to control the inevitable. Her lips constricted around him even as he started to fill her mouth with his hot seed.

She had done this to many men, but never had she craved it like she did now. Her loins already moistened let go and in shock she felt an orgasm rip through her even as the evidence of his pumped continuously into the sucking clasp of her lips.

At last his orgasm was complete and she let go of him and shakily got up to her feet only to huddle in against his chest. His arms came around her tightly and in a peace far deeper than any she’d ever known she rested against him.

 Always in order to survive and to not be beaten, she had been forced to give, but giving to this man gave her far more in return. His arms moved and she found herself lifted up and cradled in his arms.

She giggled, then as moving forward, he stumbled and almost crashed both of them to the ground as he fought his pants that were still around his ankles. Smiling wryly, he righted himself and tore one leg free of his pants.

Gaining that freedom he started up the walkway dragging the pants behind him. Not able to help herself, Sonia let herself burst out with the deep laughter that she’d been holding to a chuckle.

“Think it’s funny do you?” He challenged, but he had a smile fighting at his own lips to be free.

“Yes, I do darling!” She said laughing even as she still laughing kissed him.

The kiss was a long one and then she was being let down. The door was behind her and reaching around her he opened it and said, “Now get your beautiful self inside before I make a complete fool of myself and have you where you stand.”

Smiling, she turned and went inside the house. Half of her bottom was treated to a slapped spank from one of his big hands.

It stung, but far from hurting her it excited her more than anything. She turned around only to see him getting everything off. True to his words he was once more erect.

As men physically went his vitality was amazing and while not beautiful of face as some men could boast he was nonetheless all male, which she liked even more. More important than appearance, though was the reality of who he was inside and the knowledge of that overshadowed everything he was in terms of outward physical manifestation instead of it being the other way around as it was commonly the case with women other than her that looked no further than what the exterior had to offer.

Her fingers pulled the strings on her hips and the bikini bottom fell even as he stepped closer to her. As his hand reached out and lifted one of her full breasts, she asked invitingly, “How you want me? Hard and now? Want me to bend over?”

Shaking his head, he said, “No, Honey. I’m afraid I’m going to torture you for a while.”

His hand left her breast to capture her hand as he headed for the master bedroom. Smiling, she followed with anticipation. He was ever a man of his word.




Seven Hours Later

Dreamily Sonia watched the classic movie playing on the TV as she munched on popcorn. They were on a couch and Rorian was behind her fast asleep.

He’d been true to his word and tortured her with pleasure. After that they’d made dinner completely naked.

Ate it and had each other again and since then they had been watching old movies. Well, she had anyway.

He’d been asleep for hours. For whatever reason, though she was wide awake.

Life was too precious and enjoyable right now to waste any of it with sleeping through it. The movie was over though, and she did not want to move to put in another one.

She shut the TV off with the remote and the room became dark. Sighing happily she nuzzled her face down onto the arm of her husband that her head rested on.

“What, your movie marathon is finally over?” Came his drowsy voice from behind her head.

Smiling in the dark she said, “I’m too lazy to get up and I didn’t want to wake you.”

His arm shifted and then all of him was moving. He lifted himself up and over her in the pursuit of disturbing her as little as possible and she listened in the dark as he moved about.

The TV screen came alive and yet one more old movie came to life on the screen. Admiringly her eyes traced over her husband’s figure as he came closer and knelt down to her.

“I think you’ll like this one. Can I get you anything while I’m up?”

Staring at him she had to fight against a sudden urge to cry.

“No.” She whispered.

He looked burdened as he took in the emotion of her face, but he didn’t say anything. Then he spoke, “You sure?”

She nodded.

Sighing, he rose only to climb back behind her and settle in again. His arms came around her and he held her tightly with evident love and it was just too much and Sonia let out a sob even as her arm reached back to cradle the head of the man she loved so much.

He kissed behind her ear and in between the sobs she managed to get out, “You make me so happy. No one ever care about what I want. Now God has given me you and it seems you do nothing but care for me. I don’t deserve……”

His hand came over her lips, silencing her. Whispering into her ear, he said, “Shut up Darling.”

She did only to hear him then say, “I could never give you as much as you deserve Honey. You are of priceless value in both my eyes and God’s. What you are inside can never be bought or sold. This is how you need to see yourself. You are more than worthy of anything anyone could do for you, okay?”

She nodded and rubbed her cheek lovingly into the palm of his hand. She kissed it and felt his shaft stir to life against her bottom.

Rubbing back into his groin, she welcomed anything he wanted to do to her. His hand left her cheek to slide down her side only to cup over her hip possessively.

“I never dreamed it was possible to want a woman as much as I want you!”

Glancing back, she smiled and cajolingly said, “I’m yours so have I.”

His hand slid to her thigh and lifted it to rest on top of his leg and then his shaft was nuzzling into her from behind even as he held her to him. The moment was sweet and moaning with the joy of him in her, she shifted back into him to better receive his shallow thrusts.

As the minutes went by though it became clear that the action was not enough for both of them. With cat like grace Sonia lifted her upper leg away from where it rested on his and smoothly slid off the couch onto her feet.

Not looking back, she sauntered barefoot across the expensive rug towards the TV, only to kneel down and present her rear to a man who didn’t need a second invitation. As her nipples grazed the carpet on the floor, she waited in expectation of his hands to claim her hips only to then feel his shaft claiming her body.

It happened just as she had imagined and groaning she ground her rear back into his masterful invasion of her with the sheer ecstasy that she felt continually of both body and soul to be this man’s woman. He lasted a long time and she had come twice when finally his seed jetted hotly into her depths that only he would ever plunder again.

In exhaustion, they both fell over onto their sides to face each other and as if she was a wayward storm tossed vessel she eased forward into his arms like he was her safe harbor meant to shield her from the storm and that was exactly what he was.

The old movie played on in the background as two lovers lost in love for each other rested together in the first real peace of either of their lives since they’d been children too young to know how cruel the world could be at times.




Stepping Up

“Why do you want to be a member of this group?”

That was the question I had once been asked and now as I stood behind the one-way glass I watched Sonia react to it.

She gazed steadfastly into the eyes of her interviewer, and agent by the name of Jasmine Tong, and said, “All my life I am helpless to do anything to fight back against those who control my fate. No more. I am free, but it is not enough. I want to help others. Others like me who had no choice in being sold as a slave for the use of others. I am not about revenge so much as I want to see the system that enslaves little girls and boys to the desires of others broken and if possible have a hand in the restoration of those lives that have been affected by what has been done to them even as my own life has been affected. I realize that some are past hope having become addicted to the lifestyle, but there are those who are not and they need help even as I was helped to escape. Even as this is my passion, I also want to help wherever else I can be of use at as it is my understanding that this organization exists to fight evil in all of its forms and to that end I am willing to give everything to the accomplishment of that goal. I am committed to the mission body, mind, and spirit.” Sonia stopped talking.

Jasmine glanced my way briefly even though she couldn’t see me through the one-way glass. Her exotic featured face reflected the reality of how impressed she was with the woman across from her.

“Thank you Sonia. I do believe you’ve answered most of my questions. I have just one more. Are you prepared to kill someone should it become necessary?”

Sonia’s gaze didn’t falter or her words either, “Some people need killing. I do not want to kill, but I will in order to save the lives of those worth saving.”

“And how do you determine who’s worth saving?”

