Man on Fire

A Tale of Christian Erotic Fiction

Aedan Sayla

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I Corinthians 9:19 – 23

19 - Although I am a free man and not anyone’s slave, I have made myself a slave to everyone, in order to win more people.

20 - To the Jews I became like a Jew, to win Jews; to those under the law, like one under the law — though I myself am not under the law — to win those under the law.

21 - To those who are without that law, like one without the law — not being without God’s law but within Christ’s law — to win those without the law.

22 - To the weak I became weak, in order to win the weak. I have become all things to all people, so that I may by every possible means save some.

23 - Now I do all this because of the Gospel, so I may become a partner in its benefits.

― Source: Holman Bible Translation






Rough Break. 9

The Hunted. 21

Date Night 31

Reality of Awareness. 37

The Night Watch. 47

Acceptance of Desire. 52

Haynes. 62

A Complete Joy. 68

Something Considered. 76

In Deep. 88

Please God! 103

The Blessed One. 112

Saturday Morning. 121





Rough Break

Life could really suck sometimes, but not today. The top was down on the convertible, the wind was blowing, and the sun was shining.

Arwana smiled broadly and pushed her sunglasses back on her nose farther. A new life was opening up before her and it was far away from the one she’d known before.

There were no big-city skyscrapers here, just trees and open grasslands. Miles and miles of them.

No one knew her and she could start over. She’d pressed the reset button of life and fortune had smiled upon her and granted her a way out of the rat race.

She’d been raised in the country, but this was a bit different. It wasn’t even the same country.

She was in Canada and she had a license to work. She had her degree and teaching from a prestigious school and though she could have gone many places and made better money she’d opted for a little school nestled in the wilds of British Columbia.

She was thousands of miles away from where she’d ever been before and for over the past week and a half in the time it took her to drive here she’d had the best time of her life. School didn’t start yet for another month, but she wanted some time to settle in.

Yes, everything was going according to plan. Something popped loudly and a half scream left her lips, but that was all the time she had before she was counter steering aggressively in an attempt to save her life.

Despite her best efforts the little convertible skittered sideways off the road into a rougher patch of grass and rocks and then banged loudly as the back end smacked off of a tree. The car skidded to a halt and breathing heavy Arwana sat still for a long moment, taking in the fact that she was remarkably none the worse for wear.

Her car though was another story. So much for good fortune. Life once more truly sucked.

Cursing angrily she turned off the car and got out. Her flip-flops felt entirely inappropriate for the tall weedy grass growing alongside the road. Did no one mow the grass here along the road?

On a sudden hitch of indrawn breath, she thought of something else. When was the last time that she’d seen a house or a car or a person for that matter?

Her mind drifted back to the gas station she’d stopped at this morning and the advisory sign warning that had stated it was the last gas stop in 100 some miles. Swallowing nervously Arwana turned about and glanced at the still forest that surrounded her. Suddenly it didn’t matter that the sun was shining.

What would happen when it was no longer shining? Hurriedly she turned back to the car and bent over the door and snatched up her iPhone.

Oh no! No service.

No Internet. Nothing!!!

A bit shakily she wiped at the fiery red curl that had fallen over her brow and put it back into place with the rest of her curls that safely had just enough hair product applied to make sure that they stayed in place for the most part. Somehow though that didn’t matter so much in the moment as it usually did as a daily matter of manicuring. What on earth was she going to do?

She heard a noise then and she spun around with every nerve pulsing in expectation of the worst. In the distance she could see were trees had been cut and as she watched a noisy and very beat up looking pickup truck was heading down a switchback road made of dirt as it bounced its way steadily towards the main road.

Had they seen the accident?

Were they going to help her?

Would they even see her or maybe head off in the opposite direction?

As the fears mounted within her one came to the forefront. She was in the middle of nowhere and who knew what kind of creature was behind the wheel of a truck that looked like it had crashed twice and then been rolled over by a monster truck for good measure.

Swallowing down fear Arwana stilled herself and waved her arms repeatedly. She needn’t have as it was clear the truck was headed for her and had seen the accident occur.

Oh God! Her primary fear came back to the forefront in a heartbeat.

She’d packed in such a hurry to be on this journey that she hadn’t brought her pepper spray that she usually jogged with. Her mind went through a potential list of items to use in self-defense and the outcome of that mental endeavor only left her feeling puny and a complete wuss.

The truck rattled to a stop and sat idling for a moment like a dog wagging its tail before it fell silent. The driver door creaked open and a man jumped out.

Arwana felt a blush bloom across her face. No, make that her whole body. The man before her was…… gorgeous! No, not really, but yeah…… he was.

In his appearance, he stated everything that he wasn’t. He wasn’t from the city. He didn’t care what someone might say about the way he dressed and above all he looked like he didn’t care to know your opinion at all so much as he rather you respect him and leave him to be himself.

In a way he reminded her so much of her father that it hurt. That was the emotional read she got on him but as for the rest, well he was a complete stud and she was helpless to escape anything he might plan to do to her like any mare caught in a corral with a stallion twice her size.

Swallowing Arwana managed a wan smile and said with a short wave, “Hello, um…. could you help me? I’ve run into a spot of trouble and I need some help getting my car back on the road.”


I’d heard every word spoken and all the hearing of her voice did to assure me of was that she was trouble wrapped up in a pretty pink package that said unwrap me and enjoy. Wary of her already as my mind was already warring with my body I stepped past her and went around the end of the little convertible.

What on earth would someone drive a little pee scooter like this into rough country like this for? I shook my head at a lack for an answer to my unspoken question. City person was the best answer that I could come up with.

City people were also known for not being the brightest when it came to coming out into the countryside. From her accent I could tell that she was from the East Coast. Probably the Carolinas.

I knelt down and glanced at the damage more closely. She’d followed me and breathy voiced she asked, “Can you fix it?”

I looked up and fought a small war to keep from overly taking in the view of her lace encased breasts that showed all too clearly through the see-through blouse she wore. She’d bent over toward me slightly, but now quickly straightened up and stepped back as I moved to get up off my knees.

“Nope.” I stated with emphasis.

She stared at me blankly and then managed to say, “But it’s just a tire isn’t it?”

I shook my head no, “No, the whole axle broke. This car is not going anywhere ma’am. The nearest town is 40 miles that way and that’s where I’m headed. If you want, you can ride along.”

She looked the way I had pointed and in the moment of her looking away, I allowed myself to take in the bombshell like material this girl was constructed of. She wasn’t short and she wasn’t tall. Her skin was quite white due to her fiery red hair, which I took as being natural and not synthetically derived at.

Although her skin was very white she had color to it via the masses of freckles that she was covered in that gave her an almost suntanned look. There was certainly a lot of her to be seen, from her painted toenails tracing upward to her defined calves and then to her softly proportioned thighs that although full had no signs of extra flesh on them.

Her blue jean shorts stuck to a pair of wide flaring hips and then indented incredibly far in a tiny waist located above and inny belly button that I could clearly see through her see-through gauze shirt. A diamond sparkled within it and around it her belly was a soft pool of smooth flesh that said she took care of herself, but wasn’t a workout fiend either.

Her torso broadened back out the higher it went until her chest took over. Her breasts were a generous handful. They were actually larger than one would have expected for her frame size and yet they entirely fit in with the perfect hourglass dimensions of her.

Her arms and shoulders were rounded off femininely, but she had definition that echoed to the fact that she had been no stranger to work during her life. Her hands were small and her fingers articulated as if she was used to doing detailed practices with them.

My eyes rose to her face as her piercing green eyes full of life and the pizzazz that I didn’t feel within my own life came back around to focus on me. Her features were flawless and her teeth very white and it was all I could do to maintain my poker face and not let on to how much she had affected me physically all the while hoping that her eyes didn’t drift down to see how my shaft was pushing my work jeans out to the extreme.

“The town is it called Warbly?”

I nodded, not trusting myself to speak and give my inner tension away.

“That’s where I’m headed to anyway. I’m the new schoolteacher at the grade school.”

My eyebrows rose appreciably at that and she immediately took the gesture as one of offense and demanded, “What?”

I shook my head and said peaceably, “Nothing, it’s just you don’t quite look like the teacher sort.”

This time her eyebrows rose and I glimpsed the firecracker within of what this girl’s temper could be like. Apparently the idiom mentioned about redheads fully applied to her.

Her eyes continued smoldering for a moment, but her perfectly full lips remained shut. Then she spoke in a measured tone, “I appreciate your offer of taking me into town. Do you mind if I put my bags in the back of your truck?”

My estimation of her as a person shot immeasurably higher. A woman who could control her temper was a rare thing. “Yes, ma’am.” I said, tipping my eyebrow with a finger.

Something jolted within her and seemed to shake her up emotionally somehow because she quickly turned away, and then as if in need of something to occupy herself with she leaned over the side of the convertible to reach for something in the back seat. I couldn’t help myself even though I firmly told myself that I shouldn’t.

It did no good though for my eyes fell to her perfectly filled out heart-shaped posterior poised before me and stayed. Time seemed to go out of phase and blinking I shook my head only to find myself no longer viewing one of the best sights known to creation and instead I was viewing the zipper clasp of a very short pair of shorts.

Slowly not wanting to I rose my gaze to her face, only to find her gaze rooted on my crotch area that burgeoned with the raw need to conquer the beauty of everything she evoked. Her gaze rose to mine then and it was just too embarrassing to stay put and make eye contact.

I had never been caught gazing at someone in as lustful of a fashion as I had just been doing. Feeling a flush work across my face I awkwardly made my way around the car and grabbed at a pair of suitcase handles.

It was something to do with my hands, but it did nothing to take away the image of her backside sharply outlined above the tautness of the back of her bare thighs. The image was seared across my eyelids.

I carried the suitcases to the truck and stuck them in the back doing my best to keep them away from greasy objects. I made another trip to the car, all the while she remained standing there saying nothing.

Despite my embarrassment in the moment the proof of extreme attraction for her rooted between my legs had not diminished whatsoever in size. The woman was like a strong drug that made thinking objectively a chore.

All her bags were in the truck and I made my way around the far side of the truck and opened the passenger side. I was not a curse prone man, far from it actually, but right now if I had been I may have said something.

Biting my lip I scooped up saw parts, various tools, truck parts, and the like only to then dump them with a loud clang into the back bed. It took three trips until the space was decently cleared of debris. That said it was not acceptable.

The seat was smeared with grease and just the general grime of everyday work. I’d never had a passenger before.

Imagining her sitting on the seat and what it would do to her clothes made me grimace. Reaching across I grabbed up some of my over shirts and lined the seat with them.

Finally the worst of the mess was covered. I stepped back and almost bumped into her. I didn’t want to, but I met her gaze. There was no condemnation there, but instead there was genuine sincerity as she said, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” I mumbled.

She moved past me and hiked herself up into the truck. Careful to make sure that her leg was clear, I slammed the door shut. She jumped slightly and gave me a quick glance.

“Sorry, you’ve got to slam it or it won’t shut.”

She nodded and I headed around the hood of the truck. A new image had replaced the first one. It was the view of how her chest had swayed and bounced with me slamming the door causing the truck to shake.

I had to get the heck away from this woman! No doubt about it.

I got in my side and started the truck up and without a word started driving. For the next 40 miles silence reigned in the truck.

As we got to the outskirts of town I brought myself to say, “If you want a piece of friendly advice it would be to collect the insurance money off that car and get something like a Jeep to drive. A couple months down the road and that car will be completely useless to get around here in.”

She didn’t say anything and I glanced her way. She was staring at the town and empathetically I took in what she must be feeling. “Not what you were expecting is it.”

“Not quite.” She responded with softly.

“Do you have a place to stay?” Uncertainly, she rattled off an address.

My eyebrows rose, the girl had money it would seem. I drove down some side streets and then I hit Grover Hill, which wasn’t paved and the evidence of that was clear as I began to carve my way up it tires spinning.

Her eyes had widened and she was gripping onto the seat as the tires spun. Calling out over the revving of the engine I said, “Ironically, this road isn’t paved because the town can’t afford to do so, rather, it’s because the tourists think it’s cool to claw their off-road vehicles up this miserable hill.”

I reached the top of the ridge and began driving along a line of picturesque log rental cabins. The tourist season was in high swing, but one of the 10 cabins remained empty. Shaking my head, I did something I never usually did and that was to be nosy in other people’s business as I stated, “It must be every bit of your salary to rent this thing.”

“Actually, it’s free.”

I looked at her and she returned my gaze and said, “They had a hard time finding someone and a local businesswoman offered the use of the cabin in order to make the offer of employment look better.”

“Mrs. Cushing.” I said, nodding my head, before saying, “She’s a fine old lady. She owns all these cabins.”

Wealthy as the old woman may be she was very free with what God had given her and in this case she had made a way for the children of poor people to have a teacher. Coming to a reluctant conclusion, I admitted that she didn’t have to be the only generous one in town.

I glanced over at my passenger and said, “Do you have a key?” She dug one out of her jean pocket. I took it from her and glancing across at her I said, “Stay in the truck.”

Her eyes were full of questions, but she stayed quiet as I got out. Better yet, she stayed in the truck.

Quickly I made two trips and got her bags put inside the log cabin. I got back in the truck and fired the old girl up.

She rattled to life and I headed back down off the ridge. It was a bumpy ride to say the least as we coasted over all the spin hole divots from previous passages up the steep hill.

The girl had not questioned as to what I was up to yet and she didn’t now as she asked, “Do you think there’s somewhere nearby that I could rent a Jeep.”

“Nope.” I responded with, only to continue with, “I do know of several in not too bad a shape that are for sale. I would say it would be an even trade for the money you’ll get out of your car being totaled.”

Her words surprised me, “I don’t have insurance.” I glanced at her and read something else in the cast down expression of her face before she looked away out the side window.

She had no money. That was surprising given how she was finely attired as if used to having money.

Why on earth had someone like her come to a place at the end of the world like this?

“She’s running from something.” Came the whisper of my Creator’s Spirit from within my soul.

I glanced over at her and silently asked my Maker, “Am I doing the right thing?”

“Yes, my son.”

I came to a stop about then at the little place I called home. I was about a mile out of town and situated in the forests that I made my living from.

The place wasn’t much to look at, but it was mine. The Jeep parked in the driveway was also mine.

“Get out.” I said and obediently she did so.

I came around the hood and digging into a pocket I pulled out my car keys. I handed them out to her and she stared at them in shock for a moment before her eyes alternately switched from me to the Jeep beside her and then back again.

Finally, she closed her eyes and said, “I can’t.”

Smiling wryly I jingled the keys and said, “You can’t afford not to.”

Her eyes opened and seeing my smile seemed to have some effect on her and puzzled I watched her swallow nervously. Slowly she reached out and took the keys from my hand.

It was the first time we had touched. Her skin was as soft as it looked.

“I’ll pay you back.” She said thickly.

“No, not needed, just do a good job teaching the kids is all I ask. No rush in getting the Jeep back to me either. I really don’t need it.”

She swallowed again and turned away quickly. She stopped though, and turning back, she looked me in the eye and said, “Thank you again.”

I shrugged as if the look of gratitude she’d given me was no big deal, but truly it was. In fact, it was still warming its way through me.

She got in the Jeep and rolling down the window she asked, “You’re sure about this?”

I nodded and then leaning forward, I pointed to the center console and said, “And if you need to get something away from you or put a bullet in something there’s a 357 magnum in the console. It’s fully loaded and ready to fire. If you do fire it make sure you brace your wrist with your other hand, okay?”

She stared from me to the console and then softly said, “Okay.”

“Don’t worry about your car. I’ll see that it gets towed into town.”

I backed away then and after a long moment of staring at me she backed the Jeep up and drove away. The place felt curiously empty without the Jeep.

Maybe it wasn’t the Jeep I was missing. It wasn’t the Jeep.

One could only lie to oneself so much. No, the truth was that this suburban stranger from the other side of the continent had affected me like a strong dose of kryptonite.

It had been the right thing to loan her my Jeep. That said, I knew deep down in my soul that for the duration of her stay in town, however long or short as it may be, I needed to avoid her like the plague.

I went inside my house intent on having a cold shower. It did no good though.

Breathing heavy as cold water shocked across my system as it ran down my back, I found myself more erect than ever. My balls had begun to literally ache with the need for release. My hand lowered and it was a poor substitute for what imagery still played across my mind.

The view of the way she had looked bent over was all it took and I groaned as a powerful orgasm ripped through me even as the evidence of my release splashed off the shower wall. At last some of the tension I was feeling drained away, but far from all of it.

How was I going to deal with this infatuation for a stranger? I had no clue other than to avoid her, even as I was sure that she would never want someone like me.





The Hunted

Three Weeks Later – Arwana’s Perspective

Things were shaping up. The school, again, wasn’t at all what she had been expecting. It was virtually a one-room shindig.

She was to have 31 students ranging from kindergarten to high school. She had one teacher’s aide, a mother of one of the students.

The children were a mixture of the logging, tourism trade, and the native people that made up Warbly. She had already met most of them and found them to be both respectful and delightful.

It was going to be a good year. She’d made the right choice.

She turned off the Jeep’s ignition and got out. Her accommodations were better than expected at least and truly she felt herself blessed by the generosity of the small community.

She’d met practically almost everybody as in one way or another, they had come hunting for her. Now more than ever she felt the burden of not letting them down in the tasks that she had been assigned in regards to the children, which she was learning quickly, was the most important thing for these people.

Their children meant absolutely everything to them. What a refreshing change from the suburban environment that she had come from, where children were hustled off to day care centers and babysitters and thought of as being a burden for the most part.

No, Warbly was a refreshing change, even if it was a bit of a boring one. There was nothing to do! Nothing!!!

Most evenings she spent sipping coffee and reading. In her move here she’d made the decision to give up watching TV good thing too, because what channels were locally available here were enough to drive one nuts.

Closing the door of the house behind her, she went in and sat down in her favorite chair and watched the fading of one more day’s sunlight from off the land. When it was gone, she was left altogether alone with her thoughts once more.

Alone. She hated it.

There were a few young women in town around her age, but she had nothing in common with them. Every timberjack for miles around had made a point to stop her and tell her his name.

