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The Warriors of Ar’mora

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Taming a Warrioress / Frank Carlyle – Second Edition.



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Table of Contents

Harsh Release

Mysteries of the Sand

Girl Untamed


Pleasure Taken

Love’s Journey




“A bundle of myrrh is my wellbeloved unto me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.”


Song of Solomon 1:13 KJV



Chapter One

Harsh Release

Sweat dribbled off of me in a steady stream of perspiration. The forest understory was an oven and in general the atmosphere was oppressive and the incessant bugs only made everything worse.

I regretted to some degree on even coming on this mission, but it had been important and it was time that I did more on behalf of Ar’mora and my two older brothers. They’d done the lion's share of the work and only until recently had I really stepped more into their responsibility laden footsteps.

It had been last year when the attack had come upon the city that things had really changed. From that moment onward I’d felt a difference about myself and indeed everyone had seemed to treat me different even my brothers.

I was no longer just their kid brother that had to be looked out for. I could hold my own.

I relished this newfound respect and it was only fitting that I take some responsibility to go along with it. That was chiefly why I was here on this mission.

Besides Mahlon couldn’t easily step away from the affairs of the city or his newborn child and wife for that matter. Sean, well…… beating about in the jungle and suffering what to him would be unnecessary discomfort wasn’t exactly his style.

Not that Sean had much of a style other than for being dispassionately silent and moody. All that said he would probably have come if I hadn’t made it clear that I would take part in the expedition.

He had seemed almost relieved, then his usual serious self had returned to the forefront as he cautioned me, “You make sure to keep your wits about you kid. There may not be many headhunters about these days, but the deep jungle is full enough of other nasty surprises to see you dead in a heartbeat.”

At the time I’d rolled my eyes as I hadn’t liked him referring to me as the ‘kid’, but he was right about the jungle and I was cautious of my environment. The others along with me, however, were not so much.

They had one thing on their minds, treasure. The Kingdom of Ar’mora, as it had once been, had been a kingdom consisting of several cities that lay farther inland from the river port city of Arn. There had also been numerous villages scattered out in between the cities within the old kingdom.

Over the years we had discovered remnants of three of the other cities and a few of the villages. There hadn’t been much left to pick through much less build upon.

Arn had weathered the millennia, much better than her sister cities had for sure. There weren’t even any outer perimeter walls still standing at the other ancient sites.

Both Mahlon and Sean had seen little point in trying to restore them so they hadn’t, although soon something would need to be done. Arn was filling up.

Every day more sojourners from all over the world, it seemed, were finally coming back to their original home that their ancestors had fled from so many years before. It was an exciting occurrence, but also one that created a few headaches. Namely, where to house all of them.

There was one city left yet to have been rediscovered and there was little surviving record of it at all, other than that it had been greater in size than Arn and that it had been in existence before even the Ar’morians had come to these lands long ago. It had been a vacant city that Ar’mora had taken over and made their own and what few records existed had said it was the fairest of all the cities on the face of the earth with abundant riches untold.

A great wall had surrounded it. A wall that had reportedly held out monsters of ferocious and terrifying ability. The city had been named Lycana and it was to this city we had been traveling nonstop through some of the worst jungle that I had ever encountered for over two weeks now.

I seriously doubted that even headhunters would live in these parts and most interestingly, none of the native warriors who lived among us at Arn would come with us on this journey into the interior. When asked why they had simply shook their heads and said, “Too dark! Not good! Not good place at all! No go there!”

At their refusal to go along on the expedition Mahlon had almost called the expedition off, but the greed of the other colonists, and my own natural curiosity had eventually convinced Mahlon to do otherwise. In fact, I’d say it was my insistence to come that had swayed Mahlon the most, as he wasn’t overly interested in acquiring wealth as he had once been and so the desire of others for it was largely an annoyance to him.

My brothers had discovered Arn and its surroundings, and now it had fallen to me to unveil even more of the past and make some discoveries of my own. That said I looked about in despair. How on earth would we ever be able to clear a road through this inhospitable jungle to reconnect Arn with a forgotten jungle city?

I’d stopped in my pondering of that very thing and the others all breathing quite heavily came to a stop around me and collapsed against tree trunks and mossy rocks. One man let out a scream at the sight of a snake about to strike at him, as he had foolishly sat down upon its tail.

The man’s impending death was arrested, though as the snake struggled in vain to move away from the underhanded thrown knife that held it transfixed to the ground just behind its head. Its coils writhed bloodily about the blade of the knife in its desperation to be free.

One of the others quickly whacked off its venomous head and kicked its twisting body away into the undergrowth. The man’s life that I had saved was holding his hand over his heart and with a relief tinged voice he said, “Thank you Tyree! I was almost a goner there.”

I nodded, but said nothing. I didn’t really care for the man.

That went for the other seven that had accompanied me on this journey as well. Even being long-lost kin didn’t necessarily make somebody into a better person. I would much rather have made this journey with some of my native warrior friends, but they had heeded the council of their fathers and had not come with us.

For the most part I was alone in this group of treasure adventure seekers. One of the others handed me back my blade and I took it from him and wiped the snake’s blood off by pulling the blade back and forth across the mossy side of a tree that I stood nearby.

The whole incident with the snake had distracted my attention from my surroundings and all of a sudden I came to the conclusion that something wasn’t right as some internal instinct came alive with alarm over something I didn’t even see. The blade was back in its sheath at my belt and my hands were filled immediately with my bow, an arrow at the ready to be loosed into anything that dared to move, as I stared outward into the surrounding landscape of lush overgrown abundance that lay about us in cast off dappled shadows from the overhead canopy above.

The others of the group reacted with alarm to my actions and breathing heavy they were on their feet and pulling free their own weapons, mostly swords. I could handle the sword well, but I preferred arrows instead and when that wasn’t enough I resorted to my knives.

Though I was as tall as my brothers, my build was one based more on lean agile strength. I could outrun any man I knew including my native friends and I’d never been beaten yet in an archery contest.

Now, as I scanned the jungle for hidden danger I ruminated more and more on the fact that my instincts sensed something was off in the spirit realm as much as it was in the physical. My arrow centered on a huge clump of overgrown ferns even as I saw shadowy movement from beyond the clump.

A bead of sweat ran into my eye and I blinked against the burn of the salt, but my arrow held steady on target. There was more movement and then to my astonishment two women walked free of the concealing fronds of the fern.

The women were all but naked and entirely beautiful to behold. Feeling arousal threaten my good senses, I took notice of the fact that my companions had all gathered about me and were eyes only for the two smiling women before us.

It was hard to turn away from the vision of the two bare chested women before me, but the feeling of something off about the situation drove me to do so anyway. With my back to the two women I advanced beyond the gawking group I was with to scan the jungle to the rear of us keeping my arrow at the ready to be released at a moment’s notice.

My instinctual need to be cautious was proven right as more women stood up out of some of the best concealment that I had ever witnessed any warrior accomplish. How had these women gotten so close? And what’s more, what were their intentions?

I certainly knew what my body’s intentions upon seeing these women was. My shaft was rock hard and it was all I could do to maintain objectivity as my eyes drifted over the women closing in on us from all sides. Breathing out I forced myself to unclench by teeth and whisper, “God help me!”

There was something wrong about the situation and yet so help me my eyes couldn’t discern a single thing to be found wrong with the mostly bare bodies of the smiling females that were now within twenty feet of us. One of the others pushed hard on my arm in a downward motion suddenly, as he exclaimed, “What are you doing Tyree? You trying to scare them off or something?”

I could’ve shot him through with an arrow right then and there, but I held my temper and lowered my bow, even as I relaxed on the pullback of the string. Right at the moment it did not appear that they had hostile intentions towards us, but I wasn’t sure and so my arrow remained in my hand.

One of the taller women moved forward to stand before the group at my back and speaking in the language of the natives of Arn she asked, “How you come to the lands of Lycana? You trade?”

The men, dutifully attempted, but ultimately failed to tear their eyes off of the woman’s full breasts displayed completely bare before them that were capped off with turgidly erect brown nipples that hinted to the fact that she for some reason was already in an early state of arousal. Bumbling about for what to say to the brown toned beauty before them one man finally said in the native language, “Sure, we trade. We come from the river and we’re looking for a great city. A city we once ruled long ago, but if you live there now that’s fine. I mean we’re good with that, aren’t we boys?”

“Yeah!” Came a collective assertion as the men around me gazed with lust upon the toned flesh of the woman before us and those standing further back.

Thinking was hard to accomplish, but I forced myself to anyway. What were this many women doing out here like this with no male chaperones?

Indeed, what need was there for male chaperones as these women were very much warriors in their own right. In fact, I’d make a pretty good guess at the fact that they were better at fighting than any of the men with me on this expedition.

That sobering thought made its way into my brain almost reluctantly, but when it finally did some of the intense arousal I was feeling dissipated. Glancing at my companions who were now excitedly talking with the woman who’d come forward, while at the same time managing to fill their eyes with her exposed flesh, I came to the conclusion that I was in this moment closer to death than I had ever been before in my life.

These women, with honey kissed brown sugar skin, were not good my soul urged me. My spirit was ringing an alarm bell even as my flesh failed to cooperate and remained rock hard with the anticipation of what it would feel like to ram my cock into the sheaths of any if not all of the women around me.

It didn’t help at all that to a one all the women wore smiles of open invitation. Incredibly, I watched one reach down between her legs and begin openly stimulating herself.

I glanced away from the sight of her self-arousal and for a moment I closed my eyes and overruled all the desires of my flesh by whispering a heartfelt prayer of, “Please get me out of here God!”

