Erotic Teaser for Tomorrow's Woman - The First Four Chapters of the Completed Book


Hard Reality

The buzzard lifted its head and danced back in surprise at seeing the figure of a man so close. It flapped its wings and in a flurry of movement was soon airborne and fleeing the grim scene that lay bathed over the rocks of the high desert plateau.

Pedro Martinez’s worry lined brow reflected a deep sadness as he beheld the twisted and mangled bodies of over forty of his sheep. They had been herded over the cliff above and to a one they had fallen to their deaths below and now lay bloated and torn apart by buzzards upon the rocks at the base of the cliff.

The old but still capable bodied man scanned his eyes over the bodies of the sheep with only a passing regard for them. He had more sheep.

He had only one son, though. A son that had been missing for two days.

Moving through the uneven terrain of the gorge he searched about in a task that no man should ever have to do in terms of looking for the body of his son. He did not find him.

Brief hope lit up inside of his heart, but the question remained, where was his 12-year-old son?

Gaining in elevation he climbed back up onto the plateau that the sheep had been herded off of. If his son wasn’t with the sheep, then where was he?

His son was no coward. He would’ve tried to stop the ones who had done this to their flock.

Had they taken him with them?

That was unlikely.

Passing a shaking hand over his damp brow, he scanned about even as he begged earnestly within his soul for a sign, anything to hope for.

He saw it then. A bit of white cloth across a clearing in amongst some tall weeds.

He rushed towards it fearing what he may find. It was his son and he was yet alive!

Pedro fell to his knees and lifted his son’s sweat dampened feverish head up off the ground. The boy’s leg had been broken and he had dried blood on his scalp from a head wound.

Hurriedly Pedro brought his canteen to his son’s sun blistered lips and let cool water flow slowly upon them.

His son’s eyes flickered open and the boy croaked out in Spanish, “They took the sheep. I tried to stop them, but they ran me down with their horses.”

Pedro shook his head, “Never mind about the sheep. You are all that is important to me Dion. Here, drink!”

The boy did as his father said, even as his father vainly wished that he could take away all the pain that his son was in and somehow save him from the experience of ever having had to feel it.

“It was riders from the Rolling R. They were going to shoot me, but one called Curly that hunts Sessina, when she’s in town said not to worry as I’d be dead soon enough. He said they might as well leave me alive to enjoy the process of dying, then end it too quickly for me.”

Pedro could do nothing to shield his son from the horrors he had experienced, but consolingly he held onto him trying to will both peace and strength into his son.

“We need to go now. You need care.”

With fervor the boy said “Don’t take me to town father! They’ll take the ranch if you do that.”

His father nodded grimly and picking his son up, he began to walk doing his best to stow away the horror it caused him to hear his son’s tightly restrained gasps of pain as he did his best to show his father that he was strong.

It was nightfall, when they reached the house. Breathing heavy Pedro rushed into the house and noticed with appreciation how his daughter stepped away from a window with a repeating rifle still held in her hands. She set the rifle down quickly and went about caring for her little brother’s needs in an entirely stony faced fashion.

Her face betrayed nothing, but with Sessina it was the eyes. The eyes always told the truth.

Within her gaze, her father saw the imagery of fires burning from within that were for the moment just barely restrained. Together they set the boy’s leg and soon after that the boy passed out due to an overdose of too much pain and the weariness brought on by the comfort of simply knowing that he was home.

Mopping at the boy’s sweaty forehead Sessina spoke for the first time, “Papa I will keep the watch. Go lay down.”

Pedro rubbed at his eyes wearily. He didn’t want to lay down and yet he was not a young man anymore.

He’d had both of his children later in life and carrying the boy had taken a lot out of him. He nodded and stood up wearily.

He squeezed Sessina’s shoulder and her hand came up to press down on his for a moment in a silent statement of joint commiseration over the state of the boy laying in the bed.

“Go to bed, Papa. I’ll keep the watch.”

Pedro nodded and moved on into one of the bedrooms down the hall.




Sessina sat very quietly as she took in the sounds of her father undressing. The clunk of his boots landing on the floor and then soon after that the sound of his snores.

Every vestige of quietness that had been about her left almost instantly and with a swish of her skirts Sessina stood up. Nostrils flaring wide, even as all the repressed anger she had been bottling up suddenly let loose caused her to begin pacing back and forth.

The situation as it had been for several months now was untenable. The insults to her father. The growing number of missing sheep from their herds and now this!

Her little brother beat up and left to die by grown cowards. One coward in particular, she focused on more than any other - Curly.

She spat onto the floor viciously. How she loathed that man!

She glanced at her brother. Papa had forbid her to give the man what he deserved for the many indecent passes that he’d made at her along with even brazen attempts to grope at her and to the best of her ability she had obeyed her father, but this…… this was different.

This time it was her little brother and hell would need to freeze over before she could ever forgive the man for what he’d done to her brother!

Sessina stopped pacing. Her hands gripped into fists.

There was only one answer to this situation - they needed to fight back. Situational outcomes such as this simply could not be tolerated.