“Those who still have a soul, I think, is my answer, but to be truthful I am not sure. I would go with what my heart says to do, because what one thinks is right might not be so. I have found evil in the hearts of people to ever be deceptively clever. It is a game for some how well they can hide it. Even you, for example. It is why because of the likewise perceptiveness of some that you are on this side of the glass and not on the other side. I definitely wish to work with such people, whose perception is such to know that you do not belong in an organization such as this Agency and so you are kept at arm’s length doing interviews such as this one.”

Jasmine’s face had descended into complete apathy and I recognized the reality of someone trying their best to hide the reality of the truth being spoken out loud. The truth was what it was though, and once spoken there was no going back.

Jasmine knew this and with calculation I saw her take in the door beyond Sonia. Her hand moved for a knife I knew she kept tucked up her sleeve, but that is as far as she got as with a shattering of glass my two bullets put a permanent end to the beating of her heart.

The knife slipped from Jasmine’s fingers and she soon followed it to the floor all the while her gaze not leaving Sonia’s, who in true typical Russian fashion had remained seated the entire time. She’d made no move to defend herself, because she’d known I was there.

A big hand patted the back of my shoulder and coming unglued I slipped my gun back into place as Evan Johnson’s deep voice said, “God picked out a good one for you Rorian.”

Leaning forward to speak through the shattered glass window Evan said, “Mrs. Marlowe, by all means come in.”

Sonia stood up and left the room and in the passage of another minute was by my side standing alongside a directors' table full of agents who were all gazing upon the two of us. These men and women were the controlling force behind the Agency, of which only half were in actual attendance, the other half being holograms.

Evan sat down at the head of the table. At 56 years old, he was one of the youngest board directors ever, and in my opinion one of the best.

Smiling, he said, “Please Sonia do not look so stressed. We knew about Jasmine, and had plans for her, but…… today’s events are answer enough to the reality of knowing exactly what to do with her.”

Sonia started, “I’m sorry if I’ve messed anything up. It’s just that I……”

“Believe in being honest.” Stated an elderly woman in continuation of what Sonia had been about to say.

Sonia nodded matter-of-factly and the old woman smiled mysteriously.

Warmly Evan said, “Welcome to the Agency, Sonia. You will find that honesty is the rule of the day in this alliance of men and women against the evils of the great deceiver. Honesty is truly hard to come by these days and it is good to see it alive and bright in someone as young and,” Evans smiling gaze flicked to me, “beautiful as you.”

He gestured to a doorway at the far end of the room and said, “Karen, my secretary, will get you started right in with knowing all there is to know about being one of our agents as well as arranging classes for you. Alas physical contact classes will have to be put on hold for the moment as I do believe, unless my powers of perception are off, that you are pregnant.”

Both Sonia and I flushed beet red and sharing a quick sideways glance at Sonia I said, “You will find that very little escapes by Evan. The man has a gift or a…….”

“Curse?” Evan intoned deeply before laughing along with many of the others.

Recovering from his mirth he looked with tenderness at Sonia and said, “Do not be embarrassed. It is a good thing to be as you are. A very good thing. You will find that in our Agency that while lives are often lost and taken as the case may be we as a whole value the sanctity of life. We place no strictures on our agents from marrying or having children so rest easy, for there is still much that you can do as an agent while you work at what is most important and that is to bring another precious innocent life into this world and nurture it with care in the way it should go. If there were only more parents that were as good as I know both of you will be in this world, it would be such a better place and the issues that we are faced with would be so much less than what they are. In short Sonia think of us as family. I tell you truly Sonia there is not anything that we won’t do to protect you or your child.”

I watched as Sonia glanced around the table to read the truth in the gazes of all those gathered. Feeling oddly touched at heart too, I listened to Sonia emotionally say, “Thank you.”

She started moving on to the door indicated and I began to follow.

Martha Sonvala, the old woman who had spoken up previously, cleared her throat and addressing Evan said, “My dear director the time has come for me to depart and focus on tending to my orchids and more importantly my great-grandchildren with however little or much time there is left for me to do so. As always I am available for consultation by any who wish to seek it of me and God grant me the ability to help if at all possible.”

The holographic image of her stood up from the table and from the look on Evans’s face as well as many the others at the table it would seem Martha’s resignation had been expected. I was sorry to see her go.

She to me had always been a force of quiet grace even in the worst of storms that I had experienced in my seven years with the Agency. Her wise gaze left the others gathered at the table and came to mine and silently I stopped walking and bowed to her with all the due respect and reverence I felt that was due to her.

I turned to catch up with Sonia, but Martha’s voice grabbed me, “Rorian, dear.”

I glanced to her and her aged fingers tapped the chair already pushed into the table. I glanced from the chair to her with alarm.

Smiling as she took in my surprise, she said, “I’d like to say that I’ve kept it warm for you, but alas……” She waved her holographically displayed fingers through the back of the chair as witness to the fact of not actually being present in the room.

Stuttering slightly and hating it intensely, I said as I glanced from Evan to her, “But… but I am a…… a field agent?”

Martha spoke, “Oh, you are that dear boy, to be sure! Don’t worry, no one is taking that away from you. Board members can be both and right now this board needs you.”

In consternation about what was being asked of me, I blurted out, “But I’m the most dark hearted one of you! Pick someone else!”

Martha’s gaze was locked on mine and with the graceful strength I had always admired about her, she challengingly said, “Dark hearted are you, aye so it was said of me once. Then one day God gave me a good man and in the process of time He gave me the supreme privilege to bear seven lives into this world. Truly Rorian your heart is not as dark as you think it to be. You’re very conviction of the fear of it being so is living proof of what I have just said. This chair has been yours for over a year, I was simply waiting for the right moment and now is that moment. This is your chair and I want you to bring all the fire and passion that is you to this position which, while coveted by many in this Agency is one spurned by you, which in a way makes you perfect for the job. Becoming a father soon will help you Rorian. It’s time for you to advance and be recognized for all the hard work that you have been putting in over the years. You and I will talk further, but for now take the chair. You’ve more than earned it and in my eyes your entirely worthy of it.”

“She speaks for me too Rorian.” Evan intoned only to be followed by everyone quietly seconding the motion.

My gaze came back to Martha. Silently I asked, ‘Why?’

And just as silently as if seeming to be able to speak into my mind, I felt Martha say, ‘Because you were born for it.’

In disbelief, I gazed at her, but with one last smile to the table at large she was gone from view. Shaking I stayed where I was as if rooted in the carpet.

Then, with surprise my gaze landed upon Sonia as she stepped up to Martha’s chair. She pulled it back from the table and then meeting my gaze she gave an indication with a nod of her head to the place at the table.

Not wanting to disappoint her and show her how much of a coward I was I walked around Evan’s chair and reaching the far side of the table I sat down.

My legs felt wooden as I helped Sonia scoot the chair into the table. Her hands fell briefly to squeeze at my tensed shoulders.

She said nothing, but with a soft kiss to my ear, she headed away to where Karen waited for her in the other room. Somehow that one brief kiss of endearment had relaxed me enough to be able to bring myself to look up from the oaken texture of the table before me that had once been part of a 16th century pirate galley.

I surely did not belong here, but I was here just the same. Smiling Evan looked away down the table and gradually the smile faded as with resignation, he asked the table at large, “I know the world is brimming with problems these days and so beside those projects already underway, but being mindful of them, does anyone have anything that they would like to add to the list of priorities that we’re faced with in the uncertain times that we’re living in?”