Two had even made proposals. It had actually been quite comical.

As a whole there were only too many men who would like to be filling out her evenings, but she didn’t want any of them. Idly her fingers played with the keys of the Jeep. She wanted him, and only him, with a sigh, though she reflected on the fact that he, unlike all the other men avoided her as if she had the plague.

His keeping distance with her had nothing to do with lack of attraction of that she did know. No, the more and more she learned of the said, Cliff Haynes, the more she admired. And it was in point of fact that his biggest restraint, big mountain man that he was all boiled down to the simple fact that he was shy.

It was hard to believe a man that had everything going for him like he had could be shy towards a woman, but it was the truth. In addition to being an introvert, he was also deeply religious.

Every Sunday she saw his truck parked at the lone church in town. That was the only time he showed his face around town.

Well, tomorrow she was going hunting. She was going to church.

She hadn’t gone to a church since she’d been a girl in pigtails. Tomorrow promised to have unwelcome remembrances of the past, but she’d come to the conclusion that being alone in life was simply not for her.

Still, she’d rather be alone than ever let herself fall into the narcissistic clutches of another man like Steve. No, her former boyfriend had all but destroyed her will and desire to live life and she would never let that happen again!

Cliff on the other hand, though definitely was not Steve. Where Steve had been loud, Cliff was quiet.

Where Steve had used her body because she was pretty enough to be with, Cliff had looked at her like he had wanted to mate her and bring forth children into the world. The very thought of having a child to Steve was as if someone had made a horrible joke.

Where Steve had been superficially macho, Cliff was primal male. What Steve had thought himself to be and often stated as if it were so, Cliff already was in the hearts and minds of everyone that knew him.

He was a caring individual with a good heart. In the past three weeks she’d done all she could to learn about him.

By now it was definitely no secret in the town as to her interest in Cliff and she found everyone for the most part only too willing to be ready sources of information. Whether it was how Cliff has loaned them money and hadn’t even charged them interest, split firewood when their arm had been broken, pulled them out of a ditch in a snowstorm, helped them build a house, unpaid of course, to on and on and on.

From the appearance of things Cliff was someone who was always doing for others. He employed half the loggers in town and he paid them well too.

In regards to her he’d been true to his word and had her car brought to the town’s only workshop where it still sat waiting for parts that hadn’t come yet. In all this time he hadn’t done anything to get his Jeep back.

Twice driving along the road, she’d seen grizzly bears and each time she’d relaxed in the knowledge of the pistol that he’d loaned her. It was a comfort as well when considering some of the loggers.

None of the ones that worked for Cliff were a problem, but some of the others were as dirty as they came. One in particular, especially creeped her out.

He’d followed her around town more than once and the desire to gift him with a bullet had been especially thought over well and truly and the conclusion was that if he gave her cause she would grant him one without prejudice, so far though he had done nothing but watch her. It didn’t help her nerves any living alone with stalkers lurking about either.

Pulling her mind away from disturbing thoughts of Zach Rogers she dwelt once more on the fact that she would see Cliff tomorrow. She closed her eyes and did what she did a lot of lately and that was to fantasize about how it would be like to be with Cliff.

She’d come a very long way looking for a change and he was it, only he was playing hard to get. Did she really want a man that was easy though? No, definitely no.

Her mind built her the image of Cliff and she moaned as an image of him naked and above her, inside of her came sharply to mind. Slipping a hand down, she unzipped her jeans and her fingers found the dampness of her panties.

She rubbed all the while imagining him and before long she cried out and gasped as pleasure waves shot through her. Only too soon though the orgasm was over and she was left once more alone and achingly unfilled.

In anger she slammed her fist down on the chair arm even as her body was wracked with an insatiable need to be taken. Tomorrow things were changing!

She’d given him his space, but that was over. If he wouldn’t come to her then she was going after him.

He was worth whatever embarrassment she might encounter in the process. Church in the morning wasn’t something she looked forward to for the sake of the soul to be sure.

Oh, she believed that a God existed. In fact, she was quite sure that He did, and she was just as sure that He was the same one who hadn’t answered her prayers as a girl and had let her father die.

No, she had no use for God, but Cliff was another matter. While she desired him for his appearance to be truthful, she wanted to be with someone who was so positive in nature as well.

That he believed in God was okay, as long as he didn’t insist that she likewise believe then she could deal with that. She’d already been forced to change from who she was as a person ever to do it for another no matter how amazing he might be.

School was about to start in a week and from all accounts winters here were hard and she definitely was not going to spend it alone.


The Next Day

She was here! Why was she here?

An intense need for spiritual guidance? Though true, highly doubtful.

I glanced at her and saw that she was looking at me. She was beautiful.

Clothing was definitely more modest today, but it did nothing to hide the fact that she was one of the most delectable creations of flesh God ever made. She smiled at me and I looked away.

The rumors were true then. She wanted me.

She’d come to church today for the express purpose of hunting me. I could truly say that I had never been pursued like this before.

I didn’t know what to do so I stayed put. The service began and in general the sermon was a complete blur. I couldn’t concentrate, and finally I left off trying to focus and silently talked with God, even as the pastor spoke on in the background.

My first thought was, “Help.”

“Why, son?”

“She scares me.”

“Not true.”

I was silent for a long moment and then I rephrased my statement, “I’m scared of how out of control she makes me feel.”

“True. So deal with it.”

I blinked. Deal with it? What did that mean?

“I…… help?” I asked lamely at a complete loss.

“Son, look at her.”

I did.

“Tell me, what’s wrong with her?”

Honestly, I confessed, “Nothing. At least on the outside.”

“Exactly and whose job is the inside left to?”


“Don’t hold back Cliff. You are free to claim something that you want, but see first that it remains yours.”

Feeling shaken I confessed, “I need help to do that.”

“My help is freely given to one who has helped so much. Do not fear son, I will keep you.”

“Is she right with You?”


“Then why would You want me to be with someone who’s lost?”

“You catch more flies if you use honey.”

I blinked, “But I’m the one in danger of the trap!”

“No son, you’re the bait.”

Sitting a little straighter in my seat I pondered on what had been said. It was humbling to be referred to as a piece of meat, but if that was to be my reality then so be it.

As the sermon came to a close I whispered audibly, “Thy will be done Father.”

“Thank you son. Obedience is hard to learn and yet you excel at it.”

As people were standing to leave I prepared to face the huntress, but strangely, I felt an urging of the Spirit of God to leave and immediately I did just that all the while wondering why God would have me draw close only to have me fly away before contact. I didn’t understand it, but I did what I was told to do.

In a way I had come to learn in life that obedience comes before understanding. God had a plan somehow and it had come to involve her and while part of me rejoiced the rest of me wondered at how I would keep my hands off of her and not go too far too soon.

That side of me, I silenced with the acknowledgment that God had promised to help me and help me I knew He would. He never went back on His promises and it was impossible for Him to lie, that said there were certainly times and situations I did not understand and this was one of them.


Arwana’s Perspective

He’d left, practically fled the church. She hadn’t gotten the chance to say even one word to him. She’d sat through that whole sermon just to have the opportunity to say hello and now he was gone.

“Well, well, if it isn’t the new teacher. I was hoping that you’d come sometime.”

Arwana turned to face the pastor and forced a smile of greeting. The truth was the man completely unnerved her.

She’d met him several times and in a way he was her boss being the chairman of the school board as he was. Both he and his wife had been nothing but nice to her since her arrival, but he had a way with his eyes that said he saw past the surface she displayed for people to look at. It was like he saw that her smile right now was forced and hadn’t been won over by the deception of it at all.

“Hello pastor. I….. well…… its been a few years since I attended. It hasn’t changed much.”

Far from being affronted he smiled and said completely off-topic, “You strike me as a woman on a mission.”

Arwana nodded and deciding to be completely honest, she said, “I suppose I am.”

“Hunting God?”

Looking him right in the eyes, she said, “Hunting a man. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to be going.”

He nodded and said, “Come back any time and Miss. Collins……?”

Arwana turned back and he said, “It’s good to have you here in Warbly. Hunting is a way of life around here. Sometimes in the hunt one gets more than one bargains for. Having some faith in something more than your bullet to get you the prize comes in handy sometimes.”

Arwana nodded and continued on somewhat puzzled by the pastor’s statement. She’d half thought she’d be fired for her boldness in such an upright little community and the reversal in reply from the key member of it was puzzling.


Pastor Henry watched her go.

“Henry, what are you thinking?”

Pastor Henry turned to his wife Patricia and smiled, “Oh, nothing dear.”

Her eyebrows rose leadingly and he chuckled before adding, “It would seem that the hunt is on.”

Patricia pursed her lips together and then said, “I know, I’m not sure that I like it. She’s well…… quite brazen.”

Pastor Henry nodded, “That she is. It doesn’t hurt to be full of spirit though. I just wish it was a little better directed, which seems to be on the way.”

“What do you mean Henry?”

“Cliff will be good for her. She may see what she thinks he is, but she has no idea.”

“It’s a bit like offering up a sacrificial lamb isn’t it?” Patricia responded back askance.

“Oh, Cliff can take care of himself, of the two he is better equipped to succeed.”

“How so?”

“Well, for one he has God on his side. You should have seen him during church, completely zoned out from start to finish.”

“And that’s positive how?” Patricia queried.

“Peace, the look of sheer peace he had on his face at the end. No, she may not know it yet, but I think God has a plan for those two that stretches beyond whatever her goals of the moment may be.”

Patricia looked away for a moment before looking at Henry directly in the eyes. They were the only ones left in the church.

Quietly Patricia said, “She’s not the type to stay on here for good. She will leave.”

Henry nodded, “If we’re both honest such is the case for Cliff too. He’s hidden out here from the world for far too long.”

Patricia’s eyes watered up and Henry moved closer and put his arms around her and she put her arms around him.

Softly he said, “Sometimes the better act of love for those you care for the most is to realize that it’s best to let them go.”

Patricia nodded and closed her eyes as she cried softly against her husband’s chest. Ever since Cliff had come to town penniless and broke some 10 years previous the two of them had taken Cliff in and treated him like the son they never had.

It was hard to let go of someone special, it was even harder still in the moment to trust that God was doing a good thing by bringing someone into their adopted son’s life that had the ability to crush his heart and not think twice about doing it.




Date Night

Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana sat with her forehead held in her hands. Severe depression held heavy sway over her.

Yesterday hadn’t gone well at all. Cliff had fled, and for whatever reason the message of the sermon just wouldn’t leave her head.

It just kept echoing over and over through her mind. It was as if it had been tailor-made for her. How did preachers do that?

What a diabolical gift to be sure. Sighing, she contemplated on the fact that there were only three more days left till school began. Things would get hectic then, but until then she had nothing but her thoughts to keep her company.

The door of the school house opened and forcing herself, she managed to glance up. Completely startled by what she saw she abruptly straightened and winced as her chair made a sharp grating noise on the floor.


I viewed her reaction to me with interest. She looked surprised and was I right to imagine, even nervous? Yes, nervous.

Her voice sounding more high-pitched than usual asked, “Hi, uh…. what are you doing here? I mean….. how can I help you?”

Smiling, I asked, “Which way to the hole?”

She blinked dazedly and then her eyes cleared as she said, “Oh, you're here to fix the bad spot in the floor.”

“Yep.” I said laconically.

“The pastor sent you?” She queried, as if she found something wrong with the advent of me being here.

“As I live and breathe.” I said by way of an answer with a gesture to the whole of me.

Arwana now looked completely rattled and giving her head a shake she turned and said, “This way. It’s right over h….. Ahhh!” She exclaimed loudly as looking back at me suddenly with wonderment posing the question of whether or not she was dreaming she fell through the weak spot in the floor.

The building was constructed up off the ground and as it was she would’ve fallen all the way to her thigh, but I had always been known for my quick reflexes. With both hands, I gripped a hold of her beneath her armpits with enough force to bruise her ribs.

Her fall through the floor abruptly stopped and limply she hung from my grasp. She turned her head and it was clear something about me she found to be overwhelming, at least in this moment.

The look she was giving me only built my confidence and dryly commenting I said, “You really didn’t have to play show and tell to prove that some repairs are in order around here.”


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana looked away, blushing, as he lifted her clear of the hole in the floor, as if she was but a rag doll in the jaws of a mighty dog. The power of his hands was mesmerizing and it had shaken her to the core at the realization of just how powerless she was against this man.

Glancing at him, as he let go of her, she was in time to hear him say, “That was a joke by the way. Are you okay?”

Embarrassment burning into flames she nodded as she limped away toward her desk.

“Oh, I’m fine. Don’t mind me.” She sat down in her chair in complete mortification over what a klutz she had made of herself only to jump startled as she realized that he had followed her.

His face was dead serious now and for a moment she wondered if he planned on murder. She drew back as he kneeled down beside her, which is when she noticed the little drops of blood on the floor.

His hands claimed her calf and he brought her leg forward away from the chair. Her short dress only to clearly revealed the long, bloody scrape going up her shin. How had she not noticed the injury?

“This needs seeing to. Can’t have a one legged schoolteacher now can we.”

“Ha ha, aren’t you a funny man.” She retorted with trying not to let on how the sight of her own blood freely flowing was affecting her.

He looked up then and took her breath away as he said, “No joke. I much rather you have both your legs.”

He got up then and went to a shelf where the school first aid kit was kept. He was back quickly with it and soon making her eyes water as he rubbed alcohol into the wound.

“Holding up?”

“I’m not screaming am I?” She gritted out.

He chuckled and said, “No, but then I haven’t put the iodine on yet.”

At that moment he did that very thing and she cried out from the deeper burn of the iodine. Opening her eyes, she immediately let go of his shoulder, she had somehow come to be gripping a hold of.

Wow, was he solid!

“Sorry, I…. ah”, he was up on his feet and looking at her then and words simply faded from her ability to speak.

He glanced away to the hole in the floor and then back to her, “I need to get some materials that I don’t have with me to fix this properly. Do you mind if the repair waits till tomorrow?”

“Sure. Fine by me.”

He nodded and looked at her more intently and finally unsure of the situation she asked in a small voice, “What?”


I looked away at her question and said while staring at the wall, “It’s come to my attention that you’ve been asking about me.”

My gaze came back to her startled eyes and solemnly I asked, “Are your intentions honorable when it comes to me or excuse my directness are you simply looking to get laid?”

She blinked and quickly looked down. Her hands came to clasp tightly together and I could see that she was in a struggle to speak.

From the looks of it the answer was a mixture of both. She didn’t want to confess to it though, and that was good, because it told me that lying was something still difficult for her to do.

“Arwana?” It was the first time that I’d used her name aloud. I liked it.

She looked up.

“I am an honorable man and I will treat you accordingly. Now, that said would you like to go out on a date with me?”

It was really something to see how quick her head nodded, and then how she followed it up with, “I would like that! I would like that very much!”

“Okay then. How about now?”

“I…. uh…. um…… I’m not dressed.”

“I hate to break your bubble honey, but there’s nowhere in this town worthy of getting dressed up for. Would you like to go fishing?”

She nodded quickly and stood up. I surprised her then, surprised myself actually.

I picked her up. Her eyes were liquid green pools of startlement as I carried her out the door. She opened the passenger side of the truck and I sat her on the seat. She looked completely off her game.

“You’re sure you’re all right?”

She nodded quickly.

“Okay then.”

I slammed the door shut. This time she didn’t jump. Her breasts did, though.

I made my way around the truck doing my best to manage the permanent case of hardness being in her vicinity inspired. All I could say was I hoped God knew what He was doing because I sure didn’t!


Reality of Awareness

I learned something really quick. The girl could fish!

She was fishing me under the table and having a great time doing it. That was okay because I was getting a first-class look at who she really was.

She was funny and yet she could be serious, but not too serious. She laughed with uninhibited delight, as I let on about how badly she was smoking me.

It was a test. Most importantly, I could see she was behaving around me like I hadn’t seen her do with anyone else.

That said, I knew she was a girl with a history. There was no getting around that one. I either had to accept it or move on.

The bigger question to me was would the girl get tired of someone like me with not much life of the party in him and move on to flashier game? It didn’t seem like it at the moment as truly the infatuation of early romance had to be playing its game of cover-up as well.

Why would God expose me to someone like her who I could easily fall in love with, when I could tell that she was volatile of emotion enough to leave me in as big a hurry as she was in a hurry to be with me?

Intrinsically I sensed that she had been hurt by something. A past breakup, maybe? Was I the rebound?

“You’re very serious over there. If the gears grind any louder you might blow a piston.” She teased from her spot on the bank of the stream.

I smiled and glanced her way. She was giving me a serious look.

Then precociously as it was her nature to be like she said, “You’re thinking about me.”

I nodded. She went back to fishing and seemed content to do only that.

Curious, I asked, “Aren’t you going to ask about what?”

She shook her head, “Nope. In a way it’s enough to know you find me worth thinking about so deeply. But I won’t lie; I would love to know your every thought.”

Sincerely I said, “You’re beautiful, in fact you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”

She glanced at me and smiled hesitatingly before she said, “But?”

“You scare me.” I said telling her up front just how I felt. I didn’t believe in hiding my emotions and that was one of the reasons that I was so easily hurt by others, but there was no other way that seemed right to me other than to be the way that I was.

She said nothing for a long moment. I glanced at her and saw that she was staring at the horizon. Tears were slipping down her cheeks.

Quietly I laid my pole down and came up behind her. Reaching around her I took her pole away and then pulled her into me as I hugged from behind.

Her body shook with a heavy sob that seemed to be the great opening of a sudden floodgate from within and she turned within my clasp and sobbed openly against my chest even as she held tightly to me with her own arms. I said nothing and did nothing but hold her. For better or worse, I’d made a choice and already I confessed to the fact that I loved this fiercely emotional whirlwind of a woman that had flown into my life and was now turning everything upside down.

Her crying had abated some, when with a sudden movement, she lifted her head to look up at me. I had been enjoying the smell of her hair, but now I focused in on her face as she emotionally said, “I will pack up my stuff and leave if you want me to.”

Smiling wryly I shrugged and said, “Why would I want you to do that?”