It was bad enough to see the fear that lurked in her father’s eyes daily, only for her to have to experience the dread of it too out of concern for both him and her brother. She had not known that things would come to this.

They had though, and now someone was going to pay and tonight she knew exactly who it would be too. Becoming one with a singleness of purpose she quietly checked on her brother’s breathing once more.

It was steady. As quiet as a mouse with the grace of a cat, she exited the room with only the slightest hint of a swish of her dress to tell the tale that she had once been present.




Retribution and Desire

Dinner was as bland as usual. Sourly, I looked down at the items on my plate that were in severe need of being livened up.

Really, I could cook better food for myself, but I just wasn’t up to it in the evenings so I often made use of the town of Rawlings lone diner, which also doubled as one of only two bars in town.

Bars and I didn’t get along well, which made having to eat the bland slop on my plate in one made it all the worse for me having to bear.

One of the local loudmouth buffoons was going on and on over at the bar about how a herd of sheep had sounded as they fell to their deaths over a cliff. Having to listen to him in the backdrop was especially grating on my nerves as I played with the tasteless food on my plate.

I had no use for fools, but sadly much to my chagrin the world seemed to be full of them. At least in this town anyway. The open mouthed mirth of the fools in the room carried along in lock step fashion with the loud mouthed gun hand that rode for one of the valley’s big cattle brands who was relaying his story with the boldness of one above the law.

A fork full of burnt steak was half way to my lips when some hidden inner sense directed my gaze to the doorway of the bar. It was a mystery as to who was standing in the darkness of the void beyond, but the hand gripped over the top of the door was brown and very femininely proportioned.

I let the fork settle back down to the plate as I grew conscious of an undercurrent in the atmosphere. The rowdy gun hand by the bar had moved on from sheep to recounting the terror to be beheld on the face of the herd’s shepherd boy as they had come galloping up on the flock.

My gaze swung to the cowboy at the bar. I was ready to kill him myself, but the task was already taken care of it seemed.

There was a swish of fabric and my eyes swiveled back to the doorway. The girl, really woman, was a mystery no more.

I had never seen a prouder driven carriage of bearing as this girl possessed. Seeing the way she was made, though only made the urge to dominate her rise up in me somehow.

And what a body to dominate. My thoughts were entirely out of line with my conservative ethics of being, but then again were they really?

The girl wore no ring on her finger. She was free to be imagined over.

Only, as my gaze roamed with appreciation over the approximately 5’4” of exotic beauty that had more zest and flavor in an ounce of her attitude than this place had ever employed in its cooking, I couldn’t help but think what a handful of trouble a girl like this one would be. Anger seethed like a tangible thread of visible reality across the entire visage of the girl as she approached the loudmouth at the bar, who was suddenly the only one laughing at his own jokes.

Unsteadily he peered about and then turned. He blinked and then the look of lust that was on many a man’s face within the room descended upon him and though imbibed heavily with alcohol his man parts began to swell for Sessina Martinez was quite the looker.

Every aspect of her from her long black curly hair to the upthrusting fullness of the pair of breasts meant to be handled passionately by a man down to a waste that narrowed impossibly inward until it widened back out generously to curve into a pair of hips that begged to be taken a hold of even as everything about her said that she was an ideal specimen of a female if ever there was one.

A woman meant to be bred and used to pass on the species of humanity in the hopes that she would give birth to daughters that would look just like her along with sons strong enough to create empires all on their own.

The gun hand began to brashly open his mouth in no doubt what was going to be a very lewd statement of the facts to be seen of the physical aspects of this girl, only to suddenly cry out in pain and grasp at his torn and bleeding cheek instead, even as a loud crack reverberated through the stillness of the scene. There was an audible murmur of surprise as the men within the bar took in the Spanish leather plated bull whip that the girl had just used with the precision of one who knew how to use it with expertise.

The whip cracked again and Curly went down cussing loudly as the whip curled about his left leg and with a strong jerk, which sent the girl’s full breasts swaying even as her hips twisted, the girl sent the cowboy hard to the dirty floor of the place. Curly with a yowl of fury was back up on his feet, even as every man in the place put lust for the girl aside and labeled her as too hot to be safely handled. Every man that was except for me.

With another painful crack of the whip Curly was driven past common sense in terms of what reasoning would bring him and went for the gun strapped to his hip. With gritted veracity the girl’s wrist snapped forward and the plated leather whip followed unerringly.

Blood spurted from Curly’s fingers as the whip lashed across them and his gun hit the floor even as whip strike after strike was brought down upon him as if the hand of God had been activated in the room. A compatriot of Curly’s, in defense of his friend, slowly moved his hand and lifted his gun free of its holster to take aim upon the revenging Senorita that all within the room had suddenly gained a very healthy level of respect for.




Sessina, as if in a slowed down point of survival driven focus finally took in the truth of the reality that her peripheral vision was showing her, of a gun being leveled off and pointed at her. It was too late, but she brought the whip back to attack the second target anyway, even though she knew it would do her no good, as the shooter was beyond the reach of the whip.

