Erotic Stories by Guest Authors

This is a place for fellow authors to present their stories to the greater world. The service I'm providing is free of charge. Finding ways of promoting yourself as an author is hard. In this endeavor by me to bring quality in Eroticism to the masses of humanity I'm only to willing to help others along the way as well. Not only do authors benefit, but so does the viewing public that comes to this site to read the stories I post here.



Because every story posted to this website will conform to the standards as put forth in my heading entitled,

"A Note To All Readers".

To anyone wishing to take advantage of this free service I'm offering please do not even apply if your story is not a match for the criteria given as to what I consider acceptable. No exceptions will be made, because this website represents me and I'm a creature of the Light and as such I have no communion with Darkness.

Contact me via email if interested and I will evaluate your story as to whether I think it to be a good fit for Inspired Erotic Stories. I retain no broader publishing rights over any Guest Author submitted story and will remove it upon request by the Guest Author, even as it is understood that I have the permission to post the story to this site by virtue of having the story submitted to me by the author of the story. Only stories submitted by the original author of the work will be accepted. Link backs to Guest Author websites is not guaranteed. I retain full right to remove any or all guest stories at any time that I wish to, as well as update the page and remove dated content.


Aedan Sayla

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