Her eyes were twin pools of question and I explained. “I may have been a coward for the first several weeks of your stay here, but at no point did I want you to be gone. Arwana I’m pretty sure you’ve noticed how attracted to you I am. The reason I’ve held back is I didn’t think there was a chance with a big city girl like you and I don’t like to make an embarrassment of myself.”

“What’s changed?”

“Well… you. You came hunting for me. You want me. I find that both humbling and amazing. I have very little to offer you.”

She shook her head as she wiped tears at the same time, even as with passion she said, “That is absolutely not true! Women where I come from would kill to be with a man like you. You’re everything that men used to be like, but aren’t anymore. You’re very much like my father in some ways and I really don’t want to hurt you. Some may think you’re weak to be the way you are, but I know how valuable you are. You’re rare Cliff. I…. I’ve been attracted to and what you are as much as I’ve been admittedly in lust for your body.”

She looked down and softly added, “I have a lot of baggage and I’m not a very good person. I’ve done things I’m ashamed of. I want to be different. That’s why I came so far in order to get away from what I had become. I…. I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but I was on the verge of committing suicide.”

She glanced up at me then as if to see if I thought she was crazy.

“What stopped you?” I asked softly.

The look in her eyes was full of truth as she whispered, “I don’t know. Maybe it was God.”

I nodded and she looked back down. I said nothing, but continued to hold her.

She felt like heaven against me and silently I prayed that I would remain unexcited as this was too personal of a moment to have spoiled by the awkwardness of an erection. My loins remained still and with quietness of soul, I listened as she said, “I was very promiscuous in high school. My dad died the year I graduated from middle school. My mother was already long gone from sometime in early childhood. I can’t really remember her. She left my father. When he died, I fell apart. I went to live with my uncle, but I wasn’t right in the head. I slept with a lot of men and…… and a few women. I got back on my feet sort of in college when I met this man. I thought he was perfect or at least he seemingly had his life together and the attention he gave me was flattering so I hooked up with him. I was with him for four years. As bad as high school was the time spent with him was hell on earth. He used me and yet I didn’t leave even though he was beyond mentally abusive. I just didn’t see it. I kept trying to please him, hoping that my life would stay together. Finally, I couldn’t take it and I dumped him and ran. After six months of working myself through things and trying to get a grasp on life I took this job and now here I am in the arms of a man I truly don’t deserve to be with.”

She looked up and the tears were back as she emotionally said, “You’re right to fear me. I’m messed up inside. I meant what I said. I will go. I don’t want….”

Leaning forward I kissed her, cutting off all her words. She gasped in surprise against my lips and then moaned as my mouth opened on hers.

Her hands came up to clasp at the back of my neck even as her thigh drifted up my hip. Seemingly lost in the kiss I still retained a communicative link to God and right now it was blaring, “What do I do?”

“Love her son.” Was the response and to the best of my heart, I let myself do exactly that. My hands found her bottom and lifting up, she obliged by wrapping her legs about my waist. I backed her in against a smooth barked tree and kept kissing her.

She was seemingly as hungry for me as I was for her and aggressively she kissed me and ground herself up against me. I sensed the moment that her self-stimulation of rubbing into the pressed ridge of my shaft outlined against the front of my pants became too much and brokenly she cried out with passion, “What have you done to me! Ohhh!!!”

Her body bucked in my grasp even as I pressed against her pelvis and ground her back into the tree. When I felt that her orgasm had run its course I let her legs fall down and I stepped back a little from her.

She leaned back against the tree looking utterly spent. She had a look of awe on her face as she gazed at me. Glancing away, she said, “I suppose it would do no good to tell you just how badly I would love it for you to rip my clothes off and make me yours would it?”

Breathing heavy and fighting the desire to orgasm myself, I said, “No, no it wouldn’t. This is a date. One we should probably end right here. I find that I’ve come to appreciate the understanding of a much greater awareness of you. The future, if God wills there to be one, between you and me is far less scary and more one of excitement by the moment.”

She glanced back to me, “Do you involve God in everything to do with your life?”

“Yes, I do, especially when it comes to picking out a mate.” I held my hand out to her and she put hers in mine.

“Do you have a problem with that?” I asked.

She looked up at me and I saw her puzzling on something, and as if discovering something new for herself, she said, “No, I don’t. I want you to be you as much as I want to be who I am. Can I be who I am with you?” She finished with almost pleadingly, as if she was a little girl begging for permission to go outside and play.

“Yes, Arwana. I don’t want you to be any different than who God made you to be.”

She gazed at me for a long moment and then in a clear shift of changing tides she said, “I’m hungry. Does this date include a meal?”

My mind immediately leapt to what I wanted. I wanted to feast on her, but schooling away the desire she effortlessly evoked I said, “Of course it does; only Warbly’s finest diner will do.”

She laughed and leaned into me as we walked back to the truck. I opened her door and before she got up into it, she leaned in and kissed me. It was quick and then she was up on the seat that I had cleaned off, especially just for her so she didn’t get grease on her clothes.


The rest of the evening went well, very well, and I found myself relaxing with her. It seemed in a way that we were free to be each other around each other now and it was that way for the next two weeks. I saw her almost daily in one way or another, whether all it was, was a quick hello or an hour-long kiss.

School had started and she was now quite busy, but she always took off from what she was doing in the evenings as if I was the antidote to what was wrong with life. It was humbling and yet exhilarating.

I knew what I wanted. I wanted her. Not just the outside that I’d been stirred to arousal from the very first sight, but I liked the affable and kind person that was blooming out of her the longer she stayed in town.

I didn’t want her for just an hour or a day or even a year. Forever was my goal and that was why for the past three days I’d been caring my mother’s wedding ring around in my pocket.

It was one of the very few things I had left of my mother and for me it had always been a source of treasure beyond the value of the components that made it up. It lay heavily in my pocket as I fought for the courage to ask what I had of God for the past three nights.

I had Arwana pressed back into one of the front porch pillars and I was kissing her face off even as I used my knee riding up between her thighs to drive her crazy. She clutched at me and moaned wantonly into my mouth as I felt her come apart at the seams.

It never got old watching the look of sheer pleasure that washed across her face. I removed my pressing knee and exhausted she slumped in against me.

“Why do you torture me like this?” She whined against my chest.

“I want you!” She begged.

Silently I asked my question of God, “Tonight?”

No answer. Receiving nothing for an answer was always an answer.

Signing I pulled away and she groaned, but in the end she let me go.

She frowned at me, “It’s not fair. You drive me insane and make it so that I can’t even think straight.”

I chuckled, but kept backing away. “Same time tomorrow night?” I asked.

She sighed and her frown broke away into a smile, “You know the answer already so why do you even bother to ask?”

“Because I was raised to be a gentleman.”

Gazing serious eyed at me she said, “You don’t have to be gentle with me Cliff. I want everything. As much as you drive me nuts you’re driving yourself nuts. I’m actually a little worried about you.”

“I’ll be all right.” I said, but she was right. Every unfulfilled evening after I left her was one of tenseness. A tenseness born out of frustration of holding back from pushing her down and making her mine.

I had to trust though that God knew what He was doing and until I knew what to do I shouldn’t do anything. He’d told me to love her and that I was doing.

He’d tell me when to make her mine or just maybe He’d tell me to leave and never see her again. The latter was a reality I had come to face as a possibility.

In any relationship I had in life God came first, but that was by no means always an easy thing to acquiesce to. Doing life the right way in any regard was rarely, if ever the easy thing to do.

I got in my truck and drove away already aching to be back in her presence. I was about a mile down the road when my phone rang. Smiling, I answered it, “Want it to be tomorrow already honey?”

“Cliff! I…. come back!” The tone of her voice was one of panic and fear and the phone slipped from my hand to clatter to the floor as I spun the wheel and about flipped the truck in the process.

Gravel went spewing as I awoke all the horses under the beat-up hood up. I went tearing back up the graveled incline wondering what could be wrong at the same time praying that nothing was wrong.


I slammed the truck to a stop and flew out of it as Arwana quickly hurried to me from the front porch. I didn’t miss noticing the fact that she held my gun in one hand.

I hugged her and felt rage course through me as I felt the tremors of fear that were shaking through her still. What or who had caused this?

Wordlessly she pointed to the open door of the house and letting her go I walked forward with the awareness of a big cat ready to spring upon anything that moved and rip it to death. I stepped through the door and felt the essence of her imbibed in the very atmosphere.

I loved her smell. She wore perfumes, but beyond that there was a smell that was just hers that I adored.

Cautiously I walked about not sure what it was to be cautious of. I stepped into the cabin’s lone bedroom and scanned it.

All seemed fine except for one thing. The piece of paper lying on the makeup table situated before the room’s lone mirror.

Slowly I approached until I could read the note and as I did my hands knotted into white knuckled fists. The crudely written note read, “Your hair sure is cute just like you. I’d like to grip it in my fist and make a knot to hold you by so I could make the rest of your pale body as red as it. I won’t harm a hair, just the rest of you.”

An automatic threat assessment began firing off in my mind of the possible candidates in a small logging town that could have done something like this. What I didn’t like most of all was that what should have been a short list wasn’t.

Logging towns always attracted crud and Warbly was no different. I employed the most normal ones, but truly there were a few I had I wouldn’t put something like this past from doing.

The handwriting was not familiar, and in fact, it was quite poorly done, almost as if the writer had used his opposite nondominant hand to do it and that possibility troubled me the most as it showed a deeper level of calculation than anyone wanting to just pull off a bad joke.

Everything about this was serious. Arwana had come into the room.

“Did you call the town office?” I asked.

She nodded.

I put my arm out and she stepped quickly into my grasp and I led her back outside. I felt powerless and yet I wasn’t.

Out loud as we both gazed sightlessly at the beautiful fall vista before us I said, “Dear God, please help end this situation well. It’s not good and one can feel powerless, but tempering the unknown is that You are in control. I humbly ask that You would take care of the situation and keep Arwana safe and free from fear. In Jesus name even so let it be.”

Sirens were growing louder and soon the scene was a virtual flood of excitement. Things like this didn’t happen in Warbly and being a small town, it seemed like everybody wanted to get in on the action.

I hung around for a while and then left. Arwana watched me go and it broke my heart a little to see the woeful look that was about her. What she didn’t know was that I would be back.




The Night Watch

Arwana lay wide-awake within the bed. Oh, how she wished she wasn’t alone.

Why had he left? Why hadn’t he stayed the night with her?

Sure, he was honorable, but…… she needed him!

Getting up as she forsook all thought of sleep, she took the revolver lying by the bedside table with her. Going to the front of the cabin she gazed out into the moonlit darkness.

Things looked as still as one would expect them to look at 2 AM in the morning. Her eyes coasted over the dim, shadowy trees, imagining far too many things.

Her breathing abruptly hitched into stillness. The glow of the moon was glinting off of something in the shade of some trees.

No car was parked there normally, but there was one parked there now, of that she was sure. Who…… She knew who.

Her spirit warmed within her and tears came to her eyes. She stifled a sob with a hand to her lips.

He hadn’t left her alone. He was sitting out there in the dark waiting to catch the one that had threatened her.

Looking around the darkened kitchen and then upward Arwana spoke, “I don’t know if You’re listening to anything I have to say God, but if You are I just want to thank You that there is a man like Cliff left on this earth.”

Hugging her arms about herself, then she allowed herself to openly cry out, “I want him, but I don’t deserve him. I……”

“Go to him.”

Arwana wheeled around in the dark with a gasp and whispered hoarsely, “Who said that?”

“The God, who your father served all his life, daughter.”

Shaking like a leaf Arwana pressed back against the wall crying out in very real peril, “Oh God I’m sorry for everything! Please forgive me! I want to start over…… if You’ll have me.”

“Go to him.”

It didn’t seem like the expected answer to her spiritual plea of need, but she wasn’t going to deny the voice that echoed within her soul with the power of One that couldn’t be overcome. She hurried to the door and threw the locks open and thrusting the door wide open she hurried barefoot across the parking lot towards the trees where she’d seen the glint of metal in the forest.

As she drew close she confirmed it was Cliff and she could also tell that he wasn’t happy at seeing her here. He rolled his window down and bluntly said, “What are you doing! You didn’t even bring the gun with you! What if it wasn’t me out here but him?”

Arwana looked him steadily in the eye and said, “But it is you and I knew it would be you. I know you’re angry with me, but please don’t be. I…. uh…. God told me to come. I had to. I mean I really, really had to.”

His expression abruptly changed and nodding, he said, “Get in the truck.”

With barely suppressed eagerness Arwana did just that.


“You don’t even have shoes on Honey!” I groused out softly. She looked completely shaken, but in a different way than she had earlier in the evening.

A long moment passed by and finally I asked, “Do you want to talk about it?”

She was quiet for another moment and then looking at me with complete sincerity she said, “I want to come home with you.”

I sighed and looked forward out into the moonlit darkness. She had no idea how badly I wanted to do just that, but I didn’t trust myself.

“Now is the time my son.”

Everything within me stilled even as joy came into my soul.

I looked over at her and spoke, “Arwana I don’t want a live-in girlfriend.”

She shook her head and said, “I don’t want to be that either. Cliff…… I very much want to have the honor of being your wife.”

Breath taken away, I stared at her, even as the moment of divine planning shook its way through to my core. Gathering my courage I held up the ring I had been fiddling with in my hand for several hours and said, “Well, it just so happens that I’ve been meaning to ask you something. Arwana would you please marry me?”

It was a bit of a rhetorical question given that in a way she had already proposed, but I felt the need for tradition anyway. She gasped at the sight of the ring and then she was on me breathing out excitedly, “Yes! Yes! Oh God, yes!”, in between kissing my face off.

Chuckling, I did my best to kiss her back, but she was already pulling back all eyes on the ring. I took her hand and slid my mother’s ring onto it.

It was a perfect fit. The diamonds glistened in the moonlight and the moment was golden and then of all things she began to cry.

“What’s wrong Honey?” I asked with concern.

Gazing at me she jerked out, “Nothing! Absolutely nothing! Cliff Haynes I love you!”

Serious faced I said, “I love you too Arwana Haynes. How about we go wake up the pastor?”

“Yes!” She breathed out and then for the first moment she seemed to remember that she was wearing pajamas and completely barefoot.

“How about I go change and do a little packing and meet you in town. I suppose we really shouldn’t wake the pastor up right now.”

I sighed and said, “I suppose not. Okay.” She hopped out of the truck and ran for the house. I watched her go smiling.

The Lord sure did work in mysterious ways. I started my truck and eased out of concealment and started down the road. It certainly had been a day of extremes. Now however, I found myself smiling from ear to ear.

That all changed though, as from within I heard, “Stop the truck son.”


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana flipped light switches on and threw off her pajamas and quickly donned a bra and a pair of boy shorts. She snapped on a blouse and pulled on a skirt. A skirt seemed more appropriate for a wedding than the pants that she usually wore.

Then in a mixture of smiles and happy tears she slammed the majority of her clothing into two suitcases. This cabin was very nice, but she’d rather live with Cliff in his little shack any day of the week.

It was all she could do to snap the suitcases closed as she hadn’t taken the time to place her clothing appropriately in order to make room for closure.

“There, it’s done!”

Seizing the handles she turned toward the door and abruptly dropped both suitcases. There was a man standing in the doorway and it wasn’t Cliff.

The big man grinned oafishly at her and said, “I come to play with you.”

Meeting his gaze Arwana very calmly said, “No, I don’t think so buddy.”

He frowned at that and was about to say something when a big fist came out of nowhere and sent him crashing into the side of the doorway. The fist strikes kept coming and the intruder had no chance of mounting a comeback as the savage hits resounded with bone crushing force over and over. Within 30 seconds the man was a pile of smashed up pulp on the floor.


Breathing heavy I blinked away the hazy blood wrath that had overcome me and left off beating the man before I killed him. I wiped at the sweat on my face and took in the imagery of Arwana calmly standing in her bedroom not having moved an inch from her original spot.

She smiled and said, “I’m ready to go Honey. Do you think big stud that you are, you could bring my bags.”

She headed for the door and moved past me and I glanced back towards her bags.

“Don’t worry about him I’m calling the police now.”

Numbly, I nodded and moved forward to pick up her bags. The girl had a plan and at the moment I was content to follow it.




Acceptance of Desire

We gave our statements at the town office and as the sun came up we were married. It had been a sleepless night to be sure, and yet I wasn’t tired right now. Arwana lay back in my arms, gazing at me as if she was the cat that had eaten the canary.

We reached the door of my house and I put her down. The woodland setting around us was coming alive with life and that very life was what I wanted to celebrate most in this moment.

I wasn’t quite sure about how to get started about it though. Arwana pressed up against me and looking up into my face her gaze was curious as she asked, “What’s wrong big man?”

Honestly, I said, “This is all new for me Arwana. I’ve never been with a woman. I’m struggling with the fact that on the one hand, I want to rip your clothes off and basically rape your beautiful body to on the other hand, wanting to be a man of control and make it good for you, and it doesn’t help the fact that I’m probably going to orgasm within seconds of just looking at you naked and……”

Her fingers stilled my words. Falling silent I watched her pull her fingers away from my lips even as she sensually held one finger to her lips and said, “Shhh.”

The tension I was under only doubled then as she took my hands and brought them up between us. With a look as old as Eve, she formed my fingers over the top edges of her blouse and succinctly whispered, “Rip it off Honey.”

I felt close to cumming in my pants. She was a temptress like no other and gathering myself, I did exactly as she asked.

Buttons popped and flew off everywhere. Breathing heavy I let my eyes fall to the sexy up-swelling mounds of two perfect female breasts now revealed before me encased in lace. I felt the need to groan with the desire I had to touch them.

“You like my breasts Honey?” She teased.

I glanced up into her laughing eyes only to hear her say, “You should hold them Baby. They belong only to you now Sugar.”

My hands lifted and I filled them with the warmth of her chest. She arched her back and rested her breasts even more heavily into my palms.

My eyes closed, was this really happening?


I opened my eyes.

Her look was lovingly tender and yet wanton at the same time as she said, “You’re only halfway there Baby. You have no idea how bad my nipples need to have your lips on them.”

