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The Warriors of Ar’mora

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Table of Contents

Responsibility Taken

A Call To Battle



The Judgement

New Life

Again and Again


“My beloved is mine, and I am his:
he feedeth among the lilies.”


Song of Solomon 2:16 KJV



Chapter One

Responsibility Taken

Torin looked up from the glow of the cast-off candlelight at the sudden disruption he felt in the night. He had been here at Arn for only three days and yet he had the sense that something was different about tonight, even though the noisy ruckus of the jungle at full swing all around the city was undiminished in volume.

Rubbing at his eyes Torin straightened up in his chair and then quickly rose to walk towards his outside balcony making sure to blow the candle out along the way. In the moonlit darkness he made his way through the rest of his darkened palatial quarters to softly step out into the cool moist air of the night.

There was a sense of vibrating energy in the air and the feel of it caused Torin to silently break out in prayer to his Creator for both help and discernment. An answer came then as suddenly the dark spirit that had infiltrated the compound was exposed as if lit up from within until it fairly glowed in the darkness.

With a hiss of awareness it glanced about quickly and then unerringly its glowing gaze rose in the darkness to stare up at Torin. Nothing was said between the man and the invading spirit, but then suddenly the dark visage of the spirit smiled, showing all of its pointy teeth and with a throaty chuckle it bowed low as if in attendance at a high society ballroom event and began to make its way back the way it had come, until it disappeared into the shadows.

Torin watched several long moments more before turning to leave the balcony. He couldn’t avert from being slightly startled at the presence of a man standing just within the room.

Recovering his momentum upon recognizing his brother Mahlon, Torin moved on by him into the room. His fingers found the matches on the table and striking one he relit the candle on the table as Mahlon turned away from the balcony to advance upon the table as well.

Mahlon leaned over the table to study what Torin had embroiled himself for hours on end at gazing upon. “Learning the lay of the land I see.” Mahlon commented, as he took in the old maps and tattered remnants of parchment that lay on the table.

Torin wasn’t misdirected that easily, but got to the point of the matter, “When I got here three days ago you said you were having problems. Is that thing outside what you meant?”

Mahlon didn’t look up, but noncommittally said, “Not sure. It certainly has to be a part of some problem though. I’ve tried to set a trap for it, but that’s been a useless endeavor. I…… I don’t know what the problem is Torin. I thought I knew what control was, but I feel like it is slipping away somehow. Things just aren’t right. Something’s off. Never in the previous 11 ½ years that I’ve been here in our ancestral homeland have I felt as vulnerable as I do now and I don’t even know why.”

“Some threats go largely unseen until it’s too late to do anything about it.” Torin commented softly.

Mahlon looked up and Torin read the passion to be seen in his big brother’s face as he said forcefully, “I don’t want that! I don’t like surprises. I’m putting you in charge of this Torin. I want you to find out what’s going on. It feels as if our kingdom is about to be swept away by a dark tide of force I can only get glimpses at here and there and yet you’ve been here just three days and through your prayers I watch that dark shadow of a thing get lit up like a candelabra.”

Torin shook his head as he said, “I just prayed Mahlon. I don’t have superpowers or anything of the sort.”

Mahlon leaving his spot came around the table and put his arm across his brother’s shoulders and pulling into him slightly, he said into Torin’s ear, “How do you know? God made you different Torin.”

Letting go Mahlon turned and began to leave the room as silently as he had come. He called out as if in afterthought, “I certainly think so anyway. You have a way of seeing things that others don’t.”

Feeling the burden of something needing to be said Torin called out as Mahlon reached the door, “It’s been here before. I don’t mean recently either. It knows its way around. Actually, I think it’s relearning its way around the city, because not everything is the same as it once was since you rebuilt it.”

Mahlon had stopped and, turning back, he asked, “How would you know that?”

“I sensed it.” Torin responded back with.

Mahlon blinked before asking, “Anything else?”

“It won’t be back.”

“You sensed that too?”

“No, it told me so.” Torin responded back with evenly as he scanned his brother’s eyes for any sign of disbelief.

He found none even as Mahlon said with a nod, “Father was right about you.”

A moment passed by before Mahlon asked, “Tell me then Torin what do you think is going to happen?”

Torin looked away from his brothers probing gaze to the table strewn all over with maps and assorted fragments of Ar’morian history. “I’m not sure.” He admitted before then adding, “But I know it’s not good. Ar’mora fell once and we yet to this day have no clear understanding as to why that was other than that it had to do with something of a loss of faith on our forefather’s part. A judgment of sorts was enacted against us it would seem. Tell me have you found any place in the ruins with more history of our past than I have gathered here before me?”

“No, I haven’t. I can tell you though that whatever happened in the past was a sudden event. All three cities along with the villages were wiped out virtually within a few days of each other and I’m certain that such a thing couldn’t have been pulled off by headhunters. As for Lycana it seems it persisted for some time past that, but succumbed to different factors of evil in the end. You’ve read Tyree’s report on it haven’t you?”

“I have.” Torin commented.

Both men stood there, then as if at a loss for what to say until Mahlon finally managed to force out, “Well, I’m sure you’ll figure it out.” That said he left the room leaving Torin alone with his thoughts.

Torin stood there a moment in contemplative silence before leaning forward to slam his fist down on the table making the whole thing jump. It was the only outward expression of the mountain of responsibility that his brother had just heaped on top of his shoulders unceremoniously.

He’d been over and across every map and paper on the table at least twice and taking the candle with him he abandoned the room. Making his way down the palatial corridor of the palace, he reached the main stairway and began his descent.

As beautiful as this place was he couldn’t get over the feeling of the past few days that this wasn’t home for him. Maybe that feeling would come in time. He hoped so anyway.

Making his way through the early morning gloom of just before sunrise he traveled to the spot where the creature of evil had stood. There was very little traceable evidence to be discerned and then with eyes widening he took in an area of flat stone pavement where the individual had first been revealed to him by God.

There was something on the flat timeworn stones. Kneeling down, he picked some of the foreign looking material up to rub it between his fingers.

It was sand. Sand that had been bound up by the invisibility cloak the creature had worn.

The creature hadn’t been human and yet it had some features reminiscent of humanity. A hybrid?

Such a thing was possible and as Torin’s mind filled with all sorts of ancient history and lore he brought it all to the forefront to help him learn and figure out the puzzle of the problem at hand. An ancient hybrid like creature that came from a place of sand.

Holding the sand up to his nose, he sniffed it, but smelled nothing. It wasn’t sand from the river as it lacked the pungent odor of decay of stagnant water gone rancid.

So if not the river, then where? Immediately Torin’s mind went to his younger brother’s report of a strange desert land situated within the heart of the farthest reaches of the jungle. Could that be the origin of this sand?

Walking forward upon the stone clad patio contemplatively Torin made an abrupt stop as his eyes in the strengthening light took in the clumps of sand situated further on upon the stone flagging. Extinguishing the candle’s now unnecessary glow with two fingers Torin with sudden gripping alertness scanned his surroundings in search of a second threat.

Could there have been two of the hybrids? He had sensed only the evil presence of one, but then who did the second evidence of sand belong to?

Amidst that thought came another of why had he left the comfort of his room without taking a weapon along of any kind? As tempted as he was to turn back and fetch a weapon he was impelled to go forward more.

There was more trail to follow than there had been of the other being and Torin felt confident that he was now dealing with just an ordinary man. Making his way through a tight hedge, he caught the lingering essence of a scent separate from that of the hedge.

It was the scent of perfume. He was following a woman and not a man!

On a slight rise, then he saw her. A dark cloaked individual stood poised on an overlook of the city.

Inexplicably drawn to discover the mystery of this strange visitor in the night Torin grew steadily closer, until from about ten feet behind her, she spoke out in a rich voice full of the flavor of a unique culture, giving accent to the way she spoke what must be a secondary language for her, “That is far enough. Any closer and I shall kill you.”

Torin reluctantly came to a stop in respect of the voice’s wish. Angling around to try to see around the side of the cloak he was taken back by surprise by the sudden mournful sounding tone of her voice that had lost all of its domineering imperialistic edge of moments before, “If you love your people then you will tell them to leave. Even the native villagers as I feel they will not be spared this time as they were before.”

“Who are you?” Torin asked loudly as the incredibility of everything she was saying struck him hard.




I left his request of me go unanswered as I continued to stare out over a burgeoning city on the move upwards once more after having seen centuries of the absence of daily interaction. Leaving the man’s question unanswered only made him impertinent and as he strode forward I lifted my arm and brought the razor sharp edge of the blade of my saber to rest against his throat.

I’d had to partially turn to him in order to do so and I got my first real look at the man who had crashed not only my own cloak, but also that of the black demon known as Horgan.

As a man he was breathtakingly handsome and had a look of open honesty to him that was rare to be seen among the prideful men of my people.

The rumors were true then. The men of Ar’mora that had returned were of a nobler sort then the men of the past.

Knowing the caliber of the man that I held at bay with the edge of my saber I mourned all the more for the loss of a civilization that truly had the appearance of something good about it. The man breathed strongly against the blade of the saber at his throat without fear and I watched him raise his hand towards it.

I couldn’t permit that. With a flick of the wrist I nicked him on the hand and then sweeping the tip of the saber up I drew blood down the length of his strong jaw with a drag of my razor-sharp blade across it.

He blinked with surprise, but made no effort to move backward and so reluctantly I gave ground and backed away from him. I needed space for the travel charm to work and there was something about this man’s spirit and the honesty of his gaze that confused and seemed to weaken my purpose that with rising alarm the need to escape now pressed heavily upon me.

Giving voice once more I said, “Take my words to heart. Get everyone out of here! You can’t stop what’s coming. You’re only one man and when they come they will have all the power of the gods at their command and just as before Ar’mora will fall.”

Of all things, then he smiled and a little incredulously I took in the whiteness of his teeth and full lips as he asked, “What’s your name?”

“What?” I asked, feeling as if I’d heard him amiss.

“You heard me. Now how about it.” He pressed with still smiling as a deep red bead of blood dripped from off his chin to the ground.

Perhaps I had misjudged this man. He was clearly not very bright that much was clear.

Shaking my head as seemingly my warning to this man went unheeded I engaged the charm and the whirling light of its effervescent power surrounded me. I glanced once more to him only to see his smile gone, with it now replaced with a look of pity even as he said, “You really shouldn’t be having anything to do with such dark enchantments as they only bring nothing but the loss of the soul.”

Feeling overwhelmed by his censure somehow I lashed out with, “And what would you know of it white man? You know nothing of true power!”

He smiled sadly and then with an amazing swiftness he was before me and the lightly tanned skin of his strong hand reached completely unimpeded through the charm’s shield to take a grip upon my cloak. A grip that promised to not let go and in stunned surprise, I heard him ask once more, “What is your name? I asked nicely and I expect an answer.”

His face was resolute and unused to being addressed by a white man in such a forceful fashion I said, “Colana.”

He shook his head and said, “That’s a lie.” Surprisingly then he let go and stepped back.

He gestured broadly and said, “Go if you must, but know this, I’ll see you again. That’s a promise.”

Shaking my head in consternation, I pressed the charm components together and was immediately gone from the rebirthing grounds of an ancient city to once more be standing within the hallway of the grand palace just outside my living quarters. The guards to either side of my door blinked, but made no other move in regards to my sudden appearance.

I made for my chambers even as one stepped forward to open the door. The other guard spoke, “Your father the king left word that he expects you to be in attendance at the council of war tonight.”

“Did my father leave a reason as to why I should be there?” I queried.

“He did not Princess Haquara.”

I nodded and moved on into the rooms beyond. Why did father wish for my presence at a council of war?

Making my way through the lavish surroundings of a powerful king’s only daughter, I stepped out onto my balcony and stared out over the magnitude of my people’s attainment through the centuries. Truly, we hadn’t built all of it ourselves.

Without the slaves of Ar’mora that we had kept in hard-pressed bondage for years without end over half of these structures wouldn’t even exist. The enslavement of Ar’mora had been the catalyst for my people’s greatness and now with the return of the descendants of the escaped exiles of the past, there came before the Empire of my fathers a pressing issue that had to be dealt with.

What would happen if the slaves that outnumbered my people better than two to one suddenly discovered that Ar’mora existed once more? That was the question before all the Sand People to consider and for my father the answer was simple.

The presence of a resurgent Ar’mora was not to be tolerated and the answer to the problem was to wipe Ar’mora and all those who gave them shelter off the face of the earth in order to avert the prophecy that had been given centuries earlier. A prophecy that told of a future abasement of my people and the loss of the life that was afforded through the use of slaves doing all the work.

For my father such a thing wasn’t to be tolerated. I on the other hand, saw things differently.

I had no wish to benefit from the actions of a slave forced to live its life out in backbreaking bondage to a people who had taken the initiative to attack a culture that had threatened to outpace their own. Vanity, all was vanity.

There was no need for over half the buildings before me as they served as little else but for ceremonial function and as a testament of my peoples prideful achievements. The attainments of pride were everywhere to be seen, but what good was pride without honor?

Just this morning I had seen another kind of city far different than this. A city not nearly so grand as what lay before me stretched out endlessly in the sand, but it had been a city of homes and bright futures, whereas all that stretched out before me right now was posed in coldness, with a soulless lack of caring for what the cost to achieve all this had come at.