“Open your eyes.” Came a voice from within my spirit.

I did so, only to find myself staring into the eyes of the only girl, who wasn’t smiling.

“Claim her as your own for she yet has a spirit that I take pleasure in.”

I blinked, as the mandate that had just been passed down to me by God in concern to this warrioress took full hold of me. Two things happened instantly.

I became even harder in my pants to the point of feeling like I would bust out of them, with the other occurring reality being, a sense of shock that the day had finally come for when I could have a girl of my own to enjoy life with and explode my seed into just like my oldest brother did on a daily basis.

As relieved as I was for this moment to occur in life, it didn’t help to do anything against the fact that I felt within my spirit as if a herd of vipers more venomous than the snake I had killed were about to strike and suck the life out of all of us. That said, about the others, she however, struck me as different.

She wasn’t the tallest or the shortest of the women. Her breasts weren’t the biggest, but they weren’t the smallest by far and unlike many of the others, she actually wore a strip of concealing fabric wrapped about her chest, but her toned belly and sleek muscled thighs were as visible as all the rest were.

She was entirely beautiful with long black flowing hair that cascaded down over the back of her shoulders, but what struck me the most at the moment were her eyes. They were brown, but where the others showed forth a gleam of wicked interest, hers only showed what appeared to be a deep sadness.

The sight of that emotion was sobering and despite the beating throb that pounded within my loins to surge into her tight sheath I instead whispered out silently, “Help me!”

I’d said it silently, but she must’ve read my lips as her eyes blinked with surprise. She gazed at none of the other men, but had eyes only for me.

I thought I was really getting somewhere until I watched her lips move briefly and in shock I gazed at her. She’d said no!

She turned away and coming back to the sense of everything else that was going on I realized that everyone was moving forward. I became unglued and followed along as the women moved in on us and lead the way before us.

The men around me were groaning and yet smiling happily as they gazed upon the swaying hips of these jungle sirens. It was an alluring sight, but what was foremost upon my mind was what she’d said in answer to my plea for help.

Looking about at the women that now walked so close to us that I could’ve reached out and touched them I despaired. They outnumbered us 2:1 and I had a feeling that there were more of them wherever we were headed for.

I would be alone in any fight I sought to create at this point and so I had little else to do but to go along for now. Doom seemed to come in and settle over top of me, while some weak physical part of my character continued to resist against my spirit, and rejoice at the potential opportunities of having my way with any of the women around me.

Before long we were on a beaten trail and travel was much easier and the pace was quicker. In a way I felt like I was on a fast race to hell.

Visually stunning or not I wished I’d never laid eyes upon these women, nor come on this expedition. I didn’t see my girl any longer and that worried me as much as her response to me had.

Was God forsaking me to these women and whatever they had planned for us? I didn’t know.

All I did know though, was that it was actually quite painful to move as quickly as we were as my shaft was quite engorged with passion as it was seemingly impossible not to be aroused by so much beauty all around me. Somehow, however my painful engorgement seemed to be the least of my worries.

The jungle opened up and with a gasp, I took in a great valley that seemed to be carved out of the heart of the jungle. Not only was the valley, spectacular to behold, but we were coming out of the jungle almost on top of a city unlike any other.

The city lay in ruined splendor below us as it lay situated to one side of the deep valley. Looking down I found myself running on the stone surface of what must’ve been a wall top once that had been steadily encroached on by the jungle.

The jungle fell away to either side in a sheer drop from the stone wall that ran out into space in a circling arc about what had once been a great city, but now was no more. Buildings lay crumbled and smashed about within the confines of the wall we now ran across.

Whatever had happened here hadn’t been the work of man I felt. Looking forward I witnessed the fact that we would soon be passing over what had once been the city’s gateway.

A massive iron gate lay rusting completely unhinged from the gatehouse and discarded off to the side in a pile of mangled up steel. What on earth had done something like that to hardened metal?

We passed over the gate and I looked up to behold what our final destination would be. We had circumnavigated the whole city wall to come to the opposite side of the city, which was situated up higher than the lower city proper.

In fact, I saw a second inner wall that divided this higher corner of the city from the rest of it. It was of a citadel fort like construction and the gateway that led into the ruined city still stood solidly in place. These women apparently yet lived within this walled off portion of the city.

I could see more of the women standing about up ahead of us. All told there number seemed to be about fifty or so.

Something else that was obvious to me now was that there were no men. No men at all and yet about a dozen girls of varying ages were running about excitedly.

None of the oddity of this existence of women apart from men seemed to occur to the men with me. Instead, it seemed that their lust had only increased upon viewing even more nubile fleshed beauties.

They had found a city unlike any other to which they could rebuild to a glory that would out rival Arn and best of all no doubt each of them fancied himself having a bed full of five or so each of these women. They were mad!

Maddened by lust. A lust I no longer shared.

I didn’t care about what pleasure these women had to offer in the moment. It was only too clear to me that as men we didn’t have long to live in a society like this.

The only use for us here was that of the donation of seed by which to sire a future generation of girls to take the places of their mothers one day. With extreme reluctance I jogged down off the wall top that connected to this higher citadel partition of the city.

I held back as much as I could, even as the men I had come here with eagerly pressed ahead with a bevy of giggling females pressed about each of them. The men’s eyes drifted no further than where their hands squeezed or stroked upon the assets of the women closest to them.

Meanwhile, I couldn’t get over the look I saw in the eyes of these women. Soulless was the best way of describing it.

My companions and most of the women, including even the young girls disappeared into the cracked and weathered structures of the citadel that looked so time worn as to be at the point of collapse. About ten or so of the women held back and were even now gesturing to me beckoningly as they walked backwards towards where the others had disappeared off to.

The urge to turn tail and run was heavy upon me, but I was hindered by the fact that these remaining women would pick me off easily with the blowpipes they had slung over their bare shoulders, if I attempted to run back across the wall we had just come over. Somehow I needed to get a head start on them, but that would require some fast running and yet again I was hindered in my ability to run as fast as I could by the heavy ache of my swollen balls that lay filled to the full with my seed, the result of my earlier lustful arousal upon first contact with these women.

The ache within my balls because of the pent-up need to mate and expel my seed was twisting my whole groin to the point that I was almost cramping. How was I supposed to outrun these no doubt very fleet footed warriors in my present condition?

I felt a hand at my waist tug hard and in surprise, I half turned only to see my girl from earlier standing there. She gave me a look of matter-of-fact awareness, then that had nothing to do with any passion of the flesh.

Then to my shock she dropped to her knees before me and her nimble fingers had my pants undone within a heartbeat. Shocked or not my now flaccid cock surged to forceful erectness at her abrupt exposure of it.

Feeling embarrassed about the abruptness of the revealing of my virgin cock in the world, I reached down to close my pants. Her hands caught mine at the wrist and gripped hard to hold them back even as with continuing shock, I saw my girl’s full lips open and then envelope over the head of my cock submerging it in a warm and very wet slide of sheer paradise in terms of feeling.

Jerkily, I tried to stand still as she gripped the essence of who I was with her mouth in a tight suck that was actually painful. My cock felt like it was about to be torn from me by the force of the sucking motion of this girl’s lips clamped hard about the head of my shaft.

I almost wanted to push her away, as what she was doing really did hurt, but I found myself powerless to lift a finger against one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen, who actually had my cock in her mouth! A girl that I had felt God tell me to claim as my own.

The pain was worth it just for the experience of her. Hearing some noise, as if from far away, I glanced over to see the ten or so women who had held back laughing forcefully amongst themselves before heading one by one into the openings in the pile of crumbling stone that looked on the verge of collapsing. In startlemeant I brought my eyes back to the girl on her knees before me, whose eyes were no longer trained on my groin, but were instead looking up at me enigmatically as her mouth continued to powerfully suck upon me.

She was saving my life by doing what she was! She was giving me the head start that I would need!

She was even ensuring that I would have the ability to run to my full potential by draining my balls of their pent-up seed. Despite the pain of what she was doing her actions on behalf of me were an inducement to orgasm and I watched through slitted eyes as the most powerfully sharp orgasm I had ever experienced swept through me, even as with every wave of it, I spurted into her mouth, until her cheeks slightly bulged, until she had to fight to handle the sudden overflow of my essence into her mouth.

In the aftermath of my pleasure and the shock of my first encounter with a girl I watched as she swallowed down the essence of my manhood. I had to regretfully overwhelm her grip on my wrists though, and push against her head, though, as her sucking clasp upon my now spent of seed cock truly became hellish.

Her mouth came away from my shaft and I groaned at the sight of her pink tongue slipping out to lick away some of the residue of me that had partially spilled out of the corner of her mouth at one point. I’d never felt so emotionally vulnerable or connected to a female as I did right now.

Her hands pressed my softening cock back into my pants and she quickly redid the clasps of my pants. Then, looking up at me, I saw that the sad depth of her eyes was gone and was instead now given over to a passionate hardness as she forcefully said in a whisper, “Hit me and then run, if you wish to save yourself, if you don’t I’ll kill you myself!”

There was no doubting the passionate intenseness of her gaze and with more reluctance than I’d ever done anything else in my life I let my hand ball into a fist and I crashed it solidly into the side of her head all the while praying that I hadn’t hit her too hard. I watched the impact of my fist occur and her eyes rolled back to then blink shut as she fell into unconsciousness.

She’d of fallen to land hard on the pavement then, but I caught her shoulders and laid her down gently. I wanted so badly to take her with me, but there was no way to manage accomplishing that, as even now I heard a cry of alarm sound out from the citadel buildings.