The girl drove me insane!

Slipping my fingers under the back straps of her bra I yanked and the bra clasp snapped and then it was falling off her and her hard ruby tipped mounds of femininity were free, but only for a moment before my hands found them again. My thumbs stroked over her turgidly erect nipples and she let out a long pressed moan as she leaned into my caress like a cat.

I felt her fingers at work then and glancing down I saw her undoing my pants. They fell apart and meeting my gaze, she asked, “May I?”

I nodded, not fully knowing what I was agreeing to. She slipped down to her knees before me, her large breasts hanging free framed now by the torn blouse. Her hands stripped my pants down along with my underwear.

“Oh Honey!” She exclaimed deeply.

I looked down to see her eye level with my cock even as one of her hands cupped my balls gently.

She glanced up and there was no made up flattery in her eyes as she said with delight, “Wow! I knew you were big darling, but this…… you are a stud!”

Her words made me swell even bigger and then I was groaning as the warm wetness of her mouth came to stretch out over the head of my cock. I jerked spasmodically and leaned forward to rest my hands against the door for support as her wet tongue massaged around the head of my shaft in discovery of its shape even as one hand lightly stroked up and down my shaft while the other still cradled my balls in a gentle massage.

She was moaning and breathing heavy as I fought for control. She was actually deriving pleasure from pleasuring me.

I saw her body shake as she kneeled down before me with her mouth full of me. I heard it then, but even more pleasurably I felt it as she cried out in orgasm with my cock still in her mouth.

Her lips never left me, but I was done with control. Not being able to help myself, I groaned and pushed deeper into the hot cave of her mouth and started to cum.

My whole body jerked with the release of my pent-up semen into her and her hand on my balls squeezed repetitively for more as if milking the very last bit of my essence out of me. I don’t know how she was managing to breathe or swallow and as my orgasm came to a close I pulled back from her mouth for fear for her.

I heard her gasp sharply for air and make a choking sound at virtually the same time. Feeling mortified I pulled her up, “I’m sorry! I……”

“Stop it!” She breathed out sharply.

Meeting my gaze, she said, “Let’s get this straight here and now Cliff Haynes. I am your wife. Whatever you want, do it! You don’t have to ask permission. You sure don’t have to apologize! You want me so badly that you want to take me with the force of a rapist then do it. I’m yours darling! I don’t want you to hold back and as much as I admire the sweet gentlemen, you are as a man you shouldn’t be like that now. I want you to be real and I love what just happened. Yes, I couldn’t breathe, because you’re just so darn huge, but I loved it anyway. It’s the greatest pleasure in the world to me to know how utterly attracted you are to me and that…… that I’m your first just means the world.”

She was crying now. Her face was flushed and hot and a milky dribble of my semen was still slowly dripping off of her chin onto her breasts.

Her gaze followed mine and laughing, she brought a hand up and wiped the trail of semen coursing down the inside slope of one breast up to her lips and licked it off. Glancing at me once more she said, “I don’t deserve you, but I will be grateful to God, to my dying day for giving you to me!”

She came up on her toes then and kissed me even as her breasts mashed into my chest. My hands found her curvy bottom and I lifted her up against me as we both kissed each other with the passion we felt for the other.

I growled into her mouth as I felt my shaft harden up all over again. She pulled her face back and looked me in the eye with interest.

Meeting her gaze, I said, “Remember later that you asked for this.”

That said, I propelled her up higher and draped her over my shoulder. She gasped and I groaned at the feel of her nipples pressing into my back.

Savagely I kicked my boots off and when they were gone I stepped free of my pants and ripped the door of my house’s open. Going through the kitchen I reached up and grabbed a handful of her skirt and yanked.

The dress came free of her wide flaring hips and the side of my face pressed in against the warm silk clad side of her bottom. She wanted savage well, I could give her savage.

Grabbing a knife up I with care slipped it beneath the edge of her shorts and ripped upward. The tight fabric split and one half of her luscious bottom spilled out. Taking the knife I made short work of the other side and I threw the knife aside and ripped the rest of the shorts off with my hand as I made it to the bedroom.

With a long relished desire I let my hand settle over her bare bottom and the feeling of finally being able to touch something I had so lusted for was overwhelming. My cock had never been harder.

I tossed her onto the bed and she landed on her back. Instead of fear she gazed up at me with desire for more. I ripped my shirt off and growled, “Take yours off.”

She did so awkwardly all the while her breasts were bouncing with the sway of her movements. She handed me the shirt as my gaze was directed to the curly mat of red hair marking her pubic region. Her pressed together thighs were soaked with moisture. She was so beautiful!

Feeling like a beast, but not willing to pull back from being so I took her delicate wrist and bound it with the sleeve of her blouse. Reaching over her I looped the blouse through an opening in the headboard and pulled it tight. Her arm went up above her head and with molten surrender to be my willing play toy she lifted her other arm off the bed for me to tie it up too.

I did and getting onto the bed, I speared my fingers between her thighs and forced her legs apart. This was all new to me, but I knew where to put it and leaning forward I nuzzled the head of my shaft into the tight wet folds of her sheath. I had no mental reserve of control left in me.

Falling to my elbows I bit into the side of her neck and forced every last inch of my shaft into the sheer tightness that was her. She cried out and her hands pulled against her restraints, but she was securely tied.

My teeth left from biting her to kissing her as I with a heavy pressed groan shoved the thickness of me into the hot welcoming depths of her over and over. I knew she had a past, but that didn’t matter in the here and now. She seemed as tight as any virgin could of been to me and what did matter was that from this day forward no other man would stretch her open with his shaft as I was now doing.

She was my territory and savagely I now staked my full claim to it. Crying out breathlessly, her hips lifted up against my down plunging invasion and she suddenly became as tight as a vice about my shaft.

Groaning, I yanked free of her clasp only to force her open again to me. She was screaming and writhing beneath me with her hands pulling at her restraints.

Dimly I realized that it was my name she was calling out over and over. Thanks to her earlier easing of my urge to come with her mouth I felt no need to come now and instead I soaked up the pleasure of what it was like to be in a woman, to feel her breasts, and hear her cries of pleasure.

This was sheer delight and I thanked God for it even as I relished one more deep slide into her as she was clasped tight in yet another orgasm.


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana cried out in agony, an agony of pleasure.

Oh, he was killing her! She’d never had it like this!

He just kept sliding into her with a cock bigger than any she’d ever had before. His cock was beautiful and strong.

From the first moment that she’d seen it, she’d fallen in love with it, but now he was torturing her with it. Oh God was this really happening?

She cried out again as he surged in deep. Oh yes it was!

He was like an animal! Opening her eyes, she saw him staring at her and feeling wanton she huffed out, “Take me harder!”

His thrusts into her stilled and passion beading his face with sweat, he said, “How?”

Gathering breath as the thickness of him in her stole all ability to concentrate she said, “Remember the first time you saw me?”

He nodded.

“I’d just bent over my car and straightened up and found you were staring at my butt.”

She gasped as he swelled even thicker within her. She was already going to be sore for a week from his taking what on earth was she doing by leading him on even further? The only answer was that she wanted him to enjoy her even at her own expense.

“Well darling, I’m your mare and I’d love for you to mount me and make me full with your seed.”

His shaft withdrew and she felt the aching loss of it like a friend departed. She knew he was green with the mechanics of things and so flipping herself over she scooted up onto her knees as to what she felt would be the proper angle.

Closing her eyes, she arched her back down and tried to mentally brace herself for the fact that he now had access to go even deeper into her than before. It didn’t matter. This was his first time and she wanted to please.

He wasn’t doing anything. With difficulty because of her tied hands, she glanced back. He was staring at her butt.

She smiled and he glanced up and warmly she invited, “Ready to go deeper baby?”

With passion he sidled up to her and she shivered with anticipation as his big hands came to rest over her hips. This had always been her favorite position, but intrinsically she knew she’d never fully experienced it before without him.

His shaft came into her and she deeply arched her back as far as possible in welcome of him. He groaned deeply and she smiled as the sure knowledge came to her that she had completely made his day.

Breathing heavy she held still as he eased more and more into her. This was so supposed to be!

She cried out with wonder as he pressed in the last bit of himself and she felt him come in contact with the deepest reaches of her sheath. He drew back and came forward and his momentum drove him in further still and she came hard. Her orgasm was a literal explosion.

The orgasm was too multifaceted to describe other than to say it was everything at once. Her tight clasp of him pulled with every withdrawal only to resist his resurgent thrust. He completely owned her and she held still for him on her knees even as the orgasm never stopped and his had just begun.

The heat of his seed within her was hot and pushing she pressed her bottom back in against his groin even as he was crying out with his release as he left his cock buried to the hilt within the core of her.

It was amazing! He was hers!

They could partake of activities like this every day! Her eyes caught sight of her glistening ring and on a pant she cried out, “Thank you God!”


My orgasm was finally over. It had been the longest and most intense orgasm of my life. Even though it was finally over, I simply didn’t want to move.

I glanced down to the incredibly erotic sight of our joining. God had known what he was doing when He had made the female rear. Truly nothing was more beautiful than it, especially right now.

Sweat was rolling off me and her too. Idly I watched a bead of moisture flow down the curve of her back. She was breathing heavy, but finally at rest from the countless orgasms that she’d had.

Speaking out into the stillness of the room, I said, “I don’t want to leave you.”

“Then don’t.” She whispered in reply.

She made a movement with one hip and taking direction I eased us over onto our sides still buried within her. She curled into me once more like a cat.

Weariness came over me all of a sudden. I took in the fact of her still bound hands, even as I half buried my face in her hair, loving the smell of it.

Awkwardly, I reached a hand over and undid her wrists from their restraint. In the aftermath of passion I once more felt like apologizing, but I choked it back.

I was softening in her and I hated it. Her sheath was a home I never wanted to leave.

Learning how it was like to snuggle with a woman for the first time in my life I let my bottom arm become the pillow for her head even as somewhat shyly I let my top arm ease beneath hers and hold one of her breasts even as I tried to touch the other one at the same time.

The touch of her was a sheer comfort as I had never known. It worked on me like a drug and left me wanting to black out and fall into a deep sleep. Her arm settled over top of mine even as her fingers spread out over top of my hand, “Sleep my love.” She whispered with welcome and I did just that with my nose pressed into her hair and my hand full with the warmness of her breast even as her moist breath dusted my arm with welcome each blessed second of life.


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana lay awake for only a few moments longer than her already sleeping husband. School had been canceled for the week, so they were no demands on her time.

Smiling, as she gazed at the ring on her finger, she mused over how much fun it was going to be when he woke up. He had a need to play with her and she had a need for his loving touch. The past was disappearing only to be replaced with a honeymoon future.

She was drenched with this man’s seed. They had not talked of any kind of birth control and neither would she.

There had been a time in life when the thought of a child had been a complete burden to her. Now, however, as she lay in Cliff’s arms all she could think of was how badly she wanted to make a nice home and give this man children to raise to be the kind of individual that he was.

Her eyes closed as his big deep, even breaths ruffled her hair, even as the warmth of him pressed up against her was better than all the heat blankets in the world. The day had become bright outside, but the two lovers slept completely oblivious to it.





Arwana’s Perspective

Oh, she had created a monster! The man couldn’t keep his hands off her!

They’d awoken in the late afternoon and ever since then he had been at play with her. He touched everywhere and everywhere his fingers had gone his lips had followed.

She’d never been so thoroughly played with or investigated. He’d licked her to orgasm with nothing but his tongue for like an hour straight until she had literally had to crawl away from his torture and here she was now caught on her knees again once more accepting his beautiful cock over and over again as he rammed it into her from behind.

Clitoral orgasms aside, he was now stroking her G spot with his shaft that seemed to have been specially made to do just that. The deep rising of pressure building within her made her eyes cross.

She knew what was going to happen. It had happened only once before in her life and it had been a very embarrassing moment. She didn’t want that to be the case now.

“Honey?” She croaked out as he filled her deeply.

Breathing heavy he stilled and doing her best to focus she said, “Honey, what you’re doing is going to cause me to have a different kind of orgasm and lead me to do something called female ejaculation. I promise I’m not peeing on you. If you want, you can stop and we can change position and it won’t happen.”

The stillness of the room was broken then by his laughter of all things. Arwana moaned with pleasure as that very laughter shook his shaft in a very special way deep inside of her.

His shaft withdrew only to be rubbed even more aggressively over the area within her responsible for her mounting tension. She groaned gutturally as she realized he had no intention of stopping and then he said it, “I have no intention of stopping Baby Girl. By all means explode all over me!”

‘Oh wow!’ Arwana silently confessed with enthusiasm as she took in all over again how singularly blessed she was to have this man as her permanent lover. The tension built with his strokes and groaning deeply she satisfied his wish and exploded all over him and he only kept plunging into her with his own release that had been perfectly timed to hers.

Weakly, she collapsed forward and he followed, pressing her down, but holding himself up enough not to crush her or impair her breathing. The bed was soaked, but it was okay.

She’d been allowed to enjoy something she’d been yelled at the first time she had done so. Over and over again she felt blessed.

“Thank you, Honey for letting me come in that way. I……”

“No.” He huffed out, “It’s I who should be thanking you. That was amazing!”

Silently she shook her head. He just didn’t understand how special he was, but she did.

He was moving then and suddenly she was in his arms and they were headed towards the bathroom. Soon they were having their first shower together and for once this evening she finally managed to manhandle him enough to not be so focused on pleasing her, but to allow her to focus on him.

On her knees in the shower, she tenderly washed and stroked the maleness of him. Maybe some would call her odd, certainly those of a feminist mindset would, but to her the most handsome aspect of her husband was his cock. Flaccid or erect it didn’t matter, it was simply beautiful and in a way it had become her best friend.

“Haynes.” She whispered out as she wetly licked at his shaft as warm water coursed down over both of them.

“What?” He asked, amused even as his fingers played with her curly red hair.

“Your cock’s name is Haynes.” She said loud enough for him to hear before opening her mouth wide enough to suck over one of his hairy balls and gently massage it with her mouth.

Post orgasm both balls hung low and they were big. They were perfect. They were him.

She treated the other one to the massage of her mouth, even as he said with amusement, “My last name is Haynes.”

She let his ball slide from her lips and said, “Nope, your names is Cliff this...” She kissed the head of his shaft that was beginning to harden. “Is Haynes.”

Glancing up at him, as he stared down at her, she smiled teasingly and said, “Together, both of them make up you.”

“You are an absolute tease!” He mumbled.

Cheekily she said, “I’m not sure which of you is the bigger half actually.”


I shook my head almost feeling embarrassed. I had a beautiful woman on her knees before me licking on my cock like it was the best popsicle in the world and to top it off she’d named it Haynes. She was funny and so very reciprocal in her need to please me as much as I felt the need to please her.

It was really something to have a woman like her on her knees with her hands and mouth all over my cock. Pleasure from the loving attention she was showing me in addition to the pure physical pleasure of being with her that she invoked radiated warmth throughout me.

I glanced down and saw a woman 100% devoted to me. It was hard to stand and simply accept the pleasure she gave, because I wanted to do something for her in return.

She saw my look and gave me a bold wink even as she sucked strongly.

Groaning, I said, “Haynes is very appreciative of you.” I said, as I focused on just letting her please me. In response to me she chuckled and the effect of that felt very nice on me.

One of her hands left off playing with my balls and coasted in between my legs and began to rub firmly. Almost immediately my cock grew bigger in girth and length. The feel of her fingers so near my anus was odd, but the deeper response she was evoking made me trust her.

Her lips came off my cock and with wonder in her gaze still focused on my cock stretched out to the full glory before her, she said, “Baby you’re beautiful!” Feelings of warmth worked through me even as her rubbing fingers kept me at a full erection as if like never before.

“Are you referring to Haynes or me?”

She glanced up and there was no tease in her voice as she said, “Both of you.” She swallowed and looked pressed to ask something.


Softly she asked, “Do you trust me Honey?”

Now that was a question. I had to think about it. There were a lot of unknowns about her, but it boiled down to one thing. Whether she chose to hurt me one day or not I was going to trust her with everything in the here and now.

Nodding my head, I said, “Yes, I trust you.”

Her expression gentled and she whispered, “Thank you.”

We both knew we were addressing a fact of a reality that went far and beyond the physical reality of the here and now. She glanced down to a bottle of body lotion and filling her hand with it, she rose her hand back up between my legs.

I knew what she was going to do and I couldn’t say I was thrilled by it, but in a way I had already given my leave to do it. She didn’t look at me as her gelled finger went where no finger had ever gone before and began to rub on my anus.

I found it hard to let go, but I did and with insistence her small finger slipped inside of me. Gently she swirled it around a little even as I took in the reality that what she was doing was pleasurable. My cock was so full of blood I doubted it had ever been bigger.

One finger became two fingers. I glanced at her and she was looking at me.

With a straightforward manner she said, “This is all I will ever put into you.”

I nodded and in a way relaxed as a barrier was erected that I didn’t need to be concerned about the future of. Her fingers curled in a come hither motion and directly rubbed on the bulb shaped organ that she had been massaging from the outside before.

Intense pleasure radiated out of her contact and when her lips came back in a sucking clasp at the head of my cock I knew I was a lost cause. I braced myself against the shower and fought hard to keep from thrusting deep into the honey warm mouth before me.

Her fingers kept rubbing and the imminent explosion of me about to go off mounted. Her free hand squeezed my drawn up balls and that was all it took.

I orgasmed so hard it hurt. It was a multilayered orgasm that went long and hard and left me feeling shaken.

Leaning back against the shower wall, I felt her rise up and hug me tightly. After a little while my being came back into focus and I shut the water off that had started to run cold.

In the stillness I said as my arms held her to me, “That was intense. I… ah… didn’t know about that.”

She glanced up at me and whispered, “I’ve never done that for any man before.”

“Thank you.” I said, feeling especially touched by that revelation.

She smiled, “I assure you darling the pleasure was all mine.”

I begged to differ on that, but I wasn’t going to argue. We got out and suddenly as both of our stomachs growled, we realized how starving hungry we both were and laughed.