I was not alone among my people with such sentiments, but within my father’s high court I was. I’d done all I could to warn Ar’mora. Their blood was on their heads now if they chose not to act upon my warning.



Chapter Two

A Call To Battle

Anna glanced up from where she worked over cleaning the cut on Torin’s wrist to see him once more gazing off into the distance as if reliving a moment. She didn’t think he quite respected how close he had come to death, but truly what did that matter when a woman was involved. A very special woman at that.

Her lips curled slightly into a smile as she asked, “Was she pretty?”

“Beautiful!” He replied back dazedly.

Anna grinned at Torin, as he continued to stare off somewhere past her.

“In what way?” She asked leadingly.

“In every way!” He affirmed.

Still smiling, but with a small frown of censure easing in Anna raised her hands up to capture his face and bring his point of focus to rest upon her, “Torin she could’ve killed you.”

He nodded within her grasp and admitted, “I know that. I don’t care though.”

Anna let go as she sighed out, “Oh dear.”

Giving him a contemplative look she said, “You think she’s the one. The one in your father’s prophecy that he urged you to press your seed into deeply when you got the opportunity to?”

Torin shrugged worriedly before wiping a hand across his brow and saying, “I hope so. I mean, God hasn’t told me that, but I…… I want her! I never……. never been like this before.”

Anna nodded, smiling and said, “Well then it looks like you’re going to need to look for the right opportunity to press it into the hilt brother.”

Torin’s handsome face flushed with embarrassment, but Anna didn’t miss the resolution within the set of his broad shoulders or the straining pressure against the front of his pants to accomplish that very thing. The scholastic side of Torin was a bit absent at the moment.

Shaking her head Anna said, “You brothers of the house of Arn are all alike when it comes down to it. You vary a bit on the surface, but each one of you has a heart of gold and a soulful ache not to be alone and without the physical comfort of being buried in the woman you select as your mate. I very much am glad to be a part of this family. I want the best for you Torin and right now seeing the way you are about this woman in the night I can tell you that you’re never going to be at peace until you explore this road to the end.”

Torin nodded, “I know. I need to go after her.”

Anna looked down and asked softly, “What about what she told you? The warning that we should all leave and if not that we risk bringing calamity upon ourselves. Do you think she was serious?”

Torin nodded, “Very serious. I am in no doubt that she thinks we are in danger of being wiped out here by some force. A force I would surmise that must originate from within her people.”

“Her people?” Anna asked curiously.

“Yes, she’s very different from us and the natives. She’s black. I never saw such beauty before or a regality of bearing in a person before. Her skin was ebullient with life and her eyes…… they were a dark brown and they just seemed to draw me in endlessly. She was almost as tall as me and she’s strong. Stronger than a woman of our people is typically I think. She was utterly amazing. Do you find it wrong of me that I should want a woman of color such as she having come from the South like you have?” Torin finished with questioningly.

Anna shook her head vigorously no, “Goodness no! I’ve never felt that the color of a person’s skin meant anything at all. I’ve never supported slavery of any kind and I have no reservations whatsoever of having a sister of such a color added to the family, if that answers your question.”

Eyeing him up speculatively, then she added, “I imagine the combination of you two together will make some very fine looking babies.”

Torin looked down and nodded, but his whole bearing was suddenly very pensive.

“What is it Torin?” Anna asked softly.

Torin looked up and Anna read the worry in his gaze as he said, “I worry that I’m not enough of a man to do what needs done. Either to head off this attack on our people or to claim such a woman as she is. I……”

Anna’s hand closed over his and with intenseness she said, “Listen to me dear brother! You are a man of God and so your fear as to how to overcome this threat is entirely misplaced as it isn’t you who is going to accomplish anything, but rather the Spirit of the living God working from within you. If He has purposed for us to survive here and go on as a people then it will be and I believe that to be so and even as I have, that faith, I know that when it comes down to it everything needful of being accomplished to that end will be. I also feel within my spirit that this is a task that you have been solely selected to the accomplishment of. God is going to do great things through you Torin! I just know it!” She pressed upon him passionately and nodding Torin said, “Thank you Anna. I’m so glad you’re part of our family!”

“Me too.” She said, nodding and then with a bit of a daring gleam in her eyes, she added, “As for the woman. You say she’s the forceful type?”

Torin nodded.

“Well then, a little rope and lovingly done restraint wouldn’t go amiss to help aid in staking your claim so to speak.”

Torin started to object over doing such a thing, but Anna pressed on over his objections to state, “Listen to me dear brother. You are a gentleman at heart, I well know that, but in this initial phase of your relationship with her you can’t be. That’s why I believe your father told you not to hesitate. It’s okay to be more elemental and take what you want sometimes. You’re neither a hard man nor a selfish one and so I know it’s difficult to contemplate what I’m saying, but I think it’s for the best. You need her respect and if you relegate yourself to the role of having to ask for what you want nicely from such a woman as her then you’re never going to have it. So understand what I’m saying is not to be brutal or anything like that, but rather be in control and yes a bit selfish to start out with. If she’s who you truly want, then waste no time in claiming her. There will be time for gentleness, later.”

Torin gazed at her for a long moment then before saying, “Tie her up you say.”

Anna shrugged and said as she rose up to her feet, “It’s only a suggestion, but do make sure you don’t make the ropes too tight.”

Surprisingly Torin nodded and delighting in this new found raw side of her best friend, who’d provided her with food and a safe place for years before she’d been a part of the family, she leaned over and whispered into his ear, “And if she gets out of line and starts trying to be the boss then fold her over your knee and spank her.”

Torin blinked repeatedly, as he gazed up at her in shock and smiling Anna picked his one hand up off his lap and because she knew such a thing as spanking an adult woman’s rear had never occurred to his innocent soul, she instructed him by saying as she cupped the fingers of his large hand together, “Remember this, it’s very important. Don’t smack both cheeks at once as that will hurt in a way you don’t want it to. Cup your hand like this and smack one cheek at a time and you’ll do just fine.”

Wide-eyed, he stared at her as still with a smile on her face, she let go of his hand and kissed him on the forehead. “Enjoy yourself Torin, even as I pray God gives you the strength to avert the tragedy intended for all of Ar’mora.”

She left him then, but she didn’t stop praying for him.




Torin glanced back at the city behind him. Emotion worked hard upon him as he gazed at it.

It hadn’t felt like home to him in the short time that he’d been here, but right now it was hard to leave it. He could still see Anna, Dayha, and his three brothers standing in the distance.

They’d all prayed over him. Actually, many had prayed over him.

Mahlon had made it a citywide event and he’d taken it further than just that. He’d laid out before everyone the unseen danger that could cost everyone their lives and Torin could still hear Mahlon’s words echoing within his head as he had addressed the city, “I don’t think this is a battle won in the physical. I truly feel that we will be wiped out if we’re depending on palisade walls and arrows to deliver us from the dark spiritual force I feel that has been leveled against us malignantly from an unseen foe. I think you all feel the same pressure of darkness that I do, as I can see it on your faces and many of you have told me of the visions of total destruction that you’ve had. If we don’t take all these warnings to heart, then truly our blood is upon our own heads for being so foolish. If you’re not right with your Creator then get right, because His divine intervention is the only thing standing in the way between you and annihilation. I feel strongly that this is the case and to that end, I and my house are going to pray and fast until this disaster that I feel is coming is diverted from us and in its place we find mercy. I invite you all and in fact I implore you all to do the same. Let us be unified in seeking the face of our God and humbling ourselves to whatever His purpose for us might be.”

It had been a new side to see of his older brother for Torin and the people had listened in mass. Even now he felt the presence of being built up from within as the collective prayers of a civilization besieged upon heaven’s gate for deliverance and empowerment for him to act as the prophesied intercessor for them all.

Humbled beyond belief and yet more resolute to a task than he’d ever been before Torin turned to the jungle and advanced alone upon it, but he didn’t feel alone at all. He felt as if he was in the presence of a very great company of warriors.

He started to run and his running feet moved faster and faster, even as a straight path opened up through the heart of the jungle in a miraculous fashion that defied any natural function of the physical universe. Indeed, he was running it seemed at the speed of twice that of the fastest horse and yet he felt only strength to run faster.

He was heading into a battle that would not consist of just flesh and blood, but of the spirit as even now the Spirit of the living God was upon him as a consuming fire burning away everything of waste in his life and leaving only what had been purified and tried by fire to remain behind. He was being changed and instead of drawing back, he pressed forward more into his calling than he ever had in life.

A warrior of the Spirit who was eager for the battle and at the same time a man of the flesh eager to claim the reward that was his for the taking.



Chapter Three


The question of why father would want me in attendance at this meeting meant to be a council of war was beyond me and not knowing the reason filled me with unease. I made my way slowly along the corridors of the palace complex as I was not eager to show my face at court.

Those of the High Court held no love for me and my odd views on a society that functioned without the use of slaves. In general, it was a thing of relief for the whole Empire that I was not an only child.

I had a brother from a different mother that was four years my junior and the most utterly spoiled brat that I had ever come across. No, I alone had inherited the majesty of my fathers before me and my father knew it, which was why for the most part he had allowed me to make my own way in life.

That said I’d gone a little too far this time though. Had Horgan sensed me following him?

If he had and my father had been notified of what I had done he would be furious. What did it matter though?

Ar’mora as it was in its beginning stages of redevelopment stood no chance against the ranked phalanxes of the Ticongan Empire. No enemy ever had.

We ruled with absolute power the inner reaches of this desert paradise as well as into the jungle itself. The farther you got into the jungle the harder to maintain control and so to a large degree, we exerted no interest within the surrounding jungle other than for its resources and abundant water supply to be found there.

The desert with its clear, open vistas and starry night sky was more to our liking anyway. We had once as a people come from a place much like this from across a great ocean and to us this was home.

I cleared the last of the glimmering hallways of overlaid gold and bejeweled artwork and with a court crier heralding my entrance I watched the great hall full of attendees come to an abrupt silence filled hush. I advanced steadily into the Hall with all the bearing of my royal lineage to give me support.

Many of those I gazed my eyes across did not bear the usual hostility for me that was typical of them, which in itself was alarming. Instead, they looked concerned, as if things were out of control and they didn’t know what to make of the new situation.

They parted before me like a wave and I made myself regally glide past them with all my usual confidence, but inside I felt like I was trembling. I came to the stairs before the throne and made my customary short bow in inclination to my father before I forced myself to meet his gaze.

Angry wasn’t the word for his gaze upon me. He looked insane and my brother sitting off to the left of him had the appearance of a cat that had been feasting on canaries. Father knew!

Fighting for calm I rose my foot to begin ascending up the stairs to my own seat off to the right of father, but his deep voice shook the Hall as he stood up to bellow out, “Stay where you are Haquara!”

I stayed where I was and squaring my shoulders, I met his gaze full on with all the pride of bearing that I could muster. I was not ashamed of what I had done and if I was to be punished for it then so be it!

I was no coward to run from a fight as my brother was. I could tell that my stance of boldness only angered my father more, but so be it.

He stalked down the steps towards me and I braced myself for his words and the humiliation they would bring to me being said in front of all my enemies gathered in this place. I loved my father, but in what he did now I hated him.

No words could prepare me however, as without a word said he slapped me across the face so hard that I stumbled back several steps. It was only pride that gave me the ability to keep my footing and not fall.

Red-hot blood sprayed into my mouth from a split lip and I tasted it with dismay as I stared at my father who showed no sign of remorse for what he had just done. He had never hit me before and by doing so he had just shamed me more than any spoken words ever could have.

Raising an angry pointing finger, he savagely said, “You have gone too far this time Haquara and I can’t protect you this time nor will I even try! You have yet once more brought dishonor upon your family’s name because of your foolishness of being a slave lover! No more!!! I’ve allowed you to have your way for far too long and now look at you glaring me in the eye as you stand contemptuously before me fully in the wrong for what you have done! I will not be disrespected like this!”

He looked away and for the first time I thought maybe I saw a glimmer of the father I knew that loved me, but then his eyes were back to mine and all I saw was an empty dispassion for me and within me I felt great fear such as I had never known seize a hold of me even as his next words gave proof to how utterly he must now hate me. Speaking slowly he said, “You are my daughter, that cannot be changed, but any chance you had at ruling one day is now over. I remove you as a Princess of the realm, which means I must wed you away, but your shame is so great no man of my court would have you. Your fate would to be then locked away in a room for the rest of your life, but others have spoken for you. Indeed, many have stated a wish to claim you and by the use of you create offspring of the Loquanin, our allies in the spirit realm, in this perhaps some good of you can yet be achieved. I hereby proclaim that I as your father have given up all fatherly protection even as I give you as a gift to the gods we serve and who have made us great!”

A gasp ran around the room as everyone looking on gazed among each other in astonishment as such a thing had never been done to the daughter of a king before. To be used as a temple breeder for the purpose of bringing forth those of the demon kind was beyond all punishments.

My father had just sentenced me to the life of a whore at the complete mercy of every temple priest and craven creature of darkness that wished to have at me. My punishment was truly worse than death and hot tears spilled down my face as I gazed at the man who had sired me, laughed with me, and who I had thought loved me, only to now prove otherwise as he turned me over to be a plaything for Darkness and all of its minions.

I looked my father in the eye and then slowly I turned to view the entire court, its generals, venerable scribes, magicians, and assorted aristocracy. Not one of them had spoken up. Not one had sought to counsel my father to do else other than what he just had.