I turned away from the image of my girl lying there upon the hard stone with her mouth slightly open to then run off with all I had within me back across the span of the wall we had traveled across to reach the citadel. There was more disturbance behind me, but my feet fairly flew across the crumbled and broken stones of a city long in disrepair and now home to an Amazonian tribe of women, who no doubt had the ability to paint the walls of the city red with the blood of the men that they had enticed to lay with them over the years, only to slay them in the morning.

Not me. I wouldn’t be one of their victims, but just as sure as I was of that I was also sure of the fact that I was not leaving this part of the jungle until I had my girl with me.

She was mine and I’d do whatever it took to deliver her from the others and claim her as my wife. I may be running away now, but I’d be back.


Chapter Two

Mysteries of the Sand

Very interesting. Yes, I didn’t have to wonder anymore as to what sort of creature could barge through a city’s steel gates and leave them a mangled wreck.

The sun bleached bones of a ferocious looking monster lay before me in the sand. I’d never have believed anything like this creature was possible and yet the evidence was before me.

It was also hard to believe the evidence of what lay before me apart from the bones. I’d been on the run for three solid days from the women of the fallen city, until at last they had given up the chase.

At the last they really hadn’t given up. They’d made the mistake of reducing their huntresses down to just three and I had spared them no mercy.

I’d waited till they had nowhere to run and yet been hopelessly out of dart range of hitting me and I had dispatched them with exactly three arrows. Never in my life had I imagined myself capable of killing a woman, but these women were different.

They were as much a monster as the beast before me had been in its life. It lay long dead now before me even as the blood of the three women soaked into the sand behind me.

My surroundings were incredulous to me to behold. Before me of all things lay a great expanse of sand with no living thing to be seen. How did a desert occur on the footsteps of a wet tropical jungle?

The answer eluded me and yet the reality stared me right in the face. The only available answer was that it simply did.

I turned my back to the desert and all the hidden mysteries that it might hold and began to make my way back the way I had come. I passed the three bodies of my enemies along the way and retrieving my arrows I then moved on.

A resolution had come to fruition within my mind. Just as such a city destroying monster behind me had needed to be slain so did those currently living among the ruins feeding off the security of grandeur’s past.

There’s was a fallen way and I intended to see it ended so that one day should my son come this way he would not come to a grisly end having been led away by his lusts as I had almost been. I had never been hunted so before, but now it was my turn to play the hunter.

I had not come across a living soul or sign of one in all their pursuit of me in the many miles that I had traversed and all that said to me was that these female warriors had killed almost everyone in the local area or driven them off. I had come across the evidence of several villages the closer I had gotten to the desert, but all of them had been vacant of life.

All of them had the bones of men lying in the streets. All the houses not burnt to the ground had born the white painted handprints of a woman’s hand. The signature apparently of these killers held up within a forgotten fortress situated in a valley of beatific horrors.

No, I had found a calling at long last. Like my brothers, I would fight for justice and in this forsaken area of this great land justice was long overdue.

I traveled back through the foothills that lay before the outskirts of the jungle and passed once more through a ransacked village that appeared to have been lived in sometime within the past five years, but no longer.

The bones of the dead men in the streets were taller and slightly more robust in form than my own frame and idly I wondered of their origin as wells as that of the design of the village’s architecture. It was nothing like those of my native friends or that of Ar’mora.

What mysteries did this land yet hold? More prevailing than any mystery of this lonely, forgotten village though I wanted to discover the mystery of my girl.

What had made her save me and why was she so different from the others? I didn’t know, but soon I would.

I slipped back into the jungle and strangely, I felt like I was home again.









Dayha tried to keep her breathing under control, but it was hard. The Hunter was near.

The man she had saved had come back, but why?

He had killed all who had slipped into the jungle to kill him or at the very least the women had chosen not to return to the citadel. Now those who remained had confined themselves to the city ruins as a precaution of this man’s ability and elusiveness that far exceeded the abilities of the farmers that they were used to slaying.

Dayha peered about, but saw no one. Perhaps she had been wrong and he was not nearby, ready to stick one of those long arrows of his through her.

Truly, he was a warrior as much as she was and yet perhaps he was stronger. Stronger in the flesh of course, but also more disturbingly in the spirit as well.

There had been something very different about him not common to the clueless strangers that roamed into the land of the women unmindfully. She had never seen a man attempt to resist his own lust so much.

In fact, he was the only such man she’d ever seen do so. Men in general were only too eager to join themselves to her sisters at the first.

That changed, though when they found themselves chained and forcibly aroused repeatedly through a particular concoction of herbs and manual stimulation until the women had their fill of the men’s shafts and the life-giving seed that they offered. Then the men were often slayed by their captors in the slow painful process of one cut at a time into their flesh.

Like bloodsucking leaches her sisters would feast upon the men’s blood and become insaned by it even more so than the orgasms they received by the repeated raping of the men’s shafts, while they laid chained and helpless to resist against the forcible use of their bodies. To her sisters men were nothing more than something to be used and abused and then finally feasted upon.

It was a paradox of brutality that held back to the days when it had been the other way within this valley. Long ago the men of her people had tired of the use of their women and had turned to each other in order to find amusement and pleasure.

They had wasted away in their rotting love for their brothers and had despitefully used the women as slaves to do all the work. Then a time had come when all the men had died virtually overnight from some disease that had come upon them no doubt sent by the Great Creator for their unholy lust and use of each other.

The women, however had been left solely alone and untouched by the disease. Without the men trained in the art of war the city had fallen to monsters and the women had hid out in the citadel.

Slowly the plan had emerged along with their newfound freedom to never again be subject to a man’s authority and so it had been now for hundreds of years. In the end, however Dayha could only see too clearly the similarity of how the women had become like their long-lost whoring men.

Truly the actions of her sisters were as detestable, if not more so, than the actions of the men of the past had been. She was not sure why she was different, but from her earliest days she had never understood the innate hatred her sisters had for men.

Perhaps things had gone wrong long ago, but that was in the past. She’d often journeyed to the villages by the great desert when they had been alive with people and she had seen with her own eyes as the men and women of the Sand People had coexisted with each other for the most part in blissful harmony.

The children of the Sand People both boys and girls had been happy. They’d been happy up until her clan had come through in the dark of the night and killed almost everyone.

What few women and girls who had been permitted to live had astoundingly chosen to die with their husbands and fathers rather than join the ranks of the Sister Clan. That had been the moment for Dayha that the change had come in full and from that day forward, she had done what she could to make up for the sins of her sisters carried out against all creation it seemed.

The latest act of which had been to set free the man who now hunted them with the intent of bringing them to extinction. Maybe it was time for that.

So very many had died and died needlessly because of her sisters’ lust for power and blood. If it was to be, though she wished that she might yet escape the judgment from heaven that had fallen upon them for that was what it seemed like to not only her but to the others of the clan as well.

If she was not to be permitted to live at least she hoped that the lives she had managed to save from her sisters would be spared. They couldn’t make it on their own yet and for their sake, she hoped the hunter would let her live a little while longer.

She moved out from her hiding spot, then with the bag of provisions held over one shoulder. She moved as stealthily as possible along the nondescript path she tread upon, but the feeling of being hunted returned.

At any moment she expected one of the hunter’s long arrows to rip through her, but it didn’t happen. Why she wasn’t sure and yet gratefully she moved on, knowing that she would have to throw him off her trail somehow or the lives of the children might be lost.

Would he kill them too? Surely not, but she didn’t know.

She hoped not as they were to her as if her own flesh and blood. She stopped and looked back the trail she had just come along almost expecting to see him standing there.

He wasn’t, but she felt him just the same. Why did he hold back from killing her when he hadn’t spared to loose a killing arrow yet?

Was he beholden to her because of what she’d done?

Her face blushed slightly at the memory of her boldness. She’d never done what she’d done to him to a man before and the remembered sight and feel of his thick shaft and the taste of his seed in her mouth came readily to mind.

The other men through the years had never even thought to run when offered the chance, as they’d never picked up on the danger that they were in or the way that her sisters were but toying with them before they moved in for the kill. The hunter had though.

It had been clearly apparent to her that he hadn’t stood much of a chance in his post aroused state of being able to run as fast as he would need to in order to escape her sisters. It had made sense to do what she had done and it had worked.

He had run nonstop for three entire days, until most of the clan had given up and returned to grumpily torture the men that were of his party that were still chained and kept in captivity. Their pleasure in ending the lives of the men had been arrested, though as two women in as many seconds had found themselves pierced through the neck with arrows as they had been in the very act of drinking the blood of the men they had finally let die after days of bloody carnal torture.

The clan had angrily taken to the jungle to hunt down the upstart of a man who thought of himself so highly as to take on the whole clan single-handedly. They hadn’t found him though, and seven women had not returned from the jungle that night.

A total of eight more had followed in the course of another week. The Hunter had spared no mercy upon the sisters of her clan and yet he seemed to be doing so now.

He was a consummate warrior and she had felt the strength of him in her mouth and she wasn’t surprised at all that he had managed to accomplish so much against the others of the clan as he had, when no man before had even come close to besting her sisters in either hunting or outright warfare.

The strength of the man’s spirit she had sensed aside, he had been quite large actually just in the flesh and if the other women had seen his staff, they would’ve pushed her to the side and taking their own fill of it. As it was she’d shocked them by what she’d done.

Her actions to them had come across crudely as one sister had expressed it, “Dayha is finally getting a taste of it she is! Man seed today and his sweet and salty blood tomorrow!”

That was not the way of it at all though. Although she wouldn’t deny that tasting of the warrior’s seed again wasn’t something she would mind doing.