It was so good not to be alone anymore. I thanked God for it as I led her off to the kitchen, neither of us feeling the need for clothes we remained as we were. In a way this house had become our garden in which to explore each other and see what God had made.




A Complete Joy

Three Weeks Later – Arwana’s Perspective

Humming to herself Arwana worked away at grading school work. Ruefully she had to smile and shake her head at some of the answers she found along with the doodles hugging the edges of the pages.

Her students weren’t going to be world-class scholars as they had no desire to be that, but what they were was good kids. She loved them and teaching them, although not without challenges had become the most rewarding thing she’d ever worked at as a job.

It was getting cold outside, but between laughing at what one pupil in particular would do or say next and going home to the warmth of the love of a man utterly passionate about her she had it completely made. A dream come true in a way.

That said something was missing. She felt a void within herself and it was hard to explain. It was something spiritual that she was sure of, because she had everything one could ask for in the physical.

Dutifully, as Cliff’s wife she’d gone to church with him the past three Sundays. It hadn’t been easy. Especially the more and more she discovered that all churches and pastors for that matter weren’t the same. Each time she went it was as if the pastor had prepared his sermon for her, as if he knew intimate details of her past and one by one misconceptions she’d had were crossed off the list until she was left with the uneasy acknowledgment that God was much different in His thoughts and ways than she and others had labeled Him to be.

He in a way was becoming more approachable and far more personable seeming.

Arwana let the math test slide down to the table as she thought about things. There was so much to be thankful for at the moment that it seemed wrong not to be giving credit to the One pulling the strings. It was kind of like she was starring in a film all by herself acting like she was the producer, when the show already had one.

It certainly hadn’t been her speaking in the dark of the kitchen in the early hours of the morning. In reality all she needed to know that God existed was Cliff. He believed in Him.

There was no doubt in that man’s heart as to everything in the Bible, that he daily read, as being straight from the lips of God. One could say he was misguided or impressionable or maybe even naïve, but none of those explanations made up the reality of why Cliff was the man that he was.

No, he had faith. God was real. His son Jesus Christ was real. The Holy Spirit was real.

She knew it. Why then was it so difficult to get going on this path of faith?

Arwana got up from the desk, angry with herself. The answer was before her and like an idiot she kept denying herself from it.

She kept wanting to hold on to the image of God as being someone vengeful and without pity as to allow her father to die like He had. There had to be a different answer to what she had come up with before though.

How else could you explain away the difference in Cliff or the pastor and his wife or indeed half the other devout people in this town?

Coming to a stop at a shelf, she pulled the big black book off of it. As a child she’d known the usual Bible stories, but when it came to the book, as a whole, she was a complete blank.

On a daily basis Cliff would reference something out of the Bible and always she felt like the third wheel for not having a clue about what he was talking about. Maybe if she read the Bible she would begin to be more like Cliff or at least know what he was talking about sometimes.

Intrinsically she knew it would please him if she read the Bible and that alone was enough to get her to open the book. Staring at it though she said, “Where on earth do I even begin to start?”

The building settled loudly and the floor gave a stress crack as a heavy wind blew firmly outside. Arwana had been startled by the sound of it and had jumped.

Realizing the cause of the sound she looked back down and was stunned with amazement to find that the Bible had sprung open in her arms. The only explanation was that it had happened when she jumped.

Reading the top of the page it read Psalm 18. Glancing down, she read the 18th chapter.

Overcome, she read another one and another one. Chapter after chapter went by until face awash with tears Arwana sank down to the floor.

She wasn’t the only one who had ever felt abandoned! Crying, she held the Bible to herself and sobbed out, “I’m sorry God! I thought you were somebody else!”

She cried a while longer and then as if in peace with almost everything she got up and put the Bible on the shelf. She would’ve taken it home with her, but there was no need, because Cliff had Bibles laying all over the house at home.

Daily from now on she was going to read from the Word and discover just what she had been missing out on or worse yet lied to about.


Reaching the front door Arwana unlocked it and went inside. Cliff wasn’t home yet.

Stopping she picked up one of his shirts and smelled it. A smile came to her lips as if his scent was a happiness serum.

Truly, it was. Not only happiness, but desire as well.

She put the shirt down and then picked it back up. Going into the kitchen, she sighed at the sight of dirty dishes.

What she wouldn’t give for a dishwasher! She shook her head to clear it and then took off her blouse.

Taking his shirt she put it on and rolled up the sleeves. At least now she didn’t feel alone in doing the task at hand.

Tonight was left overnight so she didn’t have to worry about cooking dinner at least. Cliff in general was so easy going that he really didn’t seem to care that she wasn’t that good of a housekeeper or a cook, but he always complimented her on what she did manage to accomplish as if she was a work in progress worth cutting some slack for. Truly, she hated the thought of feeding him leftovers and she was about to switch tasks when she heard his truck pull up outside.

The truck had an identifying rattle to it that was almost like a DNA tracker. Smiling, she kept to washing dishes.

Maybe they’d go out and visit Warbly’s sole and only diner. Oh, what would she get this time out of the grand list of eight or so items that the diner offered?

A pair of large hands slipped warmly onto her hips before sliding up under the over shirt she wore to graze her sides only to fill themselves with the lace covered masses of her breasts. With an aching groan of delight for this man’s touch, she rose up on tiptoe as his lips kissed down along the side of her neck. If she could have done so she would have purred.


Laughing I left off kissing her and nuzzled my face into her hair as my thumbs soothed over my wife’s quickly hardening nipples.

She purred out, “You are home early. I don’t have anything made for dinner.”

I turned her away from the sink and said, “That’s all right, I’ll eat you instead.”

I kissed her then and her arms hugged me to her as she kissed me back with passion. I broke the kiss off and set her up on the counter off to the side of the sink.

“And how was your day?” I asked.

“Good, but it would be better if you were still kissing me.” She teased.

Dragging a finger across her lips I said, “I will be kissing you…… just not here.”

“What…… oh!” She exclaimed, as I slid her down abruptly, so her back was on the countertop even as I smoothly brought both her thighs up, when I did that her dress fell down around her waist revealing her lace panties.

Grasping a hold of the fragile things I whisked them up and off her legs. Then, stroking my hands up the back of her thighs to her knees, I held her legs back as I proceeded to do just what I had said I would do.

Gasping, she’d jolted in my grasp even as one hand came to ruffle in my hair as my tongue stroked through the folds of her labia. Groaning, she said, “You’re going to be the death of me you know.”

She gasped sharply and then said on a pant, “A person can only take so much pleasure! Oh, Cliff! Oh!!! I……. ohhhh!”

Within a minute I had her cumming and within a couple more minutes I had made her cum again. After that orgasm was complete though she fought against me to get off the counter.

Laughing I let her go. Her hands ripped at my pants and I could tell that she thought she was going for the desert in comparison to my meal of her.

It wasn’t going to be that way though. As soon as my pants were off I caught her hands and forced them behind her and brought her tightly up against me.

“I want you!” She urged desperately.

“How?” I teased.

“In my mouth, in my body, however you want me, but right now!!!”

“Your wish is my command baby.”

I swiveled her around and had her folded over the kitchen table within the next moment. Truly, this was my favorite position to both see her and feel myself within her and the best thing of both worlds I acknowledged, as with a little careful alignment, I drove my aching shaft to the hilt in her tight sheath was that it was her favorite way to be taken too.

She groaned and instinctively stood up on tiptoe as she pushed up against my invading shaft. I’d been thinking about her all day and it wasn’t very long before I was spewing the evidence of my pent up orgasm deeply within her.

She hadn’t cum and I felt a little guilty about that, but then that was why I had started with her pleasure first. I had known well and truly how short my fuse was going to be.

Stepping back slightly I pulled my dripping cock out of her and shaking my head, as she still stood poised before me, I said, “Your ass is absolutely perfect!”

Laughing, she straightened up and turned around to look at me as she leaned the topic of conversation back against the table.

“What is it about the female ass that you like so much?” She asked with decided interest.

“I couldn’t say…… I’ve always been like that…… it’s just the way it looks…… and yours is just absolutely awesome!”

Her face blushed a little as she took in my frank praise of her posterior and then she said, “Well I’m glad you like it. Now what can I get for you to eat other than me?”

“Leftovers are fine.” I said.

“Leftovers it is buddy.”

She turned to go to the fridge and I brought myself up to do something I’d never done to a woman before or really ever imagined myself doing. Taking my hand, I smacked one cheek of her plushly rounded rear hard.

The smack resounded throughout the kitchen as if a small cannon had gone off. At the contact of my hand, she had jumped and gasped and far from being amused, I winced and quickly said, “That was way too hard, I’m sorry!”

Slowly she turned and looked at me and amazingly she didn’t look mad. I would’ve been mad.

Instead, she came closer and reaching out she took my hand. Glancing up at me then she said, “The other one is jealous.”

She winked at me and then half turning bent over slightly.

Shaking my head, I mumbled, “You can’t be real.”

“Oh, indeed I am. Now are you going to leave a girl hanging or what?”

I did it. I smacked the other side as hard as I had the previous side.

She straightened up and glancing at me she said while opening the refrigerator door, “Any time you want to darling.”

I shook my head and quite honestly asked, “Is there anything you wouldn’t deny me?”

Glancing my way she said, “No, not a thing.”

Feeling in need to share I said, “I want to tell you something. I…. I’ve never had so much fun before in my life. You are like holding pure joy. You make life fun and something exciting each day.”

She set the tray of leftovers down and coming over to me she took my hands and looking into my eyes, she softly said, “Funny, I could say the same thing about you my love.”

I leaned down as she arched up and together our lips met in a shared ever evolving love for each other.


Something Considered

It was hard to leave her in the mornings. Really hard.

Ruefully I looked down at my morning erection. Silently I debated for a moment, but then I ended it.

I had to stop being so late to show up at work. I may be the boss, but that shouldn’t matter.

Reaching down I tucked the blanket to slide gently over top of her one breast that had slipped free of cover. She stirred slightly, but remained asleep.

Holding my hand out over her I softly prayed, “Please God, watch over her today and keep her safe. I saw her reading Your Words last night and I about screamed for joy. Thank You for answering my prayer! I pray that You would only continue to work in her life and help her find her way to You. In the name of Jesus, I commit her to Your keeping this day.” I left the bed then and got ready for the day.

I was out of the house and as always I quietly took in the morning surroundings. I lived with a constant dread day in and day out in concern to Arwana.

Clancy Tarbuck, the man I had beaten to a pulp in Arwana’s cabin was like a lot of other timber jacks in one respect. He had never learned to write. He hadn’t written the message left in her bedroom.

The only way I ever managed to pull myself away from the house in the morning was if I had an affirmation in the Spirit that it was safe to do so, when I didn’t have that affirmation I stayed home and made up some excuse and only later on left for work after she’d left for school.

Before I did that though I would follow along far behind to make sure she got to the school house safely. Those days I also paid a few individuals I trusted to keep a close eye on the schoolhouse.

In the process of trying to sleuth through who might be behind the note I had narrowed a list of potential suspects down to three men. That was where the good news ended.

All three were the worst of the lot and there was a chance not one, but more than one could be involved in the plot. Whether they were in it together or it was just one of them it was hard to say.

It was everything I had not to put a bullet in each of them just to eliminate the threat they posed to Arwana or humanity in general for that matter. Affirmation in place I got in my truck and left.

Affirmation or not it required faith to believe that I wasn’t crazy and that Arwana was really safe. That said I was so grateful not to be like other supposed normal people that never took the time or effort to have a personal relationship with their Creator.

For me nothing else was more important in life, not even Arwana. That was why in the end, I could leave trusting God would keep His word. It wasn’t easy though.

Sometimes it seemed it would be better to be more ignorant of what was going on spiritually all around, but that was quickly done away with by just one conversation or word with the Almighty. To them who much is given, much is also required.


Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana sat up and tossed her hair back over her shoulders. Mournfully she felt at the empty spot on the bed beside her.

Weekdays were the pits. Saturdays were awesome!

Without fail his internal alarm clock had him awake and out the door, but during the weekend it got shut off and she usually woke up first. With delight, she always warred over which way to wake him, her mouth full of Haynes or the act of her sliding down onto Haynes.

The latter was the best for him as he always awoke with a start only to find himself buried to the hilt in her and be at a complete loss for a moment as to what to do, only to then obligingly accept the breast that she would extend to him to suckle. While that may be his favorite way to wake up hers was the act of filling her nose with the scent of his musky odor and taking Haynes into her mouth and playing with him until he exploded.

She couldn’t explain it. She simply loved her husband’s cock and when she got to start out a day with a belly full of her husband’s seed it was like the best energy supplement or aphrodisiac a girl could ask for.

But that was the weekend and today was Monday. Sighing, she got out of bed and headed for the shower.

Washing away, she got the shower done and over with and started to dry her hair. Smiling to herself, she turned and glanced at her bottom in the mirror half expecting to see a bruise, but there were none.

He’d taken her up on her suggestion from Friday and spanked her again last night. He’d done it right at the point of orgasm and it had made her eyes cross with the pleasure she had received. Being with him was wild!

It had never been like this. Her greatest regret was that she had a past she was able to remember before the advent of him.

He didn’t seem to care about it, but she did. There was no going back and fixing that though.

Moving forward was what she had to do and with that in mind she turned away from the mirror. Abruptly she stopped as a thought dropped into her memory suddenly.

There was one thing she had never done with a man before. One thing she’d always steered far and wide from.

Steve had always begged her to let him do it, but she had denied him every time. Reaching behind her with her hands and glancing back into the mirror, she pulled the cheeks of her bottom apart.

Biting her lip, she stared at the tightly crinkled entrance of her bottom, poised just above her vagina. One thing she’d always puzzled over as a woman was why God had placed the two orifices so close together. It was almost like He had intended for it to be used in the same way the vagina was used.

While Steve and other boyfriends she’d had in high school had begged to put their penises in her ass, Cliff was set apart in that he wasn’t even asking let alone begging. Mentally the thought of how big his cock was made her shudder and let go of the cheeks of her bottom and look away from the mirror.

The sudden tension of what it would be like to have Haynes thrusting hard within such a tight place was argued against by the fact that she was suddenly damp between her thighs. What did her body know that she didn’t?

The teacher side of her rose up and she made the decision right there and then that research was needed. Maybe, just maybe, she did have something she could give her husband.

On the other hand, while being a virgin and bleeding from your first time was to be expected from vaginal entry, bleeding from your bottom was entirely a different matter. She’d had one girlfriend who had sworn by the fact that it was one of the most pleasurable things she’d ever done, but on the other hand, she had listened to the horror stories of others who’d had quite the opposite to say.

Those horror stories aside, Cliff was vastly different than the men who had made her friends scream in agony. On the other hand, at least physically speaking Cliff was simply built bigger than those men had likely been.

That had to count for something, but whether it ruled out everything that at least was worth the effort to find out. Another question however that might nix everything was whether or not he might think it to be a sin.


Mind blown, Arwana locked the door of the school house. As the children had taken their tests today she had been far more occupied with something else, researching the act of giving her last virginity away.

She’d reached the conclusion that it could be done safely and beyond that she knew she was ready to offer it to Cliff. What would he say though? That was the question.

Over the next week she debated over it until the topic of conversation fell by the wayside as she became obsessed with something else. Reading her Bible.


The Sunday service today had been good. She’d had to fight from crying in public and yet she’d left the church in peace. They’d been invited over to the pastor’s house for lunch and she had gone willingly. Surprisingly the talk around the table had revolved on nothing about church or anything spiritual. It had simply been a great conversation.

The time had gone by and at times Arwana had found herself laughing as she completely relaxed with the good people that the pastor and his wife were. Later in the day the pastor and Cliff had wandered off to go fishing with each other.

Arwana had stayed behind with Patricia. She found that she really liked the woman and in a way she came to realize why this woman was so important to Cliff.

She was simply a very good woman and one any child would’ve loved to have had as a mother. There was just something about her that was both peaceful and yet very strong.

In addition to that she was simply easy to talk to. And talking is what they had done for over an hour as they sat on the back porch waiting for the men.

Arwana found herself talking along more and more personal lines with the woman.

“It couldn’t have been easy for you to let Cliff go in order to be mine, was it?”

Patricia looked up from her knitting and smiled, “No, it wasn’t.”

Time passed by for a moment before she added, “But I’m glad I did. It’s always much better to go with God’s will than against it, I can assure you. As unclear as it was to me at the time I now see that it has worked out to be a very good thing for you two to be together. You’re very good for each other. I’m so very happy to see Cliff so happy and relaxed as being with you has made him to be.”

Arwana looked away, feeling embarrassed, “No, actually I haven’t done much. He is just…. well, perfect.”

“Nonsense, dear. No man is perfect, save one and Cliff isn’t the savior of humanity despite whatever you may think of him. Don’t underestimate yourself so much. You’re a very good woman.”

“ I……”

Before Arwana could continue Patricia stated, “You’ve been reading your Bible a lot lately haven’t you?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“Cliff mentioned it. By now you’ve no doubt read that if you confess your sins and believe in Jesus and what He did for you and how you are under His atoning blood that you are no longer held guilty for all your past misdeeds, am I correct?”

Arwana nodded and then tearing up said, “I confessed my belief in Jesus today at church.”

Patricia smiled warmly, “I know dear. I was watching your face and I saw the exact moment when you became born anew. Arwana, dear, the past is behind you now, it no longer serves as a trial and judge over who you are now.”

“I know that, but it’s hard to forget.”

“Yes, indeed it can be very hard to forgive yourself, but you need to do it. It’s an essential part of the healing process and you really can’t move on to far as long as you hold your past against yourself and believe in part that it dictates to how and what your future will be like. You’re a new creation Arwana. Embrace it. Embrace it as enthusiastically as you do your husband.”

Arwana nodded, as she took all of the wise woman’s words to heart. Inside, she felt both at peace and bubbly at the same time. Getting up suddenly she went over and hugged Patricia.

She couldn’t help herself it was just who she was and she felt so good inside she just had to share. Patricia laughed and hugged her back.