There was a moment of silence and then a scholarly voice spoke, “I have one.”

Evan nodded and asked, “What is it Salif?”

The Indian lifted his gaze from the table from where his fingers had been twisting his pen about in a circle, “Listening to Rorian’s wife speak reminded me of a deep shame I have. A deep shame I have about my country. India has many problems, but perhaps the greatest is how its youth are being exploited for human trafficking. I know it is not a localized problem, in actuality it has become a worldwide epidemic, but India ranks number one in the world in terms of human trafficking. Every eight minutes a child is abducted in India. Less than one third are ever recovered or heard from again. My countrymen have not done what is right for such staggering numbers to exist in the second most populous country in the world. I will be rededicating myself to the searching out and destroying of this cancer within my own country, indeed the world, as it is a problem everywhere one looks. I welcome support from this Agency into helping me achieve the maximum in terms of positive results knowing that even just a reduction in children being stolen from their families is a victory worth striving for. If granted I would like top-level priority for this project along with Agency funding.”

Evan was nodding even as all those at the table were giving their approval for Agency assets to be used.

Another member of the board, a native of Pakistan, but one who was a Christian by faith stretched his hand across the table to grasp Salif’s, “Salif you have my full support and I will dedicate all the field agents at my disposal to this endeavor right alongside of yours.”

Salif nodded emotionally and squeezed the other board members hand back in return. There were no ethnic or racial divides in this Agency and the current moment proved it.

The Pakistani, Eruf Khan, glanced down the table to Evan, “Who will be the agent in charge of ground operations?”

Evan’s gaze drifted to me as he said, “Why the one with the most recent experience of the realities of what is emotionally involved with the situation I should think. Such a mission requires an attachment of emotion in terms of the ability to empathize with the situation to see that everything that needs doing is done. Rorian will head up ground-based operations and will report to Salif and Eruf respectfully in regards to any major decisions, while both of you will surrender your agents to his control of the operation. Everyone in agreement?”

It was unanimous across the table and soon everyone was leaving, until it was only Evan and I left in the room. There were things I wanted to say, but I felt locked away from speaking.

Evan remained broodingly silent as if he too was restraining himself from speaking. Eventually he got up and with a pat to my shoulder, he said, “Sonia should be all caught up by now. Go collect her and continue your honeymoon for the next two weeks, while I get things set up in India. Stay in town so Sonia can attend her classes. I have a suite for you two at the Emirate Grand Hotel. They're already expecting you.”

I looked up and meeting Evan’s gaze I asked, “Is there anything you don’t already know or have a plan for? An unexpected regret of any kind?”

Evan’s gaze remained contemplative as he said, “A great deal actually, but choosing you to head up this operation isn’t one of them. You truly are the best agent for the position. You may not believe me, but there is at least one other that does and ahhh….. here she is.”

Sonia came back into the room and taking her hand Evan stooped down to kiss it as a gentleman of old would have done. Letting go he indicated me and said, “Consider your first assignment to relax your husband. I assure you it is no easy task in doing so, but one you are uniquely qualified to do.”

Evan left then and then Sonia was pulling at my hand and dazedly I followed her. The entire trip to the hotel went by in a blur.

The only relief I had was when the door of the penthouse suite was closed and locked behind me. Bitter anger rose up in me.

What fools they all were to think I was ready for something like this!

Tapping my forehead against the door, I began to mutter out all of my reservations about everything, even as I fought the urge to sink my hand deeply into the drywall nearby. Suddenly it occurred to me as if from a long way away that I was not alone in life anymore.

Completely embarrassed at what must appear as insanity, I turned from the door that I had been plotting destruction against and looked around for Sonia. She was nowhere to be seen.

I looked down as something laying on the floor caught my gaze. It was a hand written note.

Stooping down I picked it up and read it, ‘When you’re ready you will find me in the shower.’

Helplessly I let the note fall to the floor. Wiping at the sweat on my forehead, I fought a struggle against comfort for only a moment before my feet led me in the direction of running water.

Along the way the path was marked out by articles of her clothing. Reaching the bathroom I stepped into it feeling like I shouldn’t be here.

I was too turbulent, to simply messed up. Helplessly I looked at Sonia with longing through the glass as she washed her hair clean.

Not able to help myself or force myself to go away, I stepped into the shower fully clothed. I didn’t have words and she didn’t speak any as she turned to me and began undoing my sodden tie.

My shirt followed along with the rest until I was left with only my raging erection that was all for her, but I was a man torn. Looking into my eyes as the warm water poured down, she reached up and tugged at my shoulders.

Emotions were rampant in me, but above all, I didn’t want the beast I truly was to hurt her. Her hands kept tugging and with reluctance I fell to my knees.

I didn’t want to touch her. I didn’t want to lose control.

With that expressive gaze of hers, though she reached forward and grasping my head, she pressed it against the valley between her breasts and without a word said she just held me tightly in a hug that wouldn’t let go even as the warm water poured down over both of us. My body began to shake and as it did her hands coasted all over me soothingly and as time went by I woke up to the reality of not being angry anymore.

Suddenly the touch of the water against my skin was gone. Her hand was tugging and numbly I followed after her.

Still wet from the shower she fell onto the bed and I was there with her in the next instance. Her lips were on mine and instead of raping her with the force of my former emotions I gently eased my shaft into her and then back out until at long last I came.

Not able to bring myself to move that is where I stayed even as I fell asleep with her arms holding me tightly to her. Later I woke up, only to feel that she was now the one laying on top.

Lifting her head as she was roused from sleep as some sense alerted her to the fact that I had woken she began kissing me and then her thighs were splitting apart and she was pressing down on to me. She made love to me in the same soft slow way as I had to her earlier and for what seemed like hours we drank in each other’s breath as she glided up and down slowly upon me.

Eventually we both came and as she lay spent of all energy on top of me it was I that held her. We were going to be okay.

I was going to be okay. God knew what He was doing to be sure in order to have put this woman in my life. Things would be okay.





Three Months Later - Location: Mumbai, India

I was quickly finding out that most things in Mumbai, India were for sale that is if the right leverage was used. One of the items for sale was loyalty, if one could call loyalty to be had at a price that.

In short, the biggest dog in the ring got the meat, always though there were the underdogs whose backstabbing thrusts were only to be expected given the swiftness of the takeover within the realm of human trafficking that had occurred.

Dark sunglasses in place I stopped at a street corner and waited for an open air three wheeled taxi to swing over. One did break out of the flow of traffic promptly and as it came into the curb I swung into the backseat and the taxi was off again without so much of a break in transition.

The nice thing about India was that most people understood at least some English, while some were more fluent than most Americans. Even with that said I was still working hard at learning Hindi.

After all, if I was going to be the top of the food chain of human child traffickers in the country the most notorious for it in the world I had at least better learn the language. The plan that the Agency had settled on was simple and had come by way of Sonia’s suggestion.

Instead of camping out with surveillance and putting the crackdown on individual operations that would only go towards making the other higher-end operations go to ground and weather out the storm we were instead going for an open approach as the newest and the biggest buyer in town. Acting like one of them and better yet interacting with them gave us an amazing catalyst for discovering the entirety of their operations.