Quickly she turned away from her back trail and hurried on. Truly, she was insane to carry on with such a notion of tasting the Hunter’s seed again, but the evolving truth remained that he had not killed her yet.

Perhaps he too wanted more of her. Even so, he would likely kill her after he’d had his fill of her.

It had always been the way of her sisters so why should it be any different, in regards to him, if she ended up being at his mercy. No, she didn’t have long to live one way or the other, but perhaps she could at least get food delivered a few more times to the children before they would have to fend for their own.


Chapter Three

Girl Untamed



Dayha’s progress up the last few switchbacks to this rocky summit that jutted out over the valley and away from the jungle’s canopy was always harrowing, especially with the heavy pack she wore strapped across one shoulder.

Breathing heavily and sweating profusely, she pulled herself up over the last lip of rock to crawl forward upon the moss grouted floor stones that had once been someone’s house floor. What a view a house situated on top of this rocky pyre would have afforded one.

It was as secure as security could get and it was here that she had hidden some of the boys born to the clan. She hadn’t been able to save all the boys born to the clan in the past five years, but she’d started with one and the number had grown to four. The last of which was barely a year old.

They rushed to her now with squeals of delight and smiling Dayha allowed them to wrestle her down to the mossy stones. Laughing, she rolled about with them as they clambered all over her until one grabbed a clump of her hair and tugged a bit too roughly.

“Ouch! Varlanin, don’t do that!” She sharply admonished the oldest boy.

The boy let go with an impish grin before then hugging her fiercely. Smiling softly she hugged him in return just as fiercely.

He was her helper. At just five years of age, he had the responsible bearing of an adult about him.

It was him who cared for the others and saw to it that they didn’t play too close to the edges in her absence from the rocky pyre. He let go then and scampered off to the bag that she had brought and commenced gorging along with the others on the food that she brought them several times a week.

Staring at the boys, as sudden concern marred her brow, she contemplated on how they would manage without her. She doubted that any of them except for perhaps Varlanin could even make it down off of this rocky place.

What then even if he did could he do to survive in a jungle without mercy for young or old? The answer to that didn’t really matter as she knew that he would never leave the others.

He would starve to death with them. It was just the way he was and being the way he was witnessed the fact to her that despite how the women of her clan objectified men as nothing more than users and pillagers that it could not be so for not all men were as cruel or heartless as her own sisters were. Was the Hunter, whose seed she had tasted, such a man or would he use her and turn her into his slave as the men of the past had?

Time would tell. Getting up, she went to the boys and admonished them for eating too much at one time and as was her custom she spent several hours with them and even gave them baths which they protested against vehemently at first before giving in to with giggles and splashes of water that doused her to the skin.

Two hours before sunset she finished telling them a story and kissed each of them sweetly on the head before heading back to the only precarious access point to this stone plateau. The youngest tried to follow as tears fell down the boy’s cheeks at her leaving them, but Varlanin, who looked on the verge of tears himself, held them back.

She blew a kiss at them and then disappeared from view. She then softly cried to herself as she made her way down the rest of the way.

The thought of never seeing the boys again ate at her heavily in a way that threatened to break her heart. She headed back down the path through the jungle as she wiped at her cheek to clear her face of tears.

She came to a startled stop at the sight of the man who’d asked for help and for some reason yet unknown to her she had chosen to grant. What to do?

Her eyes took in the odd expression of something else other than hatred on the face of the Hunter, which was untypical from the usual response to knowing what clan she belonged to. Her clan were man killers almost exclusively and yet even though he now knew that here he stood without his bow in his hand.

What did he want? His eyes had been running over her and as they rode back to her face, she saw the naked want for her in them.

A quiver passed through her as she took in the intenseness of his desire to have her. She’d been forcibly stimulated by the others of the clan from time to time, but she’d never joined them in their assaults upon the men they captured.

She’d never taken a man’s shaft into her body let alone one such as this man possessed. Some as of yet virginal aspect of her gave her the impetus in the moment then to do what she did then with every fiber of her being. She ran!

She ran as fast as she could and yet what hope did she have against a man that had outrun the fittest of her clan and then hunted them down within their own familiar haunts. With a cry of alarm she forced herself to run all the harder through the shadowy jungle to escape the Hunter in forceful pursuit of her.




She was fast!

She leaped across rocks and over tree trunks with an agility that rivaled my own and I admired her all the more. She was everything I wanted in a mate, but first I had to catch her.

Suddenly we broke free of the jungle for a brief moment and with a splash I saw her wade into a shallow river. It was her undoing.

With my greater strength I surged forward in the hip deep water faster than she could make headway through it. She was but moments from clearing the river and being on the other side when my outstretched hand managed to snare a thick handful of her long black hair.

My grip held her back from escape and with a scream of fury she turned on me with a knife upraised in one hand. I caught her wrist as she began to plunge the knife downward and with an out thrust leg I swept her feet out from beneath her.

She fell into the water with a sputtered gurgle and I wrestled the knife free of her hand, even as she quickly rose back up to her feet hacking out the water that she had breathed in. It was too late for her, though.

In her disorientation of having to clear her lungs of water I drug her the rest of the way to the sandy beach on the other side. She recovered fully then and I winced as she sank her fingernails into my arm that was wrapped about her waist.

I had to grip her hair sharply from behind to avoid from being bitten and with a stumbling tumble we both fell forward into the sand. I landed on top of her more than I had wanted to and I heard her air leave her on a pained gasp.

My landing, however had been one of comparative softness. Lifting my head up from her buoyantly soft chest I took advantage of her dazed state as she fought to draw breath back into her lungs by pulling her hands up and tying them off to a protrusion of a tree’s root near the water’s edge.

Breath regained the wildcat in her came back to life and she bucked up against me, but I wasn’t going anywhere. I was exactly where I had always wanted to be in life and silently I thanked God for this moment.

She didn’t know it yet, but I had big plans for her and me. Right now, though one thing needed to be done before she hurt herself.

Holding one finger up even as she fought against my hand gripping her hair, which in turn held her back from rearing up to bite me, I said, “Stop!” In a voice that had sternness to it.

My response was a hiss and a baring once more of her perfect white teeth in a threatening display of ferocity untamed. Oh wow, was she ever hot!

Trying to rein in the desire that her passion and beauty evoked in me, I said, “Do you want me to rape you?”

My voice had been harsh and yet tempered by something else other than anger. She blinked and a little of the viciousness left her face and then as if in answer to my own question I said, “I don’t want to rape you. I don’t, but I do mean to have you. I intend to claim you as my mate. I’m not going to let you go, but that said it’s up to you how hard upon yourself you want to make what’s going to happen be.”

Her eyes searched mine repeatedly as she breathed heavily from both exertion and perhaps fear. Her movements in general to be free of my weight upon her had stopped.

She looked off to the side as she once more tugged for her hands to be free, but the binding restraint upon them didn’t budge. Looking back up to me she sullenly spoke out in her husky toned voice which I adored, “Release me!”

Nodding, I said, “I will, but first you have to show me that I can trust you.”

Her eyes asked the question of what I could possibly even mean by saying that. I let her my hold on her hair go.

With my hands now pressed into the sand to either side of her I began to lower my head towards hers. Her eyes widened and for a moment I thought I was about to have my lip bitten off, but her teeth remained clenched behind resistant lips. Lips that had once opened to mold around the head of my shaft and suck tightly.

I wanted that to happen again someday, but for now I enjoyed the first feel of my lips against a woman’s. I liked it and I kissed her thoroughly and even penetrated the seal of her lips with my tongue.

I painted my tongue across the front of her teeth openly daring her to bite my tongue off, but her teeth stayed shut even as her heavy breaths for air through her nose washed across my face with moist heat. Pulling my head back from her, breathing heavily myself, I saw that the kiss hadn’t been without impact on her. She was breathing heavy too, and seemingly not all that opposed to me.

Straightening up to my knees, I let my eyes slide down over her. She was gorgeous and I wanted her with an intense passion.

Undoing my pants even as I knelt between her parted legs I let my shaft spring free. Her breathing quickened even more, but abruptly stilled as I drew out one of my knives.

I slipped the razor-sharp blade beneath the one side of the leather breech clout dress that she wore and I sliced through the leather thong that encircled her waist. Then raising the knife up her body with the cutting-edge to me, I carefully slipped it beneath the tight band of fabric encasing her chest and sliced upward from a point directly between the evidence of two turgidly rigid nipples poking into the fabric from below.

She gasped as the fabric was cleaved in two and fell away to either side of her completely baring her to my view for the first time. I looked upon her breasts with the desire of a man seeing firsthand a very good thing.

Lifting my eyes to hers, I still detected a semblance of fear even as her hands twisted to be free. Reaching forward with the knife I sliced her hands-free and immediately she covered the palms of her hands over the top of her nipples.

Looking away from the rawly innocent appeal of the view she afforded me, I stuck the knife into the sand at a distance that was easily within her reach. I let go of the knife.

Her startled eyes followed the movement of my hand away from the knife’s handle. Softly I said with intense meaning, “I’m not going to rape you. If at any time what I do seems like rap, then you have my permission to kill me.”

She blinked and within a heartbeat her hand had outreached to grasp around the handle of the knife. In order to do so, though she’d had to bare one turgidly erect brown nipple and bending my head, down my lips formed around it in a wet kiss that was revelmeant itself in the act of rediscovering an area of sensitivity of a woman’s body I hadn’t been allowed to touch since I had sought nourishment from my mother as a baby.