Whispering into Arwana’s ear, she said, “You need to tell him, Honey. He will definitely want to know.”

Arwana nodded and broke off the hug. She sat down beside Patricia and the two sat in companionable silence.

Impulsively Arwana broke the silence by saying, “I wish I’d had a mother like you. Maybe if I had, things would have been different, but that’s in the past, moving on.”

Patricia nodded affirmatively and said nothing as if proud of her young protégé for correcting herself. Something suddenly came to mind and Arwana started to fidget.

Patricia glanced at her, “What is it, dear?”

Arwana looked away and thought about what she wanted to ask. Something one might ask a mother.

Why not?

“I….. I….. um…..”

“Spit it out, child.”

“I want to do something for Cliff, something sexual. I don’t know how he will react though, and well, it’s kind of a taboo thing.” Arwana’s face had flushed three shades of red and studiously she kept her face looking away out over the backyard too embarrassed to look the older woman in the eye.

Patricia’s hand squeezed down overtop of Arwana’s hand and Arwana glanced into Patricia’s knowing kind eyes. Patricia asked, “May I ask what the something in particular is child?”

There was no way out now. In surrender Arwana stuttered to say, “I want to give him my…… my ass.”

Arwana’s face felt like it was in flames now and she started to rise up to walk away, but Patricia’s hand on her shoulder held her firmly sitting down.

“Arwana, look at me honey.”

She did so and found no judgment there of any kind and softly Patricia asked, “Let me guess. You’ve never had a man take you in that way before?”

“No.” Arwana said in a small voice.

Nodding, Patricia then, said, “And you want to give Cliff something no one else before him has ever had.”

Arwana nodded.

“Well, dear, while that is very noble of you, it is entirely a bad idea to do.”

“You mean the act?”

“No, I mean the spirit with which you're proceeding with.”

Arwana blinked, “I don’t understand.”

Patricia looked at her directly and said, “Honey, allow me to be bold for a moment to say, if you’re going to let your husband squeeze his cock into your ass then it had better be because you’re the one that wants it to be in there and not because you’re allowing a past of promiscuity to drive you to offer something that you really don’t want to do. The only thing you’re setting yourself up for there is disappointment and physical pain, as well as, an internal emotional pain if you can’t in fact manage to get him in.”

Arwana looked away profoundly shocked. Never had she expected a preacher’s wife to be so frank.

Softly she said, “I never thought about it like that.”

She glanced up at Patricia and said, “He likes my butt so much and it gave me the idea that it would be really nice to give him something no one else ever had. I….. I guess when it comes down to it, I really don’t care if it hurts me.”

“You should Honey.” Patricia affirmed.

“You don’t think the act itself though is wrong though? It doesn’t seem that you do and that frankly surprises me.” Arwana confessed.

Patricia leaned over and picked up a Bible, which had seen much use, off of a small table. She leafed through it and found the passage she was seeking in the New Testament.

She handed the Bible to Arwana pointing and said, “Read these two verses out loud Honey.”

Arwana did so, “Romans 1:27-28 - And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet. And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;”.

Confused Arwana looked up and said, “It’s saying it's wrong isn’t it?”

“When it’s done between two men it is most definitely wrong Honey, but the same can be said about kissing or even oral sex for that matter. The specific act you’ve mentioned is listed as an abomination by God in Leviticus 22:11.”

“How can you be suggesting it be right for a Christian to do, then?”

“Are you a man, Honey?”


“What is being compared in verse 27, Honey?”

“A man using a man sexually as he would a…….. a woman.” Arwana finished with as understanding broke through.

“It’s not talking about a man being in a woman’s vagina. Something that can be done to both women and men is being compared.”

“Exactly, Honey, as what would the context of using a man as one would use a woman mean then since men don’t have vaginas.”

Arwana nodded and exclaimed, “Wow! I didn’t expect this. Was it once common for women to be used by their husbands in this way?”

“Well, the context of the verse would certainly seem to suggest that it was once common practice, as does God’s created purpose for women. We were made for the man. We were made to be his helpmate and his sexual other half. In terms of design you have to ask yourself why the openings are only 2 cm apart and why there are as many pleasure nerves surrounding your anus, Honey, as you have in your vagina. Pleasure is very readily achieved in this act, but actual insertion though of something big can get a bit dicey if done wrong. Arwana I tell you truly that if you do choose to go forward with this that it will be an act that will require complete surrender of yourself to your husband. There is far more involved than simply the physical act of him placing his cock in a new place. For you to accept him requires abject surrender on your part to your mate in order to be taken in such a sensitive and vulnerable part of yourself and allow him free reign to do as he pleases. In a way this surrender of everything convinces me that it is something good to be done between a man and his wife, but only if she’s ready. Personally, I have to say that I have never regretted the day or the many times since then that I have given myself to my husband in this way. To be frankly honest, it has not always been that pleasurable for me, but it has always been a good experience overall. Not sure if that makes sense, but you’ll have to excuse an older woman talking about something she has never shared with anyone before.”

Arwana smiled, “Thank you for sharing. I don’t feel so weird anymore. Or, scared, come to think about it.”

The men were making their way back up the path. Patricia laid her hand on Arwana’s knee and squeezed, “Remember darling, it’s about you wanting it. It doesn’t matter how big he is, if you want it, he’ll slide all the way in and yes, I have had some of the best orgasms of my life when my husband has taken me in this way, but those times usually coincide with when I really wanted it to happen. Got it?”

“Got it.” Arwana affirmed.

The men were close now. Pastor Henry teased, “You two look thick as thieves. What have you been plotting I wonder?”

Arwana couldn’t help it, but blushed profusely on the spot. He was the pastor for goodness sake, and she knew something about him now that no one else in town knew and yet she would take his secret to her grave.

Smoothly Patricia said, “Never you mind dear. How was the fishing?”

“Productive and you, how was talking?”

He teased in return as a comeback glancing between Arwana and his wife.

Arwana glanced to Cliff and straightening up, she said, “Productive.”

Cliff blinked and looked lost for a moment. Meanwhile, Pastor Henry, laughed and ushered Cliff up onto the porch with the statement, “Ahh women, who can ever unravel them.”

“Why, dear that is half the fun isn’t it?” Patricia teased.

“Quite so, my love. Quite so.”




In Deep

It was Saturday and as usual I was getting a very late start to my day. I’d just got the mail and coming into the kitchen I smiled at Arwana and held up a package and said, “You got a package in the mail.”

Her green eyes took in the box and I watched her hesitate for only a moment before she said, “Good. I was hoping it would come soon. As it is it’s only taken it two weeks to reach this lonely outpost of humanity on the edge.”

I scoffed, “Hey, where unique!”

“That you are darling.” She retorted with and I let it slide with a smile.

She opened a cabinet door and reaching up for something said, “Go ahead and open it Honey.”

Shrugging, I did so. I did not like what I found.

It actually took me a few seconds to realize what it was, but the words were explanation enough. Butt plugs?

“Honey, I told you I……”

Arwana’s fingers curled over my lips and smiling, she shook her head, “You got it all wrong darling. See these two fingers? I made you a promise and I’ll keep it. Those are for me.”

“What?” I said blankly.

Smiling, she took the box out of my hands and opened it further. Giving me a grin she said with an apologetic shrug, “Well, you see it’s like this Honey. You’re such an absolute stud and well, I think learning to graduate my tight ass that you love so much on these plugs will go a long way in helping me to relax and let Haynes have his way with my ass. Don’t you think so Honey?”

Feeling my face blush, I asked again, “What?”

Laughing softly she looked at me tenderly and said, “Oh Honey. Did you think your ass was the only one that could be played with? You’re a boy, you’re built to be stimulated with a finger or two so that the main part of you can get even harder. I’m a girl and I was made to be penetrated. Penetrated by big things like your cock. You’re really big though, and so I want to use these to work me up to being able to take your cock into my ass easier. Does it make sense now Honey? We’ll start slow. See this one is the size of one of your fingers, although I would much prefer it if the first thing that goes into me would be your finger and not this.”

Dazed, I glanced at one of the items from the box that she had placed in my hand and reaching behind her on the counter she grabbed up a jar of olive oil. Smiling, she shook a bottle of oil teasingly and still dazed I took it from her.

Still smiling at me in a mixture of sweetness and sheer sensuality she turned away. She pulled a chair out from the table and knelt down upon it sideways sticking her butt back out towards me. She was wearing a skirt.

Swallowing I looked around. Everything around me appeared to be real.

Feeling like an awkward kid, I stepped forward and pulled up the back of her skirt and let it lay over on her back. Her panties met my gaze as they beautifully encased the beauty of my wife’s rear. A rear that suddenly had new meaning.

What she wanted me to do, I had never imagined doing and yet at the moment it felt right and I didn’t question it. I had always thought her rear entrance to be beautiful even as it was feminine in its appearance, but that she actually wanted me to penetrate it with my cock had never occurred to me and was still hard to comprehend.

That said, my cock was rock hard and I accepted the fact of suddenly how bad I wanted to do something I’d never had the desire to do before. I eased her panties down with one hand and stared at her beauty.

She glanced back at me and I met her gaze. She still had a smile and in almost a shy fashion, she said, “Like I said I would prefer it if you would put your finger in first. Feel free to play around with my ass for a bit too. Think you can do that Sugar?”

I nodded.

Still smiling, she said, “Get your finger nice and oily and just press it in gently and imagine that before too long it will be your thick cock your invading my ass with instead.”

I blinked, this woman was absolute seduction. My cock felt like it was about to explode in my pants from her words alone.

Laying the small butt plug aside, I oiled up a finger and placing it at her entrance, I heard her speak, “Oh and honey?”

“Yes?” I said gruffly as I watched the crinkled ridges of her rear entrance soak up the oil from my finger pressed warmly against the center of her rosette.

“I just want you to know that no man has ever done to me what you’re about to do.”

I felt a shiver course through me and my finger trembled slightly. I glanced at her and she winked at me and breathily said, “I can’t wait for the day that you shove Haynes all the way up my ass and make it yours. Promise me you’ll spill your seed as deep as you can drive it into me when the time comes.”

I nodded.

Her head turned forward.

My eyes fell to her perfect rear and with a shaky breath I pressed on the tightly crinkled flesh of her anus. Softly it gave way and I felt her pushing outward.

My finger went deeper and I heard her breath in and out deeply as she focused on relaxing. Instinctively I stopped moving my finger inward and almost immediately I felt her relax and when she did, I pressed my finger in gently all the way to the hilt in her ass.

She was tight! Warm too and so very soft.

Groaning, she said out loud, “Oh, I think I’m going to like this darling.”

She wasn’t the only one. She groaned again and tossed her hair as I slowly felt around and then spun my finger inside of her.

Softly she whispered, “Your finger feels huge.”

Instead of fear at the next conclusion of thought, though she surprised me by saying, “You’re thick cock is going to be amazing!”

Finding my voice I asked as I pushed in and withdrew my finger repetitively, “You like this?”

She looked back with a genuine smile that reflected a shy look of surprise, “Yes, very much so. You?”

“Yes!” I said affirmatively.

She smiled and looked forward again. I allowed myself to play with formerly forbidden territory for a few moments longer.

There was nothing about this moment that was wrong and I completely relaxed into the knowing that there was even more to do with my beloved than I had thought there was. What a very pleasant surprise.

I withdrew my finger with reluctance and oiling the small butt plug up I eased it in against her contracting entrance and easily worked it inside of her till it would go no farther. It had come to a secure stop and sighing she straightened up.

She pulled her panties up and then got off the chair and turned to face me as your dress fell back into place. Her face was flushed and looking me in the eye, she said, “Your finger was better.”

I was in complete agreement with that, but I was really past talking and she knew it. Smiling in her lovingly wanton way she opened my pants and kneeling down took my cock into her mouth.

It was only a matter of seconds before I was spewing my seed into her hungry mouth. This woman had a way of completely undoing me.

She knew exactly how to cut through everything and make me feel the rawness of true sensuality. Closing my eyes I allowed myself to fantasize about just how amazing it was going to feel to slide into the warm tightness my finger had just tested.

She was still on her knees before me rubbing the side of her cheek against my softening cock. Reaching down a hand, I stroked her other cheek and she looked up.

Gazing into her green eyes that were blazing with life I said, “Thank you. I know this couldn’t have been easy for you to pursue let alone something to trust me with not to hurt you.”

Gazing at me serious faced she said, “Honey, trusting you is the easy part. I thought I had an idea of how it would be, but I was wrong.”

I helped her get up and she pushed her face against my chest and breathed out, “Right now I don’t trust myself at all.”

“Why’s that?” I asked curious.

She looked up and smirked, “Because more than anything right now I want you to pull this piece of plastic out of my ass and ram your hot cock up it to the hilt. I don’t care how bad it hurts! I want it!”

Smiling, I kissed her and then whispered against her lips, “All in due time. Right now though I intend to enjoy this and play myself to contentedness before I let you have Haynes.”

She groaned, “Why? I want you!”

“I know you do, but I’d much rather torment you for a while and make sure that nothing we do will hurt you.

Gazing into my eyes, she said, “See, I knew I could trust you. I love you Cliff Haynes!”

“Back at you Honey.” I whispered before losing myself in kissing this amazing woman over and over again.


One Week Later – Arwana’s Perspective

His note had been specific. Arwana shivered and that only made her more aware of the fact of the plug buried between her ass cheeks.

It was by no means comfortable or easy to sit let alone try to focus and grade school work. The note had said to put the plug-in at 4:30 and she had.

Over the course of the past week her anus had never seen so much attention. She blushed as she remembered last night.

She’d been laying on her belly with a pillow beneath her hips. She’d already rocked out to the tune of one orgasm from the vibrator Cliff had been manipulating from behind her. The vibrator had been withdrawn and in the blissful release of pleasure after an orgasm she had felt him pull the plug out that she was now clenched tightly about and for a moment, nothing had happened and then his fingers had pulled her cheeks apart and with surprise, her eyes had opened wide even as she had exclaimed, “Oh!!!” As the contact of his tongue upon her still contracted open anus rocked through her system.

The feeling had been unbelievable and she had lain there gasping as he had stroked her with his tongue. Eventually he had stopped and then he’d forced her anus to open back up as he slid the plug back in until it was seated firmly in place.

He had risen up over her then and rode her hard with his cock plunging deeply into her vagina from behind. The feeling of the double penetration was absolutely incredible and every orgasm that saw something in her ass made her descend into a fit of moaned half screams of delight.

Why didn’t more women do this? Granted, she hadn’t completed the act, but that would not be the case for long.

Tonight, he was going to do it. Tonight he was going to take her anal virginity and make her ass fully his.

Far from fearful of the reality Arwana groaned as sitting in her chair her body convulsed about the plug in her ass and she came explosively. The orgasm was entirely different and it left her gripping the sides of the table for support.

Shakily, she got up. The plug felt huge, but in reality it wasn’t big enough by half. Shakily, she knelt down on the floor.

Closing her eyes, she whispered out loud, “God you’ve done a wonder in me. I’ve gone from being any man’s woman to just one man’s woman. You put it in my heart to do something selfless and I’ve only received pleasure in return. You are amazing! The more I learn of You the more I want to know. The more I see of You the more I love you. Thank You for not letting me go and stay the wanton fool that I was in my worldly denial of You. I can never thank You enough for the man that You’ve given me to. I want tonight to go well. This may sound strange, but I’m learning little by little that the journey of faith can be strange and not at all what one might think it should be like. That said, I humbly ask that You would gift my…… my ass with the ability to relax and accept all of my husband. I want it to go well. Please make it go well. I ask this in Jesus Name.”

Arwana stood up and then stopped as the feeling of a voice she’d heard once before said, “His seed will go deep. See that you let it stay within you.”

Arwana blinked and glancing around, she decided to be brave, as curiosity struck her hard, “If I may ask, I ask this, why?”

“What do you know of a man’s seed?”

Arwana stuttered out, “It’s the foundation of life. Without it there would be no babies.”

“Yes, it is life.”

Silence reigned for a moment and driven to speak Arwana asked with curiosity, “What’s going to happen to me tonight?”

“You will be possessed by the seed of your husband. It will control you from this time onward and your thoughts and desires will be solely of him.”

“How….. I…… um….. please……. I don’t understand. I want to understand!”

“Seed placed within the womb brings forth a child. Seed within your bottom is directly absorbed into your blood. The life is in the blood. His seed is life. The essence of your husband’s life will travel throughout you and forever be within your mind as a positive force for him. His seed will complete his ownership of you in a way no man’s ever has before and no other man ever will. You are his and your thoughts will be of him continually. It is how a woman is to be to the man, but the world hides it and encourages men to do it with each other and they do nothing but seed death to each other as man was not made for man, but woman was made for man, even so freely submit yourself to him tonight and let him have everything.”

Shaken Arwana nodded and whispered, “I will.”

After a moment she whispered, “I had no idea.”

“Few do and those that do use it to corruption and to further their control over men, between husband and wife though the marriage bed is undefiled. Do not be fearful. You were made to accept your husband’s shaft. Through his faithfulness he has gained you and now I ask that you give him everything, even as I have put it on your heart to do this thing for him.”

A truck roared to a stop outside. The time had come.

Arwana walked out the door with a new awareness of many things. Chiefly though her awareness was focused on giving over everything to her husband.

She smiled at Cliff and brushing by him she got up into the truck. He closed the door and giving him a look of passion she asked, “When?”

He smiled, “Now.”

He got in and put the truck in gear and they drove. It was a warm day and the spot they drove to was the site of their first date. A picnic was laid out and smiling Arwana glanced to Cliff and said, “This is sweet honey and I’ll do whatever you ask, but with all of my heart, I just want to focus on getting you in me and maybe later we can eat? Sound like a plan?”


Gazing into her eyes that reflected intense earnestness I said, “Sure.”

Without a word she got out of the truck and started walking. As she did her clothes started dropping to the ground. By the time she reached the blanket she was as bare as the day she’d been born.

I stopped behind her and let my hands fall to grasp her wide flaring hips. Just the touch of her skin was a delight to me.

In complete meekness she glanced up and whispered, “How do you wish me?”