Speaking loudly I said, “You are all cursed! Indeed, I fear our nation has become nothing but a curse! Is there any need for more proof than the fact that you all stand saying nothing as yet one more great wrong is committed before you?”

“That is enough!!! Seize her and prepare her for her marriage to the gods!  I want her chained to the high temple altar before nightfall!”

I was seized a hold of abruptly by the guards of the court and drug from the presence of my father and all those I had suddenly come to intensely hate.

I was hustled into a room filled with wide-eyed Ar’morian slave women, even as the guards who had brought me here barked out, “Prepare her for the marriage sacrifice!”

The slave women were at first slow to obey, but as slaves they had no choice. They stripped my clothing off, until I stood bare as the day I had been born, even as the guards who had brought me here looked on with the lust to have me, but refrained from doing so for fear of what one of or all the gods would do if they found me not a virgin upon the altar.

I stood still with my eyes tightly shut as the women worked upon me by snapping on golden bracelets, belly rings, and anklets, while others elaborately manipulated the knotted and brightly beaded strands of my hair into an elaborate coif on the top of my head, even as others massaged ointments into my skin that left me smelling perfumed and ready to be sacrificed in order that I might bare forth monsters the likes of creatures like Horgan. I couldn’t help it and with my jaw quivering I felt hot tears escape down my cheeks even as a loud sob threatened to break past my lips.

Cool work worn hands framed my face with gentility and in need of the comfort they offered I opened my eyes to behold a short statured older slave woman standing before me. Her white skin burnt dark brown and wreathed in wrinkles from many years of forced servitude in the hot sun was no detractor from the compassionate love I saw in her eyes for me. Speaking softly the older woman said, “Take heart child. We are praying for you and we have hope that there will be an answer to our prayers.”

My gaze went from her to the wet eyed looks of shared compassion I saw upon the faces of the other women gathered about me, who had just finished dressing me in a white flowing skirt and a white halter top encasement of silk that left most of the top of my chest exposed even as the jeweled necklaces of gold and diamonds sparkled about my neck and waist in a display of hedonistic wealth unmatched by few kingdoms on earth. How could these women that my people had oppressed and raped through the years without end have any room in their hearts to pray for me?

And yet they did. Their compassion threatened to undo my resolve to stand strong, even as the guard’s heavy-handed grips squeezed about my upper arms and the bracelets of gold that were there.

As the guards drug me away I said, “It’s no use. The gods will have me and…….”

The old woman holding one finger up called out authoritatively, “There is only one God and there are no others before Him. Take faith child.” She said at the last as I was hustled out of the room by the guards.

I tried to, but truly I had no faith in anything right now and so as I was drug within the tall pillared columns of the temple my mind ran and filled itself many times over with all the horror that was about to happen to me in this place. I saw the demon Horgan and baring my teeth I pulled against my restraints in my desire to at least kill him.

The guards held me back and Horgan laughed as he watched me struggle against them. Coming close he said, as he allowed his cat eyed gaze to drift down my form with lust, “I’ll have you myself dear, but first the others. Our fathers are coming here tonight and if you think we’re bad, then I say you can’t even imagine what they will be like. They’ll turn you inside out with their passion!” He burst out with laughing in a tone that no human would ever have managed and in revulsion from the darkness of his spirit I allowed myself to be pulled on by the guards.

Far from the shocked countenances of those within the High Court the visages of both demon-men and temple priests gathered here was one of delight. Crying now completely unrestrained, I felt them drag me up the stairs to the altar and then with a heaved shove upward, I found myself lying face up and tied down in position in order to be of the fancy to the forced perversion by the gods of my people.

My crying eyes took in the fact that beyond the tall columns of the temple the sun was setting. When it finally did fall over the horizon, I knew that my tormentors would come.

The enormity of how little time I had left set me to screaming. Then suddenly there was a voice from within my head speaking, “Please stop screaming. I admit to being a bit lost here and I could use some direction.”

My eyes flew open to stare upward at the smoke stained ceiling of the temple as my voice fell silent of screams. Swallowing I forced myself to admit that in the fear and stress of this moment I had gone insane.

“You’re not insane. Now where are you?” Came the voice from within me again. The voice in my mind had no tone to it, as it was more of a feeling than an audible sound, but there was something familiar about it. It was the man from Arn!

“One and the same. Now would you please tell me your name?” Came the voice in confirmation and then in question.

Speaking out loud and feeling none too sure of my sanity in doing so I said, “Haquara.”

“Thank you Haquara. A very beautiful name and one that suits you well, I must say. Now, Haquara, where are you?”

“The tallest hill in the city inside the biggest of the temples located there.” I said out loud again drawing the attention of a priest standing nearby.

“Got it.” Came the silent response from within that somehow had a wealth of comfort to it in the way it impacted me positively.

Glancing past the suspicious priest I saw the near darkness of the horizon and with my lips quivering I said in as close to a tone of begging as I’d ever come to expressing in my life, “Please hurry!”

“I’m already here.”

There was a commotion towards the other end of the temple hall and I flipped my head in that direction and strained to see as to what was going on. In shock, I watched as none other than Horgan was sent flying through the air to crash suddenly against a pillar and then with a dull, heavy sounding thump land face down upon the temple’s marble floor.

I blinked as the man I had scarred with my blade strode with confidence across the expanse of the temple in route for me. Demon-men and priests alike that went to lay a hand upon him came only to find themselves hurled about as if caught in a sudden whirlwind. They were then viciously dashed off of pillars to then be discarded and fall like sacks of ripe melons hitting the floor hard.

Who was this man and by what power did he wield the strength of a god? Was he a god?

“No!” came the affirmative, one-word answer into my consciousness in answer to my last question.

In fear approaching that which I had felt for what the gods of my people could do, I gazed at him as he came in leaps and bounds up the stairs to suddenly be standing over me. The priests to my other side fled screaming and I didn’t blame them.

There was an aura of power about this man that frightened me to the core of my soul and yet it was not fear of him stealing my soul so much as it was something within him and yet apart from him that was capable of so much more than I fully comprehended. He moved his hand and but touched the locks on my feet and my legs came free and then he was at my head and my hands came free of the altar, but an interlinking chain of gold remained between both of my wrists. This he did not free me from as he helped me sit up.

A bit of the aura of power about him dimmed or at least went out of my focus as I swung my legs over the side of the altar only to behold him gazing at me with all the passion a man could possess for a woman. Swallowing I sucked in my breath as his warm hands came up to frame about my bare waist and pick me up off the altar only to then slide me down his front.

My full breasts pressed upward and threatened to escape containment as he drug me down his front. As my sandaled feet touched down I moved back from him only to be brought up short by the altar at my back and the grasp of his hand upon the golden chain linking my wrists together.

Breathing heavy I watched his gaze rise to mine only to now hear his voice no longer though in my mind, but once more as audible as it had been in our morning encounter say, “It’s time we left Princess.”

“I am no longer a Princess.” I said, not really knowing why I said it.

He shook his head and said, “You are the only true royalty this kingdom knows. Come with me now Princess.” He pressed tugging softly on the chain he held.

“Why?” I asked past swollen lips.

“Because I want you and because I love you enough to never abandon you as you have been this night.”

There it was as plain as day. This man meant to have me too, and yet surely it was different than the atrocities of this place.

Biting my lip I stayed where I was and nodding, he said as he released the golden chain, “Fine, have it your way.” And then proceeded to turn away from me.

Utter and complete panic seized a hold of me and I jumped forward to take his hand with both of mine in a death grip if ever there had been one as I exclaimed, “No, please don’t leave me here!”

He nodded and said, “Then take me to your room Haquara.”

“Why?” I whispered out with and commandingly he responded back with, “Because I can think of no better place right now to turn a Princess into a Queen.”

I felt hot blood rush to my face at the full implication of everything this man was saying. I had no choice, though.

Then again, I did have one. I could stay and be treated as the whore my father had willingly turned me over to become or I could go with this man who yet referred to me as a Princess and be solely his.

I stepped forward and whispering out barely loud enough to be heard I said, “This way.”

He followed close behind me as I led him from the temple. We had barely cleared the temple when with a groaning explosion of stone the entire roof of it imploded downward with such force that not one pillar remained standing.

I had spun back around to stare open mouthed at the utter destruction of one of Ticonga’s greatest landmarks, but the Ar’morian took my hand and urged me onward down the hill. Looking back over my shoulder at the complete devastation that the whole city was rushing to I couldn’t but help wonder at what could have caused such a complete collapse.

Had the one God of the Ar’morians done this? What other explanation was there other than that He had.

In trepidatious fear I glanced to the Ar’morian as he hurried me along through the heavy shadowed landscape of my home city. I directed him up the back way into my quarters and with a shivery sigh of exhaustion from all the emotions spent in full this day that had become night I leaned back against a pillar and watched as the Ar’morian moved on into the room.

He went to the doors of the expansive chamber and locked them securely. At his actions I felt tension break loose within my loins and I came away from the pillar as some dazed part of me came to the realization of what was to come next.

He went about the room, then in an inquisitive exploration of it that was curious to behold as it seemed that he was genuinely interested in what he could find of my preferences. He came to me then and try as I might, I couldn’t bring myself to move.

Truly where was there left for me to flee to? Nowhere.

I was without family or country and yet this man called me Princess. His hands picked up the chain that lay strung out between my hands that had risen up in case of the need to repel him. He gazed into my eyes and said, “I’ve wanted you from the very first moment I saw you this morning. You are the most beautifully exotic woman I have ever met, but you’re more than your beauty. Much more. You have a good heart and I want it too, even as I claim you as my wife from this day forward.”

“I am not……” I began to interject, but without warning and seemingly a bit out of character for his almost gentle persona he lifted the chain up between us and hooked it over a hook located far up the pillar that gave my upward stretched arms no more slack to move other than to stand as I was.

I felt myself begin to shake as the enormity of being at this man’s complete mercy overtook me. The urge to bite him and kick at him rose strongly within me, but I did neither as his large fingers framed my face to hold it still for his kiss.

His kiss was gentle and yet passionate and again, I did nothing to fight this man off. Instead, I stood shaking within his grasp of my face not feeling at all my usual self.

He was gentle, but there was something else about him that completely overwhelmed me and left me standing unresisting as his lips traced down my neck only to then trace down and feast upon the exposed plains of my breasts. I blinked and blinked again as his thumbs rubbed possessively over my cloth covered nipples even as his tongue delved into the sweaty cleft between my breasts.

I looked over his head and closed my eyes as I felt his hands coast around to my back and take a firm anchoring grip on the clasp of my halter top. His strong hands pulled and the clasps gave way. The fabric slipped away and for the first time in my life I felt the sensation of having my breasts supported by the loving grip of a man’s hands.

This man was a Prince of Ar’mora and I was a Princess without a home or a people who cared for me. In this moment it made sense to let this man claim me as his Queen as had he not fought for me? He had indeed and so I stood still beneath his touch.

I opened my eyes and felt a tremulous smile come to my lips as I beheld the most undeniably handsome man I’d ever seen, whether black, white, or brown holding my two breasts with his hands in a way that said he was far more than just pleased. His eyes glanced to mine and somewhat choked sounding he said, “You’re beautiful!”

I took a deep breath and leaning forward I allowed my breasts to swell into his hands even more. The look of shocked delight on his face was sweet and I asked, “What is your name Prince?”

His glance rose to me as one eyebrow arched up slightly, “I don’t quite care for how you asked that. Maybe you could try again.” He said with a smile, but his grip tightened ever so slightly upon my chest and biting my tongue I asked in a softer tone, “What’s your name?”

“Torin.” He responded with obligingly.

Arching my back and pushing my breasts into his grasp even more, I asked, as I shook my wrists stretched up above my head, “Could you let me down please?”

Smiling, he kissed me and thinking became a bit fuzzy then as he extended the kiss until as he broke contact my own lips tried to follow him. Opening my eyes with frustration I was just in time to hear him succinctly say, “No.”

Before I could object I found myself gasping instead as his wet mouth closed over one breast in a sucking clasp of its tender nipple. I blinked as his tongue began to press and play upon my nipple exploratively.

Biting my lip again, I tried to whether the extreme sensations he was invoking even as his hands slid down my sides to slip into the waistband of my skirt only to rip it wider so that with the release of his clasp it fell to the floor leaving me naked, except for the many golden bobbles that I was adorned with. I blinked and gasped out loud as his mouth’s attentions transferred to my other turgidly tipped mound of aching delight.

I pressed myself back and writhed my bare bottom against the pillar’s smoothness as the reality that this Ar’morian Prince intended to take me for the first time up against a pillar within my own room. There was nothing I could really do about it and yet I found myself at a loss to want to stop it.

I closed my eyes as his tongue aggressively licked my one nipple and the soft skin of my breast, even as his hands swept around me to grasp the cheeks of my bottom and stretch them apart with an intimacy of touch I had never experienced by a man upon my body before. In retrospect, there was nothing I really wanted other than to be where I was right now.

This man was no demon or filthy temple priest. No, he’d rescued me from something far worse than both and right now I was very glad to be back within my own room pressed up against one of my own pillars as he discovered all the secrets of my body with gentleness.