In complete desperation for survival, she watched on hopelessly as the sad reality that her life would soon be over occurred to her in vivid living color. Something of intense heat and fiery purpose passed by her cheek so closely that it clipped several strands of her hair.

In consternation she watched even as the shooter’s finger tightened on the trigger, but the shot, she had been expecting didn’t come and yet there had been a shot fired. The man’s face twisted with sudden horror and with shocked consternation he glanced down to the red bloom of color issuing forth from his chest.

With a sunken look of defeated realization that he was dying, he fell slowly down to the floor with his back to the bar. He was dead before he reached the floor.




All eyes in the place swiveled to me. Smoke curled up from the end of my gun barrel still held poised and at the ready.

Glancing about when all I wanted to do was meet the enigmatic black-eyed stare of the girl who had suddenly made me the focus of all of her attention I said, “This looks to be a private fight between these two. Let’s keep it that way.”

The girl blinked at me even as her face reflected extreme consternation that anyone within this room of mostly white men would have come to her aid. I had to fight the urge to call out to her then as Curly did his best to capitalize on the sudden lull in the action.

Chair held high he rushed and sent it crashing down on where the girl had just been. With a good command of presence, she swung away from the downward crash of the chair before it arrived.

The chair disintegrated into pieces and growling Curly lashed out with what remained of the chair that he still held in his hands. The girl once more evaded his wild swing at her.

Then, dodging in close she punched hard. Curly’s head snapped back and it was my turn to blink with surprise.

The girl could really dish it out!

Curly was making to lunge in and swing at her with his own fist, when nimbly she dodged forward once more and sprayed the entire contents of a salt shaker into his face. With a howl Curly dropped the remnants of the chair and clutched at his face even as he slid down to his knees on the hard floor.

It was an ill prepared movement as in his descent, his head was seized by two strong, slim hands and sent crashing forward into an uplifting skirt clad knee. The sound of Curly’s nose breaking was unmistakable in the room and with a squeal like a stuck pig, he collapsed over onto his side in a fetal position.

It did him no good though. Several hard, sharp booted kicks to his ribs followed quickly.

Moaning and groaning, he begged for mercy in a way that sickened most of the men present in the bar in an entirely different way then could be brought on by the sight of just blood. Beneath all of his bravado Curly was nothing but a two bit coward in order to now be begging as he was.

I watched on as the girl leaned down and took a grip of a handful of Curly’s greasy blonde hair and with surprisingly little Spanish inflexion to her words I heard her say, “Maybe next time you not think it so funny to ride down a little shepherd boy. A boy with far more courage than you’ve ever had in your entirely misbegotten wretched life!”

That last statement said she straightened up and with true savagery she kicked her booted foot forward and Curly was laid out cold on the floor. For good measure, then in an ode to her Spanish heritage, she spat down onto the body lying still on the floor.

I wasn’t entirely sure that Curly was even still alive. Whether he was or wasn’t I could see that it really didn’t matter to this girl.

She had come for blood, and apparently tonight with all it had to offer still wasn’t even close to being enough to satisfy her need for more of it. I could see the urge to cause even more pain written all across her face as she gazed accusingly at all those present in the bar near where Curly had been standing.

In appearance she seemed eager, even chomping at the bit to cause even more pain, even death. It wasn’t a good way to be.

Gathering herself, then she pulled away from the limp body on the floor and headed for the door. Her eyes found me and idly I nodded in return and touched a finger to my eyebrow in a salute to her.

She glanced away quickly. My eyes followed her out the door and everyone within the bar remained still as we listened to her mount up and ride away.

What a girl that one was!

My gaze took in the room at large as they all now stared at me blankly as if unsure of what came next.

“Show's over folks. Time to move on with life.”

A man kneeling on the floor beside the man I had shot said bitterly, “You should’ve let Ed plug her with one!”

My gaze centered in on the man. Abruptly I stood away from my table and the man visibly flinched before slowly straightening up with grave reluctance reflected in every move of his frame.

I stared at the man with all the loathing for his kind that I felt and looking quite shaken the man glanced away as if to say that he wanted to be anywhere but here.

Slowly I spoke, “It’s a pretty sad day when a man can say what you just did. Tell me, do you go around shooting unarmed girls in your spare time?”

“Well, uh….. no, of course not! But she…… well, she ain’t white!”

My detest for the man grew, “No, she certainly isn’t as white lily livered as you are, you twisted up sanctimonious little piece of human waste. Now either draw your gun like a man or run along and hang out with your chicken skinned whiteness in a dark alley somewhere and pretend to yourself about how great you think you are, because nobody in here can see it.”

The man abruptly fled the bar. Looking at my half eaten plate of food I forsook it all together as I had quite lost my appetite.

I laid enough money down on the table to cover the tab.

Just as I headed for the door, under the now the conspicuous gaze of a growing number of hostile eyes I heard Curly groan. He was alive after all, what a pity.

The man would either leave town or stay on, but in either case the young Spanish wildcat had made herself a very bad enemy. She’d embarrassed the man.

It would’ve been better for her if she had killed him. As it was now all the man would think about was revenge and the thought of that didn’t sit well with me at all.

