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The purpose of this page is to preview new erotic stories written by me.

New stories are not free, but I will do online resellers of ebooks, such as Amazon, one better in that I will make more than just the first chapter of the book available for preview. The number of the chapters posted will vary, but you have my promise that it will always be more than one.

New books are available for review exchanges so if your interested in doing a review of a new book listed on this page then drop me an email and we'll proceed from there.

It should be noted that I intend to publish new bookcovers to this page long before the actual book may become available. If this is the case I will put your request for leaving a review in a folder to be activated upon when the book does become commercially available.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned to this page as it will be updated as new stories / covers become available.

Lorene - He’s an American and yet he looks at me, a Lady, as if he owns me.
Adam – She may be a Lady, but I want her.
Lorene – He’s not a gentleman.
Adam – She’s a brat that needs to experience a real man’s discipline.

Both Adam and Lorene come from two very different levels of society, but when things go badly wrong one Lady finds that the best chance for survival she may have is the value that one man has placed in her that has nothing to do with money. There’s a catch though. The value he sees in her is for her to be his woman and yet he’s the last man on earth she ever wants to gain possession of her. She should know, because she told him that to his face. Can she change for the better or will she not learn her lesson until it’s too late to make a difference?

Journey with Lorene and Adam as they learn the reality of what it takes to come together and be one flesh and have a good time doing it over and over again.


It’s the American West and with the great Civil War finally over in the East the country is poised to conquer the West and if the people who have lived there the longest are in the way… well you simply remove them. This is the reality faced by one Spanish man in possession of a piece of land his family has fought and died for through many generations to hold onto. What do you do when you’re the father of a boy to young yet to fight and a headstrong daughter too rebellious to listen?

This is his story in some ways. A story of how a man bargained against the odds to save his children. Sometimes the thing needed most is a heart not past being able to love. Even as love is more powerful than bullets so too is the desire of a Drifter, whose past reflects a bitter reality of what can happen, when a strong man isn’t around to protect the ones he loves. Two men from different backgrounds, but with a commonality of the heart and a desire to see justice done. The one thing in the way of both of them getting what they want being the hot blooded daughter of a man whose lost control over her along with his own fate. Will she heed instruction and learn that there is peace in submission to the right man? Or will she take matters into her own hands and do wildly as she pleases no matter what the consequences may come to be?

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