I gave up trying to stand and partially allowed myself to hang from my wrists as I felt one of his big fingers come up between my silken black thighs and press into the pink open heart of my womanhood. His questing finger found the tightness of my virginity, even as I moaned at the sensation of having a man’s hand upon me and now even within me.

“Torin?” I breathed out passionately.

His lips left my breast as he straightened up before me, but his finger remained within me and was a cause for difficulty in speaking what I felt needed to be said, “I’ve never been with a man and I…… I need to know something.”

“And what is that Haquara?”

“Is all this just you using me for pleasure in the here and now or are you serious about me being your wife from this day forward?” I said, as I gazed into his eyes, even as his finger came to a standstill within me.

“Haquara this is for forever. You’re my woman and my words were true in saying that I take you for my wife. Beyond this room and the here and now I will tell you this. Things are going to change. My people who have been slaves here are going free and your people are going to let them do so or they will reap the consequences. Tonight I claim you as my bride and tomorrow I will make an audience before your father the King. He will resist, but in the end he will let my people go, but in regards to you I will never let you go!”

There was the noise of something falling and looking down I witnessed that it had been his pants. His shaft now free of containment hung impressively erect before him and I couldn’t help but feel unease at the thickness of his shaft.

It was well known that the men of my people were large when it came to their manhoods, but gazing now upon this white man’s shaft I had to reflect, as I drug my tongue across suddenly dry lips, that there was simply nothing small about this man. My eyes rose to his even as he stepped close enough to let his shaft full of seed about to explode wet the skin of my belly.

I shook my arms beckoningly and to my surprise, he reached up and unhooked the chain. Gripping the golden chain with both hands before me he pulled with passion and the soft gold links pulled apart.

He let go of the chains and raising my hands, I let them grip down over his shoulders even as I hoisted myself further up the pillar aided by the grip of his hands. My breasts were now mashed up against his chest even as his hands gripped a hold of the halves of my bottom tightly.

I raised my legs and folded them together over his tight rear even as the pressure of his body against mine held me in place against the pillar. The tip of his shaft felt huge as it nuzzled among the folds of my womanhood and gazing into this man’s face, who held me suspended above the ground, I breathily said, “Everything you’ve said sounds good. I accept you as my husband.”

His impassioned face quirked slightly into a smile as he said, “Well, that is good to know Princess. Hold on to me.”

Nodding, I clamped my thighs around him even as with a gasp of pain escaping my lips, he surged the thick length of his shaft upward into me. He continued to press forward until his shaft was fully to the hilt within me, even as it had torn through my virginity with relative ease.

For a moment, then I fought him as his plunging shaft began to pillage my insides with passionate thrust after thrust of his hips into me that left me feeling beyond overwhelmed. He didn’t stop though and there was nothing I could do to escape the plunging hardness of him as I literally hung suspended up against the pillar at his mercy.

As time went on though it really wasn’t all that painful. Overwhelming yes!

Crying out as a foreign feeling took place in my body I then screamed as an indescribable pleasure shot through the core of my being to cause me to grip tightly about my husband’s shaft. One of his hands left from the support of the back of my thigh, leaving me even more suspended upon his shaft as the unknown waves of delight, so extreme they seemed painful rocketed through my body from the place he’d claimed as his.

Crying out in hysteria of emotion and foreign pleasure never before known to me, I felt myself shiver around his shaft as his big hand freed from the support of me closed down over my bare shoulder and pressed down with a forceful pressure that drove him even deeper up into me. My mouth falling open I cried out in a mixture of both expectation and alarm as I felt the heated thickness of his shaft withdraw most of the way out of me even as I felt the muscles of his buttocks bunch powerfully against the skin of my calves clamped tightly over his rear.

My body shaking in suspension and overcome with desire I admitted my need for him and begged, “Please!”

My eyes opened and stared into his as with shivery alarm I felt his second hand leave from its support of me. My bottom sank lower and as it did I was rooted once more onto his shaft, but not all the way and certainly not as deep as I wanted him and yet gazing into the fire of his eyes as his other hand came up to press down on my shoulder I despaired of being able to survive what was coming next.

Teeth gritted he passionately ground out in a timber a voice that made me shiver, “You're mine!”

I stared full on into his intense gaze as hanging fully suspended upon his shaft I felt his buttocks bunch and snap even as his hips drove forward and up. There was nowhere for my virgin sheath to escape to as with a white knuckled grip upon my shoulders, he held me solidly in place as his shaft went so deep it made me scream with discomfort and yet somehow it made me feel the highest intensity of pleasure that I had so far.

He held still locked within my depths as I shook with the force of his penetration into me and then it was as if a fountain went off in me. A fountain of his seed.

Despite the discomfort of his violence upon me, I felt myself once more engulfed in the grip of an orgasmic wave that left me screaming and saying unintelligible things as I hugged my conqueror’s head to me, as his breath bellowed out as loud as a bull’s, as he held still and delivered his seed deep into me. He had filled me to the deepest degree imaginable and with an exhaustive sigh, I slumped my head forward against his shoulder as the grip of orgasm released away from me, even as his own came to a full climax.

His hands left their bruising pressure on my shoulders. One swept down to once more help support me as the other swept around my head and hugged me to him tightly.

Not sure why, but feeling the answering pull of emotion I felt evoked by him my arms encircled around him tightly. His shaft slid free of me even as he swept my legs up with his arm to hold me against him.

With my face pressed up against him I could feel the intense throb of his heartbeat as his body shook to the thunderous pound of it. Feeling completely complacent, I conformed myself to this man as I breathed out my own rapid memory of all that had just occurred.

He moved away from the pillar with me cradled in his arms. Opening my eyes, I glanced over his muscled shoulder at the place that marked my transition from that of a Princess to this man’s Queen.

The evidence of his possession was clear as with a slightly heady thrill I took in the sight of my virgin blood stained upon the pillar of my room along with the wet stain of my man’s excessive amount of seed that I even now felt slipping from me in an erotic declaration of having well and truly been claimed.

He was laying me down and I let go of him as the soft perfumed covers of my bed touched conformingly against my bare skin. Straightening up my man stared down at me with an intensity of emotion that was alluring to behold.

This had been no simple orgasmic relief for this man. I could see that all too clearly written across his face.

What had just happened between us, though rooted in the physical had gone much deeper in terms of significance for him. He was clearly emotional in the face and I didn’t think any the less of him for it.

Instead, I felt almost warmed up from within with a feeling of closeness that I had never had with a man before. I smiled and patted the bed beside me.

He glanced away and I saw his gaze take in the pillar that he had conquered me up against. His jaw moved and he looked hard-pressed for words, but he wasn’t the type to step away from words needing to be said, that much I could see.

He had humility, which was something many of the men of my people had been without for over a thousand years it seemed. I lifted my hand up and grasped a hold of one of his and his gaze came back to me.

Softly I spoke meaning everything of what I said, “I know you won’t be that hard upon me every time. I do hurt inside, but it’s a good hurt. I’m glad it was you.”

Then, feeling completely overwhelmed at the enormity of how different this night had gone from what it could of been like I said as tears came streaming out of my eyes, “Thank you for saving me! You don’t know what you saved me from. I know you’re a good man. I saw that this morning when I warned you. I’m glad you came. You’re a stranger to me, but I know you care and I…… I’ll be your wife in every way. I promise that I will. That said, it might not be for long though if you really intend on appearing before my father tomorrow.”

A lot of the stirred up emotion in his face left and squeezing my hand, he said, “Let God worry about that. Right now all I want to think about is you. Thank you Haquara for coming to warn us. Thank you for being forgiving of me in how I’ve been so rough with you. And I thank you most especially for your declaration of wanting to be my woman.”

As he’d been speaking something had been happening. His shaft once more was rigid and the look of him down upon me was one of a male desiring possession of his woman yet again.

I was his woman, but the sight of his hard shaft with its thickness to spare had me apprehensive as to how it would feel within me as sore as I already felt. Not again, I silently begged, but I said nothing to indicate any refusal of the man I had just professed myself as belonging to.

His hand curved around my jaw and stroking his fingers along it, he brought my gaze back to his. He smiled kindly and said, “I’m not a monster. I know you need time. Trust me, there are a lot more ways for me to seek my pleasure of you than what we’ve already done. Do you have any massage oil handy?”

My gaze turned to one of open question and I really didn’t want to express the thought of what came to mind at such a request. I glanced once more to his burgeoning desire in evident display right beside me and I felt myself go hollow feeling inside as I contemplated the size of my mate’s manhood.

Among my people, it was a common practice, even a tradition, for wives to accept their husband’s shaft not only where it had been designed for as a part of procreation, but up there rears as well. Surely he wouldn’t force taking me in such a way on our first night together, even though it was the standard practice of my people to do so.

It didn’t matter if he did, though. It was his right to if he wished and I knew that should he not have intervened as he had this night my rear entrance would’ve been used more severely than the rest of me as the temple priests delighted in that practice more so than any natural practice of procreation.

Closing my eyes, I pointed with one hand to a nearby table that had jars on it. I heard him leave to go there and opening my eyes, I stared after him.

My gaze drifted over the muscled planes of his back to his tight muscular rear. I liked his butt.

I closed my eyes again, though as the imagery of him soon spreading my bottom apart to claim it with his shaft became a real fear. I’d rather him take me within my sore sheath again before him doing that to me.

I lay there fiercely wanting to speak up and object. In fact, I wanted to scream. Wasn’t one virginity enough for one night?

He was back at the bed and I heard him set the jar of oil down beside it. Mentally, I prepared myself for his command to roll over and present him with my bottom.

Instead, my eyes flared open as I felt the bed depress under the weight of his knee. I looked up at him in surprise as his other knee came down alongside of me.

He was straddling my belly and lightly he let his bottom down to rest against my naval. His erection was right there before me and not knowing what was going on or what to think, I let my hands nervously settle down onto his hard thighs.

Did he want me to pleasure him with my mouth? He was too far away for that though.

Uncertainly, I asked, as he dipped his hand into the perfumed oil of the nearby jar, “What are you doing?”

Giving me a direct look that had a smile in it, he asked, as he slid his large oily hand back and forth over his shaft in a display of self-stimulation that was oddly alluring, “What do you want me to do?”

Feeling choked past the point of speaking, I floundered about as to what to say as the sight of his now very oily shaft really said only one thing was in store for me. I closed my eyes and lips, only to feel his lips kiss me sweetly.

Opening my eyes to gaze into his suddenly close set gaze was only to hear him say with humor, “I’m not a monster Haquara.”

The answer was there to be seen in his smiling gaze. It was apparent that he knew what I was afraid of him doing.

He straightened back up and I let my breath ease out softly as some part of me relaxed and trusted him a little more than before. Still the question was what was he going to do to me?

His hand dipped into the jar again and then he brought it up to then drizzle the oil into a pool between my breasts that he now gazed hungrily upon. His hand lowered and massaged the oil about the valley between and then slightly up the rounded slopes of my breasts. That done, he raised his gaze to mine.

I knew what he wanted and with my breath caught in my throat, I raised my hands and pressed my now very engorged breasts together snugly. I’d never heard of a man doing such a thing as this and for some reason it both startled and aroused me.

Breathing heavy he slid up my torso slightly and then leaning forward to rest his hands on the bed above my head, I felt the drag of his heavy balls against my rib cage as the head of his oily shaft penetrated into the pressed together cleft of my breasts. There was a moment of stillness and then on a slow slide he stroked his entire shaft forward and the oily length of it disappeared even as the head of it now reappeared to me.

There was just something about the moment that seemed both very sweet and wildly uninhibited. This man was making love to my breasts!

I stared incredulously about as I watched his abs twitch and flex above me even as the thickness of him made snug passage through my breasts again and again. A consuming thought arose within me that I silently expressed in one unsaid statement, ‘I wanted him!’

I wanted this man! He was a complete stranger who’d taken me up against a pillar in my own childhood room and now it felt like he was branding me with his possession of my body and yet I loved it!

Breathing heavy I took in the sounds of his moans, even as my eyes were filled with the erectness of his shaft, as I pressed my breasts together for his pleasure. In no way what he was doing to me hurt and I felt tears slide out of the corners of my eyes as I realized again, as if for perhaps the first time how sweet this man was.

He wasn’t a warrior in the sense of the men who filled the ranks of the Empire’s army, but he had the strength of a different kind of warrior. He was emotional and kind. He was considerate and thoughtful.

He was totally unlike any of the men who had pressed for my hand in marriage over the years. He didn’t want to dominate me into subservience like they had.

Instead, it seemed that he was just more interested in being with me. I’d never had anyone who wanted just me the way I was.

His heavy breathing was deeper now and on a particularly deep instroke through the tightly pressed cleft of my breasts I leaned my head forward and formed the fullness of my lips around the head of his shaft in a wet kiss. He groaned and held still only then to press harder to the point that I almost couldn’t hold my breasts together.

Exploratively I penetrated the tip of his shaft with my tongue and had my first taste of a man. He was salty and the taste of him was exotic and somehow I wanted more of it.

With a groan, he pulled back his hips and the head of his shaft popped free of my lips. I let my head fall back to the bed even as he straightened up to look down at me.

His shaft had withdrawn from my cleavage and smiling shyly I let my hands fall away from the mounds of my engorged chest. He was breathing hard and was the epitome of a man in the grip of passion.

That said, he looked as if lost in the moment as to how to express something of importance. That was all right as I already knew what he wanted.