My kiss deepened to a sucking clasp, even as I felt the point of my knife pressed into the skin of my back to the point that I knew it had penetrated the skin. Opening my eyes, I looked upward to gaze into her intense one, even as I held her nipple firmly within the clasp of my mouth as I pressed my tongue playfully against it.

I let her nipple pull free of my lips and I had the satisfaction of watching her blink. The dagger pressed a little harder as the supple flesh of her breast sprang away from my release of her now very erect nipple.

“What are you waiting for?” I asked huskily before turning my gaze back to her amazing chest again.

I brushed her other hand, aside from what it hid and anointed her other nipple with the presence of my warm mouth and eager tongue. The pressure of the knife slackened, as I gave up her other nipple and proceeded to bathe both her breasts with my tongue as I learned firsthand the slopes and valleys of the rich bounties of softness that lay before me.

Relishing the taste of her soft skin I hungrily reclaimed one nipple even as I attempted to relearn the skill of suckling that I had mastered as a child, but had forgotten as an adult. Her body arched up beneath me and I smiled with the pleasure of knowing that she felt pleasure at my touch.

The blade of the knife left pressing against my back altogether as I trailed a line of wet kisses from down between the valley of her breasts and across her stomach to her navel, which I swabbed out with my tongue. I heard her hand holding the knife fall to the sand and smiling with triumph I slipped her loin covering aside and with relish inspected the sensitive areas of my woman that were now exposed to me.

Pushing her soft toned thighs even further apart, I leaned forward to kiss the entrance that would lead my shaft to her womb. My kiss turned into the actions of my tongue getting to know every last aspect of her beautifully erotic creation of form.

With relish I felt her body twitch even as I saw the muscles of her abdomen knot up with suppressed tension as my tongue swirled upon the now very erect little bud that lay just forward of her sheath. Mahlon had told me about how to do this and now as I witnessed her having to fight back from moaning out loud, I applied every technique that my brother had volunteered to me in order to help better make me a consummate lover of the woman I would one day be blessed with, who I even now tasted before me with joy.

She moaned and then gutturally did it again, even louder than before. Sensual victory swept through me even as I felt her body instinctively press against the pressure of my tongue at play upon her most sensitive of areas.

Almost with regret I lifted my head from up between her widely pressed apart thighs enough to gaze into her eyes that still seemed to glare at me as if in anger. Softly I asked, as I enjoyed the taste and smell of her with all my senses, “What's your name?”

I didn’t think she was going to speak until surprisingly, she mumbled out, “Dayha.”

“That’s a beautiful name! I like it.” I said with genuine satisfaction.

The tension of her gaze upon me seemed to dim slightly at my honest praise of her name. Looking down her body to her very wet and inviting sheath that lay exposed before me, I said, “I came here looking for a city, but I found you. In you I’ve found the greater fortune. Instead of a city I now wish to claim you above all else.”

I looked up to see surprised shock reflected across her face at my words. Gazing deeply into her eyes, I said, “I intend to save you from this place and the others that are so very unlike you. First, though I’m going to make you mine and you’re going to stay my woman and as long as I live no other man will have you. Understand?”

After a moment her head resistantly shook no and rising up over her I looked down into her eyes even as the head of my shaft nestled into the wetness of her folds and I said, “You will.”

That said, I began to press my virgin shaft into her tight wetness that seemed to shudder around me as I steadily bore deeper passage into the heart of her body. The squeezing feel of her wetness about me was a joy in and of itself, but the way her eyes blinked shut and then open as well as how her mouth fell open in response to my invasion was exoticness itself.

With half my shaft pressed into her tight sheath I saw her glance dazedly to the side at the dagger she had dropped in the sand. Smiling tightly I lowered my head once more to her lips and said up against them, “You don’t want that. You want this!”

Upon saying that I surged my hips forward powerfully to bury my entire shaft within her. She gasped into my mouth, even as her fingernails sank into my back as all memory of the knife was forgotten as I penetrated to the core of who she was as a woman. She’d been made by God to accept and relish the feel of my manhood and I would see to it that she got plenty of opportunity to experience all of me.

With a groan of pleasure I pulled my hips back only to shove my shaft once more to the hilt in her in an action that would never grow old. Her taloned fingernails sank even deeper as my thrusts increased into her warm haven of a home for my cock.

Her silken insides contracted about me powerfully even as with a squeal she bit into my shoulder. It hurt, but wasn’t anything to be considered in the moment as I felt myself explode within the gripping softness of my little wildcat.

My spewing thrusts into her through the strength of her own gripping orgasm was sublime on all levels as was the length of my orgasm. At long last completely drained I let myself collapse upon her save for holding my upper body up by my elbows in order not to suffocate her entirely.

I breathed in the smell of her sweaty flesh as I let my face press against the side of her neck. This amazing woman was mine!

My shaft still buried within her I lay there enjoying the sound of her own elevated breathing as the aftershocks of her orgasm continued to ripple up and down my shaft. I never wanted this moment, to end, but it had to.

It was getting on toward dark and I needed to pick a safer spot than this for us to bed down for the night in. I pushed up reluctantly from the feel of the softness of her breasts pressed into my chest to gaze down into her now emotional gaze. She looked away from me quickly and seemed to blink back a tear.

Leaning down I kissed her soft cheek before whispering affirmatively into her ear, “You're mine.”

I pulled free of her and got up to my feet. Reaching a hand down I helped her stand up.

Naked as the day she’d been born, she stood there and I had the desire to take her all over again, but instinct won out. I needed to get her someplace safer.

“Sorry about your clothes. Can you tie them back together?” I said by way of apology for my earlier passion of having cut her free of them.

She nodded and fastening my pants back together, I turned my back to her to look out over the noisy stream that had been at our backs as I had made love to her. I bent down and splashed cold water on my face and as I rose to straighten up a crushing weight smashed into the back of my head and I felt myself falling forward into unconsciousness.

There was nothing I could do about the darkness that closed in around me and shut off all conscious thought and reasoning.

Chapter Four




Dayha hurried along the path back to the citadel. She had to be back before it got too much darker or she would arouse the suspicions of the others too much.

Normally they didn’t take notice of how little she was around, but with the Hunter quickly dwindling the clan’s number everyone was on edge. She was almost to the crumbling stairway that would lead her up to the citadel when she stopped to pick a large leaf off of the nearby plant.

Reaching beneath her leather dress she wiped again at her thighs and at her sheath. The Hunter’s seed just kept coming and coming from inside of her.

How he could’ve ejaculated so much was beyond her, but he had. In his own way he’d done very much what he’d said he would do. He’d claimed her.

She felt sore from the vigorous possession of his large manhood, but the memory of how good his shaft had felt sent a quiver of remembered pleasure coursing throughout her. As bad as it was to admit it, she confessed inwardly that she wanted him again.

He’d said that he would take her away from this place and as scary of an unknown that was she wasn’t overly opposed to that or of the fact of being his woman. But such a man as him would want only his own children gained from the work of his seed within her womb.

The problem was that she already had children. They weren’t of her womb, but just the same she would gladly die for them.

The Hunter, in his desire to have her, would take her away from them of this she was sure. If that happened her boys would perish.

That was why she’d knocked the Hunter out cold with a piece of driftwood. He’d fallen face first into the water and for a moment she debated about leaving him that way to drown, but instead she’d pulled him out of the water.

It had been a mistake on her part to do that, but just the same she had done it. The mistake was hers because she knew he’d come for her again.

Such a man as him wouldn’t give up until he had everything that was his and right now as she began to climb the stairs and could still feel the fullness of his seed within her she had to admit that she felt that she was his. His claiming of her though had been so very different than she’d ever witnessed occur before.

Always the women of her clan would chain their male victims down to lay flat on the floor and then mount them from above and plunge down upon their shafts. Never had she seen a woman instead pressed down by the weight of the male.

Somehow she greatly preferred it that way as opposed to the way her sisters took their pleasure of their captives and yet even doing it in such a fashion as they did, with the Hunter, would probably feel good as well, but she didn’t want him chained. No, she never wanted that for him!

A blush warmed her face even as she quietly confessed to the desire that she’d rather be the one tied down and held helpless against his possession of her body than for it to be the other way around. Reaching the wall top she moved past the sentries with a cursory shake of her head.

They eyed her suspiciously, but let her pass uncontested. She moved off quickly then, but was jerked to a stop by Sorga, the leader of the clan, whose harsh grip squeezed about her upper arm painfully.

The leader of the clan utterly disgusted Dayha and she avoided her at all costs, but now she was held fast by her. Sorga’s cruel face was up-tilted as she sniffed the air, only to bark out, “Where you been?”

“Hunting.” Dayha replied with defensively, but it was too late.

Sorga with an ugly sneer to her face swept a dirty hand down and swept it up beneath her leather apron to wipe across her sheath roughly. Bringing her hand free she held it up for all to see among the knotted group of women that had formed and barked out, “Man seed! Our precious little virgin here has been having some fun it would seem! Forbidden fun!” That said, she released Dayha’s arm only to then backhand slap her so hard that Dayha flew backwards to land against several of her sisters. They weren’t so sisterly now, though.

Her sisters gripped a hold of her and held her in place for another backhanded slap with enough power to it to make her neck feel like it had been snapped from off her shoulders. All of her air left her as she was punched hard in the stomach and those holding her let her fall to the stones of the wall top as she sucked in sharply for air and felt the intense pain of her injuries.

The voices of the others, who now seemed alien to her, sounded out loudly in argument with each other as to what was to be done with her. Sorga’s harsh grip on her hair drug her head and upper body up off the ground until she was crouched painfully on her knees as her hair was pulled tight by Sorga’s ham-fisted grip on it.