We needed no excuse to spy on the opposition that hated us and the lower echelon leeches were only too glad to inform us of everything going on within their spheres of influences in exchange for the higher buying prices we offered. In a way we were acting like a global conglomerate recently come to India with an objective of running everyone else out of business who didn’t agree to work with us and use us as their go-between to the world market beyond India’s shores.

Gaining such a monopoly was not popular at all within this dark world of operations that rarely saw the light of day. Even having the opposition to our takeover of the industry at our throats was in its own way a benefit as it gave us the legitimate excuse to defend ourselves and take down those who didn’t want to play ball.

The only problem with this strategy was that I was a proverbial piece of bait that attracted violence most places that I went. I had no problem with that as long as I kept coming out on top.

The troubling thing of the moment, though wasn’t the bullet or knife blade that might materialize any second out of nowhere or even the sight of the gang tattoo on the forearm of the taxi driver, no, it was the police. There were actually quite a few good cops and our takeover of this illegal practice of human suffering had attracted their attention.

We had purposely kept the local police forces in the dark from the get-go as even though there were good ones there were also the corrupt ones or worse yet the ambivalent ones who really didn’t care one way or another if a child was kidnapped or not. No, it was best to work independently of the law.

In a way that was how the Agency worked best anyway. We weren’t interested in being known of and having our exploits talked about on the world stage. No, it was usually far better to maintain the mystique of power that the Agency had gained for itself that made even presidents and prime ministers nervous.

Over the years the Agency had been tried to be rubbed out of existence by multiple syndicates and governments, but always and sometimes only by the Grace of God the Agency had survived to the present day. Now it was my responsibility to represent it in yet one more of the biggest operations to date.

We weren’t going for chump change. In three months of steady market usurpation most aptly described as a blitzkrieg maneuver tactic my phony syndicate had cornered over 50% of the market and purchased over 400 children. In keeping with form we had shipped the children to all four corners of the world, but instead of underworld brothels and private buyers they were sent to secure facilities where they were being kept safe until they could be returned to their families.

It was a shell game that was quickly wearing out in terms of believability, but we had acquired a vast amount of intel over the course of the past few months, the only question was had we waited too long in pursuit of the last few loose ends before pulling shut the trap? Time would tell.

Running a close second to that in terms of worrying issues was that we’d gotten word that the police were planning a crackdown of their own and I, Rorian Marlowe, by sudden notoriety as the big American man on the ground was the biggest target in their sights. The police were a force to be reckoned with and frankly police tactics in this corner of the world were about as brutal as they came.

My mind drifted away from the busy array of thoughts besieging me daily as the man in charge of over 60 some agents and their handlers and settled in on the increasing nervousness that my driver was manifesting. Taking in the situation I sighed.

Oh well. Peace and tranquility for the moment were over.

Leaning forward I tapped the driver on the shoulder and waited for him to look back. I held up a thick stack of local currency and his sweating forehead started to pour out moisture in earnest.

He wanted the money, but with reluctance, he shook his head and said, “They’ll kill me, Sir.”

“Suit yourself.”

Standing up I swung out of the moving taxi and grasped a hold of the railing of a faster moving bus that had a hole in the traffic corridor that our current line of bogged down typical Mumbai traffic did not. The driver made a sharp exclamation and reached for a gun as I waved goodbye to him.

He never got the chance to fire the gun as with an explosion the taxi shattered apart in a ball of flame and lose particle debris. His masters weren’t taking any chances it seemed.

I tapped the earbud in my ear, “Thanks Sissy. I owe you one.”

“Thank me later I’m detecting multiple laser lock-on signatures to your suit!”

Immediately I dropped away from the bus for fear of pedestrian casualties. Dodging through moving traffic I didn’t miss the puff of dust kicked up ahead of me or the heavy smack of a bullet into the hood of a car I had just passed by.

They were using silencers. Everyone on the busy street around me was unaware of the silent war going on.

It was a war that needed to be ended before a passerby got hurt. I dodged behind a large planter that promptly had several bullets smack into it.

As clouds of dirt rained down my gaze met that of an older boy standing nearby that was taking in everything with what appeared to be a ready sense of shocked excitement instead of the fear one would expect to see. Winking at him as bullets continued to hammer into the concrete planter, I brought my arm up before me.

The jacket sleeve of the coat became the representation of a digital screen. The shooting telemetry of three active and widely spaced apart snipers came into perspective as the smart suit analyzed bullet trajectories in order to accurately pinpoint the points of origin.

Reaching into my suit coat I pulled out three cigars. I twisted each one and they each beeped as they synced with the core processor embedded in the suit.

Things were set and with a toss I sent the three cigars up into the air. The back ends of each cigar fell off as each shot off like the miniaturized rockets they were.

With speed they curved around obstacles to each find its target in a matter of seconds. To the tune of three distant explosions I stood up and brushed my suit off.

The boy’s mouth was gaped open and with a smile I tossed one of my concealed daggers to lodge into a street tree that he was standing nearby. His eyes tracked over to the expensive knife and then to me in shock.

I tipped a finger to him in salute and continued on my way, none the worse for wear even as the boy tugged his souvenir out of the tree with excitement. I rounded the next corner as sirens began to ring out behind me.

Even though sirens were ringing nobody was looking at me and the boy was well beyond informing on me as he took time to admire his new acquisition. Things were…… all shot to hell!

I stopped as members of the local police force stepped out of the woodwork all around me. These were the good ones.

The desire to be free of them was immense, but to do so meant killing and these were the wrong men to kill. Lifting my hands in surrender I stood still as they came in on me from all sides.

Sissy was having a panic attack in my ear.

“Sissy have them start preparations for the roundup. This is what we’ve been waiting for. We’ve never looked more legit then right now by having me picked up by the cops.”

“But what about you?”

“I’ll be fine. Now cut the feed.”

The line in my ear went dead and as the chief inspector came close to me he reached out and pulled the bud out of my ear. He held it in his fingers as he looked at it thoughtfully.

The technology he was holding was quite advanced and meeting my gaze, he asked, “Who the hell are you big American?”

My lips parting in a smile I said, “Clint Eastwood.”

Fury darkened the man’s features and I watched his fist come into my field of view. This was going to hurt.

It did. I fell backward to the concrete as a half-dozen or so booted kicks came crashing into my sides, even as my head was treated like it was a soccer ball. I was scum to these men and for a good reason that I could well appreciate and that I even respected them for still it was very hard to take this beating and not kill them in return.

As consciousness began to fade I heard the inspector say, “Take him to the safe house. There’s something I don’t like about this.”

There was a lot about the moment that I didn’t like. Being hit like I had been for one and also likely being late for dinner with Sonia being the other.

I let myself be dragged away as I welcomed the beckoning waves of darkness that came pressing into my mind from all sides.




With a start, I came awake and looked up into the face of the man that had thrown a bucket of water onto my head. Shaking my head, I flexed about and discovered that my hands were tied off behind my back and further secured off to the chair that I was sitting on.

Without warning I was slugged hard and then again and again and again. Smiling as blood dribbled from my mouth, I stared at the chief inspector seated in the shadows.

My focus upon him was broken again as my head was jarred by another hit. I knew enough of Hindi to make out the inspector saying, “Enough, we’ll do it again in the morning. Three more days of this and he’ll tell us whatever we want to know.”

The enforcer and two other onlookers left the room, followed by the chief inspector. In the other room, I heard them rambling about my gear that they had divested me of.