Reaching my hand up to grasp his right arm above the elbow I pulled hard upon the muscled sinews I found there and he willingly toppled over to the side and gave up straddling me on the bed. Raising up over him I looked him in the eye for a long moment before with a smile I closed my hand about the base of his shaft.

He was a handful and I felt a thrill at the feel of him in my hand. Giving him a look of sensual seduction I kept eye contact as I lowered my head and pursed my lips back over the head of his shaft in a wet sucking clasp of his flesh. He closed his eyes and groaned and I felt myself chuckle even as a pleasurable wave of power swept through me.

Squeezing my hand rhythmically I made short up-and-down strokes upon the base of his shaft, as I continued with the assault of my willing mouth upon the head of his shaft, which less than an hour before had held me impaled and suspended up off the floor. Now, as I tasted and played with this man’s strength, I found myself both in delightful awe and curiosity of how his manhood worked.

The sight of my black skin and pink palms next to the robustness of his engorged red and brown shaft was beautiful. His hips remained thoughtfully stationary as I sensed him fight against the urge to thrust upward into my mouth. He was very much a gentleman.

I saw his stomach muscles knot up tightly and I knew what was coming. I changed my playful grasp of him to a sucking clasp and instantly he cried out gutturally and began to spurt his seed into my mouth.

I gagged slightly at first, as I received the full taste of him, but I forced the urge to vomit back and continued on sucking his seed down my throat, even as I coaxed it from him with my lips and tongue. The cries of his pleasure were loud and I found myself desirous of yet making them louder still and to that end, I tried until at last his orgasm came to an end.

Squeezing just below the head of his shaft with my hand, I forced out the last milky dribble of his seed and I licked it cleanly away with a flick of my tongue. I let go of his shaft, then and looking upward, I took in his sweaty brow and exhausted demeanor with pride.

I had pleased him greatly and I had enjoyed every moment of doing it. Exhaustion then seemed to hit me and I gave in easily to the beckoning motion of his hand.

Crawling up the bed on my hands and knees, I then slipped down to lay my head on his arm as I lay myself half up against his chest. It only seemed natural to splay my thigh out over top of his, even as I relished the feel of his hand stroking down to press against my back and begin playing with my hair.

Peace, I had never felt so much peace before. I slid my fingers through the curly mat of hair on his chest wonderingly.

His other hand rose up and arrested my fingers by entwining with them and squeezing my hand, he said, “Thank you for doing that! Everything with you is so much better than I ever imagined it would feel like to be with a woman.”

I lifted my head up with surprise and stared into his nearby gaze and asked, “Haven’t you had that done to you before?”

“No.” He said honestly shaking his head.

I blinked and then point blankly asked, “Why not?”

“Because I haven’t been married to anyone before you.”

Blinking repetitively now I asked out loud in a quiet voice, “You’ve never been with a woman before me?”

Smiling a bit sheepishly, he said, “I’ve never so much as kissed a woman before you. You are my first.”

I stared at him in shock for a long moment before laying my head back down on his arm as I tried to think out what a possible solution could be for such a handsome studly man like him to never have been with a woman before. Not finding one I raised my head again to look at him.

I’d been his first even as he had been mine. Being in my position as a Princess of the realm it was expected for me to be a virgin, but in all my life I’d never heard of a man being a virgin by the time he claimed a wife for himself let alone a prince in his own right.

“Does it bother you that I was a virgin?” He asked into the stillness of the room.

I shook my head no and let it fall back against his shoulder even as I pressed my nose into the pit of it and breathed in the sweaty essence of him. How very different he was from all other men I had known!

I attempted to snuggle even closer as suddenly all I wanted was to be with the man who I could boast as having only ever been with me. His arm pulled me a little tighter, but with worry in his tone of voice he started saying, “I know I have some skills to learn. Frankly, I feel like I’ve let you down. I……”

I cut off all further speaking by placing my hand over his mouth. I closed his mouth and for a moment caressed his lips without looking at him before letting my hand drift away to rest splayed out over his stomach.

Feeling on the verge of tears again, I blinked repeatedly to clear them away. This man was a treasure. A treasure that I should never let get away.

My eyes suddenly felt heavy lidded and I closed them and drifted off dreamily to ponder upon the feeling of how happy inside I felt for the first time in a very long time. I fell asleep as I pondered further on just how long of a time that had been.




Torin stared up at the shadows of dancing torchlight upon the ceiling of this palatial suite of a Princess that had now witnessed her being claimed as his Queen. Outside the open doorway of the room’s balcony he could hear the tumult of a city on edge over the collapse of their greatest temple.

His mind wanted to delve into the running of scenarios as to how tomorrow would go, but he resisted against it. Sufficient were the evils of tomorrow without having to think about them now.

Right now he let the whole focus of his absorption rest upon the naked woman pressed lovingly up against him. How his life had radically changed for the better!

He had felt like a different man when he’d claimed her up against the pillar and made her his. Afterwards he had almost felt embarrassed for the way he had been, but she hadn’t seemed to notice.

He had felt it selfish of him to use her for pleasure again so soon after the first time, but there was nothing he regretted about the imagery of her lying there with her graceful hands willingly squeezing her ample sized breasts together for his enjoyment of them. She’d entirely shocked him by what she’d done by taking him into her mouth like she had.

Such an action told him that she must like him despite everything and yet for the life of him, he couldn’t imagine what it was as she seemed so far and above anything he could ever deserve.

It was a joy to even be near her. The feel of her soft skin and the rise and fall of her breasts against him as she slept made him achingly erect with the need for release that only she could provide, but he remained still.

He would not disturb her. Instead he took advantage of the moment to feel unhindered the contours of a woman’s body that he had been denied the pleasure of experiencing for so long.

Silently, he reveled in the act of letting his free hand softly mold over the fullness of her breast resting against his chest. He kept his touch light as he didn’t want to wake her, but it was hard to refrain from doing so.

“Thank you God for this. I.…… thank you.” He said for lack of better words for what it was like to finally be able to run his hands over the body of his mate.

She’d been worth the wait and yet he worried how he would be able to consistently impress a strong woman like her and yet she seemed to be more than pleased to be where she was. To him that was a very good thing. A miracle really.

Smiling contentedly Torin allowed himself to drift off to the sleep as the city outside continued to tear itself apart with the upheaval of the destruction of something they had elevated in importance to being of higher value than the stones that they had crafted it of.

Chapter Four


There was a stirring beside me in the bed and drowsily I pulled back and blinked awake with enough awareness to take in the sight of Torin getting off the bed. Where was he going?

It was early in the morning and still mostly dark outside. The thought of all that might happen today, including perhaps the death of both of us had me suddenly the rest of the way awake.

Torin had made his way out onto my balcony and feeling curious as to what he was up to I slipped off the bed and followed after him naked as the day I had been born. Strangely, I didn’t care though or feel embarrassed by my nakedness in front of this man.

Reaching the doorway of the balcony I put my hand over my mouth at the sight of him peeing through the railing of the balcony. Men!

Shaking my head, I advanced further out into the cool predawn atmosphere of the morning and he turned his head my way with interest.

“What if you pee on someone’s head down below?” I asked sternly.

He shrugged and said, “I guess they’ll wonder why you would do such a thing.”

“What?” I exclaimed dramatically.

“Well, think about it. It is your room after all and I know first hand, you didn’t spend the night with men before the advent of me so what does that leave you with?”

With a gasp I hurried to the railing and peered over it, but nobody was in the street below thankfully. I glanced to Torin only to see him facing me with a boyish grin on his face.

Deliberately, I crossed my arms over my breasts and said, “Well, I suppose you think you’re funny, but in the future, I would appreciate it if you did your business in the appropriate spot. I do have a bathroom after all.”

He nodded, but said, “I know, but I like the freedom of doing it this way.”

I started to object, but I forced myself to stop. Grudgingly then I said, “Well, please just don’t do it in broad daylight.”

“Yes, your highness.” He parroted in a sing-songy voice and biting my lip to keep from smiling I turned away.

I felt him come closer then. I wanted him to.

I closed my eyes as his hands closed down over my hips with warmness. A childhood fantasy came to the forefront of my mind and I had to bite my cheek to keep from asking out loud for it, as the thought of doing that was embarrassing.

His hands didn’t stay in one spot. They coasted over the plains of my back as if I was a map to be studied.

Reaching up I pulled the beaded tresses of my hair forward over one shoulder to give him full access. I knew I was beautiful, but I’d never imagined one day to feel as appreciated as he made me feel.

His hands swept around my front from beneath my arms and in doing so he filled the palms of his warm hands with my breasts even as I felt his lips press against the back of my neck. There was no denying the way this prince of a sworn enemy made me feel.

Desire shot throughout me and unconsciously I let my legs widen apart. I gasped and moaned out loud as his pressing lips on my neck turned into a bite even as his thumbs aggressively rubbed back and forth over my nipples in a way that was painful and yet made me want to scream for more.

Of its own accord my body seemed to know more of what to do than I did in the moment. I leaned into his clasp of my chest even as my head stayed where it was anchored by the clasp of his mouth upon my neck.

My hands gripped a hold of the railing and my bottom pressed backward into him. My eyes came open fully as with that action I came in contact with my prince’s very erect member.

Unwittingly without lifting a finger I was getting my wish. I’d always wanted to be taken like this upon my balcony and now with the moment upon me, I was almost impatient for it to start.

His biting hold on my neck released suddenly as did his hands upon my breasts and I did my part to show him that I was ready by bending forward until I was pressed to the railing. Dazedly I stared downward into the early morning darkness as I felt the head of his shaft nuzzle into the folds of my womanhood from behind.

Subconsciously I rose up on tiptoe and arched my back down as low as it would go. I heard him groan out from behind me, “You are an absolutely amazing woman!”

I don’t know why, but I grinned. I had never felt so carefree in my life and the oxymoron of it all was that I would likely die today.

I shivered as his one hand clamped down over my hip even as I felt him gather my beaded tresses of hair into a tight grip that had my head pulled back and being on the verge of real discomfort. I swallowed then, but abruptly lost my breath as he muscled his thick shaft forward into me.

Gasping for air I could do nothing as I was held to the spot by him even as it felt like his shaft went deeper into me than it had up against the pillar last night. I cried out with discomfort as he withdrew and forced it into me again and again.

I felt plundered by his shaft and with each surge forward of him into me it was like a continual statement of ownership by this man to be taken in such a way. I hadn’t expected this. I had thought that I wanted this, but now I didn’t!

I didn’t like how completely subdued I’d become within hours of being with this man. I didn’t care if he’d saved me from something worse now or not. This wasn’t me to be submissive like this and I liked being me!

I wasn’t some common girl to be bent over and used like a mare by a rutting stallion! I pushed up off the railing and tried to turn away to unseat his shaft that felt like a stallion’s from inside of me, but I was only partially successful.

Fuming now I spit out, “Let go of me!”

“Why?” Came his angry voice as at last he pulled free of me and allowed me to fully straighten up.

I turned on him and spit out angrily, “Because I’m a Princess and I don’t deserve to be taken like an animal by a man who to my people is nothing more than a slave! I don’t know what you’ve done to me to make me go along with this, but it’s over! I don’t even know you and and and…… I’m tired of being out of control! Now get your hands off of me and get out of my room!” I screamed at the last into his face.

He did something, then that I wasn’t expecting. Instead of screaming and matching the heat of my mixed up emotions, his voice had a level calm to it that seemed laced with steel as he said, “I can well imagine how mixed up you are right now Haquara and you have my sympathy and even my forgiveness for spoiling what was a very good moment for me. That aside Haquara and all your emotions of the last day considered it does not give you leeway of any kind to disrespect me like you just have. Like it or not I’ve made you mine even if you can’t seem to remember that at this moment or that you willingly submitted yourself to be my wife last night. I am not a slave and you most definitely are my wife and I will do as I please when it comes to the fulfillment of my desires to have you any way that I like. And now because I only see bitter resistance in your eyes, I’m going to have to do something that typically isn’t within my framework of mind to do, but I will have your respect and if it takes doing it the hard way then so be it!”

That said, he turned away to the bedroom dragging my one arm along after him with an iron fisted grip upon my wrist. I tried to free his hand from off my wrist even as my already mixed up emotions quaked inside at this new side of the man who intended to make his claim upon me last.

What was he going to do? In apprehension as we neared the bed, I cried out, “Torin I……”

“Be quiet!” He growled out even as he sat down on the edge of the bed, seemingly a completely different man than from last night.

Somehow I had made a big mistake and with a gasp, as he jerked so hard on my arm that I thought he dislocated it, he pulled me down and forcibly shoved me down across his one knee even as his other leg went across the back of my thighs locking them in place. I tried to rear up, but one of his hands drove down in the middle of my back with enough pressure to keep my face almost touching the floor.

In terror of what was to happen, I heard him say roughly, “Now it’s time for your no doubt well overdue spanking Princess. Your father can thank me later.”

Fury at the temerity of this man to think to do such a thing to me drove me to fight to be free. The effort to be free stopped though, as a loud open handed smack landed hard on my one bottom cheek.

Before I even had time to fully register the pain and cry out another equally savage blow landed on my other cheek. I cried out with pain and fury as tears fell and I continued to try to free myself, but his brutal hold on me was unrelenting as was his other hand that continued to fall hard upon me and send shockwaves throughout my body.