Something was different about her and it had my cock pumped out to the maximum of conceivable dimension and a part of me truly feared for her. This was a day, however that I couldn’t lose control.

“Lay down on your back.”

Gracefully she knelt down and turning she leaned over and wetly kissed the head of my shaft that was dribbling pre-cum. She licked it clean and then again with utter meekness of behavior she laid down.

Her swollen breasts jiggled softly with her breathing even as her erect nipples were a pleasure to behold that begged to be touched. I’d planned many pleasurable things for her, but suddenly they were all shot away.

Something was very clear to me. I had to be in her ass and she knew it.

Smiling, she whispered, “Don’t you want me on my knees?”

Shaking my head I said, “No, for another time.”

I lifted her one leg and grasping her by the ankle I lifted her body off the ground. I’m a strong man and at this moment I’d never felt stronger.

With her bottom off the ground I slid a hard pillow beneath it and set her back down. If ever there was a female lying helpless in the grasp of a ragingly passionate man it was her.

She lay there and then slowly she splayed her thighs apart and drew her knees upward. Her actions revealed the oily plug buried deeply between her cheeks, which would soon be hosting the thrusts of my shaft.

I looked up at her to see her expression entirely wanton and full of the eagerness to please me. Didn’t she know how I was going to hurt her?

I’d lost every aspect of control. Trembling, I knelt before her begging myself to be better than this.

“She knows exactly what is going to happen, but she is yours and is poised for your possession of her. Ask her and she will tell you the same.”

Obediently I did as I came nearer to her and let my big hands, rub up the backs of her full thighs,” Honey, I didn’t even know to want what I’m about to do to you, a week ago. I… I’m going to take you now. I’m not going to be gentle. Part of me feels like I should apologize for that, but I’m not going to. I’m not going to stop. Do you understand?”

She smiled and reaching a hand up, she touched my chest over my heart and said, “I’m no longer my own. I don’t have any concept of self that I should withhold anything of me from you. You have all the power, any I ever had I give to you and I willingly submit myself to your shaft and to your seed’s possession of me however you choose to do so.”

She kissed the air and with my hand shaking, I pulled the largest of the three plugs free from her ass. Taking my raging shaft in hand, I rubbed coconut oil on it and then the head of it was against her contracting anus.

Falling forward onto my elbows I crushed her breasts and kissed her deeply as I began to force my invasion into the most sensitive and vulnerable part of her body. The tightness of her anal canal gave way to the head of my shaft.

As the head of my shaft came into the plush openness of her rectum her canal only got tighter about the thicker regions of my shaft. The feel of her was unbelievable hot softness tempered with a pleasure inducing tightness that was indescribable.

She turned her head to the side and breathed heavy. Her thighs pressed against me and I saw tears fall down her cheeks.

I hated myself and yet I had to take her. My actions were slow and with the oil I slid in, but she was so very tight.

I came up against a wall. I’d bottomed out.

Breathing heavy she glanced at me and I read the resolve in her eyes as she whispered fiercely, “Do it you big stud!”

I pivoted my hips, feeling with the head of my shaft and as I discovered her inner opening which lead from her rectum deeper into her body I rammed my cock solidly home even as I felt her pushing out in the acceptance of my deep plunge. Her inner doorway gave and the head of my cock plunged into the beginning reaches of her colon.

Her eyes were huge and her nails dug deeply into my back. Taking a deep breath I let go of it and closing my eyes, I pulled my shaft back and slowly plunged it all the way right back in where it had just been.

My eyes were tightly shut as I didn’t want to see her tears. If I saw them, I might stop and somehow I knew I wasn’t supposed to stop.

I kept on thrusting all the while feeling my orgasm rise as I stroked my cock through the tightest ring of flesh that I’d ever felt. Suddenly her lips kissed at my ear and with a groaned whisper she said, “Harder you big stud. Take me harder!”

Something in me relaxed and I did exactly that and soon she was screaming. Her ass only got tighter as orgasmic ripples forced it to contract around me.

Crying out, I went in deep and spilled everything of me directly into the lower reaches of her colon. She’d jolted up against me as if something electric had just happened. I knew being so deep had to hurt and spent of my seed I pulled back from her colon.

I started to pull free of her rectum, but her legs came around my hips, “Stay my love. Stay in my ass.”

Breathing heavy I did exactly that. Groaning, I opened my eyes.

Her eyes were free of tears. I searched for something to say but couldn’t find anything.

A hint of a smile came to her lips as she whispered, “Have I ever told you what an absolute stallion sized stud you are?”

“A few times I believe.”

“Well, Honey, you are and what’s more I couldn’t be any more blessed to be right where I am right now.”

“I made you cry.”

“Only for a few moments Honey. I’m going to learn how to take you in better. I promise! Practice makes perfect is after all what they say.”

Groaning, I let my head rest on her shoulder and admitted, “I’m glad.”

“You are, are you? I wonder why.”

Her anal canal tightened about my softening cock and I knew that she had done it intentionally. Groaning, I brought myself up onto my heels and with wonder watched as her relaxed ass, let my cock slide free of it. There was no evidence of blood for which I thanked God for profusely.

I watched her opening close gradually until it was as tight as usual. Glancing up as I wiped my shaft off I asked, “Would you like to eat now?”

She smiled, “I’m going to lay here for a while, but if you want to feed me darling then you go right ahead.”

Curious, I looked at her and asked, “Why do you need to keep laying there.”

“I don’t want any of your precious seed to come out of me.”

“I have towels.” I offered.

She smiled and said, “No, you don’t understand. I’ll tell you about it someday.”

“Whatever floats your boat.” I said, as I commenced eating and feeding her at the same time.

Food gone, I lay down beside her and we lay together under a blanket and simply kissed. As the sun went down she got up and dressed.

I took the opportunity afforded to notice that not a drop of my seed had come out of her. Where had it gone?

She glanced at me as she slid her panties on and smiled, “Come on sugar, let’s go home. The night is young and I find myself wanting to be held down and mastered by you. Wanna tie me up and have my ass again?”

Shaking my head I said, “You can’t be serious. You’ve got to be sore.”

“So what if I am. Take me in another way, however you want Honey. I just want to be close to you and I can never be closer than when you’re surging away inside of me.”

Getting up I took her hand and led her to the truck. I helped her up and watched her breasts jiggle when I slammed the door.

“You know Honey, I know exactly what you’re thinking about every time you slam that door.”

I glanced up into her smiling eyes and shrugging said as my gaze fell back to her chest again, “I can’t wait for us to have a baby. Trust me the little guy is going to have to share some of his milk.”

She kept smiling at me and instead of a snappy comeback all she meekly said was, “That’s okay. I’ll make, however much milk is needed to satisfy you both.”

I blinked, “What?”

Her smile only got sweeter as she reached her hand through the rolled down window and laid it on my face, “Your wish of milking my nipples to your delight is very much on the way to becoming a reality Sugar. You’re going to be a daddy.”

“How long have you known?” I asked shaken.

“Just now. God told me.”

Completely shaken, I stared at her and laughing, she said, “Get in the truck, Honey. Despite your protests I very much want to feel you in my ass again tonight.”

I walked around the truck and got in as if in a trance. I started the truck.

She was pregnant. I was going to be a father.

She scooted over and cuddled up against me as I began to drive. “You know what the best part is about what happened tonight?” She asked.

“What?” I responded with softly.

“Being here right now sitting beside you seeing how delighted you are with the knowledge that a life you started is even now growing within me. I am so very happy to be Mrs. Cliff Haynes. Now drive Honey, I really am serious about you being in my ass again this night, only this time I want you to be in a position where you get to see every blessed inch of you penetrate into me.”

Shaking my head, I focused on keeping the truck going straight. Focusing in general was very hard.

How could I, when I’d been given the world? No day could be brighter than this one had been surely.




Please God!

Six Months Later – Arwana’s Perspective

Singing softly Arwana hummed as she made her way into the house after another adventurous day at school. Her kids were really something.

They drove her mad and made her day full of laughter all at the same time. Tiredly she set her bags down and rubbed at the growing mound of her belly.

She felt a kick and smiled. She was certain that she was going to have a boy.

At times he pummeled away inside of her like a prizefighter intent on subduing his opponent. All he was doing though was making her tired and her life increasingly awkward to manage. That was all right though, simply part of being a mother really.

She looked outside. It was spring, but an unusually dry one. Many were worried about a forest fire getting started from a stray lightning strike, but so far there had been no thunderstorms.

Arwana glanced away from the window as it was time to make dinner. Resolutely, Arwana came away from the countertop.

Her back hurt abominably. Maybe she’d coax Cliff to massage it tonight.

She knew he would, she just hated making him go to such efforts on her behalf all the time. That said, his big warm hands were divine to feel upon her and something she could never deny herself, besides his massages inevitably lead to more.

He was absolutely crazy for her pregnant body. She was in no doubt as to the man she had married being a complete diamond of matchless worth.

Smiling, she started to open the refrigerator and froze. There before her was a note, a note written in red just like she’d seen once before.

Gasping, she backed away and tearing open a kitchen drawer she pulled out a knife. She listened but heard nothing amiss in the house and slowly gathering courage she approached the message on the fridge as if it were the enemy.

She read it slowly, “I wanted you red! You was mine, but you had him instead! Now he’s got you fat. No fun to play with and tie into a pretty red bow. He ruined you and so it will be an eye for an eye. I’ll see him dead and you too. Roasted red you will be, but I’ll be blue, because I won’t have you.”

Crying out in alarm Arwana frantically dug her phone out and rang Cliff’s number, but over and over she got his voicemail. He never had his phone on him!

Or was there another reason this time that he wasn’t picking up?

Panic seizing her heart, she breathed out, “Dear God no! Please don’t let him be dead!”

There was only one thing to do. She made her way through the house and back out to the Jeep.

Getting in she locked the doors and fired it to life. Cliff’s pistol sat reassuringly beside her in the console, but she left it there as with rocks flying she spun her way out of the driveway with the rubber on all four tires burning.

She knew where Cliff was cutting wood today. Worse yet she knew that he was alone today as for one reason or another his crew had arranged to have the day off.

Tears falling down her face, she pleaded, “Please God! Please God! Let him be okay!”

It took her twenty minutes to get to the logging road. The Jeep took to it like a mountain goat.

She gasped in pain as the Jeep bumped about all over the place, but her foot stayed hard on the pedal. She saw Cliff’s truck pulled off on a leveled off landing.

He was nowhere in sight, and neither was anyone else. Stopping the Jeep she abruptly began to lunge her way out of it.

Gasping with pain she clutched at her stomach. Shrugging the pain off, she straightened up and walked forward, crying out as loudly as she could, “Cliff! Cliff! Cliff!”

Pausing to listen she heard a cry off to the right and with adrenaline pumping she headed that way. It took her ten minutes to navigate through the downed trees until she was close enough to see him.

Angrily, he was yelling at her, “Get out of here! Think of the baby!”

She couldn’t though. She had eyes for only him.

Crying in panic and breathing heavy from exertion she got to his side and futilely pushed at the tree trunk that had fallen and pinned one of Cliff’s legs to the ground. There was blood on his head too.

Crying out she felt at his head in fear and Cliff grumbled, “He hit me from behind and I woke up to the tree falling down. Arwana listen to me, get out of here! Go get the authorities!”

Arwana shook her head, “No. It’s too late for that anyway.” She said mournfully with her eyes showing the pain she felt at seeing him in so much pain.

His leg had to be broken and his head wound looked bad. One half of his face was covered with blood.


Staring at the woman I loved I pleaded again, but she pointed and turning my head I saw Victor LeBoeuf. He’d been on my list as one of the three most potential candidates, but I hadn’t been able to confirm it till now and now was far too late.

He had a gas can in his hand and it was clear he was making a circle around us with the amber colored fluid sloshing from the old rusty can. If he lit that gas we were going to burn.

Arwana had sat down beside me and she pulled my head in to rest against her. I looked up into her eyes and she softly said, “You know I love you, right?”

“Yes, but you shouldn’t have come. I’m not worth this sacrifice!”

“Yes, you are. If you’re to die than my choice is to die with you.” Neither of us mentioned the poor innocent life caught up in this adult scene of horror.

Grimly, I nodded and held her hand. With an explosive poof a ring of flame erupted all around us.

It was clear to me that as long as I was trapped Arwana would not leave. I had to get free even if it meant gnawing my own leg off with my teeth!

A sudden thought dawned to me and gruffly, I said, “Arwana looked for the power saw! He had to have a saw to cut the tree.”

She abruptly got up and left me. Moments later she was back with a power saw.

The heat of the flames in the dry underbrush was intensifying as the ring of flames quickly became something else entirely. I grabbed the saw from her and awkwardly started it as I lay on the ground.

The action of starting the saw made me yank on my broken leg and a cry of pain escaped me. That pain was going to be nothing, though in comparison to what I was about to do to myself. I brought the saw up and with a cry Arwana grabbed a hold of it and wrestled it out of my grasp before I could get set to resist.

She looked at me as if I was crazy and I commanded, “Give me the saw!”

“No!” She screamed and then turning to the log she proceeded to rev the saw up and began to cut down through it.

We simply didn’t have time for that! I had no choice though, but to watch and then I remembered what I could do and that was pray.

I started praying like never before. Mostly I prayed for her and suddenly to my surprise, I noticed that she’d gotten through the log. Another cut was needed though.

Sweat rolling off of her, she proceeded to move down the log and start cutting away again. I glanced past her to the approaching flames that were working their way towards us on all sides. Maybe, just maybe we had time.

“Oh God, please make time for us! Don’t disappoint this woman’s courage!”

The saw started giving a high pitched whine and we both knew what that meant. It was almost out of gas.

Desperately Arwana hauled down on the saw and the saw sputtered fitfully as it bit into the wood, but in the last desperate few seconds of gas life she cut through the log. She fell against the tree in exhaustion and I saw stars as the 4 foot section of log rolled off my leg and down the hill.

It was hard to focus on anything, but pain, so I did just that. Growling like an animal I sat up and got a hold of the sawed trunk of the tree and pulled.

When had I gotten so weak? I could hardly move myself upward and then I was being pushed up.

Sweat rolled off of me from an entirely different reason then as I registered the approaching heat of the fire. There was absolutely no chance of taking a step on my leg as I could feel the bone rubbing on my pants leg.

Arwana stepped into my shoulder, “Come on Honey. We’ve got to get you somewhere safe.”

Get me safe? I was the least of my concerns. I wanted her safe!

I stepped forward and she drug my other side along as I tried to balance on one leg. I had far too much body weight for her to manage and yet she was.

She was breathing hard, but her little hands wouldn’t let go of me. We fought through a weaker patch of flames and found ourselves on a log skid path. Being devoid of brush it was relatively free of the fires that were sweeping out in every direction.

Already the forest off to my left was becoming lit into a major blaze. There was no sign of Victor and falling forward I gripped onto the hood of the Jeep, which should’ve been burnt, but it wasn’t.

The tires of my truck however, were well ablaze and smoke was billowing out from under the hood. It was only a matter of seconds before the truck exploded.

Coughing I pulled myself along the side of the Jeep. I ripped the driver door open and hoisted myself inside.

I had to pull my left leg in with my hand. Thankfully, I was becoming numb to the pain.

Blearily I glanced for Arwana only to see her getting in on the passenger side. Her face was stained with soot and tear tracks, but it was beautiful just the same and I said so.

The briefest of smiles flashed and then out of breath, as she clutched at her stomach, she asked, “Can you drive?”

There was only one way to know that. I started the Jeep and jammed it into reverse.

We were moving if that was any indicator of my ability to drive. I seriously felt on the edge of blacking out, but I simply couldn’t afford to do that right now and groaning, I focused against it as I gripped the steering wheel hard and headed down the logging road.

Soon we were slamming through a wall of flames. For several brief moments it was hard to see, but I stayed on the path.

The smoke cleared for a moment and I saw a prophetic thing. A figure clothed in flames was shuffling all about in the road up ahead of me.

It was Victor and he was experiencing the reward of his actions only to poetically. Flooring the gas I spun by him and cleared the front wall of the fast-moving wall of flames.

After a few more tense moments we were clear and blessedly the Jeep was still running even though the tires were burning. I glanced over at Arwana to see her looking behind us.

“I don’t wish hell on anyone, but there’s those you just can’t have sympathy for when they get what they deserve.”

Arwana glanced at me and said, “You don’t believe that!”

“No.” I acknowledged, but still I had felt no compunction within me to stop and help the man avoid the fate that he was doomed for.

But truly I wished no one an eternity of consuming flame and undying worms feeding upon one’s eternally regenerating body that only suffered the agony of destruction over and over again without stop. No, I didn’t wish that fate on anyone.

Not my worst enemy, but the reality was just the same. Hell was a place where no person should ever have gone, because hell hadn’t been made for mankind, rather for the fallen angels and yet its roll call was going to be filled out with endless ranks of humanity.


Things were a blur for a while.

Pain, lots of pain.

People yelling.

Lots of smoke and panic. Those were pungently active in the air.

At some point after pain, sleep had come. But with my waking this morning, though had come the realization of a new kind of pain, an emotional pain.

Through some miraculous provision Warbly had been spared from the blaze that was now consuming several thousand acres of forest a day. Everything around Warbly was burnt up.

My house, my truck, my business of cutting trees…… everything. I had nothing with which to start over with and on top of that my leg had been broken in a bad way. It was going to be a long recovery and there was a chance I might not ever walk quite the same again.

Oh God, what was I going to do? I had nothing with which to support Arwana with let alone our baby as yet to be born!

Before panic could set in though I reminded myself that I still had Arwana and despite everything that had happened yesterday the baby was doing fine. I had a lot to be grateful for.

Knowing that though wasn’t enough to stop the silent tears that slipped down the side of my face. I felt so helpless!

I had to be strong now, but here I lay in bed a complete body of nothing but weakness.

The door opened and glancing over I saw it was Arwana. She smiled tenderly and came over to me.

She had something in her hands. She held it out, it was my Bible.

“It didn’t burn. Everything else did, but your Bible lay untouched in the ashes without a mark on it.” Her voice reflected the awe she felt over the miraculous event.