“I don’t know inspector, never seen such gear on a villain before, it’s like he’s some kind of secret agent or something.”


“What would they be stealing our children for?”

“What else, Americans want money and they don’t care about how they get it!”

I nodded my head ruefully. He had a point when it came to some individuals that I had crossed paths with in the past and sadly, many of which I still knew existed in the present despite the best efforts of me and many others.

I heard the scrape of something against concrete and peering back over my shoulder I beheld the boy from the street. He pulled himself over the balcony railing with an impressive agility that spelled out prior experience, most likely gained as a thief.

With only a momentary hesitation he came towards me. Stopping behind me he pulled out the knife that I’d given him and went to work sawing at the ropes binding my hands and feet to the chair.

Staring at him out of my one eye still open enough to see by I silently asked the question of why he was doing what he was.

He shifted about awkwardly beneath my gaze before whispering out, “I don’t think you are the bad man that they say you are.”

I nodded, even as I reached out to squeeze the boy’s slim shoulder with my recently freed hand and quietly say, “Thank you. I owe you one”.

Standing up I watched as the boy gestured to the balcony only to then glance back nervously at the closed door from which voices sounded out from behind.

I shook my head no.

“Please sir!” He begged in a whisper.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, Pelan, you see it’s like this. As a man you will learn that there is a time for running, a time for turning the other cheek, a time for fighting, and more importantly for the moment a time to enforce respect. Without respect what is a man but a vessel full of days that has no real meaning to its existence. With respect a man sees each day for what it is, a blessing from God and I don’t mean one of your idols that you’ve got on decadent display all over this city. No, if a man wants respect sometimes he has to fight for it.”

That said, I grasped a hold of the back of the wooden chair that I’d been tied to and walking to the room’s door, I opened it and stepped through into the other room dramatically poised for the fight.

Four pairs of startled eyes lifted up to me and I said, “You know what they say about payback don’t you or is that only an American saying?”

I swung the chair and it disintegrated under the force exerted upon it as I smashed two men at once with it. Two legs of it were all I had left and with them I smacked the remaining two free of the guns they were busily reaching for.

It was a free-for-all then, but not another hand was laid on me as I wailed away with both chair legs until all four men were laid outstretched on the floor with ample evidence of damage to be seen. Only the inspector was still conscious and that was by design.

I squatted down near his head and heard him mutter out, “Go ahead! Finish me off you American bastard!”

Looking at him contemplatively I said, “Wouldn’t dream of it. In your own right, I applaud you for your dedication to duty because I know how much money you’ve been offered in the past to turn away from doing your job, but there is one thing I have against you. In my country we have this principle of innocent till proven guilty, though I grant you all notion of adhering to that has vanished for the most part from America’s courts, but as a principal I think it still holds water. You should try it for yourself sometime. Now, back to business, keep your cell phone on you at all times. Pretty soon I’m going to have a present for you. A present that you will like. Now remember before you ask me any questions, innocent till proven guilty.”

“Who are you?”

“Nobody, but what I’m about to do is something that is near and dear to both of our hearts. That’s enough for now. Keep your phone on you, and when I call you be ready to listen. Got it?”

The man nodded and said with a discerning look to his face, “I’m sorry. I thought you were something else.”

“Entirely understandable, but next time ask a few questions first, okay?”

The man nodded and I stood up. The boy was still in the other room.

“Time for you to run along home Pelan.”

He shrugged, “What home? The street is my home.”

Squinting through my swollen eyes at him for a long moment I eventually arrived at a decision. Picking my phone off the table I decrypted it and rang through the number at the top of the list.

“Where are you at?” Came Sonia’s voice fraught with worry over the phone into my ear.

I winced as it was not a good thing for an expecting mother to be kept in a state of worry such as I had put her in.

“Am I too late for dinner?”

Sonia’s voice sounding calmer said, “No, I can warm everything up. Rorian… you’re okay, right?”

“In a matter of speaking.…… I mean there’s a little blood, but nothing that can’t be washed off. Do you have enough for three to eat?”


“See you soon Honey.” I ended the call.

Pointing to the ordinance and tricks of the trade that came with my profession as an agent, I said, “Mind sweeping all that into a bag for me?”

The boy leaped forward to the task and awkwardly I swung my coat on. To say I was a bit stiff was an understatement.

Refocusing on the boy I saw him, offering out a pillow case full of items no child should ever play with.

“You carry it. Come on.”

I walked out the door of the house and Pelan followed along as if he was my shadow. The boy’s giddiness was infectious and I found myself smiling despite how much it hurt to do so.

An expensive looking car swung over to the curb directly and four agents swung out of it as even with a wince I felt about at my lip. Smiling had been a mistake.

Tori Flanigan shook her head full of red curls and stated, “There is just no killing you is there?”

I smiled again and said, “Many have tried. How are things going?”

“Just as you said. Everyone in the underworld relaxed upon the news of you being nabbed by the police. In fact, it seems like a grand celebration is taking place.”

Nodding, I said, “Tonight, we move tonight.”

Tori nodded and said, “Sonia is very worried.”

I nodded and gesturing to the car I indicated for Pelan to get in. He did so with eyes as large as dinner plates.

Tori and the others watched with appreciation as closing the passenger door, I said, “Find another ride, as it is I’m already late for dinner.”

“Yes, boss.” Tori said with a smile even as the others tipped at their eyebrows in a salute as I pulled away from the curb.

I made good time through the traffic of late evening Mumbai, which was in its own way a miracle. Pulling through the gates of my own safe house complex that had been set up by Salif for me I brought the car to stop.

Getting out of it, I was closely followed by Pelan. He was older than I’d first thought him to be, maybe 14.

He was underfed to be sure, but that was about to change as the smell of dinner wafted out of the house to my waiting nostrils. I went up the stairs and through the door that was held open by another agent.

Pelan followed behind looking like he felt very much out of place. Gesturing to a chair I said, “You can throw that stuff there.”

He did so, but he did so gently, which was just as good as there was enough firepower held in the bag to necessitate a complete redo of the foyer should it accidentally go off.

Sonia stepped out of the dining room. Her hand went to her mouth at the sight of me.

I held up a forestalling hand, “Just surface damage love. This is Pelan. Can you see him seated and I’ll be right in after I wash up.”

I went down the hall to the bathroom. Glancing in the mirror, I flinched at the sight of the creature that I beheld there.

All things considered though I’d looked worse than this before. Tearing off the rest of my shirt I began splashing water over my face and torso as needed, making a complete mess of the sink area.

With most of the blood washed off I went about mopping up my mess on the floor with a hand towel. I threw the bloody towel into the bathtub along with my shirt and headed back out into the living space of the house.

I was tired, sore, very much hurting, and yet….. it was hard to explain because despite all of those things I was completely wired. I was alive and on the verge of capitalizing on a great moment in both my own personal life and for the Agency that I loved.

Sitting down at the table I began dipping up a plate of all the delicious food that was arrayed before me. Sonia was an absolute wonder in the kitchen and though every mouthful was going to cost me a great deal of pain I simply didn’t care.

I was home and home to me these days was wherever Sonia was. Glancing up I saw her looking at me watery eyed.

I glanced to Pelan and saw a boy fighting with everything he had not to gobble down the food on his plate. He very much reminded me of someone, and that someone was me once upon a time.