I couldn’t take it anymore and bursting out with tears I hung there unresisting as his hand continued to fall punishingly upon my rear. Life didn’t make any sense right now. None!

There was a sudden pause and the painful slap to my bottom that felt on fire already didn’t come, but I cried on anyway. His hold on me did not diminish, but the demeanor of him seemed to and feeling as if it was my chance I cried out softly, “Please let me up.”

I heard him sigh loudly even as his hand that had given me the worst pain of my life returned to massage upon the cheeks of my bottom in a possessive manner that irked me. Finally he said with a voice that sounded pained, “I would, only I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson yet. It’s not about you respecting my greater strength or ability to hurt you. It’s not that at all. You need to accept and learn to be okay with the fact that you're mine and you need to be willing to accept whatever it is that I wish to do in a loving manner toward you and because I know you’re not there yet this is going to continue.”

“No!” I wailed out even as the possessively massaging hand upon my bottom stopped and was replaced with a silent, filled moment until it once again landed hard on my bottom. I cried out, but really my cry had been more because of expectation than the actual pain received.

His hand’s impact on my bottom cheek had been different than from before. It had hurt and yet it hadn’t.

His hand continued to treat each of the cheeks of my bottom with differing placed blows that began to make me squirm against the leg I was bent over. It hurt what he was doing, but for some reason I wanted it and yet it hurt enough not to want it.

Feeling utterly confused I hung there limply and accepted each blow to my bottom all the while starting to breathe heavier and heavier. His hand on my back left from holding me down to suddenly massage the cheeks of my bottom.

His massaging touch hurt, but it didn’t at the same time. What was he doing to make me feel like this?

Then all of a sudden his hand that had disciplined me pressed through my tight thighs to rub on the entrance of my very wet sheath. I half reared up at the sensation of his hand suddenly being there.

“Stay down, unless you want another hard one.”

Immediately my effort to straighten up collapsed and inwardly shocked at my reaction to his command I found myself once more limply hanging over his knee. A big finger forced its way deeply into me and I both groaned with pleasure and fought against the urge to straighten back up again.

Despite the pleasure of his touch I started to rise up. A loud smack to my bottom that sent fresh pain throughout me, but almost made me feel on the edge of orgasm had me falling limply down to the floor again with a cry.

“You’re going to learn to listen to me Honey. It’s for the best.” With that said, he smacked my other cheek and as my body jolted around his deeply buried finger within me I felt a pleasure wave unlike any other sweep through me.

“Ohhh!” I exclaimed out loud, as I clamped about his finger with an orgasm far more intense than I’d had last night.

He continued to smack my bottom lightly with his cupped hand, even as he worked a second finger into me. My orgasm never stopped, but went on and on and so did his manipulation of me.

His hand would rub away the sting and then smack the other cheek even as his fingers thrust and rubbed aggressively within me. I felt completely broken and yet more alive with pleasure than I’d ever experienced in my life.

I’d never been treated like this against my will before and strangest of all as painful as he had been with me I had to admit that I had deserved it. He was my husband like it or not and I was his.

I didn’t even know what had gotten into me earlier other than for some reason I had felt embarrassed by what he was doing and I had acted out like a spoiled brat, which admittedly I did have a tendency of being at times. I wouldn’t be that way with him anymore though!

As much as my body craved what he was doing now I wanted no part of the pain that he had inflicted on me at first. It was well past time to grow up and to do that I had to acknowledge that I couldn’t have my way all the time anymore.

“Please.” I begged out softly, even as my body continued to convulse about his big fingers that now owned me. I had to keep repeating myself softly a few times before he seemed to take notice.

His fingers still thrusting within me he asked, “Please what?”

“Please do whatever you want with me.” I meekly responded with as I felt my heart rise up in my throat.

As much as he wanted my respect I had to admit to the fact that I wanted his as well. His fingers pulled free of me and with tenderness he pulled me upright until I was standing.

There were tears on my cheeks yet as a testament to both pain and pleasure. He wiped at them and said in the gentle demeanor he had about him once more, “I’m sorry that hurt. Some lessons do, but it’s for the best in the end.”

I nodded, as I admitted as much, even as I felt the aching void within me that he had endlessly stroked with the thrusting of his fingers. “I want you in me.” I admitted softly.

He nodded and smiled, “Me too!”

I could well see that as his unsated shaft looked larger and more engorged with blood than I had ever seen it yet. Hesitantly I said in gesture to the balcony, “We could go back out and finish in the way that you wanted me earlier.”

He shook his head and said, “No, it’s getting to light outside and the only man I want feasting on your beauty is me.”

Something warmed inside of me at his words. Looking serious he said, as his hands settled over my hips, “It’s not always about me having the upper hand Haquara. I don’t want you to get confused on that. You’re a strong woman and that’s perfectly fine for you to be so, because it is who you are. Be who you are, but not at the expense of the rightful order of our relationship together. Do you understand what I’m trying to say Haquara?”

I nodded. He moved back onto the bed, then until he was lying down and with a boyish grin he gestured to me and said, “Come on.”

Feeling shy all of a sudden I obediently followed, unsure of what he wanted. Putting his hands beneath his head, he said with a smile, “Enjoy the ride.”

I looked wonderingly from him to his shaft rising proudly up into the air. Moving closer I straddled him and feeling a bit awkward I grasped a hold of him and directed him to his home within me.

Breathing deeply I let myself down onto his shaft, until the aching void within me was filled to the full. Breathing heavy I looked up to him expectantly.

His gaze was passionate, but he made no move to dominate the situation. He was letting me be in charge and in a way he was giving me back my self-respect that I had lost by being mastered by him.

Feeling tears course down my cheeks even as I adored the amazing feel of him burgeoning with life within me, I said, “Thank you!”

“My pleasure Haquara.” He said, even as he let his hands come forward to cup and fondle the breasts that I knew he loved.

I leaned forward onto my hands and with intention I made my nipple bump against his chin. His mouth closed over it with a sucking clasp and with a groan I accepted the pleasure he gave me as I rose up and down and plunged myself onto his shaft rooted deeply within me.

We both came at the exact same moment and crying out completely overcome I fell forward onto him as our two hearts thundered out as one. Life had never been like this before.

Nothing made sense, except for maybe one thing. Experiencing the feel of him in me, around me, as well as his strong presence, that was beginning to make sense.

I felt consciousness, escape from me as the peace I felt in both having succumbed to this man’s will and yet being myself in some aspects suffused around me. Dreamily I felt his shaft start to soften within me, but I didn’t move off of him, instead I buried my face into his neck more as the scent of him increasingly became my favorite smell of all.

His hands rubbed my back and moaning I felt myself pass out with the pleasure of what it was to be with him as opposed to being in charge of him. I liked it better this way.



Chapter Five

The Judgement

“Are you ready for this?” Torin asked.

Tight-lipped I hissed back in reply, “What kind of a question is that? Do you want to die?”

“No, I’d rather very much live, especially now. That said, if I do die I know I’ll be alright.”

His voice, though his words were spoken low, was calm and glancing at him I saw the clear evidence of his faith in what he had said. I did not understand this man!

At times he struck me as the gentlest of souls and then at others as the most courageous of men. Glancing about trepidatiously, as we made our way into the Royal Hall, upon all those gathered to surely what would be our funeral, I pondered on what it could be that gave my man so much courage in this moment, when I only felt fear that each breath I took would be my last.

We were halfway across the length of the Hall and so far we had not been stopped and yet that meant nothing. I had seen trusted friends of my father slain upon the footsteps of my father’s throne before and I was but to him as a discarded daughter and of lesser value than any of them had been.

The imagery of my head, leaving my body and rolling on the floor was not a pleasant one. Softer voiced than before I asked, “What gives you so much courage? I fear what comes after life. Why don’t you fear death?”

Torin’s hand squeezed mine warmly, indeed the presence of his hand entwined with mine was the only source of comfort I had upon entering this place. He spoke, “My God gives me strength. As to dying, I do not fear it for to die is to be with my Savior, the Man who made it possible for me to live forever with my God. Now you on the other hand do not have the same security as I do and so I understand your fear even as without my beliefs realized as your own you have no hope of an eternal future that is good or worth dying for.”

I glanced at him and asked, “You think your God is so much more powerful than my gods?”

“I do Haquara, but do not let my words convince you alone. See for yourself what my God will do in order to fulfill His will.”

“And what is His will?”

“Among other things to set my people that you have here in bondage free. Claiming you as my wife, I also attribute to Him.”

“How is that?” I asked curiously.

“God gives good things to those who seek Him as He is a good Father and a wife is a very good thing.”

Glancing ahead toward the angry glowering visage of my father, I felt emotion rise up within me as I more to myself asked, “You think I’m something good? Something your God would reward you with on account of your faith?”

“Yes, very much so.” He affirmed squeezing my hand warmly. I glanced away from my father to him only to see his earnest gaze focused upon me and not on any of the several hundred officials in this room or the menacing royal guards prepared to descend upon us and cut us to pieces.

“Haquara you are a very good thing. One of the best to ever occur in my life. Later I look forward to speaking with you more about all this, but for now watch and don’t let go of my hand.”

Feeling emotions well up from deep within I nodded as I met the gaze of the most fearless man I had ever met. He smiled and tremulously I returned it as the presence of something more powerful than him hung about him as if it was a sheltering cloak and in turn I felt my own spirit bolstered as well.

Strangely, at this moment I wished that we were both back in my room making love and at the same time experiencing the emotional connection we were right now in the light of facing death. I glanced forward and saw my father angrily lift his hand.

It was done. My life was over.

I closed my eyes and yet my feet kept pace with Torin’s as I mentally tried to prepare for what it would be like to be dead soon. I heard the scuffle of the royal guards in their approach and I flinched as I imagined their sharp bladed swords falling upon my unprotected skin.

The sound of something akin to glass shattering echoed loudly all around us and startled by it, I opened my eyes to witness the shock of the palace guards as they gazed down upon the sand sized particle pieces of their shattered swords that littered the bright marble squares of the Royal Hall. Speechless for words I stared as my man led me on past the scene of a miracle only to come to the base of my father’s royal dais and stop.

My brother was in attendance and the look upon his face was that of a scared bunny. My father’s face was more watchful, as if he was weighing his options.

I glanced to Torin and beheld a man of steadfast focus. Was this amazing man really my husband?

Despite the moment and all he must be thinking of he gave me a direct glance and of all things a wink! Could he read my thoughts that easily? His look remained enigmatic as he turned his head back to view my father who had risen up off his throne.

Sternly my father called down to us, “What is the meaning of this magic? Why are you with this slave Haquara?”

Strangely, I didn’t even think of speaking on behalf of myself, but instead I waited for Torin as somehow I knew he would answer for me. This was very different for me, but I found that I didn’t mind at all.

“She walks with me as my wife in whom I am very pleased. She is strong, beautiful, and entirely noble of heart, truly if she represented who your people were at heart, I feel that this meeting would be one of peace instead of the provoked hostility that you have pressed upon us from the outset.”

“Silver words slave man, take heed lest I cut out your tongue!”

“I shall speak only what my God commands of me and in this I state plainly, you are to let all of your slaves go and remove all the false idols from your land or you will be destroyed even as your temple was last night. Your entire civilization will collapse and never be restored, if you do not heed the commandments of my God.”

Torin had spoken calmly, but my father’s apoplectic reaction to a calmly said prediction of the future had me wondering just how much my father’s failing heart could stand.

“You presume to tell me what shall come to pass in my kingdom!!! Who do you think you are Ar’morian Prince, of a puny upstart of a colony, to speak to me ruler of all of the Empire of Ticonga? Our army stands at over a 100,000 strong and there is not an enemy or obstacle too hard for us to crush! We will crush you once and for all! I had planned to take slaves of you, but now in three days’ time we will march in force and I will kill every man, woman, and child that we find of your people and of any who have given you aid! You have my word on this!” My father sputtered out at the last as spent of all energy he collapsed back down onto his throne.

Torin glanced around at those of the court who seemed to have already forgotten the miracle of the shattered swords as they now snickered among themselves, even as my brother had managed to regain his usual smirk of dignified disdain. I on the other hand was trembling.

I felt power. Power beyond any known to man. Torin’s hand seemed to burn mine with the power I felt coursing through him and yet it was just warm to the touch in the physical.

I feared greatly for my people. My father’s words were unconscionable, and in some way I now believed in the words of my husband when he’d said that his God was far stronger than any of my father’s gods could ever hope to be.

In mute fear I waited for judgment to fall. Torin spoke, “You boast that in three days that you will go forth to a great slaughter of my people. I tell you now plainly that there is only one God, and He commands the days and all that shall occur in them. You have said that in three days you will go forth, but I tell you the judgment of my God has been passed on your hard heartedness this day! Your judgment is that this day has become Ticonga’s last day!”

Immediately as Torin spoke the abundant light of the sun spilling into the Great Hall through its many windows was diffused to that of only the faintest of glows. Tears streamed down my face as I heard both the pronouncement and the evidence of the end of my people.

As one all those within the Hall rushed to the windows tripping over each other in the darkness. Hastily a few guards went about lighting some torches and light was reintroduced to the Hall.

Torin and I stood there seemingly alone in the turmoil of everyone’s worst nightmare. A finger wiped at the tears on my cheek and without a word I stepped into the willing enclosure of my husband’s arms.