As I stepped out onto the boardwalk the remembered imagery of the girl assailed me. What a pair of curved hips she’d had to go with that tiny indented little waist of hers.

Instantly upon the remembrance of how she’d looked my shaft hardened and became a thing of discomfort for me even as the idea of what it would be like to be positioned behind that girl’s upturned rear as my hands held her wide hips steady for my shaft’s invasion of her completely overwhelmed my senses. The desire to live out the fantasy was heady, but with a groan I forsook it as like it or not my time in this town was pretty much up due to me penciling out one of its members on the account of the senorita with a black mane of hair that a man could wrap his fist into twice as he held her steady for his mount of her from behind.

No, like it or not I’d done the wrong thing in the eyes of the town’s majority ruling populace. They were a bunch of bigoted fools anyway.

As it was I never ended up staying in one place for too long, but my stay here was going to be shorter than most. What a shame.

For the first time in a very long time I’d had a real encounter with a woman that I’d bed in a heartbeat. The only thing was I didn’t bed any woman all that easily.

In fact, I had only ever had one woman in my life and that girl I had made my wife. Life had never been so fine as when I’d had her to come home to.

I’d had her up until a society of similarly bigoted people such as these had come one night when I was away and made an example of her. I’d made those people pay and yet revenge had got me nowhere in terms of replacing all that I had lost.

In the six years since then I had remained alone an entirely celibate. I’d had the urge to mate as any man would, but always it was my wife’s face I would see instead of the girl in the moment and so I had stayed away from women.

The girl tonight though had been different. I hadn’t even had a thought for Macy in my mind, as I had fantasized about what it would be like to sink my shaft into the fiery little Senorita whose very eyes seemed to omit smoky passion.

In a way I almost felt guilty. Reaching my hand down I adjusted the front of my pants.

Guilt ridden or not for my errant thoughts of another woman my shaft was just as hard as could be. Yes, it was most definitely time to move on.

I would start packing up my gear in the morning. That decision made I reached my rented apartment and bedded down for the night.

As I lay back on the pillows the imagery of the girl turning to look at me in surprise as I had fired the shot that had saved her life came back to me as if it was replaying all over again in lifelike slow-motion. Her long hair whipping about as her face full of the hot passion of revenge was now coupled with the surprised look of an “oh!” escaping her full lips at my intervention.

The open question of me in her smoky gaze half fogged over by the desires of retribution she had just been enacting and now something else had truly been a vision to see. The something else had seemed to border almost on gratefulness.

The girl didn’t want to die. She wanted to live and the only way she saw that being a possibility was to be so tough as to make any man think twice about attacking her, her brother, and her father.

Unfortunately, though her passion in pursuit of independence would provoke the opposite in most men. Her situation truly was dire no matter how you looked at it.

It should have been her father who had come to the bar this night and not her. Now there would be hell to pay and she stood to suffer the brunt of it.

As my mind’s eye gazed over the remembered moment I took note of the fact that her beautiful hair hadn’t been the only thing swinging. The girl was young, but already God had endowed her with a beautiful set of breasts.

A pair of breasts that still had time to get even larger as she progressed in life and became a mother. The only problem though was that her chances of surviving to be a mother were decidedly slim.

The likely reality of what would occur would see those beautiful breasts of hers being torn free of their covering in a sunbaked arroyo somewhere by a group of men that would put them to the worst of tortures along with the rest of the girl, before granting her the reprieve of a bullet between the eyes. I shifted uncomfortably in the bed as the torment of that reality after I left became only too clear to me.

The other truth of the moment to be gleaned was that I didn’t want anybody else uncovering the girl’s perfect chest, but me and the sweet milk those breasts would make one day would be mine along with however many children I would sire by her.

Closing my eyes, I fought a silent war against both truths. I tried to imagine Macy, but all I saw was the girl from the bar and what it would be like to take a hold of her blouse and rip it open and bare her chest to my gaze.

Groaning, I twisted about on the bed, but the possibility of getting any sleep was gone from me. With uncertain reluctance I made a fateful decision.

I would stay. It was without a doubt the dumbest thing I’d done in a very long time, but if there was one mistake I never wanted to make in life again, it was to leave a woman I cared about behind, when instead I should’ve stayed.


The Proposition

Pedro gripped down on the Winchester he held across his lap when he spied a body of riders coming up the canyon to his loftily placed ranchero. Picturesque wasn’t the word for this canyon valley that he called home.

The ranchero was simply just part of the picture. Crafted out of the native rock it blended in seamlessly with the surrounding environment and that there was a waterfall flowing nearby about six months of the year only made it all the more spectacular in appearance.

The gringos wanted his land for cattle, but one in particular wanted it for this house alone. Pedro’s grip on the Winchester lessened as he identified the leader in the group of riders headed up the road.

He was one of the neighboring ranchers. The only one who wasn’t out for his land, but even maybe that would change.

Was today that day?

Pedro got up and left the Winchester leaning against the wall. There was nothing he was going to do against so many riders all at once anyway.