Sorga was looking about with a look of cunning as something occurred to her in the moment. Her voice drowned out the others as with revelation she cried out, “The Hunter likes her! He let her live and not once did he fill any of the others, he killed with his seed. Only her. Indeed, it was her by sucking his shaft off that enabled him to escape the first time! He likes her!!!”

One of the other women asked darkly, “What are you getting at Sorga?”

Sorga turned to her even as she shook Dayha’s head roughly by jerking on her hair, “We’ll use her as bait! We’ll lure the Hunter to us! We’ll make it so that he has to come out of the jungle in order to save her and when he does we’ll fill him full of our darts!”

The others let off with an uproar of approval even as Dayha felt her soul crash within her out of despair.

“Take her to the pit and chain her up!” Sorga screamed insanely, as her voice then broke out in triumphant laughter. The others were laughing too, as they seized ahold of Dayha and drug her across the wall top to the one place she never went, the pit.

The pit, as it was called, really wasn’t a hole in the ground or anything like that. It was a place in the ruins of the city below the citadel where all of the male victims of the clan were taken either after the women had sucked their blood from them or the men could no longer be induced to an aroused state any longer and the women wished to make sport of them.

The pit was a cleared off area of a former courtyard were all that remained of any structure were some pillars at its center. It was to these pillars that the men were chained to.

The women would then summon with horns the very beasts that had destroyed the city of self loving men hundreds of years before. Over the years the monsters had become sort of a garbage disposal service, while the women of the clan eked out a little last-minute hilarity by watching the men devoured alive, safely from on top the walls of the citadel that overlooked the area of the city they called the pit.

Crying in helpless dejection over what was happening this night Dayha stumbled over the crushed bone fragments of past victims of the clan as she was forcibly led to the blood soaked ground of the courtyard’s central freestanding pillars. Her tears did no good though, as her arms were stretched out to either side to be bound off tightly to rusty chains wrapped around the girths of two of the pillars.

Her feet were stretched wide apart as well, until she was held painfully spread-eagled upright between two pillars. Laughing, as if giddily enjoying the whole experience of her pain and abandonment, several of the women who had participated in chaining her up, stroked their hands across her body and groped her even as one tried to kiss her.

Dayha crashed her head forward and smashed the woman’s nose. The woman reared back with a cry of pain as blood gushed everywhere.

One of the other women picked up a stone to bash Dayha in the head with, but Sorga’s angry call for retreat sounded from the citadel’s walls situated behind the pillared confines of the pit and the woman dropped the rock with a snarl and hurried back towards the safety of the citadel, even as the horns of the clan began forebodingly crying out into the night.

Dayha cried all the harder then as her teary gaze drifted about to rest upon the human debris of past victims that littered the pit that was now brightly  illuminated by torch light. All hope fled from her as the cry of a beast from the greater jungle beyond the city bugled out loudly in the dark of the night that had descended firmly upon the city.

The children, everything, was lost and slumping down Dayha let her grief pour out in deep wracking sobs even as the women of the clan chanted to the dark spirits they worshiped and that bided them to do the things that they did. This night was one of chaos and despair and Dayha could only wish for there to be something in life greater than this ever present darkness that was soon going to add her to its list of victims.

The gory ground beneath her bare feet trembled now from the feet of the monsters who had been summoned to this oft occurrence of dining out by torchlight. Dayha screamed hysterically and jerked against her bindings, but it did no good.




I came to with a start and lifted my head up off the damp sand before me. My head was throbbing, but despite that I pushed myself up off the ground.

It was dark, but I saw the faint glimmer of the blade of my knife laying on the sand. Stooping down I picked it up with a groan.

Holding it in my hand, I asked the question I had of my absent mate out loudly, “Why didn’t you kill me?”

She’d had the chance to, but she hadn’t. What did that mean?

Strangely, I didn’t feel overly angered by what she’d done after all she was a woman with her own strong choice of will. I didn’t intend to crush that aspect of her as it was part of what I desired about her.

Just the same I wasn’t giving up on her. It was proof enough that she hadn’t killed me to signal to the fact that she must have some kinder feeling for me.

Still a bit dazed, I started abruptly at the sound of horns ripping through the night air in a forlorn wail of foreboding. What was going on?

I turned towards the city, fearing that I was about to be overrun by the men killers that lived there, but the jungle around me was quiet except for the noise of the stream. The jungle was too quiet and with growing apprehension my gaze took in the brightly torch lit wall top of the citadel in the distance.

There seemed to be a glow of light rising up from an area beyond the wall of the city as well. My heart felt constricted within me as the feeling of something terrible about to occur became very real.

All of a sudden a terrible cry of a beast I hadn’t thought still existed rang out through the jungle disturbingly not far from where I stood. My blood chilled at the sounding of the cry and then off in the distance I heard a woman’s scream and in that instant I knew.

The throbbing ache of my head was forgotten as I took off towards the city in the fastest sprint of my life.









The vibrations echoing through the ground were stronger. Stronger than they had ever been.

Looking up with dread Dayha took in the sight of a Marong Marsh Beast standing at the wrangled remains of the city’s gate. It let loose with an earsplitting roar that showcased row after row of gleaming teeth.

It surged into the dilapidated city closely followed by two others that were its equal in size. Slobber dribbling they made for her on a gallop and Dayha strained to be free of her bindings, as she screamed in hysteria over certain devourment, even as those gathered on the citadel wall to her rear cried out with laughter at the preceding of events.

The lumbering gait of the three Marongs headed for her was arrested by the deeper cry of another Marong that had a deeper resonance to it than the first three possessed. The three Marongs drew off to the side lumberiously as a forth and far larger member of their kind managed to barely squeeze through the gate and begin its own approach into the city.

A Marong of this size had not been seen in years without end and all laughter came to a hush along the wall top at the sight of the huge beast that the other three Marongs kept a wide berth from. In subservience they restrained from rushing forward to snatch the prize that the horns had given evidence of.

The newcomer to the bright torch lit scene approached slowly and as it did so it gazed about as if with familiarness that seemed odd to all those who watched as this grandfather of all Marongs in terms of size and majesty had never been seen in the city before for one of the nightly feasts.

It regarded Dayha probingly with its eagle like intensity of gaze before lifting it to stare balefully at those along the citadel’s wall top. Its restraint and command over the other three Marongs was uncommon to behold.

This night was different and it became even more so as with an abruptness of agility the great Marong pivoted off to the side in an action that sent its heavily armor plated tale spike crashing through a ruined building and toppling a nearby pillar that had gone unscathed for centuries until now. The Marong along with the other three switched their gazes from the courtyard to instead stare at the gate at their backs.

A man stood silhouetted there against the night that now lay heavy upon the jungle. The glow of the torches was enough for Dayha to discern who this stranger to this macabre scene was.

It was the Hunter. He’d come for her!

Shaking her head, she wordlessly stared in vain at the man who’d claimed her body, just hours before and who now for this one act was claiming her heart. That said, he didn’t understand how hopeless this situation was.

Didn’t he see this was a trap built especially for him? It was bad enough that she had to die, but why him too?

At the top of her lungs, she cried out, “Just go!!!”

He remained where he was though in the silence that followed. Again, it became all too apparent to her just how different he was from so many other men.




I stared about the inner courtyard of this hellish place of once upon a time grandeur. No more!

The present debauchery of the city’s current residents was no different in terms of darkness than those of the past, if not more so. Both men and women had sinned greatly here.

Closing my eyes I prayed to my Creator and presented my heartfelt need for help in not only putting an end to the evolving curses of this place, but also for the life of the woman I was only too willing to walk through poisoned darts to reach. I had a future, however prophesied over me by my father, who had been a righteous man before God, and I now lay claim to that promise.

“God, I need your help. You yet command and order the path of what is to be. You judged this city once and I pray that You do it again, but this time with finality. No more do I pray that this valley be witness to the evolving sins of the remnant of a people that once lived here and rejected Your rulership over them. I ask, even as I have not taken part in this people’s sin, to be set free from the destruction of this place and with that I ask for the life of the woman who saved my life and has set herself apart from the debaucheries of her sisters. You bade me to claim her and I did and even now she is one with me and a partner in my destiny that You authored long before I ever was given breath to speak. May the new life and Spirit that is within me through belief in Your Son Jesus even so come to reign in her life, which I ask You, Father God, to mercifully spare.”

I opened my eyes upon the still silent scene before me and breathed out as I stepped forward with not a weapon in my hand, “Into Your hands I place myself. Thy will be done, Heavenly Father.”

My feet carried me across the bone littered courtyard and the stains of former gory feasts until I stood before the woman of my dreams. Her face was bruised and there was evidence of blood from a split lip as well as the skin on her knees had been roughed up, but she was alive and as beautiful to me as ever.

She stared at me in wordless surprise and shock as I undid the bindings that held her between the two pillars. Her gaze went to the Marongs and her voice hoarse from screaming she asked, “Why do they not attack?”

“Because my God has purposed something more for my life and yours, if you’re willing to let Him.” I said gently, as I rose up from freeing her last foot.

I saw more tears come to her eyes and willingly she stepped forward into my arms. My arms closed about her tightly as she cried against my chest.

A loving and protective instinct was aroused within me for this exquisite woman, who was now mine to love and care for from this day forward. Feelings as I had never before experienced swept through me and with gentleness I picked her up and cradled her in my arms closely against me even as she rested her head on my shoulder and pressed kisses against my throat.

It was going to go well for us. I just knew it.




Sorga shook herself from the trance she had been locked in at the sight of the departing back of the Hunter carrying off Dayha. A Dayha who appeared to want to be nowhere else in the world, then where she was right then in that man’s arms.