Here was supreme evidence that should build a person’s faith up, but in the moment I had none.

She set the Bible down on the bed and her hands framed my face and tears coming to her own eyes, she leaned over me and whispered, “What’s wrong Honey? Why are you crying?”

I broke, “I’ve got nothing! Nothing to support you with! I’ve been running things in get-by-mode for a long time just to keep things moving and my men employed. I don’t have any insurance for my business or even the house. Both my vehicles are toast. I have nothing for you and I can’t even work right now and I may never be able to work as I once did. I….. I…”

Her lips kissed over mine and I stopped talking as the salty heat of her tears warmly bathed down upon my cheeks to join my own. Pulling back, she whispered, “It will be all right Honey. There’s something I need to do, but I need to know something, do you trust me?”

I nodded.

She pulled back and said, “I need to go make a phone call. I have just one more question for you though.”


“Have you ever pictured yourself as being something like a farmer?”

Blinking, I responded with, “Sure, I actually have always wanted to get a place of my own and farm. Why?”

Smiling, Arwana backed out of the room and said, “Rest Honey. I’ll be right back. God has not forsaken you baby so don’t you dare lose faith! Not now, not ever, especially when He’s just used your faith over this past year to give me back my own in a way I never had it before. Okay?”

I nodded and she left. Just what was she up to?


The Blessed One

Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana stuck several quarters into the pay phone and dialed the number that she still knew by heart, even though it had been ten years since she had called it. The phone rang several times before it was picked up and an old voice came on the line, “Hello?”

Praying for courage Arwana spoke, “Uncle Joe, it’s me Arwana.”

The voice on the other end immediately became more personable, “Girl! What’s going on?”

Arwana shook her head berating herself for how she had ignored this man for so long right along with his generosity that she had always been too proud to accept. Gathering herself, she spoke, “Well, actually a lot is going on. I’m married. I’m married to a wonderful Christian man. Someone dad would’ve really liked and respected. I….. I’m not the same as I once was.”

“Yeah, Darling, I can hear that. Honey, please tell me you found Jesus!”

Crying openly into the phone Arwana said with excitement, “Yes! Yes, I did.”

It felt like a mountain had lifted away on the other side of the line if the old man’s voice was anything to judge by as he emotionally said, “Darling you don’t know how much that means to me!”

“Actually, I think I do Uncle Joe. I am so sorry for everything I put you through! I…. I treated you so badly and I….”

“Done and over with child. Now tell me what’s wrong in the moment, I can hear it in your voice.”

“I live up in Canada now. There was a forest fire. It took my husband’s business. It wiped away our home. We don’t have any money really and his leg got broke very badly when a tree fell over on it.”

“Good grief child!”

“Yeah, and to complicate matters more, I am over six months pregnant.”

“Hallelujah!” Rang out on the other end of the line.

Confused Arwana asked, “What?”

“Oh, I don’t mean to make light of your troubles Honey, but I just thought I’d never get to see a grandnephew and well I was wrong.”

Arwana smiled and before she could speak her uncle’s voice sounding so much younger now said, “You still got that card I sent you in the mail a year back?”

Arwana’s eyes closed and she breathed out, “Yes, Uncle Joe, I do.”

“Well, it’s still got the $5,000.00 on it that you’ve never used and that should be enough to get yourself and your man down here to North Carolina as quick as you want or heck take as long as you want, just get here safely do you hear me?”

“Yes, Uncle Joe.”

“And don’t you worry about the future any either. Your father’s half of the farm is still in your name and I done willed my half of it to you over five years ago, so you got a place to come to. You got that?”

“Yes, Uncle Joe. I….. I can’t ever repay…..”

“Oh put a stop to that kind of talk. You’re my family and I don’t want to hear anything else about it. God told me this day would come and I’ll admit I doubted Him, but Hallelujah, let all men be liars and God not be! He keeps His word every time! You’ve made me so very happy Arwana. Thank you for calling me. I know your father would be proud of who you're becoming!”

Crying Arwana held onto the phone and whispered, “I love you Uncle Joe, we’ll be there as soon as we can be. That said, I should probably not drive too much at a time, so give us a week or two to get there.”

“I will do that and in the meantime, I’ll see to your Pa’s house being all set up and ready to go. I’ve taken care of it and the gardens that he and you loved so much. It’ll be just like you remember it darling.”

“Thank you! I need to go tell my man okay, because suddenly all I want to do is come home!”

“I hear ya child. Home is waiting for you. Come along, the lights will be on.”

With reluctance Arwana said goodbye and hung up the phone and then hugged the pastor’s wife who had been standing there hearing most of the conversation, but not saying a word, as she had cried along with Arwana with a smile on her face.

Hugging Patricia tight Arwana cried out brokenly, “I don’t deserve this love my God loves me with! I don’t!”

“None of us do, dear! None of us do.”

 Pulling back, smiling and teary-eyed Patricia looked Arwana in the eye and said, “The good Lord surely does work in mysterious ways. You go tell my son the good news and I will get your car for you.”

Arwana blinked and said, “The Jeep was all but toast by the time we got to town?”

“No Honey, your car. That lazy mechanic finally got the parts in and got it fixed last week and before you ask, the bill is already taken care of. Now go tell your man that not only has he got the woman and the baby on the way that he thought he never would have, but that he got the farm too.”

Crying with joy Arwana hurried off to do just that.


The air was warm, so warm. The top was down and Arwana was singing.

She was the one driving at the moment. In fact, she had driven most of the way here as my cast was simply too restrictive in the confined space of the car to be able to comfortably drive with.

As it was sitting in the passenger side wasn’t that much more comfortable, but I wasn’t complaining. We had made the trip to North Carolina more into the longest vacation that I’d never had.

Looking around as the warm wind whipped at my hair I felt completely at peace. God had taken care of everything. I’d never been to where we were going, but it already felt like home.

“Here we are Sugar.”

I turned my attention to Arwana as she turned her blinker on and made a turn onto a graveled lane that led off mysteriously into a majestic forest that rose up all around us like impressive sentinels from eons past.

Arwana gave me a look and taking her sunglasses off, she said, “You’re going to love this!”

Of that, I was sure, as I already did. The driveway came around a knob of up-raised mossy boulders and immediately the panorama of a small enclosed valley was revealed.

Green fields went up to the edges of the forest that framed the most idyllic farmstead that I’d ever seen in my life.

“You were raised here?” I breathed out in awe.

“Yes, I was. It has been and will always be to me the most beautiful place on earth. I left, though because what I cared for most went away. I stayed away because I was too ashamed of myself to return. I come back now without shame and with the love of my life by my side even as the future of this place is being nourished alive within me.”

My eyes met hers and crying and smiling at the same time she gestured to everything, “Baby, this is all yours!”

She looked back to me and shaking my head, I said, as I reached over and took her hand, “Thank you Honey, but I was happy with just you.”

Smiling, she leaned over and kissed me passionately. Pulling back, she said still hovering close to my lips, “I know.”

Straightening up, she started on down the gravel lane. Pointing to one of two houses she said, “That’s Uncle Joe’s house and this Honey, “pointing to another, “is ours.”

Speechless, I remained so as she came to a stop. She opened her door and with a groan got out of the low seated car. I rushed to do the same unhappy with the fact that I hadn’t been the one to open her door and help her out.

That was all I was unhappy about at the moment though. With my own share of awkwardness I got my fully cast leg out the door and pulling myself up I picked my crutches out of the backseat.

Arwana was by my side and rubbing at her belly that was really taking on shape now. “Ready?” She asked. I nodded.

We headed up the pathway to a house I could never have afforded in this life and much less designed as picturesquely as this one was to say nothing of the layered in landscaping of walls and plantings that showcased it off to perfection. It was really a dream come true.

The door of the house opened and an older man came rushing out. I served as a spectator standing quietly on the fringes as uncle and beloved niece made up for ten years of being apart.

Finally the old man turned away from Arwana and came to me. I expected a handshake; instead I got a hug that still had strength to it.

“Thank you my boy!”

A bit embarrassed I said, “I really can’t say that I’m at all behind how things have come to be. God has been the one doing all the doing.”

Drawing back the old man nodded and said, “That may be the case my son, but don’t sell yourself short. He needed the right man for the job and I can easily see that you are such a man. So please accept my profound gratitude and appreciation when I tell you how grateful I am that you allowed God to use you to bring my brother’s girl out of the dark place that she was in.”

I nodded and he slapped me on the back for good measure. Then good-naturedly, he said, “Well, you two no doubt are in need of some rest and want to get acquainted with the place. And so there is no doubt…”, he slapped a folded up paper against my chest that I took to be a deed and said, “… it’s all in your name son, if I might make one special request of the future though my son?”

“What?” I asked, as the shock of the moment since Arwana had told me in the clinic two weeks ago only continued to unravel as a proverbial blessing being poured out over my life.

“Arwana tells me you were a logger. While some timbering is fine and at times needed, please don’t cut all my trees down.”

“I wouldn’t dream of doing that Sir. Truly, I’d much rather be a farmer than a logger any day of the week.”

“Good to hear. I’ll teach you all I know. Leg or not I’ll have you in a tractor seat by Monday morning.”

“Yes, Sir.”

With that the old man made his way off down the path across the verdant pastures toward his own house all the while going with a skip to his feet that reflected the inner joy of his heart in the moment. I glanced away from him to Arwana, only to see her beaming at me.

She spoke, “Thank you, Honey.”

Blinking, I said, “For what?”

“Simply everything.”

Why did everyone keep giving me credit for being me? She didn’t wait for my response, though, but opened the door of the house and gestured for me to come through.

I did, but stopped in the doorway. Laying my hand on the doorpost I closed my eyes even as my other hand found Arwana’s, “God, You give and You take away. You do as you see fit to do and no one withholds Your hand from You performing Your desire. Recently, I thought You were going to take everything from me and that is Your right to do so. Instead, You’ve given me more than I ever asked for and I just want to not only thank You for it all, but to tell You truly in this moment that I know where all my increase has come from and I give You all the glory for every last bit of it! Everything that I have, everything that I am, I give back to You now in this moment. Have Your will and way with me and please help me to be a good steward of all You’ve blessed me with, especially with this woman You’ve given me and a child already on the way. Even so, let Your will be done forever in my life, in Jesus Name, so be it!”

“So be it!” Arwana quietly affirmed.

I stepped inside the house and stopped. Arwana pulled the big wooden door shut behind me.

“So what do you think of the castle, my lord and master?”

Shaking my head, I remained speechless as I truly didn’t have any words. Chuckling Arwana pressed with a hand and I leaned back against the door of what was now my house.

My eyes came to hers and clearly she said, “You bless this home with your presence my husband and now I wish to bless you.”

Her hands undid my pants and before I could protest, she had sunk to her knees before me. The part of me that I think she liked the most at times came alive and husky voiced she whispered, “Welcome to your new home Haynes.”

Shaking my head, I groaned, then as she did what she had become an expert in doing and that was giving me pleasure. As I rested against the door, I couldn’t help but almost immediately orgasm into her loving mouth.

At the apex of my orgasm she slipped her mouth off of me and my seed sprayed across her face. Surprised I watched it drip from her face to splash upon the oaken floor of the house.

My orgasm spent I remained still as she wetly kissed the head of my shaft and licked it clean. Leaning down, she took her hand and rubbed the essence of my spilled seed upon the floor and then up the one side of the doorpost that she could reach.

Looking up at me then with the cream of my seed still wet across her face, she said, “May it be long that the seed of your loins possesses the land and inheritance of my father and his father’s before him. May all your sons come to be fruitful and as just and righteous of heart as you are and let their wives be ever a joy to them and never a hindrance of any kind, even as I ask my God to so make me forever to be your greatest pleasure and soul mate in this life and a companion to you for all eternity if it is permitted.”

I felt the effect of her words and actions and pulling her up I kissed her and in a way it seemed to seal the words that she had spoken.


Saturday Morning

Arwana’s Perspective

Arwana rocked gently away in the chair content to watch the sun rise on yet another beautiful fall morning. The baby girl held in her arms had long since fallen asleep.

They had named her Anne Patricia Haynes. She was beautiful and perfect in every way.

She truly was a good baby and gathering herself Arwana stood up with her and carried her to her crib. She laid her down in her little nest of blankets and smiled at the idyllic expression of utter blissful peace that a belly full of warm sugary milk could evoke.

Straightening up Arwana refastened her nursing bra in place and walked over to the bed. It was Saturday morning and with a smile she shimmied her panties down to the floor and stepped out of them.

Taking hold of the sheet she pulled it away from her sleeping husband. Over the months his leg had healed and he walked now with only a slight limp. In time she hoped he’d recover everything of his former ease of mobility for his sake. As for her, she was content with just still having his leg attached.

A memory flashed back to her of the moment that she had seen the thought to cut his own leg off occur within his eyes. He would’ve done it too if she hadn’t stolen the chainsaw away from him.

In short, this man would do anything to ensure her safety or the safety of their child. He was much better than one in a thousand and as she crawled up onto the bed and knelt between his sprawled apart legs, she upgraded that to at least one in a million.

“Good morning handsome, all hard with no place to be except inside of me.” She breathed out just before she licked out with her tongue and drug it up the underside of her husband’s morning erection. She capped the wet slide off by enveloping the head of him in her mouth with a warm suck, even as her knuckles massaged beneath her man’s heavy balls to make him even harder.

He came awake with a start as he always did and Arwana met his gaze with a sensual wink. Groaning, he lay his head back down on the pillows and Arwana pulled her head up and easing forward she straddled over his hips.

She came to a stop as his shaft aligned with her labia and then with a groan, she sank to the hilt upon the thick shaft of her husband that she had been so richly blessed with. Resting her hands on his hairy chest, she opened her eyes and said, “Oh you feel good!”

He grinned and raising his hands, he kissed them down her sides until they settled over her hips. He lunged upward into her and she gasped with pleasure.

She quite lost herself then in twisting about and then rising up only to lower herself onto the heated thickness of his cock. It wasn’t long and crying out she gripped hard upon him and said his name over and over how be it softly as to not wake the baby.


Slowly, Arwana opened her eyes. He hadn’t cum, oh, he was so big!

Eyes full of desire for the man she loved she rose up off of him. His wet cock slipped from her.

Turning, she grasped it with one hand even as she straddled him all over again. He brought his knees up and guiding him into her with her hand she rested forward against his legs as once again he came to penetrate into the depths of her sheath.

Erotically, Arwana rocked on his deeply buried shaft, as she turned her head to look back at him. His eyes were on her butt and smiling, she continued to move in a way that made a complete exhibitionist out of her.

His pleasure was what she craved. He loved her rear and surely she had never been more grateful for it.

Over the past several months he’d taken her up her ass often and she had loved it mostly every time they had engaged in it. In fact, if he asked, she’d do it right now.

He didn’t though, and soon he came explosively within her. Breathing heavily, she rested still as she sat still rooted upon his manhood. Oh life with him was heaven.

Glancing back at him she with relish took in the look of her pleasure satiated husband. His one hand rested on her hip and his thumb rubbed pleasurably into the small of her back in a loving caress she never grew tired of.

“Want breakfast now or later?” She queried softly.

He smiled and said, “Both.”

She blinked and watched as he sat up behind her. She chuckled richly when she felt her bra come undone.

Her full milk laden breasts spilled free as he kicked the straps of her bra off her shoulders. He lay back down and turning she came up off his shaft and pulled herself up the bed.

Sprawled half on top of him she leaned her one elbow on the bed as she pushed the fullest of her breasts to his lips and then closed her eyes with pleasure as his mouth closed over her nipple and began to suck powerfully. Groaning, she stayed where she was and let him have his fill of her even as his attentions to her breasts drove her crazy.

His suckling had her at the point of orgasm. Just as she was about to go over the edge he switched to her other side and he did it with such an authoritative swagger that she helplessly felt herself fall apart and cum.

He kept suckling and she kept cumming. It was like this sometimes and it was all she could do to keep from screaming.

Finally, he’d drained her dry and with every nerve tingling she slid off of him to lay on her belly on the bed. She turned her head to him and opening her eyes, she whispered, “You drive me crazy!”

“Well, that makes two of us then.”

She grinned impishly. She wanted him again. She could never get enough of him.

Glancing down, she saw that his cock was hardening up. Lazily she winked at him and said, “Baby I think I need you again.”

“Oh really?” He asked with a smile.

She nodded, “Uh huh. But can you do me a favor?”

He leaned forward and kissed her and then asked, “And what would that be?”

“Put it in my ass.”

“My pleasure, love.” He said before sliding over her. She took his weight gladly.

Moaning, she held still as he plunged into the depths of her wet womanhood already filled with his seed only to then feel him withdrawal from her. With a satisfied sigh, she felt his shaft pierce between her bottom cheeks and wetly begin to exert steady pressure on her anus.

She relaxed and pushed into his invasion and wetly he slid deep. She gripped the bed sheets hard and lay flat as the pleasure of her husband’s shaft penetrating her ass only became accentuated by the desire with which he plunged his way into the tightest parts of her body.

Deliberately she clenched her butt on his withdrawal stroke and relished his moan of pleasure only to personally experience a sigh of delight as he forced his way all the way back in again. That was all it took.

She came then and he did too. In the aftermath of orgasm he lay on her heavily for a moment and then he withdrew and was up off the bed.

She on the other hand was completely whipped of energy. Leaning forward he whispered into her ear, “How about I get breakfast.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Dreamily Arwana closed her eyes as he walked off. Life couldn’t get better than this surely.

“Thank you God.” She whispered before she gave in to a well-deserved post bliss nap brought on by a well spent Saturday morning with her husband in bed. The best thing of all was that the day was just beginning and tomorrow’s forecast looked pretty much the same as did the day after that and so on and so on.

Life in the valley was both peaceful and exhilarating. She’d had to go over mountains to reach this destination, but she was glad that she had. This moment was so worth everything she had gone through to reach it and to think she had almost given up on life once was hard to imagine now.

God was good and life was worth the living, because He made it to be so. All that was required was surrender and while hard to do, it was so worth doing in the end, as literally life for her hadn’t begun until that moment.



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