Bowing my head as I clasped my hands together, I said, “Father, thank you for this wonderful meal and for the one who prepared it. I am truly grateful to be here to enjoy it. Let Your will be done this night, even as I ask in Jesus Name that our plans will be a great success.”

Opening my eyes, I slapped my hands together and said, “Let’s eat!”

Pelan needed no encouraging but dug in with the will of a 14-year-old long famine coming to an end. I ate as well as I could manage to do so, which wasn’t as much as I would’ve liked to.

Sonia ate very little as her gaze remained fixed on me almost solely. The level of love I felt being directed my way was simply inspiring.

Truly the more I was with her it seemed that life never tapped into before blossomed to life. I had so much to live for.

I…… I was happy.

I looked away from my plate of food that had come to be a bit too painful to keep up with consuming and glanced with everything that I was at Sonia and her gaze met mine. She saw everything.

With a look of open love she got up from the table and left the room without even saying a word. My gaze followed her as she left the room, then glancing at Pelan, I beheld a boy who looked to have reached a point of completion rarely achieved in life. He was also quite sleepy looking.

“See that sofa?”

Pelan glanced to it and nodded.

“It’s got your name on it. Sleep well Pelan.”

I got up and he did too. He looked choked off as he fought for the right words to say, but instead they came out as tears.

Stepping close I hugged him and had the satisfaction of feeling his thin arms close about me tightly in return. I’d never been one to give to others openly, but what could I say, lots of things were changing.

I let go and stepping back, I patted him on the shoulder and started for the bedroom. I stopped as Pelan said, “I want to be like you! I want to stay and learn. If you want me that is.”

I turned back and took him in and saw all the qualities to be seen about him that once upon a time another agent had seen in me and I repeated the same words as at one time had been said to me, “You may stay, but only on one condition.”

“What is it Sir? I will do it.”

“I don’t want you to be me, I want you to be better than me.”

Pelan nodded thoughtfully and said, “I will try Sir.”

Nodding my head in acceptance I continued on my way. The bedroom door was open before me and I entered only to find Sonia waiting stretched out on the bed.

Smiling, I kicked off my shoes and half tripped my way out of the rest of my clothing. Reaching the bed, I crawled up onto it and kneeled beside the growing mound of my child safe and warm within his cozy home.

Leaning forward I kissed the silken skin of her belly that was rising up with life that I had seeded into her. Her hand ruffled through my hair endearingly as she lay there naked for my pleasure.

My hand found her hip and gripping it, I turned her onto her belly as I said, “You’re cutting off oxygen supply to the baby.”

She laughed even as she came up onto her knees. Coming in close behind her I speared into the moist depths of my woman with relish for all that life was in this moment.

I didn’t last long and as I came I held deep as the last of me was expelled into the welcoming depths of a woman who seemed to know me more than I did myself. Weariness assailed me and with a groan of remorse at having to leave a very good place I pulled free and fell to the bed.

She was against me in a heartbeat whispering in my ear of her love as even then she began kissing my bruised features. Mumbling with tiredness I said, “Wake me up in two hours. Two hours, don’t forget.”

“Yes, Darling. Sleep my love.”

I did so with relish as I turned my face into the softness of her breasts even as she half cradled me in against her. My lips moved against the warm swell of her breast, “I love you.”

I was gone to sleep then and missed her answer in reply of likeness even as her tears fell down to wet the pillows as her eyes took in the damage done to her lover with remorse, even as with supreme happiness she thanked God over and over for the return of her husband. Taking his hand, she pressed a kiss to the palm of it before placing it over her womb.

Her hand stroked upon her husband’s strong back as she sought to get enough of this man, whose very occupation threatened to see him dead and not return to her one day. It was useless to try.

She could never get enough of him. All they truly had was now.

Pressing endless kisses to the crown of his head as he sought refuge against her breasts from the world she begged out over and over to God that this man would always return safely home to her. The future was so uncertain, but for the next two hours as her eyes watched the clock her barrage of pleas at heaven’s doors did not cease.

Two hours came to be and with tears in her eyes, she nudged him awake gently. His head lifted and he gazed at her in the moonlight for a moment before kissing her passionately in a way that had to hurt his split lips.

Pulling back from her, she in turn fought a war not to hold on to him. He slipped off the bed and was soon gone from the room.

Dropping to her knees beside the bed Sonia prayed only to cry with brokenness in fear of the unknown. Peace touched her suddenly and with a shudder of awareness her eyes opened, only to hear a voice from within her soul say, “Your son will know his father. Do not weep as one mourning since I am able to deliver victory and even so I have already done so.”

Crying with relief and thankfulness Sonia crawled up onto the bed and in only the passage of a few more moments of time she was fast asleep and dreaming of her man coming home to her. Life may be uncertain, but God was not.


A Golden Moment

Ten squads of five agents each were at work all at once. I sat in the communications van placed centrally to the action taking place in the broader sections of Mumbai.

My eyes flicked back and forth across the wall of screens showing the real-time progress of all the teams. Each team had a handler and in supervision over each of the ten seated handlers was Eleanor Kentridge, otherwise known as Sissy.

She stood or more aptly spoken, hovered, by my side biting at her nails. She was only 23 years old, but she’d held her position of significance at the Agency for over four years.

She was a child prodigy that had never stopped progressing. I knew she was taking in all the conversations coming in from all ten squads even as she had the ability to play more than ten games of chess with different opponents at the same time.

The feedback communications from all ten squads were being fed into her earpiece simultaneously and the mere thought of what a jumbled array that must be like to decipher would have driven me mad. For all her brilliance, though she like most geniuses was socially awkward, which was sad because as a whole she was quite cute.

I’d never entertained anything with her, instead fostering an older brother type persona despite the fact that I knew she’d always been open to more. I’d wondered how she’d take to Sonia and to my surprise the two had gotten quite close. Sissy seemed to have set her sights elsewhere and that was good, because the two of us would have been a disaster together.

It was dizzying the amount of information needing to be surfed through right now, but in general things appeared to be going well. This was the largest single night operation by the Agency in years and the first of any kind that I was directly responsible for or even involved with.

I would much rather be one of the squad leaders out on the streets, then cooped up in this van as I was. It wasn’t to be though, as like it or not the tentacles of leadership beckoned.

Glancing to one screen I noticed something about to go wrong and pointing I glanced to Sissy, only to see her nodding as she spoke directly into that squads command line overriding the handler’s directions that might have led to a disaster.

Situation averted, I glanced away. I really wasn’t needed here.

Tiredly I rubbed at my sore eyes only to regret it instantly as my hands came in contact with my still swollen face. Sissy was shaking my arm and I looked back to see all hell breaking loose at team 5’s location.

Without a word I turned and stepped out of the van. The reserve team came alive and swung their legs over their dirt bikes even as I did the same.

I kick started the bike to life and roared out into the street, followed by the other five agents all of us sounding like an angry swarm of avenging hornets.

This was more like it. That said, I tempered down my excitement with the knowledge that agents might have already been lost, let alone the potential for harm to come to children being held as captives against their will.

We zipped full throttle around dirty street corners, sending late-night city goers into panicked disarray. The sound of heavy gunfire echoed out up ahead.

It was the kind of disturbance bound to attract attention. Pressing a finger to my ear I made the call I already had in the queue waiting to be made.

A voice came alive on the other end in Hindi, before cutting to English, “It’s you bloody American isn’t it?”