He stood on the veranda waiting. He didn’t miss the sound of two shotgun triggers being cocked back. That would be Sessina at the kitchen window.

“Put it away Sessina!”

After a moment of hesitation, he saw the shotgun barrels retreat, but the gun no doubt remained fully cocked and just out of view. The girl was nothing but trouble!

To do as she had done last night would be the death of them all!

Pedro worked on regaining his composure along with stifling the urge to spank his daughter all over again. She should’ve been spanked, but it was much too late for that.

He had let her have her way for far too long and now she was set in her ways. He had soundly failed at raising her to be a submissive minded lady as her mother had been.

There was nothing wrong with spirit, but Sessina took things to extremes.

The neighboring rancher, Ralph Eklund, pulled to a halt in front of the veranda. He and Pedro exchanged greetings, but there was a clear undercurrent of tension in the air.

Ralph got down and so did his men. Pedro gave them a wary glance and Ralph noticing it quickly said, “These are for my protection.”

The words had an honest ring to them, even as Pedro had always known Ralph to be an honest person. That knowledge of the man being reinforced now caused Pedro to relax slightly, but just slightly.

Ralph gave the kitchen window a glance before meeting Pedro’s eyes and saying, “How about we take a walk?”

Pedro nodded and the two men started out on a nearby trail, even as Ralph’s riders remained with their horses watching the house with curiosity. Everyone in a three town radius had heard of what had happened last night and the mystique of Sessina Martinez had only grown because of it. She remained hidden from view within the house and if the men had seen the two old shotguns with both barrels fully cocked resting just beneath the windowsill on the kitchen counter they may have each been a little less desirous of their own fantasies of what it would be like to have a hot-blooded girl like her rooted firmly on their shaft.




Ralph started the conversation, “You know what happened in town last night, right?”

Pedro nodded.

Ralph stopped and took in the view for a moment before glancing at Pedro. “If it was me Pedro I’d kill every last one of those mangy curs that ran your sheep to death and left your boy busted up like that.”

Pedro nodded and said, “It is in my heart to do the same, but it will not solve anything. It will only give them the excuse they need to come out directly in opposition to me.”

“Pedro, that’s going to happen regardless. What your daughter did last night might’ve actually bought you some time.”

Pedro glanced at him and Ralph continued, “Both the Circle K and the Crazy 8 have taken on about 10 extra gun hands each and Max Emerson, well his tallies more like 30 by now. I’ve taken on my own share just in order to be more secure. Mark my words a war is about to start in this valley. It may not be all about you and the few other Spaniards that have hung on, but you’re going to be the first to see the action that is coming. Max will start with the ones that the majority of the people don’t care about and Pedro, friend that you are of mine, you’re on that list.”

Pedro sighed loudly, “I know my friend, but what can I do?”

“Arm up and hire some men of your own. You have a great position up here.”

Pedro was already shaking his head no, “I do not have money for such men and men who can be bought how are they ever to be trusted? How can you be sure of those seven men back there at the house?”

Ralph nodded, “A valid point I grant you, but one thing is certain. Right now it ends badly for you and your family. Now I know it’s not nearly enough, but I’ll give you a 1000 in gold for your place if you need the money to move and set up elsewhere.”

Pedro shook his head, “My ancestors are buried here. My wife is buried here. I know what you are saying Ralph and I appreciate it. It is very Christian of you, but I cannot leave and so if it is our lot to die then so be it according to God’s will.”

Ralph sighed loudly.

He glanced at Pedro then and then back at the house. Pedro didn’t miss the speculative look in Ralph’s gaze.

“What is it?” Pedro asked.

Ralph glanced back at Pedro. Hesitatingly he began, “There are more currencies than simply gold and US greenbacks. Your daughter - she’s without a doubt the most beautiful girl in the valley and well……”

“If you are suggesting that I whore out my daughter to the likes of Max Emerson or any other man I……”

“Pedro simmer down. Listen to me for a moment.”

With reluctance Pedro became silent even as he raged away inwardly.

“The only reason your daughter is alive and breathing is because of the drifter that came to town a couple months back, by the name of Aaron Jamison.”

Pedro nodded, “I know. I owe the man.”

“Well, maybe so, but consider this. I’ve seen him before. He’s really good with a gun or any other item when it comes down to fighting. I don’t know much about him and he keeps a really low profile, which stepping in last night like he did was very out of character for what I’ve seen of him around town. In terms of having a price I offered that man a month ago what I’m now paying seven others to do out front of your house and he turned me down flat. To be truthfully honest I’d feel better off with him riding beside me than those seven that I’ve got. Now I’m not talking about making a whore out of your daughter, but face it, the girl is wild! She needs a man’s hand to reign her in and the man in question could do it, but more importantly, what I do suspect is that he would very much like to do that. A man like him on your side could go a long way to keeping you and your family alive. On top of that you’d finally have your girl settled down and I know what a burden that has been for you. I’ve got two of my own daughters, who aren’t far off in terms of being as wild as yours is, and trust me your daughter’s exploits last night has only been an encouragement to them.”