Crying out savagely Sorga commanded, “Stick them full of darts! Now!!!”

Blowpipes lifted to the accomplishment of the task, but a sudden combined roar of aggression from below shook up the composure of all those gathered along the citadel wall. To a one they all glanced down in fearful wonder to behold all four Marongs stationed against the base of the wall swing their heavy spiked tails in unison.

The armored ball of tail spikes shook the corroded wall so heavily upon impact that a woman wasn’t left standing upon the wall top and then with a rolling snap of stone the majority of the wall caved downward towards the pit. With a scream of terror Sorga was carried along in the rush of stone.

Coughing on the disturbed dust she looked about as the stone landslide finally came to a stop. She tried to free her legs caught up in the rubble that she was half buried in, but they wouldn’t budge.

Something splattered down upon her head and looking up she only had time to scream and nothing else as a Marong’s mouth full of anticipatory slobber was poised above her to see to her destruction. She had done her part to addict the beast to human flesh and now there was nothing she could do as its teeth studded jaws closed down over her and bit her in half.

The largest of the Marongs, who had taken no part in the feedings over the years did not do so now either. Instead, he approached the citadel gate with divinely appointed intent and proceeded to hammer it apart at the seams.

The rusted metal gave way in a way it hadn’t several hundred years before and with a bugle of triumph the Marong busted through the gateway into the citadel in order to complete the destruction of the city, even as the three far younger juvenile Marongs scampered about over the fallen section of the wall doing what they had been trained and positively reinforced time and time again to do, which was to eat people.

They weren’t picky about it as one person was just the same as the next to them. They gorged themselves upon their former trainers who either ran about screaming from them or lay wounded and begging for mercy from them.

Mercy was not a concept known to them, even as they would never achieve the majesty of a former generation of their own kind as being exhibited by the he-bull Marong single-mindedly going about the destruction of every standing structure that had escaped in his first divinely appointed assault upon the city long long ago.



Chapter Five

Pleasure Taken



The water of the pool was warm as were his hands upon her. The ongoing destruction of the city was a dim echo to her as she rested back against the soft mossy log that lay suspended slightly above the water of the pool that she stood in.

The moss was soft and the feel of the Hunter’s hands washing and massaging her feet was sublime. The light of a half moon shone down brightly enough to illuminate his form as he kneeled down in the water before her.

The loving administration of his hands washed away all memory of the blood gored grounds of the pit in a blessing that warmed her heart. Softly she asked, suddenly feeling shy, as she stood before this man, who had already mated her once, “What’s your name?”

He glanced up as his hands washed at her calves and ankles and said, “Tyree.”

She saw the flash of his teeth by moonlight and registered the fact that her asking of his name had brought him pleasure. Here in this moment in the aftermath of hell she wanted nothing else but to reward her rescuer with pleasure.

Her shaking fingers undid her short leather dress and then she unclasped the cloth at her chest to allow her breasts to fall free. She tossed both articles of clothing to the beach of the warm pond and shyly stood there showcased in nothing but moonlight for the benefit of his silent perusal of her.

His hands moved again, as they continued to wash, even as she stood for him completely willing to be at his pleasure. She spread her legs as his washing hands baid entrance and she held onto his shoulder for support as his hands washed and then played in the private haven nestled between her thighs.

She didn’t restrain herself this time, but openly moaned with pleasure at the feel of his rubbing and inquisitive fingers. He pressed her back to lean against the soft mossy log as he hiked her one thigh up so he could lick her with his tongue.

Looking heavenward Dayha moaned gutturally, as his tongue swept up and down her slit to then focus on the small erect bud of tissue just above her opening that he had played with before earlier in the day. Her moans went deeper and she gripped at his head and pressed it to her as he almost brought her to her knees with pleasure.

Her orgasm was intense and his actions upon her never let up until she crashed again and then a third time. Crying now completely overcome she begged him to stop and yet she never wanted him to stop.

His warm tongue withdrew from its pressure upon her and he let her shaking thigh slide down until once again she was standing on two feet. He stood up and breathing heavy she rested forward against him.

A long moment of close skin on skin attachment passed by and dimly she realized the fact that he at some point had stripped himself of his clothes and that he was as bare as she was. The impressively thick length of his shaft pressed against her belly with insistence and an ache formed in the heart of her to once more feel him go deep.

She kissed his neck and then his hands were framing her face for his gentle kiss that he let fall off to the one side of her mouth as he mindfully avoided the area where her lip was split. She’d never had someone express such loving comfort of her before.

She’d given of her love in raising the boys, but there had never been anyone to put back what she’d given out in terms of love, until now. She felt completely undone by this man who kissed her with a gentleness that said he loved her.

Staring into his face, she whispered, “How can I please you? I’ll do anything you want!”

He chuckled and it sounded strained to her ears. Her hand reached down and felt with a nervous shudder of anticipatory release at the throbbing size of his shaft.

He seemed to be restraining himself from her and curiously, she asked as her thumb massaged back and forth over the slippery wet tip of his shaft, “What’s wrong? Why you hold back?”

Letting out a pent up breath, as he subconsciously leaned into the ministrations of her hand upon his shaft he said, “I want to take you hard, but I…… you’ve been through a lot today. I should be gentle and…….”

Smiling Dayha let go of his shaft and brushing in close to him she gyrated softly to grind her erect nipples into his curly chest hair even as she stood up on tiptoe and brought her mouth around to his ear to instinctively let her tongue wetly slide into his ear canal. Then breathy voiced into his ear she said with all the passion for him that she felt, “Take me Tyree! Take me as hard as you want to!”

That said, she softly bit his earlobe just enough to hurt slightly. He groaned and the grip of his hands on her waist tightened and a hidden part of her feminine self rejoiced in the strength of her man and at being at his complete mercy.

One of his hands released its grip upon her waist to reach around her and grasp hold of one cheek of her bottom. A vicarious thrill shot through her at the feeling of his big fingers touching her so intimately.

His grip on her bottom pulled and she was spun around in the water until she found herself facing the mossy log that she’d been leaning against. A big hand closed over her bare shoulder and with a headiness of excitement she willingly allowed it to bend her over the log until her breasts were pressed into the aromatic softness of the moss.

She closed her eyes and soaked in the way he was making her feel. Her hands found purchase on the mossy covered log in preparation for what she knew was coming.

She heard him kneel down in the water and then he was licking her womanhood once more, only from behind, even as his big fingers played and caressed with squeezing firmness the cheeks of her bottom and the creases that lay beneath each one as well as the valley in between. Instinctively she arched up onto her toes and pushed back against him so that her bottom was arched high in the air and she was left even more open to the actions of his thrusting tongue that was sweeping in and out of the very place that his shaft had already claimed once.

His tongue left her then and he stood up directly behind her. A thrill swept through her as his hands slid onto her hips possessively and the reality of how animalisticly he was about to take her became a living reality of longed for passionate possession.

In truth, though he was no animal. He was a man. Her man!

His shaft was at her entrance and she pressed back slightly to envelope the head of him in the sweetest sense of a woman’s welcoming of her own erotic possession and he did not disappoint to fulfill her desire for him. Dayha gasped out even as a moan soon made its way to her lips as his grip on her eager hips tightened and his large shaft slid all the way home, only to slide out and then be pressed back fully again.

She pressed her cheek against the mossy log as his shaft swept through her insides with heat and thickness. The feel of him was amazing and she showed him just how much she thought so by clamping down so hard with orgasm that he had difficulty in pulling back for his next thrust into her gripping sheath.

He managed though, and then with a guttural cry of his own reflected in the savage anchoring grip of his hands on her hips, he thrust forward brutally right into the heart of her orgasm and beyond to then start splashing his seed once more within her as she twitched and clamped repeatedly about his thick shaft that held her up on her tip toes so rooted was he into her inner being.




Breathing heavy I looked down the length of Dayha’s moonlit back to where my still hard shaft was buried in her sheath. My orgasm was past, but the situation was such that I just didn’t want it to end.

In remembered glory I surged my now semi hard shaft once more into her and brought her once more up onto her tip toes. I groaned at the sight of her perfect bottom and the way I felt within the warmthness of her sheath.

Reluctantly, I drew myself out of her. My seed soaked shaft hung there in the cool night air and I couldn’t resist leaning forward to manually wipe some of its encased wetness off on the cheeks of her bottom.

I didn’t miss the flash of her teeth as she glanced back at me in the gloom as I did that. She pushed up off the log and came upright, but instead of turning around, she pressed back to capture my softening cock in the sweet valley that lay between the cheeks of her bottom.

My hands swept up her front to grip and possessively hold her breasts captive. Turning her head into my neck, she throatily whispered, “Promise me you’ll do that again.”

Growling good-naturedly as my fingers rubbed her nipples possessively I said, “You can count on it Honey.”

I felt her shiver and I rejoiced all over again at the prospect of waking up every morning with her by my side. I turned her then and kissed her passionately even as I picked her up and carried her free of the water to where I had been camped out over the past two weeks.

Tomorrow I would begin the journey that would take us home back to Arn. It would likely take longer to get home than it had taken to get here given what a distraction this woman was to me, but I preferred it to be no other way.


Chapter Six

Love’s Journey



Dayha felt like purring. The sensation of her man’s shaft slowly easing in and out of her sheath was about the best way of waking up she could think of.

He wasn’t pressing deep or thrusting all that hard, but just the feeling of him inside her with his arms about her was clear and ultimate pleasure. She lay on her side in an almost fetal position as Tyree lay curled around her from behind. She ground her bottom into his groin continuing to enjoy his passive possession of her immensely.