Here I felt peace, but elsewhere everything was chaos of the highest order. People finally started pulling themselves from their panicked arguments and the view of the darkness that had fallen over all the lands of the Sand People of Ticonga to silently gaze upon Torin with dread.

Outside a great cloud had appeared that had utterly blocked our view of the sun and yet in the far distance the light of the sun could still be seen as it continued to shine down upon the lands beyond the limits of the Empire. At long last I heard my father’s voice break the silence that had descended upon the Hall, “What is the meaning of this plague of darkness?”

Torin’s voice spoke out from beside my head and respectfully, I moved back to his side as he answered, “It is a plague suitable for the elevated pride of your people. You have in your pursuit of worldly greatness as a people lost all that makes one wealthy as a human. You oppress others of your own kind harshly to do your work for you and you have no humility or love for others not of your people. Indeed, you have turned upon your own in the act of standing by while a Princess of your people was offered to those who say they are gods but are not. This night of darkness shall continue as long as there is one slave left oppressed and as long as one idol yet remains in this land. These are the words of my God and the proof of His judgment you will bear as long as you wish to hold onto your pride. If you require my presence I shall be with my wife in her chambers.”

That said Torin turned to go and once more I walked with him hand-in-hand. Nearing the end of the Hall a guard stepped forward and offered a torched to Torin, which he took and thanked the guard with gratitude for.

The guard withdrew respectfully and looking around at the faces of those visible I beheld the universal bewilderment on their faces as to what to do. It was as if they were all wishful of wanting to wake up from a bad dream when the reality of their cure was right before them.

Shaking my head mournfully I wished for a reality of where my people were better than what they were. Instead of repenting and doing as ordered everyone in the room out of a desire to continue worshiping a sun god that had been blocked out by of all things a cloud, as well as not having to do their own manual labor would continue on in his darkness for who knew how long.

My gaze caught sight of something skulking in the shadows. It was Horgan and upon me seeing him, he bared his sharp teeth, but then with abruptness his mouth clamped shut and he was gone from view.

I turned my head and beheld Torin gazing off after where Horgan had been. Speaking softly I asked, “Will you teach me of your God for truly I believe He exists and not only that, but that He is greater than all.”

Torin smiled warmly and said, “It would be my pleasure Haquara.”

As we stepped free of the Hall and made our way back to my quarters located in a far off wing of the grand palace Torin told me of his God and of God’s Son Jesus and even of the Holy Spirit. It was a lot to take in as the beliefs of the Ar’morians were strictly forbidden from being discussed by any of Ticonga’s populace.

Now, though I put together the pieces of a puzzle that I had always wondered about. The faith of the slaves had always seemed more sincere than that of the lewd and bloody debaucheries practiced by my people, but I had thought their faith meaningless, just the same as their God had never intervened to free them from the life of being a slave, but now He had and He had done so in a way that cast all doubt aside.

We were at my quarters and hurriedly I out stepped Torin into them. Going quickly to an alcove in the room, I seized a hold of the carved statues of ivory inlaid with gold. Carrying them quickly across the room I headed for my balcony.

The cold objects within my arms felt loathsome to the touch and with eagerness I pitched them over the railing of my balcony. I went back into my room and commenced pulling out, even ripping off anything I felt tied in with my false ungodly past.

I don’t know how many trips to the balcony I made, but at long last I felt like my room was clean and the feeling of freedom I felt was intense. It was like a depressive influence had been lifted from off my life and I sucked down each breath as if experiencing life anew.

I’d been leaning over my railing in the darkness, as if I could see the smashed remains of my idols, but I straightened up as the conscious reality that I wasn’t alone re-occurred to me. Looking back, I saw Torin standing there just inside the room.

Laughing softly I brushed a beaded strand of hair away from my face. Still laughing, I shrugged and asked, “Why am I laughing? You must think I’m crazy.”

Shaking his head, he said, “No.”

“Well, what are you thinking?” I asked playfully.

“I’m thinking that I want to hear your laugh for the best part of the next 100 years.”

Smiling, I went to him and looping my arms around his neck I kissed him. I kissed him like I’d never imagined kissing a man.

Pulling back completely out of breath I felt another laugh bubble up out of me. Torin laughed in response and I said, “I can’t help it!”

“Did I say to stop?” He queried.

“No, but I…… hmm……. I might have a solution.” I said melodramatically.

His eyebrow lifting as his whole face smiled with amusement as he asked, “What’s your solution?”

I kissed him again. Feeling wanton I bit his lower lip and held onto it with my teeth for a moment before I let it pull free.

I gave him a smile with all the erotic sensuality I was coming to feel for him and watched with delight as the look of happy interest faded from off his face to be replaced by one of sensual desire for me. I had his attention and keeping it, I slid down to my knees before him and undid his pants.

His manhood was already swollen to the full and with desire I said, as I closed my hand around the thick base of his shaft, “My solution is that I should fill my mouth with something.”

I let my lips slide over the head of his shaft and with intent to pleasure him I swabbed my tongue aggressively about him even as I heard my reward in the sound of a deep groan followed by an unsteady stance as I sought to fill my mouth to the full with this amazing man. I took in all of him that I could without gagging and I stayed there a moment as I forcefully breathed in his musky male scent.

The scent of him made me crave to have him and the thickness of his length made me ache to feel him. Sucking hard I pulled my lips back up his shaft until he popped free of my mouth.

He stood there braced for pleasure and smiling I got up off the floor. He was breathing heavy and his shaft was huge.

With a lightness of spirit I’d never felt before I backed away even as I motioned for him to follow. He did and with a grin I turned away and with a few simple movements my dress was undone and slipping off me to the floor.

The bed was before me and I did not hesitate, but brought my knee up onto it and advanced upon it until he had plenty of room. I leaned forward onto my hands and then my elbows even as I arched my back down and spread my legs apart for him.

The bed moved and then he was powerfully there behind me. His shaft was poised within the folds of my womanhood even as his hands stroked down over my hips in a possessive fashion that I now adored.

Glancing back as his hands gripped down on my waist I smiled at him as I took in the heavy look of sheer lust he had directed upon the sight of my rear displayed before him. I felt like a new woman since he had tried to take me this way this morning and with a breathy exclamation of surprised pleasure I felt him plunge deep.

I pressed my face into the bed and moaned as his shaft drove into me again and again. His grip on my hips was intense and I hung onto the bed and pushed back into his dominating strokes that made me pulse alive with desire.

Something snapped and I seized up inside tightly as his plunging shaft forced a way in through the tightness of my orgasm. Screaming I pushed back against him all the harder while begging for him to take me harder.

He did and I came again at the exact moment he cried out and shoved wildly into me through the height of his orgasm as he bathed my insides with his seed. I collapsed beneath him and he followed only to hold himself up on his elbows in order to avoid from crushing me. He was ever the considerate man.

Smiling against the coverlet I huffed out, “I’m really sorry about this morning. I……”

“Shhhhh.” He shushed into my ear before then wetly kissing the sensitive spot behind my ear.

Still smiling I said, “I like being your wife.”

“Are you sure?”

His voice had a serious tone to it and finding energy from somewhere I turned over so that we were face-to-face. Puzzled, I asked, “What do you mean?”

He gestured to the outside with a shake of his head, “I’ve brought ruin to your people.”

Nodding slightly I said, “Yes, you have, but they deserve it. I don’t fault you in any way for what is happening. We did this and we should be punished. I just hope that some good will come out of this for my people.” I said, at the last as sudden tears threatened, as the noise of everyone going crazy outside registered for the first time to me since we had started making love.

Framing my face with his hands he whispered, “So do I Honey.” He kissed me then and it was an exchange of love.

We kissed, just kissed and then we snuggled and kissed some more, and then as the light of the solitary torch in the room flickered brightly he spread my thighs apart and used his mouth to pleasure me in an endless buffet of pleasure that had me screaming until my voice grew hoarse and I begged for him to stop. He did stop, only to fill me again with his shaft.

His desire for me seemed endless and helpless to resist I lay a willing vessel to his possession as he surged forcefully to yet another climax in me. Covered in sweat, we clung to each other, until with a groan, he pulled free of me and lay over onto his back on the bed that not one cover remained upon.

I nestled into his side and lay my head against his shoulder. I was exhausted and yet I couldn’t get enough of this man.

My hand moved down to where his manhood now rested in the curly mat of his pubic hairs. I adored this part of my man. To me his shaft was beautiful and it felt wonderful to my touch even in its relaxed state.

The curly hairs of his groin were soaked with our combined juices, but instead of being repulsed by the feel of wetness I only felt more connected with him. Idly I cupped my hand lovingly around his balls and that was how I went to sleep.



Chapter Six

New Life

Startled, I surged up in the bed at the sound of heavy disturbance. The torch had almost gone out and the room was only dimly illuminated as a night without end continued on outside. How many hours had gone by I didn’t know, only that I felt surprisingly rested and yet it was dark as night outside. Would it ever be light again?

There was more pounding on the door and Torin hurriedly got up and put his pants on. He tossed me a blanket from off the floor and I covered up with it as he went to the door and unbarred it.

With shock, I watched as my father barged into the room unescorted by anyone. He held a torch in his hand and as its light fell over me, I pulled the blanket up higher about my neck.

His gaze studied my no doubt highly disheveled appearance before tracing over the tossed away bedcovers until finally his gaze settled on the pillar that Torin had claimed my virginity up against. I knew what he saw.

Traces of my virginal blood had stained an area of the pillar red. Feeling embarrassed to the extreme I dropped my gaze as his thoughtful gaze came back to me.

I heard him address Torin, “It would seem you have succeeded at making a respectful bride out of my daughter when I never gave any man half a chance of accomplishing that. Truly, it is that I say that I did not know an Ar’morian yet remained with the ability of your forefathers long before you.”

Torin remained silent and my gaze rose as I watched my father begin to pace about the room. This was very unusual behavior for him.

His gaze fell on the empty alcove once filled with the idols of my people. His gaze switched to me and he pointed to the alcove questioningly.

“Yes.” I said simply by way of admitting responsibility for the act of desecration that would’ve seen a commoner either killed or lashed to the point of death.

“You believe in this Ar’morian God then?”

Hesitantly I said, “I do, but I have much to learn. I do know that I will never serve the falseness of my people’s religion again though.”

He stared at me angrily for a moment before turning to Torin. Tight-lipped he asked, “What will it take to lift this curse? Ticonga has great wealth and I’m willing to see you receive a King’s percentage of it and a safe journey from here and back to your colony, of which I am now willing to spare, if you lift this curse. You may also take my daughter with you, if it pleases you, too.”

Once more my father’s rejection of me burned deeply into what softer feelings I yet felt for him. My father’s offer was far beyond anything I had expected of him to make and yet as my gaze traced to my husband, I acknowledged just how badly he had underestimated my husband.

Torin wasn’t anyone to be bought off, as I had come to see that he was a man ruled by his fleshly desires secondly, as his faith in his God commanded all of his first allegiances. He confirmed that by saying, “Ticonga has no more wealth for without the light of the sun your empire will be a deserted wasteland within two more days’ time and your people scattered to the far reaches of the jungle. A people without a home. We Ar’morians well know how that can be and let me tell you King that you do not want that for your people. You will become a prey for all nations and slaves to whomever chooses to make of you one. I have no interest in anything you can offer me. The words of my Master remain, let my people go and cast off your idols or Ticonga will never see another sunrise.”

Father stared angrily at Torin for a long moment and yet I had never seen such restraint from him before. At last he said, “I shall have to think upon it some more. Indeed, it does seem that our gods have been outmatched, but without slaves Ticonga will never be the same.”

Torin nodded and said, “I agree and it will be for the better of it. A people who do no labor of their own handiwork have no appreciation for what really matters in life.”

Father studied Torin thoughtfully for a long moment and it was a look of grudgingly won respect that I saw upon his face in his regard for Torin. Father glanced away from Torin and seemed to ponder on something for a long moment.

He glanced at me and then to Torin. Glancing back to me he said accusingly, “Do you not realize how you have cheapened our royal bloodline by having one of his race spew his seed within you? Think of the children of such a union that you are enabling by your collusion with our sworn enemy of old to bring forth into this world as an embarrassment to the remembrance of my name.”

Finding my voice and hoping for the right words I said, “What is the value of royalty when it is mired in foolishness? You taught me to respect and seek out strength and indeed that is what I have done. The seed of my husband is of greater strength than any of the men of my people in this moment for he has the favor of God. Ask yourself whose land is overcome right now? Who is in control? If I should be blessed to bear this man’s children I will do so with honor for strength is not found in the legends of past history or the arrogance of perceived superiority over another human. Strength, true strength comes from within. Not of the flesh, but of the spirit and you father have lost your soul, why else would you have thrown me to the wolves to be eaten alive as you did? No, I have chosen well and nothing you say will change that for it is you who is blind to reality. Enjoy the darkness father for what you see outside is but a mirror image of the way your heart has become inside.” I stopped talking and for a moment I saw the father that I remembered from my youth, but then he was gone and the stranger returned.

Father stormed briskly from the room and following after him Torin closed the doors and re-barred them. A sob shook its way through me that was followed by another and another after it.

Strong arms came around me and I willingly allowed myself to fall into the comfort of my husband. Sobbing out I said, “He’ll never change! He’s lost his soul! I…… everything’s over!”

“Shhh” Torin comforted, but he said nothing to the contrary. Truly, it was a dark day for my people.