Pedro stayed silent for a long moment before asking, “You think this man would settle down?”

“It doesn’t hurt to ask Pedro.”

Pedro nodded.

Something had to be done. Ralph was right about a good many things.

Meeting Ralph’s gaze, he said, “I’ll do it. I’ll ask him.”

Ralph nodded, looking relieved.

“How about you ride in with me. I’ll leave the seven of my riders here to make sure nothing happens in our absence.”

Pedro nodded, “I would greatly appreciate that.”

Ralph nodded, “I’ll get my men settled down further on the trail so one or two of them don’t think to go visit your daughter. As it is, how many guns do you think she has ready to be fired upon them?”

Pedro laughed and said, “All of them by now.”




Pedro stepped into the house as the riders left the front yard and headed down the trail a ways. Sessina glanced from their departure to the saddled horse her father had brought up from the barn.

She next looked at her father. Her father was having a hard time meeting her gaze, which instantly made her suspicious. “Papa what have you done?”

“Nothing yet. Tell me, the man who saved your life, is he a good man?”

Sessina spoke in a small voice that reflected her surprise at having received such a question, “I do not know.”

Pedro nodded. “Neither do I, but for your sake and your brother’s I am going to bargain with him to get him to come here and help us fight.”

Husky voiced Sessina spoke as from memory she analyzed the shaggy wolf sitting in the corner of the bar that instead of biting her had saved her, “I do not think he is a man that cares about money Papa.”

“I know and that is at least something to know about him.”

“If not money, how are you going to get him to come and……”

Something in her father’s gaze told her the rest. Tears spilled down across her cheeks as she stared at her father.

The anger that was always near to the surface in her began to rise hotly then, but her father raised one finger in sternness and spoke with a voice to match, “No! You are going to do what I tell you in this matter! I have put up with much from you, but not in this! Do you understand?”

Choking back everything she wanted to say as she read the clear pain her father was in to even come to such a decision she meekly said, “Yes Papa.”

He nodded and left the house quickly.

There was no helping it then. The closest dish to her, she picked up and hurled at the wall, but that was the gist of it.

Anger now gone, she slowly slumped to the floor in a curled up ball as her body was wracked by sobs. Her anger had really done it this time.

She should have never gone to town. Now it was too late though.

“Oh God, I….. oh God, please help me!” She cried out brokenly into the carpeted floor mat.

“Sessina what is wrong?” Her brother called out weakly from down the hall.

Wiping at her tears Sessina came up off the floor and called out, “Nothing. I slipped is all.”

Quickly she dashed outside then and away from her brother’s hearing as she continued to bawl. Pressed up against the door of the house, she looked down the road into the valley.

Would the man come? They would be dead soon if he didn’t.

If he did…… Sessina broken into fresh tears and turned to press her face against the door as a very real fear took hold of her. She knew nothing about the man who had saved her, but she’d seen his desire, as well as something close to admiration of her.

She knew without a doubt that he would accept her father’s offer and just as surely as her brother was still breathing within the house she knew that she must accept him along with his ownership over her. It wasn’t right!

Neither was it right to let her brother and father die though. Brokenly she cried against the door even as life suddenly seemed as closed off to her as the door of her home was.


Leaving Town

I looked from the rancher who’d begged me to be one of his hired guns to the father of the girl, who the fantasized thinking of, had kept me up all night with a raging urge for release. The tension to possess the girl had not eased any with daylight and now it mounted to an even higher pitch as the very thing I wanted was being offered to me practically on a silver platter.

As much as my raging masculine point of being wanted to do the talking it fell short of overcoming the cognitive higher functioning of my mind that was shying back from the situation rapidly. “So let me get this straight. You two think that I want this man’s daughter enough to become the number one target in a shooting gallery that’s about to bust open all around us?”

Ralph was gritting his teeth, but nodded anyway. Both men were decidedly beginning to look deflated.

They had no idea how much I wanted the girl.

Looking at Pedro Martinez I confessed privately to liking what I saw of him. He was a man about to be overrun by a pack of wild dogs that had no respect for anything weaker than them and he was desperately trying to do the right thing not only to avert that disaster, but also find his daughter a mate that didn’t move or function purely for the sake of money.

I glanced at Ralph. He was in a similar position, only he didn’t know it yet.

As soon as the little guys were all gone Max Emerson would turn on the others and Ralph was the most likely to go first. Predators always picked on, the more noble hearted ones first, because after they were gone the common decencies of justice and law were far more easily manipulated.

There was very little I could do for either of these men as whatever they thought of me and my abilities I was in reality still only one man.

“Sir, I want no woman, not willing to submit herself to me of her own free will. I appreciate the offer, along with all that would come with it as I’ve heard from others that your place is quite spectacular, but my answer is no.”

Pedro looked into my eyes deeply and said, “You tame the horses? That is what you do here in town, isn’t it?”

“Yes, that’s what I do, but a woman simply ain’t a horse. A horse has a spirit and with the proper discipline it can be mastered, but in addition to a spirit a woman also has a mind. If her mind isn’t willing to do what you propose then her spirit will eventually break and I don’t break the spirits of any creature I tame.”