All night long she’d slept in his arms. Never had she felt such security or contentment before in her life.

This felt right. This was right!

She groaned with pleasure as the hand that had been drawing her loins back against his slow thrusts rose to encapsulate her one breast. It felt so right to have his hands on her! Truly her sisters hadn’t known what they’d been missing!

She felt him slide free and in the next moment she was laid out flat on her back and he was in her again, only much deeper and more insistent than before. She loved it and showed it by crossing her ankles together over his tight masculine rear even as her lips found his as she kissed him with all the passion she felt for this man who had delivered her from a death too horrible to contemplate.

Indeed, everything that had occurred yesterday, now seemed like a bad memory. His lips left hers to bury down beside her neck and into her hair as his thrusting within her picked up.

Her hands coasted lovingly over the rigidly muscled plains of his back and shoulders as her whole body shook to the thrusting strokes of his shaft within her core. She knew the exact moment he orgasmed within her and with relish she clenched about him with her legs to draw him in deeper.

His heavy pants for breath near her ear and the rigidness of his muscles all about her was sublime. Even though she hadn’t orgasmed she’d enjoyed his orgasm almost as much as he had.

She pressed a kiss to the side of his head and held him tightly to her enjoying the weight of him upon her and especially the thick feel of him within her. Softly she whispered out too low for him to hear as impassioned as his breathing was in the aftermath of his orgasm, “I love you.”




I didn’t know what was wrong. Everything had been so great.

Last night in the pool and this morning’s activities were truly a dream come true. A man couldn’t ask for more and Dayha had been happy with her face one big smile all morning.

At one point this morning I’d even tickled her and made her laugh for the first time. Her laughter was a wonderful sound that I ached to hear all the days of the rest of my life.

In short, everything had been great. After the second time of making love this morning we’d had breakfast and then begun to leave this valley of bad histories repeated. That’s when everything about her changed.

It was as if the life had been stolen out of her. Her entire mood had crashed and I was beyond concerned for her.

Was she really mourning the women, who’d tied her up to be eaten alive, that much? I couldn’t imagine how that could be, but perhaps it was so.

Suddenly I realized that she wasn’t with me and in fright I wheeled around on the path only to see Dayha standing facing back the way we had just come. Her shoulders were shaking and now my ears tuned into the fact that she was crying.

“Dayha, what’s wrong Honey?” I asked gently, as I came up behind her.

She turned to me with her face awash with tears and there before me she crashed down to her knees onto the path with the most bitter of expressions I’d ever seen. My heart cracking apart, I kneeled down onto the path before her.

Bringing up her head, I wiped at her tears and brushed her hair back to ask again, “What’s wrong?”

Her voice a blubber of emotion she sputtered out, “I can’t go with you! I can’t leave them! They’ll die! I’m all they have! I love you! I want to be with you, but I can’t!” She wailed out with as she then let her head fall forward again.

Something wasn’t being communicated here. Gently questioning her, I asked, as I rubbed her back consolingly, “Whose going to die if you leave them?”

“The boys!” She wailed out against my shoulder as her whole body shook in the grip of an inner angst that hurt me to even view.

“Boys?” I asked curiously feeling less alarmed by the moment as to what was going on with the woman I’d come to love.

Wiping at her face, she tried for some semblance of control as she explained, “I…. I…. know what the clan has or was doing was wrong. I knew. There was nothing I could do, though except not participate and that’s what I did, until it occurred to me that I could do more than just that. The male children born to the clan were never allowed to live. If they weren’t outright killed, they were taken down to the deeper parts of the river and set afloat on boards or pieces of driftwood. The baby’s screams attract the attention of the river snakes that live there and they grab the babies off of the wooden rafts.”

I felt myself on the verge of throwing up at the thought of women able to consciously do that to their own babies. Husky voice I asked, “What did you do?”

“I crept away from the others beforehand and went downstream and got in the river and breathed through a hollow reed until the babies came floating by.”

She looked up at me then, as if admitting to some great shameful thing, to say, “I couldn’t save all of them. The snakes are huge and very fast and one-time one almost ate me. I had to cut its head off from the inside as it tried to swallow my head first. That said, I have managed in the past five years to save four boys though. I’ve been raising them in a secret spot ever since and I…… I can’t leave them! I’m sorry!” She cried out with at the last with her look of despair back in full measure.

I stared at her before me as a richer, deeper image of just who she was as a person blossomed to life within me. My growing love for her increased to something past any appeal of the outward manifestation of the flesh or any ability she had to do something for me.

Feeling quite choked by emotion, I tried to frame words to wake her up to the reality of just how highly I thought of her and what she had done, “Why do these boys you’ve saved present as a problem? Let’s go get them now and take them with us. I….. I don’t know how good of a father, I’ll make, but I’ll do my best that I promise you!”

She stared at me in utter shock. So much shock, in fact that it was a bit embarrassing. Did she really thinks so little of me as to think I’d make her choose between living with me and caring for four defenseless little boys that she’d risked her life courageously in order to save?

A voice from within my spirit that I recognized as my Creator’s cautioned, “She’s had no experience with a man before you, son. She’s had no example of fatherly love or even the love of a brother and to her you are a great mystery. Be tender with her even as she learns and experiences the joys of the new life that I have opened up to her.”

The words from within stilled all negative thought and I stayed on my knees before her in silence. Her eyes were spilling out tears again, but her voice was amazingly steady as she whispered out, “You would do that for me?”

“Partly for you, but I’d do what I could to see the boys safe and raised properly even if you weren’t around. Children are a treasure from God and as bad as I crave children of my own I believe every man and woman has a responsibility to care for those children already in existence that are parentless or just in plain need of want for food or shelter or love. I would never make any demands of you to leave these children behind. I’m not that kind of man. I wish you’d told me earlier, but it’s okay. Come on, let’s go get them.” I said, as I got up to my feet.

She, however remained where she was on her knees. She gazed up at me steadily and I was relieved to see that the anguish of loss and bitterness had departed from her.

In its place was a deeply passionate and steady point of focus that was hard to get a read on. Her lips moved, “Is it your God that makes you so different than everyone else?”

“Yes!” I responded with unequivocally.

With passion, then she said, “I want Him to! I want what I see of His Spirit that shines out through your eyes at me!”

Smiling, I said, “That can be arranged Dayha. I’ll share everything I know about my God with you, but really it comes down to one of choice. The choice to have faith and live for God, with the only way leading to God being the belief in the Son of God and what He did for all mankind. I know you don’t understand what that is yet, but I will teach you even as the Spirit of God is at work in your life and when you understand who the Son of God is even as I do then everything you want that you see in me will be yours too as God freely gives mercy from past sins and a renewed spirit to all those who ask.”

She smiled softly to herself and affirmed once more, “You will teach me all this?”

“I will.” I affirmed with pleasure in the spirit as I saw the readiness within her to accept belief in the God that I served.

I urged her to get up, then, only to feel her undoing my pants instead. Staring down at her I asked dumbly, “What are you doing?”

Smiling as she gazed adoringly at the evidence of my shaft coming to full burgeoning awareness before her, she said, “Loving you.”

Her lips kissed the head of my cock wetly and unlike the last time there was no brutally hard suck, but instead a teasingly erotic playing of my shaft as if it were a musical instrument that she wanted to master the use of. Her actions upon my manhood were adoring and sweetness personified as were her quick glances up at me.

This woman enslaved me with want for her and yet I’d never felt stronger and more honored as a man, as I did now on this jungle path as the wife of my fantasies came to full fruition, as she lovingly played and made love to me with her mouth. I stood there planted, as if I was a tree, as her hands found the cheeks of my bottom and caressed much the same as I had hers throughout the night.

Things got more serious then as she sought to bring my pleasure to fruition. Her nails bit into the cheeks of my bottom even as I held her head steady with my hands and began to gently thrust my shaft back and forth through the tight sucking ring of her full lips.

I came and she drank down all of me in steady gulps of eagerness that said she craved the taste of me. Standing shakily at passion’s completion I let go of her head and with swirling licks of her warm, loving tongue she licked my shaft clean.

Gazing down into her face I meaningfully said, “I love you!”

Her eyes flashed and smiling, as she refastened my pants together, she said, “I know.”

She stood up then and I pulled her to me for a kiss that threatened to never end. It did though, and when it did, we started back the way we had already come today walking hand-in-hand.




The boys had been so excited to finally escape their rocky home. It had been hard to get them to calm down after a day’s journey through the jungle and go to sleep, but at long last Dayha had managed it.

She lay opposite of me across the fire with all four of the boys sprawled on top of her. She looked tired and yet with a soft smile she whispered, “Sorry.”

I knew what she meant and I shrugged good-naturedly before then saying, “When we get home, they’re going to have rooms of their own.”

Still smiling I watched her eyes close tiredly as she said, “Absolutely!”

Within minutes she was asleep and I gazed at all five of them with a deep contentment. Sleep evaded me and that was fine, I thought to myself, as I gazed out at the dark jungle pressed in all around us.

I had a family of my own to protect now and I would do it with all my might. The newfound responsibility of being a husband and a father settled comfortably upon me and I stroked my bow that I held across my lap in an echo to the lengths that I would go to protect my family.

It was good to be me, but I couldn’t be who I was and where I was in life, if it hadn’t been for my Creator who’d faithfully made me into who I was today.

“Thank you.” I said, into the stillness of the campsite, even as a warmth of the Spirit of God seemed to descend and press down over me, until every last corner of my life seemed to be filled with newfound joy. This day had certainly been worth the wait.

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