“One and the same. Stand down your forces and keep them at home. I don’t need your guys getting shot up in the line of our fire.”

“Who do you think you are to tell me what to do in my own city?!”

“I’m the guy who beat you and three others to a bloody pulp with a chair leg after you made hamburger out of my face. It’s your choice, but any funerals in your department are on your head and not mine. I repeat, stand down.”

I ended the call as we arrived on the scene. Twisting the handle I chewed up the steps of a slum underworld palace on the back wheel of the bike.

At the top of the stairs, I smashed through a pair of glass french doors. My fellow bikers lifted pistols and snapped off shots at armed gunmen running about in panic as their reserve shattered apart because of never being in a confrontation like this one before.

I gestured and two riders came abreast of me just as we smashed through the other side of the palace built on the money of selling others into slavery and worse. My flanking riders reached out and grasped a handle of my bike as I let go and stood high.

We zipped across the short elevated inner courtyard patio and hit air as we shot out over the balcony. In air I unstrapped the machine pistols from the fuel tank and bringing them up I let them chatter in crisscrossing arcs of whispering death as their ammo belts zinged upward only to have the shells sent flying in short order.

The terrain ahead of us shattered apart as hundreds of rounds spewed forth in a leaden rain meant to destroy and terrorize. The pinned down team members of group 5 ducked out of cover and advanced after us even as every enemy gunman shuddered in panic behind whatever solid bulwark of protection they could find.

The pistols clicked empty and I let them drop even as I somersaulted over the back of the bike. The flanking riders let go and peeled off to the sides to once more smash into the house through glass entryways even as my bike lit the night sky of this corner of Mumbai as it exploded against the wall of the house.

Shaken gunmen started standing up as if befuddled into a state of shock by what was going on and my teams took no mercy on them for their oversight. This wasn’t a nice war. This was a war meant to bring an end to something beyond detestable.

Pulling both side arm pistols free I let them click with suppressed aggression and added my bullets to the barrage that was making this place turn into a bloody massacre. As enemy gunmen fell I stepped into the house.

Sissy’s voice was suddenly active in my ear and following her directions I made my way through the mansion of a high ranking government official/underworld profiteer. What better guise to hide under with such an illegal operation than a position of public and political authority.

A place where honest cops would always be forbidden to enter and search under even the noblest of pleas for justice to be served, but such was not the case tonight. This was one of the benefits that the Agency had working for it.

We simply didn’t care what kind of political anthill we kicked over because we were not politically motivated or funded by those who were. We were an unseen entity working outside the scope of others influence who thought they controlled the lives of others that they held spheres of influence over.

Everyone had to answer up at some time though to someone and tonight it was those who thought it was cool to steal the children of others for profit, while their own children slept peacefully in their beds at night. It was this darkness in the hearts of men that bore the need for eradication because those possessed of it simply weren’t worth bartering with.

My guns were a constant hammering staccato that dealt out death with precision as I advanced down a bay of cells filled with screaming girls and boys who somehow recognized in me a savior from the torments they had been thrust into. As they reached out through the bars trying to touch me, I did my best to take out the guards at the other end before innocent lives were taken out in crossfire or ill aimed shots.

The enemy fell and reaching the end, I dealt one a shot to the back of the head as his hand started to move toward a fallen gun. The original team’s handler was on the com line, “All positions secure. The official and his wife are in custody.”

I spoke, “What about the police?”

Sissy’s voice came over the com, “All cameras show no action on their part to leave the police stations. Seems like you made quite the impression.”

“Maybe, or maybe they stayed put when they heard whose meat house we were tearing down.”

Agents were quickly unlocking cells and as they did the flood of enslaved individuals were directed down the safest avenue of escape from the estate. I had not expected there to be so many children here.

As it was we’d rented every available van that the city had to offer for tonight’s operation and I doubted that there was enough space for all those I saw gathered in the vans allotted to this team.

A boy no older than six stood crying completely overcome by everything and a girl no older than maybe eight turned back to pick him up. I beat her to him and with him balanced against my hip and her holding onto my other hand, we brought up the rear of the parade from the cellblock.

Mei Ling and Art Cassidy came behind us with assault rifles at the ready to pulverize anything that moved into final submission.

Worried about what to do with so many extras I landed out on the street side of the mansion already planning the possibilities of what could be done. Sissy had beaten me to finding a solution to the problem.

She and several other team handlers were ushering in kids into the back of the communications van. Seeing me Sissy quickly said, “Don’t worry, all the other operations are closed up. This is the last one.”

Nodding, I passed off the boy and girl. The girl moved off and then stopping she looked back at me and then she was running.

Leaning down I caught her as her arms wrapped around my neck as she cried out gratitudes spoken in Hindi and English. Her arms were like a golden weight about me as I felt some of the darkness I had about my soul dispelled.

Hushing her gently, but wanting to appreciate the moment for the great success that it was I lifted her up and stepping forward I pressed her into the back of the van again. She let go as the doors were shut, but to my dying day I don’t think I’d ever forget the look in her eyes directed at me with every part of her being.

I’d done something good. It was what the Agency was about anyway, but this moment went deeper.

Hurrying up the side of the van I stepped onto the step rail and hung on as it began barreling its way down streets even as early dawn began to break forth upon the beginning of a new day. Gun held out to the side at the ready for any sign of trouble I instead felt like I was in a daze as I reflected upon everything that had occurred.

How had so many things gone right?

“Thank you God! Thank you for never giving up on me.”

The van cleared the outer suburbs and sure that it would reach its destination without hindrance as not one cop appeared to be on patrol anywhere I dropped off the van. As it roared away out of sight I tucked my gun away and walked down the street.

An early-morning fruit vendor was setting up shop and coming around the cart she extended a mango out to me. She had a look to her that said she knew what had happened this night.

I accepted the mango and made as if to pay her, but her hands gestured no. Nodding, I thanked her and continued on down the street.

Biting into the fruit I found it to be the sweetest I’d ever had in my life. It was gone in what felt like seconds and looking back I made to call out my thanks for what had been the best tasting of all fruits I’d ever had, but upon doing so I abruptly grew still.

There was no fruit cart and there was no woman either. Looking to my hand, I took in the very real mango pit that I held, even as the taste of it continued to explode across my taste buds in what I knew would be a memory not easily forgotten.

Breathing shallow, I contemplated the reality that I’d just had an encounter with an angel, an angel that had looked at me as if I was a fellow worker in something good, the shared goal of protecting the innocence of children. A call came into my ear and distractedly I took it while still staring at the empty street.

“So from what I hear the operation was even better than what even a great success could be defined as. No children hurt, no agent casualties, over 200 gunmen neutralized, and every targeted objective fully completed. Words fail to say how much I am in awe of your first time in charge of an operation Rorian.”

Evan’s voice seemed to me as if but an echo as my mind traced over everything that had happened, which had me saying something in reflection of the reality of the moment.

“What was that Rorian?”

Speaking louder I said, even as my hand gripped into a fist about the mango pit, “I can do anything through Jesus Christ strengthening me.”

Evan’s voice seemed to contain a smile as he said, “Yes, indeed you can.”

“Sir, it wasn’t me. Don’t give me credit for this. It’s all God.”

“Indeed, so it is. It’s a wonderful feeling to be used as a hand of God, isn’t it?”