Pedro nodded, “I respect you for this Sir. I must now confess that I would’ve loved to have you for a husband to my daughter.”

I nodded respectfully to him and the two men got up and left.

I kept a close eye on the next proceedings. The old man left town and soon after so did Ralph Eklund.

He went in the direction of his spread and Pedro went in the direction of his. It had actually hurt to turn the two men down, but it was for the best.

I watched carefully as the eavesdropper, who had been spying in on our conversation near the livery made a beeline in the opposite direction out of town. Max Emerson’s spread was out there and Curly was one of his men.

Soon it would be common knowledge that I had turned down a golden opportunity to have the woman that every man in a 100 mile radius wished for an opportunity to lay his hands upon. They would think me the fool, but they had no knowledge of me to know that my plan went a bit deeper in terms of application.

Let them all think what they wanted to. I knew that the stakes involved in this valley amounted to all-out war and the best way to manipulate a victorious outcome was through deception.

I may only be one man, but the truth of that was that one man on his own was better than an army at times. The only question left to me to come up with an answer for was if all this was worth it?

Time would tell. Bodies were about to start falling and all that occupied my mind in the idle moments as I worked with the horses in the corral was what it would be like to be inside of Sessina Martinez as I rode her instead of the mount that I sat upon.

I guess as long as there was a chance for that to occur one day, then all this would be worth it. My empty and randomly beating about life had a purpose to it for once, even if all it turned out to be was me finally cashing in my chips.




It was getting dark and I was all but done with my work in the corrals behind the livery, when I caught the drift of a smell I’d only experienced once before. The smell of the girl, who I’d been daydreaming about all day.

I turned my head and saw her standing there by the corral posts. She couldn’t have been there long, but that she had gotten so close without me noticing sooner than I had was impressive.

I went back to work and soon the horse I was working with was done and I let her go. Walking over to the fence the girl stood up against I leaned back against it just off to the side of her saying nothing.

Shadows were forming across the land and finally I said, “You better get on home before it gets too dark.”

She said nothing. Then she did, “Why did you refuse my father’s offer? I know you desire me. You defended me at great peril to yourself before. You could have me and one day my father’s Ranchero. It is a lot is it not?”

Smiling, I shook my head, “It’s nothing if you can’t hold onto it Senorita.”

“I know this, but they say that you are good with a gun. You killed that man without hesitation or even remorse. Such a man would make them think twice about attacking us.”

“That eager for me to lay you across your bed and have at you Senorita?”

“No. In fact, I hate the very idea of experiencing your touch upon me. Everything that you would do to me.”

“Then why are you here?”

“I love my brother and father very much. I…… I would do anything to keep them alive.”

“Very commendable of you honey, but if you are the punchline in a contract made to keep them alive, I need and want more than a willing martyr that spreads her thighs for me, but envisions taking a dagger and snapping it off inside my heart every time I make use of her. Comprende?”

“Yes. I cannot give you what you want, but I will give you my body and I will serve your every need if you were to choose to protect my family and accept my father’s offer.”

“That’s not good enough, sweetheart. I appreciate the offer as well as the risk that you’ve taken to come into town and give it to me, but my answer is still no. I’ll be leaving town in the morning.”

“You’re leaving?” Her voice had real desperation in it now and I glanced to her.

Tears were making their way down her cheeks. Breathlessly she said, “I could try to do more. To…. to open my heart.”

She was simply irresistible. In a way I loved the woman already.

Anyone who could put their own needs and desires aside as she was doing was worth saving. Swinging around to face her I reached through the fence and pulled her closer against it with my hands splayed across the indent of her small waist and deeply curved in back.

I let one hand fully take possession of the small of her back, as I held her to the fence tightly, even as I let my other hand slide out over her lusciously appointed hip to then ease down and move across her perfectly proportioned heart shaped rear. My fingers flexed and the tips of my fingers indented the material of her dress and undergarments causing them to slide into the cleft of her bottom I squeezed even further still and for a moment held one cheek of her bottom captive in my grasp even as our faces were but inches apart.

In the growing darkness I beheld the startled shyness of a girl that had never been touched as I was so boldly doing right now. For all her fire and hot passion she was a virgin through and through as could be and that made me ache to possess her all the more.

Her breathing was rapid and her expressive eyes were the size of dinner plates. Leaning forward I wetly claimed her full lips already poised open from her rapid breathing and swept my tongue with possessive vigor into the moist cave of her mouth that actually tasted of something sweet.

Our lips sealed together passionately even as I explored her now fully open to me mouth. I felt and then heard her release of shocked surprise and then most surprising of all, her surrender.

She slumped against the fence and her mouth was a new home for my mouth to openly plunder and I did, enslaving myself entirely in the process. I was as lost in the kiss as she was and the urge to never let go was as strong as it had ever been in my life.

In a moment then her lips were gone and my hold on her back and bottom broken. As my eyes opened out of the shocked need to regain possession of what I had just been experiencing with her I instead felt a hit occur to the entire side of my face.