Torin was right. The people couldn’t go on like this for long. They would have to leave and my home would become a wasteland of perpetual darkness.

I felt Torin’s lips moving silently against my hair and emotionally I asked, “What are you saying?”

“I’m praying for your people, and your father.” He responded back with.

“Could you pray out loud?” I asked.

“Yes.” He said and then proceeded to do so and listening to his words I felt a peace come over my soul and in a barely audible voice I confessed my belief in the God that my husband talked to, as if He was his friend, and in His Son Jesus, who died for my sins. I asked for the forgiveness of everything I’d ever done wrong that separated me from God, even as I asked for the Spirit of the living God to dwell within me, as I had witnessed His presence within my husband and I greatly desired His presence within me also.

My prayer was answered and I felt suddenly gloriously new and crying all the more I clutched onto Torin as emotions, both of joy and done away with pain coursed throughout me, as if the current of a mighty river had been given birth within me. Torin held me tightly to him and I spoke out loud in my own praise to the God I now served, as Torin praised the same God for my salvation.

Somehow everything that truly mattered in life had just been accomplished and now with whatever happened, I knew things would be okay. I hugged Torin even tighter as I whispered out my love for him.

It only felt like a culmination of everything that had just happened to celebrate it together by doing the act that brought forth new life. My thighs split apart and Torin was in me to the full, as his chest smashed my breasts flat, even as he kissed me and told me of his love for me.

I whispered back the same as I squeezed reflexively about his shaft hungry for his seed. I wanted this man’s baby.

I wanted to experience everything with this man. I sank my nails into his back, as we once more came together, and I screamed out my pleasure as some deep awareness occurred to me that his seed had just succeeded in claiming my womb and that a child would be born out of our union together in this love filled moment.

“I love you!” I whispered again and again, as he breathed heavily against my ear, even as his shaft remained steady within me.

I rubbed his sweaty back with pleasure as I imagined what our child would look like. For my people this endless night might be their undoing, but in this room there had just occurred a new beginning.

Chapter Seven

Again and Again

Somehow the impossible had been achieved. My father’s will had been broken.

How long after his visit to our room it had been I was not sure, but he had summoned Torin before the whole court and he had pronounced the destruction of all the temples of the land, with all their statues and figurines located among the people to be confiscated and burned as well. Not only that, but all slaves were to be released and under armed escorts they were to be escorted safely back to Ar’mora.

I was going with them, but when that would be I was not sure. I had no wish to leave the lands of my birth, but my place was with my husband.

I put aside packing for the moment and went to the balcony of my room and looking out into the intense sunshine that had returned to the land at my father’s pronouncements I witnessed the last temple being raised to the ground. It fell as both Ticongan and former slave alike tugged on the lead ropes attached to its pillars.

A large cloud of dust rose up and of all things it began to rain. Rain was falling from a cloudless sky and in a way it seemed as if it was washing away the sins of the past.

Gazing through the waves of rain falling down I beheld with astonishment that it actually was! The fallen stones of the temples were dissolving away as I watched and yet the buildings of the city remained untouched!

Yet one more miracle was occurring to testify to my people, as to who they should serve as God, was being set out before them.

“It is incredible is it not?” Came the sound of my father’s voice from close by.

I jumped completely startled and turned to behold my father standing, but a few feet away contemplatively gazing at the rain dissolving away the darkness of the past. His gaze drifted from the dissolving temples to the open packs lying about the room.

“You are leaving with the Ar’morians?” He said by way of the obvious.

“Yes.” I said softly.

He nodded, but then looking me directly in the eye with a clearness of expression I hadn’t seen in years he said, “You were right. Everything you said. Thank you for being you and for helping to usher forth this change.”

I wanted to hug him, but I refrained from doing so. He glanced down then and said, “I want you to stay Haquara.”

My heart ached to say yes, but I knew where my place was. Then to my surprise, he looked up to me to say with sincerity, “I want you both to stay. The change that is needed to occur in our people isn’t accomplished in a day. It will take time and such a union as yours with this brave Ar’morian Prince could be just what is needed to lead the effort to achieving that change and making it a lasting one. I feel very strongly on this Haquara.” He said with meaning and I read the willingness to change in his eyes.

Truly, this moment was the greatest miracle of all. Softly I said, “I believe you father. I will speak to Torin, but the decision is his to make.”

Father nodded and smiled softly as he said, “Your mother would have loved to see the way you are now. She feared you would never find happiness with a man, because you had too much of the conqueror within you to either willingly submit or put the interests of another before your own.”

I glanced down as memories of my mother came to me and softly admitted, “It hasn’t been easy.”

Father nodded, but then again said, “She would be proud of you, as indeed so am I. You have shown me that you are indeed fit for leadership, which is why I have stepped down as King.”

I gasped out loud and reaching forward to grasp his arm I asked uncertainly, “Father?”

He shook his head and said, “I have much to learn and surely you have passed me in both understanding and wisdom. You will make an excellent Queen and your mate a righteous King. The blended nature of your offspring will bring peace at last to both Ticonga and Ar’mora and foster ties of brotherhood between us. It is a good thing. I have already spoken with Torin and I asked him to let me speak to you first and before anything else is said I wish to express how sorry I am for how I…… I turned my back on you. I…… I am sorry. I……” The sight of big tears falling down my father’s cheeks sent me into his arms that folded around me as tightly as they once had and with tears of my own I hugged him back and said, “I forgive you! I love you father!”

He hugged me even tighter and we stayed that way for a long time before drawing back. Questioningly I asked with curiosity, “Torin was accepting of what you proposed?”

Father shrugged and said, “He seemed to already possess knowledge that I would ask it of him. He is willing and truly with all prejudices laid aside, I can say he will make a far better leader of our people than I ever could.”

I started to object to that, but holding up one finger, he said as he drew back from me, “No lies, you know it is the truth.”

My mouth stayed shut and with fondness I watched my father leave. On the way out he stopped and glanced at a box I had left in a drawer.

I knew what the box contained and I felt myself blush as he reached into the drawer and picked up the box. He turned to me and I wished to look anywhere but at his eyes, but dutifully I held his gaze as once more I felt like a young girl being censored most often by my mother.

My father’s face was hard to read, but his words were direct, “As a people we have traditions. Now, as of late many of them have been shown lacking and in need of change, but the duty of a Ticongan woman to be fully possessed by her husband is not one of them.”

Dutifully, I nodded. Coming closer father pressed the box into my hands and leaning forward, he kissed me on the forehead.

I glanced up to him and with a soft smile he said, “Stop fighting and embrace this new woman that I’ve seen you become and yes I know it is easier said than done.”

I gave him a look and laughing deeply he backed away and left the room. I stayed where I was for a moment and then I moved forward and set the box down on a dresser.

I hadn’t opened it in over ten years, which coincided with the death of my mother. It had been she who had insisted on the use of what the box contained.

Expelling my breath I opened the box and gazed at its contents that I had loathed as a teenage girl. Now however it was with a selfless desire to please both my father and pleasure my man that I reached into the box and withdrew the smallest of the three items that it contained.

Going to the door of my room, I closed it and locked it as I was in severe need of privacy.




Laying down upon the bed, I stared up with pleasure at the sight of my husband’s arousal for me as he moved onto the bed and parted my legs with one of his knees. His fingers stroked into my wetness that was all just for him and I rose my hips up against his palm with a groan.

Breathy voiced I asked, “So how does it feel to be a king?”

A measure of concern marred across the face of my lover as he confessed, “Stressful.”

With his fingers still in me, I straightened up and supported by my arms I kissed him on the lips. Pulling back, I asked playfully, “How can I be of help Sire?”

Smiling, he said, “Just be yourself. Seriously though, I need your help to do what is needed in order to lead your people. I’m little else other than an outsider to them. I’m afraid I’m going to be facing your people and tell them to do something and nobody is going to move. What then?”

Shaking my head I said, “You underestimate yourself too much Honey. Darling my people are terrified of you!”

“Why?” Torin asked in genuine puzzlement, as if he knew I spoke the truth, but still didn’t understand it.

“Oh, let me see it might have something to do with the fact that the one true God moves powerfully through you to accomplish things that they’ve never seen the like of before. That might have something to do with it.”

His finger within me twisted, even as his thumb massaged heavily over the pleasure bud just forward of my sheath and I gasped and fell back to the bed. Gazing down at me with a playful smile Torin said, “Don’t make me spank you again. Even Queens can get spanked.”

I raised my hands to lay on the bed to either side of my head and melodramatically said, “I surrender to your Majesty. I live but to serve your every wish Sire. How may I serve you Master?”

Torin rolled his eyes and laughing, I pulled at him and said, “Come on!”

Chuckling Torin obliged and pulling my legs up, he gave me my wish and penetrated me deeply. I felt like purring, as he brought my feet down to rest flat against his chest, as my knees were bent back toward my breasts.

His shaft was a pleasure rod of penetrating thickness and groaning out loud, I let him know just how much I adored the feel of him in me. I gazed into his passioned face with fondness as he thrust forcefully into me.

Each deep stroke of his shaft jolted me and caused my breasts to bounce and I watched his eyes gaze upon them with desire. Reaching one foot up I massaged it against his neck to get his attention.

His eyes rose from my breasts to mine and languidly I asked, “Would my King like to learn more of the traditions of my people?”

Breathing heavy Torin paused in his thrusts into me to then say with a husky sounding voice, “No offense, but can it wait a few minutes?”

I chuckled richly and brought my foot back to his chest and with a sensual shrug of my shoulders, I said, “As you wish my King.”

He stayed still within me. His eyes studied me closely, and I did nothing but give him my best sensual impression of erotic allure.

With a groan of remorse, he pulled free of me and sat back on his heels and with a heavy sigh said, “Alright the suspense is killing me. What traditions exactly do you want to tell me of?”

Rising up I kissed him on the mouth for a long moment. Pulling back, I said huskily, “Perhaps it would be best if I just showed you.”

Reaching around me, I pulled a sheet covering from off the wall and revealed a large mirror that I had placed there. Torin glanced at the mirror with an eyebrow raise and then at me questioningly.

I winked at him and proceeded to turn over. Despite my desire to do this for him I felt a nervous flutter bloom within my stomach.

I tamped it down and lifted my head to gaze at my husband behind me via the mirror. The position that I had assumed was different than what he was used to. I was essentially folded over top my knees with no arch in my back at all.

His gaze lifted from my fully presented rear to gaze at me in the mirror and catching his gaze I spoke, “Among my people it is a tradition for the bridegroom to claim his wife’s virginity of procreation first, but then later in the same night it is a tradition for him to claim his bride’s rear entrance, as a testament of her willingness to submit to everything her husband could wish for. To prepare for this girls as they come of age are taught by their mothers to learn to relax their rear entrance so the eventual claiming of it on their wedding night will not be one of pain. I was instructed in this tradition, but I stopped in the preparation for my future husband after my mother died, that is until today. I’m ready for you Torin.”

Torin’s gaze fell to my bottom, even as in full submission of what was to come I reached back and gripped both halves of my bottom and pulled them fully apart to present him with my rear entrance already glistening with oil. I heard him swallow and then in a husky voice he asked, “Don’t I need to uh…..”

“No, I’m ready for you. The wetness on your shaft and the oil already within me is enough. Go slow at first, until I accept all of you, is all that I ask.”

The bed moved then and I felt the first touch of the head of his cock at my rear entrance. Breathing heavy I heard him say, “Thank you Haquara! I’ve wanted this.”

Something warm bloomed within me and with full concentration to please I regulated my breathing and pushed outward as the head of his shaft pressed upon my bottom’s virgin entrance. It parted tightly about the head of his shaft and fighting for control I focused on being relaxed as more and more of him slid into the oiled interior of my soft skinned rear channel. This was a tradition of my people that I had always abhorred, but now in this moment here with Torin, I felt pleasure in the opening up of something private and vulnerable for him to take pleasure in.

Breathing heavy I felt him pause for a moment as I constricted tightly about him in a weak moment of poor concentration on my part. He felt absolutely huge!

The biggest of the plugs my mother had used on me was almost an equal for his girth, but the length and depth of his shaft into me was something entirely new and hard to handle. I focused again and relaxed and with a firm slide forward, he penetrated all the way into my rear.

Sweating at the effort of concentration I had exerted I let go of my fully pierced apart bottom cheeks and gripped a hold of the bed to either side of my head as his hand rubbed upon my spine reassuringly. He was a wonderful lover and the horror stories I had heard from other women about their husbands roughly and inconsiderately taking them in this way I knew would be unfounded when it came to him, even as he patiently waited to do what I knew he craved passionately to do.

Lifting my head, I gazed into his passion filled face and feeling wanton at the look of restrained desire I found there I said throatily, “Enjoy all of me my husband, even as I fulfill the tradition of my mothers before me in giving everything of myself to you.”

Torin glanced down to our joining and then back up to me and said huskily, “All traditions certainly aren’t created equal.”

I couldn’t help it, I laughed and then I moaned with surprised pleasure and clutched onto the bed as my husband slowly slid his beautiful cock in and out of my tight bottom in a claiming possession of my last virginity that I relished in the giving of. Truly it was, as the words of my Savior went, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Even so I was glad that my husband had taken me in hand to be more about his needs than my own.

The beauty of it though was that I was getting everything I wanted to. Again and again.

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