“Yes Sir. I…… I don’t want to be paid for this.”

Evan chuckled, “I understand, but the facts are you’re going to be knee-deep in diapers soon so your request is denied. Relish the moment you’re in right now Rorian. Days will come when the justified honor of what we do in seeking to please our Creator won’t seem as real to you as it does in this moment. This moment can never be taken from you no matter whatever the future may hold. When times get hard remember this day and keep fighting to see another one like it.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Salif has everything under control. Go home and get some sleep.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The call ended and I started to walk. An open air taxi pulled broad side of me and with a glance at the driver I saw him gesture to the empty seat behind him.

I swung in and sat down still feeling as if I was in a dazed form of reality. The city streamed by and then stopped.

Blinking, I recognized my own safe house. It dawned on me then that I’d never told the driver where to take me.

Getting out I looked at him even as stooping down on the floor he picked up a basket full of mangoes. Numbly I took the proffered basket from him as he held it out to me.

“Thank you.” I whispered, as staring at the man I looked for something deeper than the mortal form that I saw before me.

Smiling, he shook his head and pointed upward, “Thank Him. Much good has been done this day, but best of all a man of faith has gained confidence to believe that bigger and better things can be achieved to the glory of God.”

I nodded in acceptance of the truth. This night now turned into day had forever changed me. I would never be the same.

The man smiled and pointing ahead to the rising sun even as police sirens finally began blaring out in a city waking up to scenes of bygone chaos, “Keep going forward in faith, Rorian. Don’t look back at your past. It’s already forgotten by the One who judges all, even as you are washed clean of it by the innocent spilt blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ. You are a new creature. Dwell no longer in the shadows of memories of someone you haven’t been for a long time.”

My gaze took in the new sunrise only to come back to see that like the fruit vendor the taxi and its driver were no more, but the basket of mangoes remained in my hand. Going up the steps I unlocked the door and stepped inside the house.

Walking by the living room, I saw Pelan fast asleep. Smiling, I took a mango and rolled it across the floor to where he would notice it when he woke up.

Going into the bedroom I closed the door and sat the basket of mangoes and the mango pit down on the dresser. I was going to plant that thing.

I slipped my flack vest off along with my guns and assorted knives. I tossed the earbud to the far corners of the room.

Still fully dressed, I laid down with a groan upon the bed. Sonia instantly came awake.

My eyes were already closing though. She kissed me and I grunted even as my hand sleepily stroked her cheek in response.

Sighing peacefully I felt her move down and pull my boots off. Sleep was quickly beckoning to me as she came to slide under my arm and cuddle into my side.

I heard her voice filled with intrigue speak as she moved my hand to rest on her bare hip, “Your hand is sticky?”

I felt her breath on my face and she asked, “Have you been eating mangoes?”

Falling into the tunnel of unconsciousness, I nonetheless quickly mumbled out, “Don’t throw the mango pit away. It’s….. important.”

Sonia took in the even rise and fall of her mate’s chest as he gave over to much-needed sleep. Placing her hand over the steady beat of his heart, she smiled, and as she nuzzled her face in against him she said, “I wouldn’t dream of throwing your mango pit away Darling.”

There was something significant going on here, but it could wait. Right now was a promise fulfilled and in contented peace Sonia drifted off to sleep in the arms of the man that she loved more than life itself.






Two Days Later, Mumbai India

A parade began, few were available to notice it at first as it started from the wharf district and began to make its way into the city. Then people did notice and Mumbai, India came to a screeching halt as a parade of young children ranging from teens to those barely able to walk that numbered in the hundreds stoically marched through the streets of a stunned city holding signs with messages displayed in all of the local languages.

The messages were varied and ranged from, “Where were you when I was stolen?” “What were you doing as I was raped?” “Why did you forget me and stop looking?”

As people flocked to fill the street as the parade of children made its way through the heart of the city there was not a dry eye, even as rage beckoned as children on the edges of the parade handed out booklets. Held within the booklets was the list of every accomplice, every spotter, every cop, and every ordinary person employed in the kidnapping of children.

A picture of each individual was shown along with what their role had been. Even as crying parents descended upon the parade of children seeking reunitemeant, a city woke up to the task that had been started by outsiders, but was one that the burden of had been theirs from the first, and with single-minded purpose hunted down every offender listed.

Not one of those who had profited in the nabbing of children was left alive by nightfall as members of even their own families helped beat them to death. In India it’s not considered murder when a large group of people takes an action into their hands and delivers justice, it’s called a public outcry.

The police did nothing to stop the carnage and all that night and into the next day the minutes ticked by that not one child was stolen, because suddenly a city woke up to the power that can be employed when people unite behind a common goal and the wolves of society were forced to flee and prey no more upon the innocents of humanity. Of the agents that had removed the criminal element behind the operation, nothing further was gleaned as the children were not talking and all traces of them disappeared as if they were clouds of smoke dissipated on a windy day.

The example made in one city had a trickle-down effect and those involved in other cities found themselves cracked down upon like never before as the herds of humanity awakened to the reality that they as a whole were stronger than the wolves preying upon the most vulnerable members of the herd. Instead of letting the calves be drug down, the herd moved and returned to drive away the wolves from the weakest and make a unified front of defense around the most precious possession of any herd or tribe of humanity and that is the next generation.

Sometimes big changes have to start with those who seek no glory for themselves and are committed to doing what’s right no matter what even if it means losing their own life. Such people are few, but the opportunity to become one of them is open to everyone.



Seven Months Later

The squalling ball of life in my arms was angry, but with a smile I took in his angry face even as he tried to squeeze the life out of my finger. He was strong. He was beautiful. He was mine!

Sonia looked on from the bed with delight. She was exhausted, but nothing could make her look away from the sudden scene of silence as baby and father stared intensely into each other’s eyes.

Smiling the two midwives finished cleaning up and making sure that she was fine they exited the room still smiling. Life had been born into the world today and the power of the event was tangible.




I glanced away from my son to see Sonia taking me in with a smile, “What?”

She shook her head, still smiling, but didn’t give me an answer.

I came to her and with reluctance I released the precious bundle of life that would not let go of my finger. He did then though, as instinct took over as with a perfect latch he sucked on to something good.

Sonia jerked and gave me a glance, as she fought a war to survive the moment. Smiling through the pain, though she looked down and stroked the baby’s cheek as he filled his empty tummy with the goodness to be found in a pair of breasts that I was convinced had no equal just as the bearer of them didn’t either.

With the voice of a mother Sonia coaxed, “Is it good? You’re just like your daddy aren’t you baby?”

He blinked and then went back to sucking and kneading her breast with a hand that had imprisoned my finger and forever won my heart. Smiling, I sat down and watched as a new life started out right, fully ensconced in the protection of two parents willing to die to see that no harm whatsoever came to their child.

The world may be full of children that had no one to care for them, but such was not the case in this room. Sonia looked up and smiling at me she patted the bed beside her and quickly I claimed the spot beside her, even as our little warrior drifted off to sleep with a belly full of rich milk.

Cradling him close Sonia tiredly laid her head on my shoulder. I in turn let my head fall to rest against the top of hers even as her free hand entwined with the fingers of mine.

Despite all the odds against both of us in our lives, we had come together and now we were a family. Peacefully we soaked in the moment, relishing every moment of it, even as the world raged on outside feeding on its own.

Not here, though. Not today. No, not ever.



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