The force of the blow was so strong that it caused my head to slam into the nearby corral post that was to the other side of my head. Reeling from the pain I nonetheless drew my gun out from force of habit and blinking madly I looked about for the source of the attack.

Rapidly coming to my senses, I took in the reality that there was nobody else around. It was just me and the girl.

I had never been slapped by a woman before in my life and now because of the indignity of it I lost control of my temper. Holstering my gun I somersaulted over the fence as my face still burned from the unexpected hit.

She was backing away fast and breathing even harder than she had been before. I stopped my advance upon her.

Breathing hard myself, I regained control or at least I tried to. Feeling able enough to speak, I said, “So help me if you were mine, I’d put you over my knee and spank the living daylights out of you for that! What do you call that, what you just did?”

She remained silent and entirely shocked looking as she gazed at me uncertainly. I pointed to the fence behind me “If you could return a kiss as you were just beginning to do and not haul off and slap me like that I would stay. You come here offering me your whole body as payment for services and I test you out only to find that you’re nothing but a spoiled little brat not capable of keeping her own word makes me want nothing to do with you! Now get out of here before you worry your father anymore to death than you already have!”

With an emotional sob she turned and fled. Shaking from anger, but even more so from denied passion I listened to her horse riding away in the darkness. I’d be true to my word and leave town in the morning.

Reaching a hand up to my face I felt at the burn still to be felt from her handprint. The girl could hit!

Shaking my head ruefully I acknowledged my own culpability in the situation. She was a virgin and I had simply overwhelmed her.

She’d overwhelmed me. Groaning, I shifted the rock hard protrusion of my maleness behind my pants, but there’s simply just wasn’t enough room for it and me to be comfortable together.

I simply could not wait to bury myself in the girl and feel all the passion that she possessed clamped down hard all about me in orgasm. Not being able to stop the inevitable, I opened my pants up in the darkness and left my shaft go free.

Completely unaided with just imagined imagery of what she would be like my shaft began spurting out the essence of life that I carried even as I gripped onto the fence post with one hand, groaning as my world was rocked by one of the most intense orgasms I’d ever had.

My orgasm complete I let my forehead rest against the post. The next time I came it would be inside of her.

I made myself that promise even as a niggling fear took over in my heart. Would I be able to protect her and her family?

I hadn’t done that once before for the love of my life. Would this time be different?

In the past, I’d been a man of faith, now I was just a drifter going through life. What chance did I have of success if I didn’t even have God on my side?

I looked up at the sky and for the first time since the day I had come home from the Civil War and found Macy as I had in our home, I gave a serious thought to the reality of where I was spiritually headed in life. Ever since that day I had found Macy I had cursed God for what I had seen as Him allowing evil to happen that He could have somehow prevented.

I had been content with the knowledge that one day I would go to hell for my actions against God and man. But even as that may still be the case for me what was I going to do if I wasn’t enough to handle the current situation?

What if I wasn’t enough to keep the girl and her family safe?

For the first time since Macy and I had been together, I actually cared about something and the reality of that was that I now stood to suffer the loss of something all over again. I didn’t want that.

What would God think of me if I asked Him for help? What if not having God’s help cost me in the present what I’d come to already care so intensely for?

These thoughts plagued me the rest of the night, but above all of them was the growing question of what if what had happened in the past had really not been God’s fault? What if in fact it had been my fault?

If so, seeking forgiveness from God put aside, would I ever be able to forgive myself? It was a question I did not know the answer to.

Why had it taken me six years to even consider asking the question? The only answer to that I found was because maybe the truth was something that I had never wanted to accept.

In a way it had been far easier to just blame God. I struggled with the truth all night and as I packed my gear up in the morning I did something I hadn’t done in a very long time.

I got down on my knees and prayed. Looking out at the sun coming up across the land that was about to receive its share of spilt blood, I said “God I…… I’m sorry. If you could…… please forgive me…… I’d really appreciate it. In general, I’m sorry for everything and I ask for forgiveness in Jesus Name.”

Then, as tears came to my eyes as I felt a peace settle over me that I hadn’t felt in over six years I brokenly admitted, “And one other thing God, if you could, if you would…… please help me forgive myself.”

I stayed there on my knees for a while and then I got up and stowed my gear away on my horse. I really didn’t have much.

The last thing I did before I left town was go into the general store and buy a small Bible. The storekeeper looked at me strangely, but then smiled as if he saw something greatly positive in the moment.

If he only knew that the last Bible I had owned had been burnt by my own hand along with what was left of the body of my negro wife he might not be as cheerful with his countenance toward me. If only it was the burning of a Bible that I had on my hands to atone for.

I was a very bloody man. Whether deserved or not I had put an entire community to the torch and those directly responsible for the death of my wife, well, I…… I had done things to them that I would forever be ashamed of.

I deserved the justice of death a hundred times over and yet God had kept me alive despite my many sins. Maybe it was time to do some good in the world again.

The only problem about that in this community was in order to bring peace about the place a good many of its residents needed to disappear one way or the other and if it came down to it that was just what I would do, one hired gun hand and greedy ranch owner at a time.

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